Remedial Measures

Shunya - Shree Ganesh

Shunya -Shree Ganesh

So whatever we will start during this time period we will be able to sow the fruits of that karma easily as universe is ready for conception. Ketu is the planet which creates the blockage and the reason of blockage is when negligence of inner soul- When we neglect someone in past life -that part becomes occupied by Ketu such as – Libra Ketu- native will ignore relationships and business and this is what becomes the challenge in this life as well- Leo Ketu- Native would have ignored kids and this life native face problems related to kids and stability in life.

Akshaya Tritiya & Wealth

If you look closely this day comes when Sun is in Aries and Moon in Taurus so significator of parents in chart -both of them goes in exalted position –
As Sun and Moon are two epicentres on any chart and on this day both of them are in a very comfortable house and let us now look at the events related to this
tithi which has happened in the past- If you look closely all the events are related to Money/Family/Pride and moreover to sign of Taurus in the chart as position of Moon
with respect to Sun is in 2nd house.

Gemstones & Jyotish

Anyone if afflicted Mars in chart should wear either copper or red thread in right hand and can see the results of anxiety getting controlled and it increases confidence.

A Moon based person should wear Silver band, A Sun should wear copper one – A bangle of Lakh for Rahu, Jupiter should wear gold and so on but what i mean when I say Sun based person.

Remedy & Mistakes

To Hanumanji- He made fun that now a monkey talks like a Brahmin to give me advice and gave complex about looks and that he is standing in front of Mahapandit Ravan to which Hanumanji Confronted- that I cleared sea to meet Sita and you Mahapandit Ravan was not able to cross a line drawn by an arrow and now talks about his bravery.

Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi

Any yantra which is build with the help of triangles represents that we require power and force from outside as the gateway to enter the world or exit the world- as all the major yantra you will see which are mentioned in tantra nadi in which native requires helps from yaksh, gandrav, Yogini, Ashtmaitri are in the form of triangles as what we are doing we are asking for help from outside world and when we require objects in physical form -yantra will be in downward faced triangles as that represents female reproductive parts- Yoni or Vulva.