Akshaya Tritiya & Wealth

On Shukla Tritiya -Akshaya Teej will be celebrated -There are so many events which have happened in past on this particular tithi,
Let us look at them and you will see all the events are pointing in one direction only and giving us all the clues that how we can bring more prosperity in our life.
Lord Kuber got his wealth on this day, Maharishi Ved Vyas started writing Mahabharat on this day, Lord Parshuram was born on this day,
Sudama visited his friend Bhagwan Krishna on the same tithi and due to love for those rice- Lord Krishna gifted him immense wealth.

Krishna & Sudama

If you look closely this day comes when Sun is in Aries and Moon in Taurus so significator of parents in a chart -both of them goes in exalted position –
As Sun and Moon are two epicenters on any chart and on this day both of them are in a very comfortable house and let us now look at the events related to this
tithi which has happened in the past– If you look closely all the events are related to Money/Family/Pride and moreover to sign of Taurus in the chart as the position of Moon
with respect to Sun is in 2nd house.

Lord Parshuram who is Shukarvanshi and represents proud was also born on the same day- So this is moreover the day of Taurus-which can provide you resources, wealth, happiness, and everything you require to be happy but the clue lies in tithi itself- The position of Sun and Moon which shows that if your parents are in the happy state it means you will be blessed with a lot of wealth in this life.

Tithi Lord is Mars and yog getting formed in the sign of Yog getting formed in Taurus also shows the natural combination of 1st and 2nd house which is a natural wealth yog in any chart this is why this day is associated with the money but as we will go deeper you will realise this is less about money more about prosperity and both of them are 2 different things.

This also gives us clues related to the tithi the person is born – the distance between Sun and Moon is measured to calculate tithi but how to use it for predictive purposes- Such as someone born on Chaturthi -what can we drive from this -We have to see how many houses Moon goes away from Sun and relation with tithi lord in which Moon is placed and then we drive that these are yogas form in the chart and why this person is born- I will explain this in detail in my upcoming video as this will be much better to explain in the video part of Secret of Tithis rather than in writing.

Let us focus on what we can do to make this day more auspicious to have a prosperous life.

There is a lot of hype created of buying gold on this day but this is the day of getting something as a gift but this is the day we should go to King to meet him -like Sudama Ji never asked for anything but Bhagwan Krishna knew everything – The same thing is with Kuber- He did a lot of penance to attract wealth similarly at first we should take a day off and spend time with family and ask well being of all the old members of the family -that will naturally remove any affliction to your Sun and Moon.

Family Time

Secondly, the stories of Akshay Tritiya contain a lot of elements where food is involved like Bhagwan Krishna helped Draupadi and Pandavs with Akshay Patra to make sure they never run out of food and also saved them from the wrath of Rishi Durvasa.

So the remedy which anyone can perform on this day is to ensure prosperity in life is by food- The core of this remedy is Venus- As Venus represents filters-we should be very careful on this day that what we are consuming, Speaking and looking at as of this will make sure that our prosperity increases over a period of time so the remedy starts from Food.

First of all start with storage- This is the day you should always keep stock of food grains/dry fruits/Ghee/oil in your house and keep them in store -If you are an absolute minimalist then also make sure you always have 30 day backup of food on which you can survive so you don\’t have to run to the shop for every small thing- So this is the day to stock up all the food items in your house which can be stored easily for longer time periods such as Rice, Pulses, Dry fruits, Desi Ghee

Gur Halwa

Secondly -Avoid any Saturnine items on this day such as tea/coffee and start this day with Desi ghee wheat flour Halwa(use Jaggery instead of Sugar) -The Halwa should be made in such a manner that it is fully brown roasted with desi ghee and dry fruits on top and you should offer this to Lord Surya first by lighting camphor and Chanting Gaytri mantra and then consume as a prasad.

In Night make kheer and offer to Moon and Maa Lakshmi in the evening by placing in a silver bowl and to Moon offer it in water and then consume it – Also throughout the day you should have water-based fruits and vegetables- The lunch is of curd rice or something similar, Anyone who visits your house this day should not be turned without any food or fruits.

Once you practice this remedy this will help you attract prosperity in life.







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        2. Namaskar sir, हमने आज घेहू स्टोर किए है एक साल के लिए।आशा है इस साल हमारे घर एक नए मेहमान का आगमन हो।आशीर्वाद दीजिएगा सर।

    1. Nallini Prasad

      Take a bowl of kheer. Now take a bigger bowl of water. Place the bowl of kheer in that.

    2. Sir namaskar apka ye post mujhe apney bachpan may le gaya hai . meri ma Baishnav and vegitarian her Akshay Tritiya ko Shrinathji ji ke mandir may sattu chini mitti ka ghara Garhwal pankha shradha suman ke rup may deti thi.aur neighbour may sabko metha bhi khilati thi .Bahut sunder explanation apka .Apko Eshwar ney bahut sunder vichar aur apney gyan ka deney ki Bhawana de hai .eshwari den hai

    3. Jappit Gautam

      Maybe offer it in a bowl of water and then putting that water into a plant? Apologies, Might not be the right way.

        1. Thank you Sir.
          I received beautiful Sriyantra made of wood today. Although I ordered, but surprised to receive on this auspicious time.

        2. “Moon offer it in water and then consume it” how to offer Halwa in water. Do you mean offer water to moon and then Prasad of Halwa.

  1. Thank you for the post sir ?.
    Sir due sun and Venus conjunction in Capricorn jaggery is avoided then can we use sugar instead of jaggery?

  2. Thank you for the post sir ?.
    Sir due sun and Venus conjunction in Capricorn jaggery is avoided then can we use sugar instead of jaggery?

  3. Sir I know it’s foolish but I want to tell you when u elaborate the ramedy we just know it works ? ,% n it’s amazing that you know what we r waiting for.?

  4. Srishti bansal

    sun mercury venus conjunction in libra asc , should I not consume jaggery . Please guide ?

    1. Sir today morning when I woke up and held the tea vessel to pour tea for father the full vessel fell from my hand due to weak grip, so I had to clean all the tea from the kitchen floor… was this a good omen or bad?…

  5. Rajkanya Mohta

    You r really awesome Sir! And I am a true follower of yours! I will surely do as said!
    Thank you very much!

  6. Grt sir…Thank u.
    U explained real importance of this auspicious day in such simple way n gave so easy remedies to practice.

  7. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Wonderful info you shared Deepanshu ji. Essence honour your parents and seek their blessings. For peaceful life both Sun and Moon should be auspicious. In anyone’s chart if these two are strong life will be happy. To increase prosperity Moon should be strong because influence on mind. Decision making will also be good and timely. This day is meant to strengthen both Sun and Moon.

    By pleasing Sun and Moon pitrudoshas, curses and like will also be minimised. While giving remedies think about brahmachari, grihasta, vanaprastas because single males cannot prepare them at home, they have to rely on outside food. What is the remedy for them?

    Now a days singles are rising. To have succession, to avoid untimely deaths, in any home if deaths are very frequent, to avoid what they have to do? Without having peaceful lives what is the use of the money? During these pandemic times deaths are increasing at everywhere. In some cases, families families left the earth without any successors. How to avoid such events?

    So, the above remedy is very, very thought provoking.

    Another thing is due to Corona the dead bodies are being cremated without any rites. So, to avoid this bad karma, what one has to do? In case of bachelors, if he/she dies the final rites are less. To please their disembodied souls what remedies one has to use to please their souls? Please think about these also.

    The entire day is relating to food, storing food, offering halwa to Sun, worshipping sun, eating ghee, noon curd rice, night kheer, during the day eating watery vegetables and fruits, offering food to visitors. Food is also a basic need for all.

    Incidentally this day is taking place during 21 days of Hanuman Chalisa parayana.

    Warm hearted Akshaya Tritiya wishes to all of you and wish God, Ma Lakshmi will bless us all with abundant prosperity.

  8. Mitul gandhi

    Just read this article, Interesting thing happened.
    Time: 5.06pm 10thMay2021
    I slept in the noon and right after wake up drinking water and thinking to tell to mother that lets make SHIRA, I want to eat and without saying single word, I came to this article on YouTube and started reading. Here I got the same clue. This is the best example of intuition which some people say coincidence.

    I will send you an email about Aadinath bhagwan, 1st tirthnkar of Jains. After 12 years of his TAPA, he got the first AAHAR on this day. Interesting story behind is there, which you should cover and share to people. Bcz very few people knows the importance and stories of Jainism.

    Stay blessed!

  9. poojasareen

    Amazing Sir, defined trying to do Sir, Sir please upload Pisces Ascendant Navmsa is Pending..Kindly upload

  10. Ameet Behare

    Thanks Guruji for enlightenment concept of wealth
    Secondly I need the course on blank chart , I have tried to contact but not connected.

    Thanks & Happy Akshay Tritiya ?

  11. Ramesh Dhungel

    ??? thank you deepanshu sir , also that this very day we are offering and having sattu and sweet sarbat with family. And dear sir I’ve also blessed with my daughter born in this auspicious tithi now she’s 9yrs old. ??

  12. Ramesh Dhungel

    ??? thank you deepanshu sir , also that this very day we are offering and having sattu and sweet sarbat with family. And dear sir I’ve also blessed with my daughter born in this auspicious tithi now she’s 9yrs old. ??

  13. Vijay Barai

    Deepanshuji, How to offee kheer to moon in water? Please explain. Many people have same question. If any one know please reply to this message.

  14. Thanks alot sir, also we will putting gold in Patra and boiling it and then consuming it .. what about this remedy sir

    1. ?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ????????? ??? ?

  15. Shubhashish

    Thank you sir, we had a blessed Akshaya tritiya day, made the wheat halwa in morning and Kheer as you mentioned in the evening, had a really good day, peaceful and resourceful in every way, at work I was able to satisfy everyone’s requirements, and had spare to go, came happy, went to shops and bought the food stocks, and season’s(in UK) first Mango box, even the shop looked so well stocked up, whatever I wished for was available and managed to donate some as well. In evening, made Kheer and while doing paath thought might not see Tritiya chandra dev, as its only for few minutes and it was cloudy evening. Still came out with Kheer thali looking at the west, around Sunset, and there the moon was smiling at me, felt so good, I offered the Kheer with a glass of water, went inside to bring aarti out, looked out of window and Moon was covered in clouds, I finished inside house aarti and still came out in the open, looked in same direction and clouds dissipated for seconds and I managed to offer incense to Chandra dev with Krishna mantra, it was a blessed morning and evening, everything fell at right time and place, as if guru’s grace and Ram/Krishna were blessing my family and smiling at us, thank you again from bottom of my heart 🙂

  16. Respect to your Graphics Artist, Sir. Graceful, expressive and evocative art that is so perfectly in tune with your wonderful content. Sometimes I just stop and absorb the energy of the images before reading on. Thank you.

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  18. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and enjoy studying more on this topic. If possible, as you acquire experience, would you mind updating your weblog with far more data? Its very helpful for me.

  19. Thank you for writing up this blog. The way you write with practical examples make easy to understand for everyone.

  20. Neelam Chaudhary

    दीपांशु मेरा कोई भाई नहीं है,पर तुम्हे देखती हूं तो लगता है तुम ही मेरे भाई हो भगवान तुम्हें खुश रखें

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