Why you are sent on Earth? Story of Realms

Every one of us lives for certain things in life, There are certain things in life which we crave and wish for and in this world, everyone has a different requirement for being happy, If you give 1 million to 10 different people every one of them will spend in an entirely different way, Some will buy Car, few will buy a house or few people will invest their money and some might save it in a bank.

Although everyone craved money how we spend money depends on what gives us satisfaction in life, This satisfaction comes from doing things in life that we value most, As taught in Code of Cosmos which is our free astrology course to everyone – That every one of us travels from different realms and it is very easy to see this in the birth chart as well, this means if we have travelled from a realm where relationships are on priority then all our life what we will focus on is relationships, Whatever I might be doing in life but the need goal of our life will be relations and this might be the biggest challenge in our life as we have been sent to earth for a purpose to learn something as a punishment.

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There are in total 14 realms in this universe which belong to seven planets- Each planet owns two realms while Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu own one realm each that is how we got 14 realms in this universe. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the outer layers which provide power to all the other lokas that is why in astrology the importance of these planets is way higher.

There are two realms of Shukra one is ruled by Vrishabh and another is ruled by Tula, One of them is the positive realm which is above the earth is Tula where the value system is to help each other, be useful to other people and make relationships in which you try to give more to other people that is why you will see people who are born as Libra natives the life challenge is how they can give more to people even when another party is not respecting or responding at all.

While the negative realm of Shukra is made by Taurus where you have to work hard to create wealth and resources for others but still you are not being respected, In this realm, you are constantly taught how to work hard, be useful to others and attain proficiency in resources such as food, wealth, family.

When you do mistakes in these realms you are sent to Earth to learn important lessons about life, so your paap done in these realms can be taken over by you experiencing troubles on this Earth, This is true for all the realms and that is why it is important for humans to understand the life purpose, People go to Gurus to understand this but today I want every one of you to learn and see your life pattern, See from where you have travelled, which realms you were living in and what is a pattern of your life, If you have done mistake in the realm of Mangal, you will be sent to this earth with Mars telling the story of your mistakes, the heaven and hell are on this earth so you can balance the karma and continue your journey.

There are numerous stories of all devas to be sent on this earth as a punishment to complete this karma and that is why until and unless you exhaust your karma you cannot leave this earth, One of the students emailed me that someone is selling your book as an ebook- I replied that is my karma and someone else is exhausting it, I might have to give that money to doctors but if someone is stealing it, I am getting elevated, Let them do it. I practice the same when people steal from me, backstab me or abuse me, I feel they are making me lighter in life by absorbing my karma, This is god’s work done by them to make me liberated and every day I get like 1000 ideas on writing a book or technique and knowledge keeps on increasing. Focus on what is important in your life, Focus on what is useful – some people are born thieves and will remain thieves, don’t focus on them it is their karma, you focus on yours.

Sun rules the lokas above the earth while Rahu rules the lokas below the earth whenever Sun tried to go to lower realms, Sun was not able to see the dark world due to his own light which is why Rahu became the eyes of the Sun in lower realms while Moon rules the water content in upper lokas while Ketu rules the dry lands in lower lokas.

Moon also gets debilitated in the house of Ketu imagine someone from the upper realm has to be sent to a lower realm as a punishment or Ketu comes in Cancer then instead of providing nourishment, the person will always be restless, as the work of Moon is to provide a calmness to all these lokas.

Scorpio is a Rashi which is a mushy land, where there is a lack of oxygen and slowly you start dying out due to constant drainage of energy, The day we are born that day onwards the reverse counting starts death that is why this house of death is ruled by a retrograde planet – the planet which is moving in reverse similarly all our desires are ruled by Rahu which is another retrograde planet, Until and unless we complete our life goal and karma death never happens, Rahu is a will to live, to do something, only when you consume food, Air, water assigned to you that is the day you leave this earth.

Imagine any other planet in a retrograde motion such as Saturn Retrograde – Until and unless you complete all your karma, your pain, your experience towards sorrow, your service towards that house is complete you will not die, Let me give you a classic example such as- In one of the charts Saturn is retrograde in 4th house with Ketu- This shows native has a karma towards service of mother, motherland and division of property- the day he is born his hard work started and till last minute of his life he kept on serving his wife, he died within 10 days of wife’s death. Link to Retrograde book- Webinar on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English (lunarastro.com)

Libra is a sign of Marriage- Saturn and Ketu- two retrograde planets sitting over there making him go through all the hard work in life.

There is a point where Rahu and Sun meet which is known as an eclipse as these two are crossing each other in the zodiac and this is why major events happen just after the eclipse, Sun Rahu is a division of a time – A division of era in that country or state where the eclipse occurs, bigger the eclipse greater are the results.

Let me go back to my topic of lokas and you travelling from a realm of different planets, Rising sign in the lagna, Moon sign or Sun whichever is the strongest should be considered to look at the chart as this shows the plane you are travelling from- This is shlok from chapter 1 of Brihat Prashara hora Shastra as this is true as well, Let us suppose a chart where Lagna is strongest of all and rising as Taurus, try taking their food, resources and family relationships away from them and these people will feel most insecure in life, All their life stories are around these topics only.

Libra Rising – Try taking their power, status and diplomacy away from them and these natives will have nothing left in life to do things as all of their efforts are for these things only.

This is just a starting term of realms as I will continue to explain this in a deeper format explaining different realms in chart w.r.t to different planetary placements soon in the next QA session of the Predicitve/Diploma course.

The book on Atmakarka describes the desire of the soul in detail as that book gives you the essence of what Jyotish is and why we do certain things in our life as a priority such as Venus as Atmakarka and see how Shukra will affect all your life decisions.

Atmakarka Book โ€“ by Deepanshu Giri Ji – ๐‹๐ฎ๐ง๐š๐ซ-๐€๐ฌ๐ญ๐ซ๐จ (lunarastro.com)

Do Read this article for a better understanding of a subject.

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    1. Sachindra Dev Pandey

      Pranaam sir๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป i feel blessed i have learnt so much from you thru your videos, blogs n posts.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป n continue to be learning more๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป thank you so much Sir for sharing this amazing knowledge and techniques, that we can apply to our lives and others lives to make it better ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  1. Achal Ligga

    Profound and deep meaning, I use to wonder since childhood, from where I come ?

    After reading this some picture is getting clear, the way we behave, the way we think and perform all is routed to our core to get experience and improve

    Thanks a lot To give new dimension to understand life, gratitude ๐Ÿ™

  2. Dibyendu Halder

    I know one lady having Tarus ascendant very fond of shoping, Food, family and always trying to make different kind of food for her family. Saturn is retrograde and placed at 4th house and Venus placed at 20th house in acquires sign. Another lady is having Tarus ascendant, very scared to enter into kitchen, very lazy, always nagative for her husband, but loves her daughter. Jupiter placed at Capricorn sign and Venus placed at Vergo sign for the the second native.

  3. Sachin rai

    Pranam Giri ji.

    My Name is sachin Rai first of all charan sparsh, I am libra ascended (07/04/982) Jupiter in lagna ketu in 3 house Venus in 5 house, sun And mercury in 6 house, rahu in 9 And Saturn Mars And moon in 12 house.

    In very early age I was just 22 years old my entire lifetime got changed And all the responsibilities came on me as my elder brother met with An accidental in 2005, due two which his kidneys got infected I tried saving his life, in 2014 he expired, then again my younger sister kidney got infected in 2015, Safe after One year of my elder brother got expired.

    She is married with An air force office her kidneys got infected Post marriage, she got a cadavor (accidental kidneys) And transplant was done in army hospital Delhi in 2018.

    Am 41 now didn’t get any happiness always helped other even my wife is of Same lagna also of Same nakshtra vishakha,she left me when I needed her the most now she is back last year with my kid, now he is 8 years old.

    I have been listening you since lockdown started…I have given my time,money everything, still I am bad for everyone. ………….will I get some Ray of happiness?

    Please guide me, I don’t have money right Bow as don’t have Job, but will give you in installments, need your help And guidance

    Yours a poor student.
    Sachin rai

  4. Praveen

    The code of universe is huge and to align with code every person needs to practice some strict principles where we are failing right now.
    You have mentioned very clearly in rituals of happy soul book but as human rather we focus on whole thing we are always sticking to current problem.
    Once again wonderful insight by Deepanshu ji looking forward to see more on this.

  5. Smita

    Namaste Sir, your writings have the same effect as I get when watching the sky at night under the stars – The same feeling of stillness, wonder, mystery.
    Connecting the dots, I hope I got this right. Example – for Aqua asc if both lords retro – then person comes into this world with all the greed and smugness of a gangsta. Initially person is comfy in the land of shadripus, shadyantras (6th house cancer). Then begins the slow death of wishes and desires in Saturnine ways. Person is already on a highway to Pisces, but will never learn the lesson easy way due to Rahu’s wilful nature. So Saturn sneaks in, and deletes one by one in the most painful memorable way, lessons for lifetimes. By the time Shani dev is half way with his training, person by themself says – Come, I am waiting for your next sneak attack. Take this away too. Am ready to let it go and move on. :))
    Interesting perspective. Thank you.

  6. Neha Mathur

    I really want to decode my purpose of Birth and my pending karmas which I want to get exhausted in this life completely so that I don’t get re-birth and only Seva in Narayan’s Feet,which is the soul purpose .

    Since Nov 11.11.2010 (post marriage) I am facing Toxic Relationships which has made my own parents and younger brother also behave in differently (Due to presence of Kaal Sarp Dosha) Ketu in 5th House Virgo ,Sun+Budh+Shukra in 6th house Libra ,Saturn in 7th house (Scorpio) ,9th House Mars in Capricorn,10th Guru in Aquarius,11th Moon+Rahu in Pisces .

    Gandmool Dosha,Lagan Dosha,Pitra Dosha,Kaal Sarp ,Shrapit /Cursed Kundali..All are Present which again makes me curious to know about My Core Life Purpose and Why Detachment has become an Integral Part of My Life due to which there is a constant fight between the Brain and The Heart.

  7. Neha Mathur

    My Details are 17.10.1986,8.45 pm and Delhi.I was Born with a Fraternal Twin Sister younger to me.She couldn’t survive because we both were prematurely born in 7th month.

  8. Shital barot

    Sir very beautifully you have laid out such a deep and complex concept in so simple words and away that the knowledge straightaway penetrates. I feel an urge that itโ€™s our Punya that I get to read and understand this. Regarding Ketu in cancer I have had a very good nourishing childhood ans with gods grace have been able to nourish all my 3kids all ways in my fullest capacity. Thanks again for sharing so much of your deep intuitive wisdom

  9. Sweety Bandopadhaya

    This question I am sending to the universe, my saturn and mercury is in 7th house ruled by gemini and sun and ketu in 6th house ruled by taurus
    1) why do I have fear of separation and death of loved ones, have no good friends, or relatives so to speak…and extreme fear of flying? Can anyone suggest any remedies?
    2) I want to live with my family, tired of living alone for job purpose, and my husband is talented doctor, but not well known and no job satisfaction, any remedies that I can perform for his well being?

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