Make a Wish

As we all know we have said it at some point in time – Make a wish at the time of birthday or by looking at the stars- but the truth is we only get things in life for which we are open. We don\’t get our wish instead we get what we are actively looking for in our life.

Let me give you an example- You walk into a shopping store looking for shoes- There might be a fancy car on sale but that car will go unnoticeable to you or even after looking at it you will continue your search for shoes -you will buy them and then continue your way back home. Now tell me what was one thing that stopped you that moment becoming the owner of the car you really liked?

Let us continue this experiment in a different manner- Close your eyes and think about what you really dream for yourself? what is your deepest desire to become in life? What is that one thing which will give you happiness beyond anything?

Please tell me what is stopping you to become one, what\’s holding you from not becoming what you just saw in your closed eyes? Answer honestly -Are you really working for that goal every day? As the 10th house becomes top of the mountain that is why Sarvarth Chintamani says- A person born with 2nd lord in 10th house will make sure name of his family goes high but to reach to the zenith point in your chart you have stairs of principles/guru/boss (9th house) in your chart.



Let me explain the position of the Moon in your own chart- Moon is a receiver and it receives and acts accordingly that is why in every chart dasa system is based on Moon as what we receive continuously -we build our thought process based on those emotions and then we carry our actions similarly -so when dasa changes our thought process changes similarly as we have now a new filter to absorb things, In dasa of Saturn we were looking through the specs of Saturn telling us to be fearful, grounded, depressive, submissive and stand for the poor and in dasa of Rahu we are open to absorb things which everyone thinks is not getting fitted in the society.

These are various belief system that gets built in us in the different dashas but what if we get into a habit of looking at things from a positive point of view- What if we get disciplined to a point that our belief system and outlook stays positive what if we train our thoughts to actively look for peace and prosperity all around you as what we search with complete dedication -we start getting significations of it.

The major hurdle most people will have in making a wish is that people don\’t even have clarity on what to wish for as most of the wishes they had is either suppressed deep down under them that they even don\’t want to express it to themselves and that is why they have this vague vision about making a wish or actively try to look for something and the saddest part is the belief system has been so engrossed and programmed by society that people actually want to wish for what they will not even actually enjoy when they will get it.

Such as the world program us to measure success based on money, not happiness- The world wants us to believe that happiness lies in a car, house and all the things which do not matter rather than the happiness-which matters the most- So sit down -take a break and ask yourself – Is it worth the happiness? Will I achieve satisfaction in doing this work? and you will see everything else around you will follow – the energy will change around you as now whatever you will do be worth living for. It will not be easy but worth it.

You will realize the path of the happiness which you have chosen for yourself is the one ability you were actually made for -The path of happiness is not an easy path at starting as it will create a mess as now you are challenging your belief system. Find out one thing in your life you feel it\’s worth living for Now think how I can make my living around it and you will realize you are getting into a beast mode of doing something which no one can ever imagine from you. You will be alone on this path as being so crazy and lunatic in something that you master it completely.

So make a wish today- See what you are looking for What you are actually searching for? and you will realise soon you will start getting answers from within- Nature starts to respond to you in every way it can.

87 thoughts on “Make a Wish”

      1. Nouree Seddiqi

        Sir I make a wish everyday but dont know how to get there. I am aquarius with saturn in Scorpio 10 th house. I sometimes get depressed and feel i have too much knowledge but nothing works for me. I dont want to complain because I think God loves me and i dont understand how I have the money I have in my life. ( venus in pisces with mercury) I wish I coud unlock my code become fiercely independent.


        Sir I make a wish I should get married to my love. Thank you again for a beautiful article.

  1. Indeed !

    It has happened once in life that God fulfilled all my wishes but then in last one year, he took everything back…

  2. Amruta kulkarni

    This article gives u direction to rethink…… What u really want how u r actions…. For the things want in life…. How energy works….. New perspective towards the our own thinking line ….. That we can work on…… It will surely uplift u as person…

  3. Hema Srinivas

    Truly said, but to get guidance, is also a blessing, if qe miss the guidance, we may not even think of changing the belief system, after watching your video, iam trying to change my belief system,Thank you

  4. Veronica Bose

    It was an enlightening article, sir.It really pushes us to dig deep into our thought process.

  5. What a beautiful and insightful write up with many varied views to pierce the mind. Thank you so much. Simply inspiring! ??

  6. Sharat Sashidharan

    There is a beautiful message in this post and reiterates the fact that “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”. It’s people’s belief system that make or break them. That’s why I believe Maharishi Parashara said that 9th house is a badhak house because your belief system could destroy you too.

    When I worked on my belief system my life changed, because as it’s said ‘Yad Pinde Tat Brahmande’ which means ‘As inside so outside’. So if my belief system is I can make money without lifting a stone, that has to manifest in reality and the universe shows you the ways. Thanks a lot Deepanshu Giri Sir?

  7. ashwani patel

    It’s something which helps us to live free life by clearing our mental blockage, very very helpful dipanshu sir ?

  8. Truly said. We actually lost deep with in what exactly we want in life, need to dig in and extract the real conditions we are looking for a prosperous life.

  9. Pooja Mishra

    Wow beautiful sir. U explained a very high concept in simple words.
    Most of us know that yes if I want something I will get it.
    But when asked what do you actually want?
    Most of people can’t even get one word out of them.

    It’s important to have a Goal and everything else will follow.
    Just need to look within.
    Bcoz their reside your God.

    This content is more than just law of attraction.

  10. Dupinderjit Kaur

    Wonderful writing!
    As human being we need just inner peace that’s the right belief and that inner peace comes within ourselves not in things but still we are running out in that things.

  11. Thank you,for guiding us,in this kal yug ,you came to rescue us,as guru Deepanshu ji,pranaam

  12. Ranjeet Kumar

    The biggest remedy to change ur inner thoughts ur outer world will become like you want to see. Try to talk to the cosmos and surrender yourself to the Brahmand — great article sir.

  13. Dheeraj katyal

    Influenced by Maya and engrossed in war for basics , one has to break the barriers and do as suggested . Difficult but doable . Sir, thanks for guiding again and again.

  14. Sheetal Sharma

    Very thoughtful and enlightening message sir, we actually need to ask ourself again and again for what we actually want. I really feel that my belief system stops me and after reading your articles and going through your videos, I am trying to change myself. Thank you countlessly… ????

  15. It’s like this article is written for me. Yesterday night I was searching for ‘how to find happiness’.
    I had been asking what is it that will make me happy. I was looking for ways to channel my creativity.
    Jupiter is enemy in my chart. Have been looking for this answer for years. What makes me happy.
    Thanks for the article.

  16. Hemal A thakkar

    Mind blowing , I am going to try this though i have been somewhat unconsciously doing this successful this brings clarity but i shall surely put this in practice with full force hence forth , as it is there is hardly any happiness or satisfaction on being on auto mode, it has been a rough ride and with this t might just get a lill more rougher but happiness is the goal and a journey , i used to doubt myself for being focused on what/how i want and was doubting that but with this it gives me some fuel, inspite of things falling in place materially or even not but when you lisen to this song and feel thats you then this should help . Brilliant

    Love you Deepanshuji you have been bringing in lot of small changes within and making me /us better people. There are so so many aspects we have learnt about us from your blogs and videos.. big Love God bless

  17. Humble pranam sir???. Thank you so much for enlightening and elevating us. It’s true that what you believe to deserve we achieve that. As I have experienced the greatest happiness is, when you could help others and see everyone around us happy. You are a great soul who could make us all happy by your selfless service.

  18. It works but it needs everyday efforts for choosing wisely as we hardly think once we get it how do we feel about it….
    Like many people having life but they don’t love it… ?
    In simple words love yourself.

  19. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Once again you wrote a nice article, Deepanshu ji. Generally in each one’s life, the desires are relating to education, marriage, business, job, profession or seva. The age limit will be upto 25 in case of education, upto 30 or 35 in case of delay of marriage, for job, profession, business or seva there is no age limit.

    The happiness of a person is depending on how much money or wealth he/she possess. If a person had enough money to lead decent life, he/she will be happy. Beyond particular limit, it is craving for money. Amassing too much money or beyond manageable limits must be avoided. If a person earns beyond his/her capacity how to manage it? Who will succeed after his/her death? They have to know in advance.

    In another point of you, satisfy with what you possess .. yadrucchaa labha santhustaa .. Bhagavad Gita, the person will be happy, if he / she is satisfied with what he/she possess. I am not supporting living in intentional poverty or poverty like conditions basing on misguided teachings. These conditions are manmade. So remove the ideas of simple life or live in poverty.

    Each one must attract abundance but must take steps to use this money with proper planning in a judicious way. On earth everybody needs enough money. Less money leads to chaotic life.

    Surplus money may be utilized to pay amount to saswatha pujas or saswatha arjita sevas in temples, peethams, may donate for poor feeding, education, marriages of poor etc. By this unwanted karmas will vanish. Person will also be happy.

    In case of seva, if a person do nishkama karma and work to satisfy God or Nature or creation he/she will be happy ? because of detachment with fruits of the work.

    In case of marriage if a person marry just by seeing money he/she may be disappointed due to disharmony. So, selection of spiritual life companion is necessary. Any wrong decision will spoil marital life as well as spiritual life. If a person is misguided, he/she may remain single, it will leads to dissatisfaction. Now a days peaceful grihasta life is the most important one.

    Regarding the education … if a person set a goal to reach but failed to reach or unable to complete the course, dissatisfaction will arise. Because of mismatch between goal and reality.

    Then how one will be happy? Proper astrological guidance will be useful, the consultation has to be made during childhood of a child.

    If parents are aware of nature of education, timing of marriage, nature of marital life, blocks, reasons for delay or deny of marriage, job, profession, business or seva i.e whether a person has to renunciate or has to enter into grihasta life, if there any blocks to reach the goal, parents can take steps to provide peaceful life. So, the role of parents is high

    Another interesting one, if a person dies, if his/her family member paid an amount to do saswatha pujas to the favourite deity in temples or mutts, these good deeds will be helpful in future reincarnation of a person and have an in impact on prarabda in next birth.

    So, if a person dies, his/her successors have to think about how to satisfy the preta atma? If this is satisfied, next birth will be happy one.

    Crux, to lead peaceful, happy life parents have to take steps from date of conception to post death of a person by keep in mind about sanchita, prarabda, aagaami karmas. So, the purpose of pujas, rituals, yagas, homas should be how to satisfy? a person and preta atma and how to lead joyous life.

    Astrology will be useful to have an idea about birth, education, marriage, health, business, profession, job or seva, poverty, wealth, health etc. If natal chart is weak, one has to do remedial measures since childhood of a child. Specially a person has to know about the blocks relating the above and when these blocks will create hurdles? how to remove them? How to plan to remove them? So consult a knowledgble astrologer in advance.

    Wish God bless us all and show the right path always.

  20. Durgeshwari Sharma

    Sir I know only one thing, that is You are a Great Man. I don’t know English very much. I want to read and hear you in Hindi only Hindi. I understand Philosophycal matters only in my mother tongue. Thanks a lot. Natasha, Jaime Hind.

  21. Prashna Gurung

    What a beautiful article to start a day ?
    I am very grateful for this article which you have written for all of us. You are the force ,the light , the soul guiding all of us how to construct our mind ,our thoughts, distractions which ultimately lead us to be joyful, be grateful and be successful.
    I’m super thankful for you deepanshu ji.??

  22. Just 5 minutes back I was ruminating over society fed materialistic things that we think we need and I was in a dilemma. Your article perfectly created a Nimit for me. It’s very difficult to leave the hard sowed seeds in our minds but it helps in liberation. We cannot depend on Dashas to make us great. We need to build our belief system just as you said that no matter what it stays the same. Thank you so much sir. Truly enjoyed this. For me it made the world a little less scary:)

  23. Beautiful sir , it is not just a article it is blessings or guidance from a guru to his students .
    I am greatfull for this article you written for guide us to choose right path and walk in right manner.
    Thank u so much sir .??

  24. It’s about giving self retrospective of your being and able to make it visualise and make them happen

  25. I wish to become shiva. Beyond success and failure. Beyond good and bad. To be in a meditative state. The auspicious one.

  26. Shubhashish Mukhopadhyay

    This is awesome sir, life does take us towards mirages, sometimes obsession puts such kinda glasses on us, u can hear and see it’s not going to make you happy, but to satisfy that goal you just carry on, the car in the blog is many a times is amazing which makes us notice, but the shoes for which you started put a misty screen and you miss the Tesla in front of you. Are you saying we should go after the Car now. I understand your blog but the ‘goal’ which I have conditioned myself for doesn’t let me budge. My guru house is with Sa, Ju and ve, does this conjunction mean I need to serve all there requirements before I go to get the 10th house, that said I m very thankful for all I have and the peace could have been purer if that desire for achieving another small goal can be dissolved it will completely bring me to satisfaction (I know this silliness) never ends, but us humans need to get goals for living the fullest, your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.

    1. Hello Deepanshu Sir
      I am thankful to your deep knowledge in Astrology and passion. I wish ,let me learn from your deep theory of techniques in Astrology and serve needy people up to satisfaction of my heart.

  27. Anoop Verma

    Hello Dipeenshu ji,
    Good evening. It was really an eye opener post. I have seen some of your videos on different aspects and appreciate your efforts.
    Since last few days have been searching answers for what to wish in life so as feel fulfilled? Every night is a nightmare , life seems a spider web.
    Hope with a ray of positivity received from your post will be able to find true purpose of my life.

  28. Swati shukla

    I know what i want but’ alwayz some hurdle…but’ not this time…i will give my best…this s my last chance….rest i think god is with me 🙂

  29. Milinda Vashishth Rao

    Namaskar Sir, I am kind of person .. jo kisi bhi kaam ke haath dho ke pichhe pad jaata hai … changed 3 professions .. known for my work in all .. then left everything got married.. and family thought she has never entered kitchen laws sarcastically making fun .. but now they feel i was fooling them that i don’t know cooking .. earlier i was searching astrologers but since a year i am behind astrology.. i can’t leave any of your post .. video .. plz bless me .. so that i can put my heart, soul brains in understanding astrology.. many thanks .. gratitude for being my inspiration.. best egards Mili

    1. I want to get US visa to visit my daughter Aishwarya as she is in US . I want to live healthy and peaceful life . I want good married life for my children and myself

  30. Namaste Sir. You had asked for feedback on what we experience after this activity – So after reading this post 3 days back, when I was meditating, I struggled to come up with anything concrete to wish upon. Then I gave up and said let the Universe upgrade me in whatever way is best for me. Today I had a unique experience during meditation – It was like you were doing Shivaling Abhisheka somewhere, and the gentle waters were cascading down on a Shivaling in my Anahata Chakra. This may sound absurd, but it was the exact image that I experienced. It was so cooling and I felt my Anahata chakra was blossoming up and freeing up the blockages. Something like the core strengthening, no instant solutions to problems but somehow am able to be strong and clear for others, even in the face of crisis and confusion. Thank you for being there for us with really workable ideas. Namaste.

  31. A job, to provide for my family to put food on my table. That’s it. Is it much to wish for?

  32. Seema Gurejja

    Beautiful post!As I don’t know much about astrology..but your knowledge and the way you explain..draws me to view all your posts and videos.
    I want to have plants near me..but can’t keep as space constraints..not getting permission to keep them..and no need to ask for every thing..but will wish and Chanelle my deepest wishes.
    Thanks for this post

  33. Gayatri Bajaj

    I am making one wish from last 25 years and I fail each time. 10th house moon. A simple life with a family. How much struggle , now I loosing the hope and looks like my gut was wrong. Failed completely. No more lust just surrender now.

  34. Sir, I joined your course exactly 1 year back, since then Myself, my thoughts, life improved a lot. Listening to your lectures is always add values to thoughts. And my salary also doubled than last year!

  35. Dilip sharma

    Hello Dipansu ji ?how r.u i.m ur YouTube follower since u start its Really Really great knowledge u have its seems to me tht u R messenger of ishwer astrology is auto generate data what we do we get back in next birth ur all post is meaning full with Amazing thoughts ..once in life i want’s meet u to regarding my birth chart ..thank u so much….?

  36. I want you to send positive vibes n energies which not only cleanse my past life karmic debts but upgrade my this life humanitarian cause?

    More Power to your words sir?

  37. Dear Dipanshu ji,
    I really wants to thank you for guiding me real path of life, as Guru . My only wish now is to get deep knowledge from you that helps me and my family to get real achievement in goals.
    Thank you dear for everything ???

  38. Dear Dipanshu ji,
    I really wants to thank you for guiding me real path of life, as Guru . My only wish now is to get deep knowledge from you that helps me and my family to get real achievement in goals.
    Thank you dear for everything ???

  39. SHOMRAJ Paul

    Dear Daipanshu ji,
    My takeaway from the beautiful interpretation is that wheneverever you are going through aparticular dasha lets say Venus dasha we have to see where does venus gets exalted and we have to train our mind towards those things instead of focusing on house, cars, material things lets shift towards all 12th house things like donations, spirituality, philanthrophy etc we will get peace .

    Lots of love
    Shomraj Paul

  40. Pingback: ?? ????? – ?????-?????

  41. Namrata Mehta

    So true Sir, once my first reporting officer replies me in year 2008 time while I asked him a sms question that tell what is the hardest thing in your life? I was smiling that I was kosish n too young & less experienced that time I said how silly question! He smiled & asked me why I’m smiling- I read the sms..he said reply to your frnd# To know what I actually want from my life! ( I just realised his deep vision and kept that line stored in my mind but still made mistakes as experience was missing)
    He was wrkg after retirement from big post agn as consultant in media.
    Gratitude to you. Learning from you is bliss of God?finding you is my good karma?my Jupiter exalted in D9 is you Sir?

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