Why we suffer in life ?

Why we suffer in life ?

I always wondered why there is a mix of good and bad souls on earth and why good souls are few, but you will find these people everywhere setting up an example for everyone else.

Their compassion, kindness and giving nature makes us think about priorities in life again and again as the action of these souls look like they are from some other world, and we wonder why these people are not responding in a way they should? They accept these life conditions as they can quickly speak up and move on.

Throughout looking at charts, I have realised some souls came down from the sky only to take away the misery of other humans as they were compassionate enough that they made sacrifices to leave their realm of comfort and came to help down humans without thinking about what they are going to face on this earth.

Usually, these souls are born during the Zero period when the universe is in reset mode when both lumanaries are in the sky, either early morning or evening period, Sakranti, Eclipse and post Eclipse periods, Tithi Chiddra (a hole in a Day)  as this is the time these souls are capable of entering earth freely.

Everyone is in pain; some have more pain than you, and some are in less pain when humans call for help during the donation of Amavas, Sakranti, and Poornamasi; some noble souls are not able to see the pain of humans and make sure these people get wisdom directly, They transcend on earth with their wisdom.

Very few souls who could not see humans in pain due to ignorance and lack of wisdom take birth on this earth and get the mark of Jupiter in Lagna. As these souls carry the wisdom of Jupiter with them to help many people in life, Sometimes we wonder, looking at these people that why they are not fighting when even provoked and insulted several times. You should realise a Jupiter cannot fight like Mars as Jupiter being a strategist, will fight like a strategist; in a kingdom, there might be thousands of soldiers but only a few advisors.  If a Soldier gets killed king is not worried, He is more worried about someone who will make a plan for him.

You must have seen your teachers smiling in times of crisis, as what made them Jupiter is wisdom to look beyond what you cannot see and think. You think for months; a guru thinks about the afterlife.

Like there is a saying, “Don’t know from which mud he is made?” exactly, they are made from different mud, and that is why the behaviour is different. However, even after helping people, it still, people takes advantage of these people as Jupiter doesn’t know when to stop giving but what they don’t realise is all this comes back later in life in the form of kids. Then person runs to an astrologer to get remedies and forget what they have done to people who were innocent enough to help them and pass wisdom to them.  Wisdom does not have any monetary value; You can’t even give things to Guru as what you are going to offer him is of no value to him.


Souls who could not see humans in pain due to lack of food and resources and problems in relationships decide to teach humans how to be compassionate while feeding people and be more sensitive in relationships; these souls are born with Venus in Lagna.


When someone asks me why I care for relationships in the family and not anyone else, why other people are not bothered, I tell them you come from a realm where the relationship is everything to you; just like in this world, gold has a value but in the realm of Venus only love, and trust is the currency. The other person might be from the realm of Mars, where only getting land and showing courage is the currency, not relationships, and this is why these people value more other things than love.

When you visit the home of these people, they will do everything for your stay and comfort and even pack food for your travel as well; they are not very clever people who think that nowadays food stalls are available everywhere, but it is their love and emotion in the food as they have seen you being deprived of it.

Let me give you an example- We were doing a conference in Dehradun last year, 2021- and almost everything was arranged at the last minute. My wife asked me, What we were giving in return, and I told her there were notebooks, Shield, and certificates. Still, she had a question which made no sense to me.

She asked, ” What about when people will return home, and kids will ask what have you brought ?” This seemed like a very illogical question to me as I was like, this is an astrology confrence and the quality of notebooks is extremely upscale for drawing Yantras.

She was not happy with it, and the whole day she kept on telling me in the form of various stories and sayings about the importance when someone bringing back sweets home. Finally, I agreed, and then the best sweet was chosen by her, which is usually given in marriages to everyone, and she was the one who looked after the food menu and upgraded it.

You can now judge Venus in Lagna and the value of food for her as I have seen people in Venus in Lagna. For them, the priority is if I have visited someone’s home, they will judge me based on what you offer them to eat as food is a valuable entity in the realms of Venus; the same goes for maintaining relationships with other people.

Souls who were not able to see humans struggling with work and construction of home take birth to teach people how to be impartial, set up a business of several people, help so many people get property even when their own business and home are not there as they come from the realm of Saturn with Saturn in 1/7 axis.

Saturn people will value more human values, health and preservation rather than their money and social status and most likely make friends who can talk freely in simple language- The language of Mercury is not appealing to them; when you take these people somewhere fancy, these people feel out of the world as they have come from Saturn world and adjusting to such luxury is a problem for them.

Saturn souls are very quick to tell the real intention of people as they monitor every single detail; these people are compassionate towards everyone who is not able to speak for themselves and fight for their rights; animal right activist, Child support specialists, It is the compassion of their heart that brought them to this world to became the voice of so many people.

When Souls saw humans deprived of enthusiasm, ideas, and curiosity, souls from the realms of Mercury came in to help with Mercury in Lagna taking care of everyone.


When humans were deprived of Vision, This race was required to establish law and order; souls came from the realm of the Sun to help Humans.

When humans cannot cross the realms and fall in between, the person with Ketu in Lagna gets born to pass his wisdom on to other people to show them how to travel between different realms by making a bridge between the two worlds.


When we need help, we draw yantras and do pooja to connect to similar realms and get wisdom in life, but humans must know why they came on earth; like a yantra, when you draw keep giving you a flashback of the past only. Very soon, in the Foundations of Astrology course, I will teach the basics of Yantra to introduce everyone to Gayatri.

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Happy Ekadasi

42 thoughts on “Why we suffer in life ?”

  1. Omprakash sunwar

    Always dazzle with your wisdom and yes learned a lot from you not jyotish but become a good and compassionate human
    A Big Thank you

  2. Achal Ligga

    As always you touch down deep, the wisdom is layed out in such a manner one forget that this is coming out from astrologer, NO this wisdom is revealed straight from noble soul ok on travel to our planet to enlighten many.

    Bless to have a master like you ?

  3. Surekha verma

    Gratitude Guru g. U must have come on this earth to do beyond everything and anything for us????? don’t have enough words to express my heartfelt ” Aabhar” ?

  4. Hello sir,
    Happy ekadashi to all of you
    Sir my question is
    Is atmakarka play same role as you describe planet in lagna..?

  5. Rohit Khetarpal

    Sir only a person of your calibre can understand these minutes and pass on to people. God bless you and your family members and your team take care Sir

    1. Pranam sir,
      That is why you have your ascendant lord sitting with ketu, so that you become the bridge of wisdom for people like us to travel smoothly between the two worlds. Absolutely right about the venus in lagna, as i have it, looking forward to join your fundamental course. Keep showering us with your ocean of knowledge. Thanks a lot! God bless you and your family abundantly ???

  6. Does Rahu in lagna native help people to see beyond limit, helps them to break boundaries to reach highest success? Please add something more if Possible.

  7. I can relate to this very much , having ketu in lagn pisces ascendent.
    Very eger for coming course as I have enrolled for the same.

  8. What a wonderful article…
    These articles humble the readers….no matter where one goes ..whatone does….a tiny drizzle of the kindness will always remain with whoever reads it..
    Such articles ate enough to keep the spark alive.. spark to know what we are here for..
    Don’t know what to do..seek your blessings or give you blessings …
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and gift ..

  9. Neeru Singh

    Namaskar Deepanshu sir ? Each time I go through your research work I feel speechless just want to read it again and again,I feel that your knowledge is infinite Naman ??

  10. Can relate to this as I am pisces ascendent Ketu in lagn.
    Looking forward to upcoming course as enrolled for the same.

  11. Neeru Singh

    Namaskar Deepanshu sir ? Each time I go through your research work I feel speechless just want to read it again and again, Your knowledge is infinite Naman ??.My mother is one of these sufferers .She is such a nice soul but there is nothing to cherish.

  12. Nidhi Gupta

    Sir….ive been wanting to give this feedback also…on the Sweets that your wife chose…They were the best sweets i ever tasted in my life….Each of them carefully chosen….i relished every piece everyday with tea and really enjoyed them….Have even kept the mercurian box as its so pretty….thanks for that too….

  13. Thank you for your divine wisdom ?. My son has 4 planets in lagna – Jup Sun Mercury Mars. I sincerely hope that he achieves his soul purpose. Hare Krishna ?

  14. Wonderful article. I can relate to the mention about Jupiter in Lagna and how they look after their guests. All of this makes so much sense, thank you.

  15. Sir, when you mentioned about the qualities of souls from the realm of Saturn, I remember the book “the journey home” which is the autobiography of His Holiness Radhanath Swami. He mentioned that when he was young he would always sit on the floor and eat. He couldn’t bear to see anyone suffer when he is happy. He went to a restaurant once with his family where he didn’t know that his friend was a waiter. As soon as he saw that his friend was going to serve him, he left the table immediately. Such is the Characteristic of such pure souls. Thankyou so much for enlightening us with this knowledge Sir.

  16. Namaskar Deepanshu Sir!
    I connect with your words and vibrations you send out to the Universe through every single article and videos with wisdom and divine knowledge. Refering to your above article, I came from the releam of Saturn, (Saturn in Cancer Lagna) I can understand the real intension of people’s motives as I watch every details without talking much. I feel compassionate towards the people who were not able to speak for them selves, that can be seen in my poetry and other books which I published. Aslo the one I’m currently writing is a novel, purely dedicated to the less previleged people around. I’m feeling out of world when I go out for social gathering and less attracted to shallow discussion and flashy things.
    Thanks a lot for shedding some light for the way of my life, this is true blessings for my inner transformation!!

    A Million thanks to you for being a guiding light in many of our life

  17. I think in this life every one needs Guru to understand what we are and what we need to ,I am blessed that I am born in this age to find guru who guide people selflessly.
    Thank you deepanshu ji

  18. Ruchika Sharma

    Dear Deepanshu ji…
    Adbhut Rahasya of our reasons to be born .
    It gives a direction to our life’s goal .
    It was spellbinding and at the same time stirred some wisdom in the heart. … something deep and profound.
    Gratitude and Naman .
    Not left with any choice now….have to join the course.?

  19. Article is wonderful sir !! I would say as always it feels like u r saying these all things sitting on ur chair ?. And I must say ur wife is a wonderful and compassionate soul. You might feel its a feminist thought ?but if you r able to do these such wonderful magicial things, she is the background and support to keep u moving . Always in love and gratitude ??!!

  20. Wonderful article sir. A question I had though. Planets though in Lagna in Rashi chart may move to a different house in Bhav chalit chart. So the planets position as per above where you have mentioned planets in Lagna, should be seen as per Rashi chart or Bhav Chalit Chart.
    Forgive me if its a silly question. I havent attended your courses yet so I dont know which one you suggest. I have studied KP and as per that planets position seen from Bhav chalit as you would know.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting and hearing about a few such pure souls. The kind of tasks they took up as a mission in life is just remarkable. To quote Bradley Cooper and Lady gaga (From A star is born) – “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never meet the ground. Crash through the surface where they can’t hurt us, we’re far from the shallow now”. Thats how these inspiring souls think. I guess to become like that one has to dive off the deep end. Regards.

  22. Sir thank you it’s a beautiful post but what about rahu in lagan sir you missed this rahu why are people born with rahu in lagan what purpose sir please reply ?

  23. Vijay sinha

    Thanks sir!
    Your articles always offer us something beyond our thoughts.
    What if lagna is blank. Shall we take lagna lord?

  24. Jatin Punia

    Yes, act of distributing was more kicking , though i was not part but saw in pictures . Some other person also shared picture of sweets , it was more connecting to audience than else

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