Eclipses in Astrology- Ketu Moon

Eclipses have a deep impact on the energy levels of the Universe and everyone is impacted by this phenomenon- Everything in this universe works on the principle of Energy and Lumanaries govern two of the major energy on this earth. We all know Sun provides light, and energy for the sustenance of life on Earth while the role of the Moon is somewhat neglected as what the Moon provides is a thought process to everyone.

Moon controls the movement of water elements inside the human body based on which we can feel emotions, take decisions and behave in a certain manner, This is what causes mood swings in the human body but Moon does this with the help of energy from the Sun- The light belongs to Sun and that is why the amount of Light Moon receives on any given day is termed into a Tithi in Hindu Calendar.

This tithi explains how much light Moon is going to receive and at what angle based on which what will be your Mood today- If you ever want to experiment with this, make notes of every tithi and see how was your day and soon you will realise that it is very easy for you to identify the good and bad days.

Let me give you an example of Prediction based on your Tithi- If someone is born on Navami tithi this means the native is compatible with the energy of Navami tithi people such as Pratipada born but uncomfortable with chaturdasi born, as there is a difference in a mood, attitude of such people and this native will have trouble time adjusting on these tithis as well, everyone will have a different cycle of Mood swings.

Former Indian PM -Shri HD Devegowda took oath as a PM on Poornima tithi but being a Dasami-born native this could only result in tensions and within one-year government fell off- (Students of Foundation course should make an article on this.) Although Poornima tithis is an auspicious tithi this cannot be for everyone, that is why you need to understand your own tithi cycle.

When we are at topic Shri HD Devegowda- His family stated that he became PM because of the house, he was living in as this house proved extremely lucky for him- 5 -Safdarjung Lane- You know the reason why- Dasami tithi is ruled by Moon and when you this house in google map, this house has a big swimming pool, public gymkhana just opposite to it and all this is ruled by Moon and although the house was SW facing – The entrance was changed to North to suit the requirement of Vastu, Indeed Vastu played a big role and house proved lucky.

The main entrance of the House is denoted by Rasi and the Door entrance by House- That is why we pay so much detail to the door entrance in Vastu.


Let us come back to the principle of energy absorption, Eclipses are the way to capture and release energy from the universe, That is why strong personalities are born around eclipses and carry a lot of karmic baggage on account of taking a lot from this world or giving back to everyone but these births are not normal- As I wrote in a previous blog, the sky opens every day for different destinations so people can travel in different realms, So imagine when the universe is connected to Power source directly without any protection in between to get connected to a realm where all those people will travel who have this kind of energy, That is why the energy of eclipse became of great importance.

I am writing this blog from a different perspective of the eclipse today of Rahu and Ketu- Rahu is attachment and Ketu is detachment- Rahu channelises the energy from the ground and makes you involved in earthy matters, Rahu is about being involved with every detail and gain control over every matter even if the same matter is giving you troubles, while Ketu helps you become detached (Nirmohi) in respect to the signification of a planet, It is easy to write this attachment and detachment but not easy to implement in life as we will go further in this blog, you will realise the pain and emotions of several people you had come across in life.

Ketu with Lumanaries – Ketu is detachment and wherever Ketu sits in a chart it will keep troubling you with fear, anxiety and the feeling of being doomed in life as this is part of life from which you need to be completely detached but this detachment does not come naturally, Ketu is a planet which will bring sudden changes in your life and one day you have to leave that signification without any notice, Just like death comes unannounced similarly Ketu acts in a similar manner in the chart.

Now Imagine this Ketu with the most sensitive and emotional planet Moon- So constantly Moon is under stress, fear, and anxiety of something happening wrong but the work of Ketu is to make you carefree and it will not be an easy task for Moon- Moon is your mother, home, comfort, place you are born in and in this life until and unless you become detached towards these significations, you will always be in trouble as you will keep on thinking to leave your birthplace and settle somewhere else, Be aloof to public and be in your own world as continuously you are searching for loneliness to talk to your self so you can settle your questions, anxiety and be in peace- as being in Public will trouble you, Imagine visiting a place like Haridwar where there is a lot of water energy.

The thing about Haridwar is not only the presence of Maa Ganga and water bodies placed over there but also in the Space-Time element this city coordinates with a particular Nakshatra which governs Som- (Nectar) and is perfect to achieve the state of bliss when you take a dip in Ganga but a person with Moon Ketu prominent will feel the effect on another level as Ketu dries up the emotions and when visiting water land, It can result into unlocking of karmic events such as loss of money, wallet, health-related issues, food poisoning as every combination you have got in your chart holds several of karmic patterns of life and when you try to break it, It will cause severe problems.

Moon is a mother and your emotional attachment to your Mother, will be the most challenging aspect of life to kill your emotions and leave your mother and motherland, Be emotionally detached as this detachment will help you in your journey, Imagine a luminary like Moon, Your mother and you are forced by circumstances to leave celestial mother, The same combination is to help you grow and look at the bigger picture of life, I came across several people during readings who got emotionally broken after their mother left for heavenly abode, Life has no meaning left for them as Moon tries to balance the aloof nature time to time but when Moon goes out of life these native lose any kind of interest in meeting anyone.

Emotional breakdowns and loneliness are what Moon -Ketu need to master in this life, On a physical level as well you will see deformity will happen to native as well as to mother as well, Moon- Ketu can be in two types of conjunction either degree wise they are going to cross over which means the water source is getting contracted or either they are already crossed which means now water will flow with full pressure.

I am going to talk more about this session today evening live in Rahu -Ketu free course and more on Vastu aspect of this combination.


  1. Jyoti Shivani

    It is really very difficult to handle Moon ketu in close proximity. Public presence is a serious challenge and moreover dryness in emotional expression is something that only people with this conjunction can understand.
    Totally relatable Sir, your blogs open CHETNA (Consciousness)to another level….one starts feeling the outburst of emotions.πŸ™βœ¨

    1. Harish

      Deepanshuji on North facing house means sources of energy from nature (light , air)has to flow from north.

      Basically any side facing house represents your chart characteristics too…so those people may have good combination in 9, 10, 11 houses.

    2. Chanakya

      Why are North facing houses are supposed to be the best, can you tell?
      In one of the videos, Sir has explained that North facing houses have wife dominant in those houses, and married life is not good, while in South facing houses, people have good careers and love among couples, but there are issues related to children.

  2. Arudra

    Namaskar ji. I keep reading your posts. It is very helpful to induce our thinking, connecting and comparing in astrology. Thank you so much for your posts.
    Being a Ashwini nakshtra born, moon in ketu nakshtra, I can highly relate to what you wrote. For most Ashwini Nakshatra or ketu nakshtra born, I feel because ketu dasa being the first dasa, they will get emotionally detached from mother as the first step in their childhood even before they know. Most of the times, I felt like a lost soul in my childhood.

  3. Ashwini

    Beautiful Sir. Thank you.
    Have a question –
    Does Ketu transition over natal planet ALWAYS cuts off atleast one signification of that planet or it ONLY does so when the natal Ketu placement is disastrous.
    Best wishes.

  4. Alka

    Sir, gratitude vand namaste.More I say thanks less it seems. You are a miracleanifest in my life. Please talk about Vastu and how to choose house entrance for happy , healthy and prosperous life with family πŸ™πŸ½

  5. Ms Moola Baby

    Is the effect of Moon-Ketu conj. the same for Ashwini, Magha and Moola moons? I’m 3H Moola moon, I have malefics but outer (Neptune/Ur). Ketu sits w Retro Saturn (and Pluto) in Libra.

  6. Sagar Dattatraya Rodi

    I have moon ketu in 5th house .
    In current situation I am facing emotional issues , as I am transferred to other city.
    This is first time I will be leaving my family which is very difficult for me to digest.

  7. Sagar Dattatraya Rodi

    I have moon ketu in 5th house .
    In current situation I am facing emotional issues , as I am transferred to other city.
    This is first time I will be leaving my family which is very difficult for me to digest.
    Please guide me how to overcome with it

  8. Smita

    Namaste Sir. I believe you have Moon Ketu in your chart. I often wonder how you manage to be in the public eye with this combination. It cannot be easy to smile and come out among masses, unless you have transcended the chart.
    The R-K axis seems to be the dukhti rug for anyone – all that mess and mayhem. Based on your lectures, I could map some attributes of Ketu in the centaur Chiron, as the wounded healer. Badly hurt in own life, and nurtured by Apollo and Artemis in the best of medicinal sciences. Soon he became sought after for the very healing skills he couldn’t use on himself. The Midas Touch Technique, and Haath ka shifa technique seem to have these shades. Chiron to me has that aspirational value – a healer so dignified, despite own deformity and rejections. I try hard to elevate my Ketu to become a healing blessing for others.

  9. Raman

    Hello sir … I have moon ketu conjunction..she has no attachment with me..other things u mentioned are also true ..when I visited haridwar my shoe was broken .it was new ..i came back to my home with that broken shoe to return soon as I exchanged it with the another one .the another pair of my shoes was broken .i am very particular about my shoes .but now i understand it had to be broken ….Libra moon ketu ..from last four years i am in total isolation .bad relationships made me so isolated .but in isolation what I have got is .. i have no words for that ..thanks to u sir ..u are my true guru guide and everything.sometimes i feel i am connected to u telepathically .. whichever question is in my mind . U have answer for that ..many many blessings to u sir ..

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