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Astrology Courses

We’ve created a series of Vedic astrology videos that teach astrology from the basics to advanced concepts. These videos are easy to follow and are presented in a step-by-step format.These online Astrology courses taught by renowned Astrologer Deepanshu Giri Ji

These All Astrology Courses are divided in 5 levels for easy learning

Level 0 : Code of Cosmos - Free Course

All basics of astrology, Zodiac signs, planets, houses applications and interpretations etc. Enroll Now

Level - 1 : Foundation Course in Astrology

Gayatri Mantra and Yantra, Sadhana, Panchang, Planets & Energy Cycles, Activation Ages of Planets etc

Level - 2 : Predictive Astrology courses

How to predict blank chart, how to verify lineage of chart, birth time rectification etc

Level - 3 : Course on Jamini Sutram + Kaal Chakra Dasha + Yogini Dasha

This level consist of three astrology courses that covers dasa systems, planets in houses and predictions, Timing of marriage etc

Level - 4 : Courses on karma & Relationship + Badhak Planets

Matchmaking with every persons, past life connections, how rahu & ketu are relevant in finding the obstructions etc

Level - 5 : Predictive Nakshatra Course

Curse and boons, timing of activation of each Nakshatra, pending karma associated with each chart etc


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Lunar Astro provides the most authentic and trusted astrologers throughout the world after several assessments and training, to read your astrological chart under the guidance of Deepanshu Giri. Lunar Astro’s ultimate goal is to provide at-most satisfaction over queries.

Why Lunar Astro!

Lunar Astro's every work is research-based and result oriented. We believe in dynamic teaching methodology and consultation. And this gave us not just 99% satisfaction at each side either students or us.


Learning Vedic Astrology

Lunar Astro brings research-based content and dynamic methods to teach you Vedic astrology from very basic to advance level.

Astrology Consultation

Lunar Astro is the only one who believes in prior research on charts before the consultation hence we book consultation at least 2-3 days before the day.

Offline Jyotish Classes

We are going to announce offline Jyotish classes very soon for those who want to learn Jyotish in a classroom.

Assignments, QnA and More

We believe in practice hence we keep our students busy with course assignments, question-answer sessions and more. You can also email us about your assignment

Post Consultation Queries

Unlike other astrology consultation providers, our consultation does not end with a zoom meeting. We answer every single query of client afte

Annual Conference

We organize an annual conference for our students for workshops, certificate distribution, awards and many other activities.



Our dream project in the field of medical astrology to combine Vedic Astrology + Ayurveda together. To start this project we went through a series of experiences to find out which works best when it comes to giving relief to people who they are suffering from chronic troubles and this included meeting with several doctors, experts in field from allopathy, Homeopath, Ayurveda and after looking at several of results and experiences of patients we have come up with a unique three-stage treatment process which works in synchronicity to help the patients.

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