The Wonders of Free Soul

These types of remedies I usually give to people who are a bit different from the world, who have the courage to change themselves and listen to their inner core, As valuable advice and remedies are not meant for people who are not ready for their flight, I did same remedy as well as many people who performed this remedy can see their growth in life.

Remedies of Gemstone, Mantra, and Sadhna are given to people who wish to achieve things they feel like, but the remedy of Atmakarka is given to people who wish to elevate themselves and become above everyone else Like everything has a right time to be performed, This remedy has a muhurat as there are Junctions in your life where you are asked to take decisions and this decision at this moment will change coarse of your life.

In whichever field of work you are, One thing which separates legends from the ordinary is that people who are leading in any field have figured out what they are good at and all their internal resistance has been addressed, there is no question or opposition left from soul to be asked and whole body, soul & mind is working to carry out the journey of life but not to achieve any goal, Whatever they are achieving is a side effect of their journey.

Milka Singh was able to achieve the gold medals when the internal resistance of his brain got cleared, That scene in the movie the showcase of how free he has become by addressing issues of the soul, People are not able to make love to partners if some internal conflict in their brain is going on as in your life you can’t be distracted, There is a price of every distraction you pay by your failures, You have to learn to solve inner conflicts by addressing them rather than suppressing them.

A businessman asked a great painter with arrogance placing a hand on a car. how much do you make every year?  Painter replied politely – I make 5 paintings in a year.  It is similar to an incident when Picasso made a painting of a rich woman but by the time he completed the painting, He was not able to tell where is women in the painting as he got lost while performing the act.

When you understand your soul’s requirements and instead of suppressing the soul’s requirement, You back it up with conviction and see the journey and then in this journey, you will get pitstops of money, fame, dishonour, resistance and what not but once you start following this your chart will hardly work and that is why I always say- there are certain charts where you can’t predict.

This is the reason on the chart of some people no Jyotish will work and even if it will to an extent, They will use it to their best advantage- As when someone is on Journey of Soul and you are considering the lagna as a base for prediction then you must understand, One someone is on that journey for them physical body is not of importance, these people are high on a soul drug that nothing else matters to them, If they get million dollars or not but still happiness runs through them.

Let me bring some example charts.

                                                                      Steve Jobs Chart

Atmakaraka is Venus Rahu in Saggitarius placed in the 5th house- Make a Prediction- 5th house (Love, Kids, Vision, power, position) Saggitarius (Social Law, promises, parents),  Venus Rahu.

The desire of the Soul is tarnished or distorted due to the presence of Rahu (Cheating) with Venus and that too once the kids will come into this picture – In Padnavansh dasa Steve Jobs was running Saggitarius Mahadasa from 1976-1982 and this was the time period when his girlfriend got pregnant and he was not able to accept her, This was the same time he downfall started from apple.

The reason for the downfall on a material level what everyone can say is different but the reason for the downfall was the internal conflict of not accepting a child even when he would have loved to pass on that feeling to not socially accepted relationship, Rahu resisted it and this resistance towards the soul desire made a downfall, when later on he patched up again the resistance got over and he started rising in life.

Venus in Saggitarius wants legal bondage in relationships where the spouse should come from a noble family and background, These people don’t get just married to a spouse, They get married to the whole family, and even the spouse’s family will support the native more.

Anytime he resisted the love for kids and not realising that this resistance towards the soul will make him fall from the position, He would not have to fall, The distortion to the soul made him confused towards what is right or wrong.

Let me give you an example of a common man, Who changed his life by focusing on the Soul, As this was when I was writing the book on Atmakaraka and I felt giving this advice to a person who was running the perfect dasa to understand this conflict of Soul- This native had Mars Mercury in Virgo with Mars as Atmakarka in 4th house.

This native was working in the IT sector data analyst but his question was that after a layoff, he is not getting the opportunity- The should desire of this combination is to be in the open field and do agriculture and dealing with animal products.

From Navansh’s lectures on Jaimini Sutram- Mercury in Aries Navansh will do business related to selling animal products or livestock if Saturn aspects it.

This native took the advice and went to his native place to start a farm and leave the IT field for good, He is the same person who thanked me later on during live class for changing his life, A soul troubles you as you have engaged the soul in the physical body with limitations, You don’t allow your soul to do things which it wants as your physical body focuses on short term visible things which you have learnt in this lifetime such but your soul has memory and journey of many lifetimes, An experience which you can’t even imagine and you choose to listen to the physical body and when you ignore soul after a certain time, you get lost in this world as there is no one to guide you from inside, you have stopped talking to a most important person -YOUR OWN SELF.

The Moment you establish the connection to your soul and be open to his ideas, your soul knows where to travel, and what to do so you can reach the epitome of your life, It will make you a Legend like no one else, A unique person on your own as now you have dropped all your resistance in life to be who you truly are- A free soul.

Lal Kitab describes lagan as झगड़ा जहा रूह माया का ।  – The fight between Soul and Body is that is ascendant as the soul is trapped in the physical body and now you are paying all attention to how I look? What do I eat? What i should do for more comfort? and you forgot to ask what is my soul requirement.

The condition of your soul depends on Atmakarka which is why I wrote down all conditions of atmakaraka such as debilitated, Exalted, and combusted and explain why you behave in such a manner, I would suggest reading this book slowly, This book will give you an understanding about your own soul condition and distortion where it is happening and how you can correct it.

There might be mistakes in grammar, and there might be mistakes in paras but this book is written in a trans of explaining a soul, so don’t expect it to be logical or grammatical but rather a guidebook for your own development. Your comments make me realise that I am not alone and that there are people who are on their soul journey like mine so do share feedback about blog and after reading a book.

Do remedies of Free Soul by understanding your condition, achieve what no one else had till now and trust me it is not about time you give, Someone has placed a myth of time to achieve the soul, It happens in a moment and for a moment and when it happens your DNA changes, your language, your body responds so it’s not late to start.


  1. Anita

    As always a wonderful read, i wish we all seek to learn and understand our souls purpose.I feel at times this yearning is too much..but the way is unknown…the HOW of it, I may know the why do i feel so dissatisfied or mismatched…but HOW??? Thank u deepanshu ji ..all your words match pur souls purpose…hope to find it in this life…atleast..regards

  2. Ravi

    This article is what I was looking for I also booked consultation to know about journey of my atmkaraka and about my soul. But didn’t understand free soul remedies.

  3. Pawan

    Sir, this is great,
    Last 2.5 years, in atmakark AD, I discovered lunar astro, and I started taking steps which I was never imagined even when there was extreme inner conflicts
    Prioritising only certain habits and realising a lot about desires and people when letting them go,
    List goes on and on,
    Sensitivity to criticisms died, even in social gatherings and community religious gathering, i took the lead, gave my best to bring people together, the process was tough
    I’m running ketu AD now, since april
    Ketu dasha can be this beautiful I have never imagined, this is truly bliss,
    I don’t know how I learned but now I can sit for long hours without phone or any information music. Absolute silence and this gives some different level of insights.
    Thankyou Deepanshu sir. Your classes and blogs gives hopes when inner conflicts try to dominate my present.
    God bless you, your family and team.

    1. Amreeta swain

      The last pata really gave a ray of hope of getting blissful ans uplifted life. You really transfer your knowledge in a such way that it not only makes us knowledgeable but also give us the path to achieve that excellence in soul level. Thank you sir for everything.

  4. Neeraj

    Every literal word of this is true. Running the atamkaraka dasha of Mars with Mars in pisces sixth house along with Sun and mercury. The House of service, rashi of a guru and salvation , with planets representing father brother friends .. Since the dasha started everything turned upside down lost business, sat at house started learning jyotish from Lunar astro. Serving people, family, friends, gurus, relatives, strangers by taking debts which are spend mostly on serving others and not me and that too with a clear understanding inside that I will not getting anything in return. Have no regrets at all, no complains, only a wish and hope that all will be great again.

  5. Swati

    Thanks a lot sir for delivering the message from the universe to the every individual who needs to hear it and perceive it.
    Just after reading the post I understood that accepting ourself fully is what makes us very strong . That itself gives a very strong motivation to go for the things which you desire as a soul ,overcoming the fear of unknown which the changes of circumstances will bring . That strength gives the power to fight every fear which we have gathered while living here from the time we started to understand the things from the young age.
    I just wish that every day we discover the real essence of life in its truest sense.
    May be I will re-read this article daily because these articles relation to soul journey gives a different kind of boost to me.
    P.s- I had to edit each line multiple times to make sense of the things I have written.

  6. Gayatri

    This is exactly what I am looking for.. continuously thinking on the same .. I am pieces ascendant Venus atmkarka is in 3rd house ( in chalit shifting to 4th with Jupiter).

  7. Praveen kumar

    Very profound article ,I am sure it’s definitely written as you soul explained even in this article its is showing its not you its your soul explaining things.
    As Deepansuji you have explained very beautifully in every book you have written ,we request because its about soul to guide us clearly on 8 char karaks or 7 charkarks ,every thing changes between them.
    Blessed have teacher/ guru like you

  8. Smita

    Namaste Sir, Soulful post. It would be a dream come true for me to understand what my soul wants and how to achieve it. When Lords, planets are going 6-8 across chart, Mars Ketu all over the place, lagna lords retro sometimes the thought comes how does one find the soul now?
    But then those that changed the world (or at least their world) did not come with the bells and whistles of an easy life. There must have been some deep angst that pushed them to breakthrough and rise above.
    At times when I hear the stars blinking above, the swishing rustle of the nilgiri trees, the urgent chirps of the bird outside my door, or the peeping squirrel who loudly demands ParleG, – I think what use is it knowing 5 human languages. Instead if I knew Nature-Speak, perhaps I could get help from Universe for myself and all those suffering around me. But I’m grateful, because Jyotish as seen through your lens truly gives perspective for the journey to begin.
    Too tempted to buy the books, but will do so once I complete all my open courses and homeworks.

  9. Kunjan Shah

    Hi Sir. Your videos have been a joy to watch and have learnt a lot from you over time. I’ve just ordered the atmakaraka book and can’t wait to read it as I’m asking this question to myself everyday about what should I do? Which direction to go? I hope the book will help me understand my path better. I’m a healthcare worker with Sun in 6th house( amatyakaraka). But my Mars (atmakaraka) is at the Last degree of Revati in 8th house. I’m always split between medicine and Jyotish.

  10. Rakesh

    Nice and deep information as always. Post helps to change perspective towards atmakraka and its importance. Definitely develops interest in reading book. Thank you for the post!
    About Steve jobs chart, can we also say as atmakaraka is venus ( luxurious product )in Sagittarius of guru s rashi of new development or creativity placed in 5 th house of entertainment n playfulness , venus with rahu karaka of camera, so he put his all in developing such product.

  11. Shital Barot

    Pure gold raining as if is the experience reading your soulful writing. Sir after crossing 50 , I keep on feeling this question even more deeply and looking forward to read the book and get answers , just as quite a few already have been answered in the code of cosmos course. The most fortunate happening. Your explanation with reasoning and conviction out of own experience immediately transcend the seeker

  12. Pousali Paloi

    Thank you Sir, for this beautiful article related to our own mind. All the indi have specific karm in this world, but we failed to realise it. This article related to soul is motivation to our own journey in future life. I haven’t read the book. I will surely read it to know self requirements.

    Thank you

  13. Preeti Saini

    Thankyou sir for the guidance. My atmakarka is Sun & I always live in Delima what to do next many of the times what i do feel it doesnt belongs to me & I was suffering from vitamin d deficiency, confused, lost. Many of the times I cried due to pain in the body. There’s also stress how I take forwaaard my work & many other things. So recently I thought & felt I need some motivation, work on my body, meet new people as I was feeling alone. So I recently started yoga & feeling better… & I somewhere know that it opens new path & new life to me.

  14. Chandrapriya

    Gurudev has great understanding of universal code also explains in such a way that everyone understands the concepts easily .may God bless him with all the happiness and greatness he deserves . Gratitude to the great soul .

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