The Secret Keepers - Luminaries & Rahu/Ketu

The Secret Keepers – Luminaries & Rahu/Ketu

Sun and Moon don’t get the blemish of being the 8th lord- a simple statement, but what is hidden behind this statement is understanding of the universe.

Sun and Moon are life forces when they become the 8th lord, which is the house of decay, but how can life forces of the universe give decay to any human? Luminaries try to nourish you with the feelings of the 8th house as they are preparing you to be disinterested in this world; the same can be said when either one of them becomes the 11th lord or is placed in the 11th house as well.

Anything which has no value after death will now not suit you, but to train you in a similar sense universe will now give you situations that you understand and become emotionless; that is why when luminaries are with Rahu/Ketu, emotional disbalance can happen.

It is something similar that pain increases to a limit that it becomes a cure. “इशरत-ए-क़तरा है दरिया में फ़ना हो जाना

दर्द का हद से गुज़रना है दवा हो जाना”

Ashtam Chandra is for the people who are best known as secret keepers and will have secrets of many people in their hearts as these natives are not able to express themselves ever properly when you keep on storing emotions in your heart and are not able to express yourself or vent out emotions, you start changing as a human, You become extremely disbalance and less interested in talking to anyone as when other people were talking to these natives, These natives are sizing the person up and making conclusions in their brain.

Luminaries are the first point of contact for us to give us information but imagine one of them or both of them are in the 8th house, so native is not absorbing any new information quickly but rather works purely on intuition and to get any new information to this native takes time as 8th house is extremely slow in absorbing things, you have to convert this information into crux for this native to absorb it.

We don’t only express ourselves only by words but in many ways, like the way we dress, our body language, and the way we look at people, but when you have luminaries in the 8th house, you are unable to do so in a proper manner as you don’t have a vent out point as this house is opposite to 2nd house speech, So words are not one of the best traits for this native but another form of expressions which are abstract such as dance, music, painting, writing comes as a natural talent for these natives, You will see these natives closing eyes while talking as they are trying to fetch words from the blank space.

Even when they speak, this is purely talking from another world as Luminaries being the life force of the universe when goes in the 8th house or 11th house, the house of Rahu or Ketu or conjucted with Rahu or Ketu in the chart in close conjunctions then very likely the native is going to speak through intuition.

Rahu and Ketu, wherever they will sit, will create an emotional disturbance; if placed in 2nd house, then either attachment or detachment from family.

Whenever you see luminaries in such a position, instead of performing remedies for them, try to see how you can remove the resistance towards the change as when luminaries are afflicted, this shows native will do something offbeat in terms of significations of the house and sign of that particular planet such as Moon in 8th in Libra will give a different type of profession. Still, if instead of opposing this, you can accept this fact, you will get help from the 8th house; that is why I never tell anyone to perform the remedies of Rahu or Ketu or destroy their significance.

People who are born with this combination can outperform only if they break the social barrier around them and the first step is live in a land where no one knows them so they can operate freely as what happens with lumanaries in these houses is that lot of closed people get uncomfortable with your behaviour and habits as your thinking pattern will not match out anyone else.

Whenever people with afflicted luminaries try to fit into society or try to be normal, this is when the trouble will start happening in life as you will start to lose the magic of 8th and 11th which you are born with, This is like a Joke when my boss asked me why I don’t want to be a manager in the office and leave offshore my reply use to be “ As it requires me to act normal for the major part of the day.”Look at the chart of Lisa Kudrow. First of all, cancer ascendant and Moon being in the sign of Scorpio, and she nailed the character of Phoebe buffay.

The only way I can know the quality of this article is by your comments on youtube or here. Test the techniques and let me know.

56 thoughts on “The Secret Keepers – Luminaries & Rahu/Ketu”

  1. Parikshit Joshi

    Hello Sir,

    I have moon in 8th in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio in 2nd house.

    Though I am working in IT sector, I feel everytime that I don’t belong here. Instead, reading mysterious books, novels , study astrology and occult subjects attracts me more.
    And yes, life has given me such immense pains that I don’t express my emotions anymore and love to keep quiet.

    Could you please share some remedies to get rid of this emotional disbalance?

  2. True.
    My cousin has moon in 8th.
    He lived life to fullest in 2017 he got a company offer and went to Australia.
    Then the real game started, everybody in family use to curse him and bitch about him for not being in contact with everyone around.
    Even he managed everything there alone,no support everything on his own.
    Now in 2021 started his own company.
    Last month i was talking to him, he asked me few things, and during the conversation he was listening to me like he has already made conclusion on his mind😂😂. Completely ignoring kind of look while talking.

  3. Neelam Bangari

    I have this combination in my chart where both sun and Jupiter are in 8th house leo and Moon is in 11th House scorpio.

  4. Debajanee Behera

    Libra moon 8th house and venus in 11th usually don’t get trustable friends or get stabbed by friends and how would be the result get modified in the context of profession when debilitated saturn in 2nd house and sun in 10th house?

  5. Priyanka Gandhi

    I have moon in 8 th house in u said is absolutely thinking pattern, frequency doesn’t matches with in laws.i didn’t get any I started ignoring it.and reverse is happening now.saturn Venus in second house in Scorpio.

  6. Thanking u sir….. Thank u so much sir for bringing up this post at this moment…. Where after suffering since last few months bcoz of family betrayal wasn’t able to map what was my mistake, where ws i wrong…. Despite being selflessly devoted n ruined myself for family(inlaws) happinessn n their well being they outcaste me n my husband.

    I was totally broke n wasn’t able to counter my fault n unable to understand how can they cut down their own support system… Which always stood by with, how can they not understand our devotion n dedication.

    Now I understand tht being a luminaries my heart wld melt on others small small problems but no one wld ever be able to understand the purity of heart bcoz I m not meant accordingly to this wordly nature 😞😞.
    N hence nature brought this biggest transformation in life that now I hve to leave out my family(inlaws) who ever my lifeline n have to move out to most most isolated place.
    N while moving out I have only thing in mind… Now I ll be able to hlp needy whom I don’t knw with free will without any hustle.

    N hence maybe my purpose of life be fulfilled

      1. I have moon in 8th house in Virgo and literally I run out of words mid-sentence and then I look here and there and even close my eyes to fetch the word I was looking for. 🙈😅

        And yes, I have observed people confiding in me relatively freely. Sometimes some people confide in me with their secrets even when we would be meeting for the first time!!

  7. I have sun rahu 12th from lagna but 8th from moon sign in the sign of Capricorn. I feel the offbeat thing was fun for me (my entire life is offbeat to be perfectly honest) but as I grow older it is apparent that the middle ground is the best path. Structure and rules are incredibly important and the right balance between living it your way, offbeat as you say and incorporating the norms and regulations is something one should strive for.

  8. Very accurate sir!I have moon and jupiter in 8th house in Capricorn.Moreover my moon is in 8th house in d9 as well as d10,so it’s very true that I hold up a lot of emotions and don’t always speak my heart out and yeah I’m a good singer and automatically my eyes get closed while singing.I rely heavily on intuition too.
    Another interesting thing I observed was that I’m able to open up more comfortably with people who have a good jupiter in their chart.

    1. I am a Gemini ascendant, have moon and Jupiter in 8 th house Capricorn. Are you interested in psychology/ mystiscm/ tarot reading? What is your profession?

  9. So true…
    Sun Mercury in Aquarius, Ketu in Libra.
    All three (four, Rahu included) are within 1°
    The thing sir wrote about living at a place where no one knows you is very true. When I am with people I know, relatives especially, I just have to put on an act, pretend to be normal. Someone who is normal, who is also thinking on the same wavelength, their normal wavelength.
    When I go somewhere where I don’t know anyone, people whom I don’t know I could finally be myself.
    And it troubled me a lot, all the pretending. So I made a deal with myself that whenever we meet someone new we won’t pretend, we will behave as I feel.
    It helped me a lot.
    The most important thing in life is to understand yourself, find oneself.

  10. Hello Guruji,
    I have moon in the 8th house in pisces and have difficulty in expressing myself and TRUE I am uncomfortable when I see people around. Still I don’t know how to come out of the situation. Not all times, sometimes out of blue, intuition is strong and I scared of the intuition.

  11. shivani sharma

    My son has rahu and moon conjunction in cancer sign 8th house. mars and ketu conjunct in second house. he is sagitarius asc. a very biolent break up with mother and sister at the age of 16 when mercury mahadasha started. we still cant believe what happened…my only son…its hard for me to sometimes understand. He is away on his own for over 6 years.

  12. Shreya Roushan

    I have ascendant lord sun(uttarabhadra pada 1) and 11th lord mercury(revati pada 1) in the 8th house of my chart in pisces…. now this makes sense why I speak almost in a poetic way else don’t speak at all…..
    I was never able to consider myself on the same page with other people… I seriously don’t behave like the teens around me… they call me the mom of the group( I don’t even have many friends)…
    your insight on this placement would be very enlightening… thank you for this post…

    1. Sir this is so true,
      I am a Virgo ascendant with sun as 12th lord in 8th house. It’s difficult for me to be a normal guy in social gatherings. Though I fail to see that I have any kind of talents mentioned.

      1. sun in 8th house hard to accept social gatherings, me too problems with bosses, father and also with inlaws too. Are you in abroad now or wishing to be settled in abroad?

  13. Kanika Rastogi

    My sun is a 11 lord and aspected by ketu from 1st house. I am working in an IT company but couldn’t fit in there. My thoughts are different from my family. It feels like no one understands me. But when I kind of counsel someone i feel it is not me. One strange thing with me is when I am not able understand something, I learn by teaching someone though I didn’t know earlier about it. Don’t know from where I get that information.

    1. Oendila Debnath

      I have moon and Venus in 8th house sun is 11lord with mercy in 7th house.i can’t express my emotions and also understand people think.i handle myself own painful emotions .It is absolutely true

  14. It’s true in my case sir. Sun+Sa+Me in 11th gemini asc, Rahu in 2nd house. I don’t feel fit among persons I meet, In my head it goes like why the hell they are not able to understand what I can see. Secondly the pain becomes enjoyment like if you say you have this problem, a big smile comes automatically.
    Your content is very good. Please bless with some more knowledge and wisdom. Thank you!

  15. Absolutely sir i can relate that rahu and ketu really are the most misunderstood planets. I’m a Capricorn ascendant i have moon Venus Jupiter rahu in 6th house in descending order of the degree, ketu being in 12th when its dasha began i can’t imagine what i was really at that time but it was the most peaceful time of my life and for the 8th mercury is their alone but combusted and yes whenever i speak something from my heart, whenever i express my self the eyes get closed so that i can feel my emotions without the outer disturbance and then articulate it into words and also i love to write poems and whenever someday asked why i write? i always replied no body can understand me like this no one is there to whom i can really talk cause i have seen people don’t my perspective exactly the way i see so i never explained myself but i gave me the ability to express myself in poems and they are very close to me… thank you for your this article i wish someday i can talk to you ask you some question maybe that’ll come when the time is and also my Saturn is in 5th house naturally Saturn came last all of my knowledge is your blessings thank you sir .

  16. I have moon sat ven in 8 th house taurus.i got to know somewhere these ppl are here to do some past life work and so their emotional attachment is accordingly whatever they hav to complete some wish or correct bad deed

  17. Absolutely
    I have Moon in scorpio in 3rd house with mars.
    I have very prominent moon in the chart.Moon atmakaraka Extremely emotional.I don’t like talking to people,I make images of people in my mind and feel they are not wroth spending time on them.
    Don’t like too many people around me get super uncomfortable. I want friends in my life so trying to pacify energy let’s see how it works

  18. Aishwarya Kamboj

    I have sun , moon , saturn in 8 th house cancer ascendant
    Yes iam off beat but i am a very socially lovable person for being so different from rest of the crowd .

  19. Moon sun Venus Saturn mercury all are connected to rahu ketu and remaining mars sitting in 10-11 chalit 😀 again rahu ji maharaj…..everything is to the point 24*7 trying to behave normal

  20. Namaste Sir. I have 6 planets aspecting my 8th house and I seem to be losing value for things that one cannot carry over to next life.
    About 2 days ago, a brilliant person contacted me and asked for help on their recurrent personal problem. They are not the kind to stop and ask for help. They have Sun Moon Jupiter in 8th gemini. Can confirm all the above – speaks with eyes closed often, tries to find the perfect words and sentences, gets frustrated when they think it isnt coming out right, astute in mapping people, disillusioned about a lot of things though they dont show it externally.
    Since I myself have been thru darkness, I could gently guide them. What you’ve written above, I felt this in my bones yesterday – That universe makes us swim rivers of fire just so that when someone else washes up hurt on the same shores, we are already there to help.
    Fully agree that own pains become fulfilled once they crossover and become medicine and lighthouse beacon for others.

  21. My 8th Lord moon which is conjuct ketu has gone into scorpio navamsa conjunct rahu. Double whammy! During Covid…the isolation and pain transformed me completely. I immersed myself in astrology and spirituality and have not been the same ever since. My family is not fully fond of my transformation and sometimes look at me like I am mad. Of course they don’t say it… Its just my inution 😁

  22. Namrata Rathod

    Dear sir,

    I have Sun and ketu in Taurus sign in 8th house and Leo sign in 11th house no planet. 2nd house Rahu in Scorpio. Sir my moon is in 12th house with Jupiter in Virgo sign. I do feel i can’t get along with people and I feel like alien no one appreciates my ideas even when they them self will use it but won’t give credit. Also I don’t like talking to people as I feel they are just repeating and talking nothing productive. When I don’t join the gang people Target me for no reason 😂 I have been through alot in my life and now when people talk I feel i can see through them and I feel disinterested. I find more solace in my own time. I can 💯 relate to what you said. People being nasty for no reason anyways it doesn’t affect me.

    1. Namrata Rathod

      Yes sir If there is any remedy to balance this disbalance please share or if you feel this is only for our good then fingers crossed. Do write some encouraging words for us 😊 it means a lot

    2. Namrata Rathod

      Yes I’m very good at sketching, singing and like dancing playing flute. So yes this is also correct. Thanks

  23. I have saturn , sun and mercury in 8th house scorpio and moon in 2nd house …. i have never been able to feel settled in my career i changed 8 jobs in 9 years of career and it was not always out of my own will, three times it was due to my boss suddenly either being thrown out of the organisation or leaving. I started studying astrology to find answers about ‘why me’. So i relate to some part of this article, however, i don’t feel i’m able to keep secrets, in fact i tell my friends not to tell me any gossip or secret that they don’t want to be leaked 🙈.
    I have a hyper active brain and mostly thinking about new ideas, theories, future or past and in that aspect i am deep thinker but that maybe because of rahu and retrograde jupiter in 12th house.

    1. moon in 2nd house being aspected by 3 planets from 8th house being scorpio sign of course you are a deep thinker thinking about more the ideas on professions, why am I not able to get fame despite of my hard work,relations with father or bosses, etc etc……anyway I am also one with sun in 8th house taurus sign

  24. Sir
    Capricorn ascendant so sun is 8th lord.
    You are right, I cannot speak my mind but I can write and draft well.
    Moon in 6th with Rahu. Emotions creating havoc.
    Am curious how my ketu MD will go. Natal ketu in purvashada and in Leo navamsa (64th navamsa, though)
    Deep Regards

  25. Totally relatable 8 th hose sunand ketu, 2 nd house rahu and. 11 th house moon for cap asc, i can feel the article and the person who has it. They are different in their approach for life, secluded, highly intuitive.

  26. Om namah shivay.
    Very true sir. My sun in 11th house in Taurus trine with saturn in 7th. I keep saying these words to my mother ” Maa mujhe life me interest hi nahi aa raha” 😂 the point where you mentioned luminaries in life make you disinterested is bang on in my chart. Secondly, I am odd, everybody around me feels it, I feel it too. Probably because of the same reason I am guessing. Anycase Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and helping people. May Lord shiva bless you and your family richly.
    Om namah Shivay

  27. Yes sir, I have moon in scorpio in 11th and Sun in 8th. People easily tell all their secrets and i keep storing emotions. I cant express what is there inside. I feel sometimes it is a blessing but not sure how to handle this disbalance.

  28. Pranam sir, first of all thank you for the guidance, as per my case sun is in 11th house in taurus, I feel myself as outsider in my family as I too much involve in as they say in puja path bit I think they don’t believe in the magic of God second I feel myself outsider in society as I have different point of view for certain things.

  29. I have 8th house everything. I know things and am happy to be not sharing it all with everyone around. I am at peace, there is no conflict about not sharing. I only want that people who matter should know…that’s it. Just like Mitra would like Varuna to know…..and vice versa. Extremely comfortable with my 8th house energies….since Luminaries are there…they are happy in that secret place knowing stuff….no need to show anything to anyone..

  30. Thanks Sir for sharing your knowledge! 8 house Libra moon, have been struggling all my life to fit into a normal corporate career but because of financial responsibilities I have accepted and am fine with it now. I am a healer and that’s the calling of my soul and existence – it just flows naturally.

  31. Deepanshu Giri sir FEEDBACK
    I have moon 🌙 in 8th house in Aries in bharani(2) (7th&9th is vacant)
    its is the lord of 11th
    Born in venus MD in 12th house then sun MD in 1st
    Then moon MD from 09-19

    Experienced worst time from 2015-2019, ashtam dhaiya co incides
    Multiple failures in exams, No earnings, heart breaks,
    Sudden pain in chest, experienced depression,
    Emotional and sentimental pressure, weak from heart
    Alot of close people left,
    Tears and lot more and automatically learned astrology
    Meditation and jyotish and shiv ji helped me

    Now, Mars MD, now far away from india, far from mother but v closed from heart and

    Intensity of pain is less but still there (even if its mars MD)
    Any word of wisdom for me sir

  32. So true. Pisces ascendant. I have close conjunct sun and ketu in 2nd house (ashwini). Moon in Aquarius in 12th house with Saturn. I live in dream worlds 🙂 talking to people is like torture because they are unable to understand me. I don’t think the way they do. Phoebe is my favorite character. I can so relate to her. I have a weird self pride. Emotionally so unbalanced. I can be sad and happy in my own world. I feel like I can read peoples mind. 🙂 all you said are very true

  33. I always feel like the protagonist of the stories you tell . But this one was completely bang on !
    I have moon in the 8th house Leo .
    I try to be very normal in social situations , but the slight grudge / judging / warning bell about people also stays 🙂 .

  34. Harshada Nandrekar

    Moon in 8th house in cancer. In d9 as well, always feel isolated/seperated/alienated from the world even in room full of people. In fact like to converse one on one with anyone. People don’t get to hear my voice that easily 🤣, not interested in talking much because it leads to nothing, It’s like already pata hai samnewala nahi samajh payega and most importantly for others to understand words me express karna is vital and it’s just not my thing. Words don’t do justice to the depth of my emotions. So, sometimes I express myself through poetry.

  35. I hv moon with ketu in 8th in capricorn. From my childhood I was very shy. In rahu Md and moon AD I started suffering from anxiety, phobia, low confidence, ocd. Yes I hv deep interest in astrology. Yes I am secret keeper. Less interested in talking.

  36. Dear Sir,
    It’s an outstanding article !! Gratitude for these great insights . Most of these predictions are true in our case. My son has moon, & sun in 8th house,Taurus sign and I have moon in11th house , in Leo sign. However, we are connected with everyone in our extended family, relatives , teachers and friends in-spite of living in abroad for almost 17 years. At the same time sometimes, I feel everyone in our family living in their own world.

    I confirm that my son is not much expressive. He has talents in Music and painting. And I express my feelings of respect , and love through gifts instead of words. I used to close my eyes to get clear pic of something, while doing maths , and sometimes I used to write in air. Intuition works well for my son and for me. Also, can read others well , and also their intentions.

    I am positive about this following sentence also “Any thing which has no value after death will not suits you “. This sentence resonates with my thought process. It’s100% true in my case !
    I got realized at the early age of 10 years, the naked truth of the life that family’s bondages and relationships get diluted as time passes away and the native will be all alone in the end of the life . So what’s the use of wasting time for all of these temporary stuff. Instead focus on some goal / service which will be there for ever and useful to mankind. However, in the life journey the destiny made me realized that one has to go through all sort of life experiences in the early or later part of the life to pay their karmic debts. And one has to make mindful decisions, and follow dharma to get some positive outcome from their experiences.

    Thanks a ton !! For showing positive insights with your blogs and videos .

  37. Yes everything true i have 8th lord moon in 11th with ketu..nobody likes me.i dont fit in society.i live in my own world.very spiritual. I like to talk with birds and plants rather than humans . I believe in universal energy.

  38. I am not certain the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or working out more. Thanks for great information I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

  39. I have sun,moon ,Venus in the 2nd house aspecting the 8th house.Iam also having this secret tendencies.Iam interested in occult sciences.Iam not interested in talking to family members and relatives ,suffered a lot due to them.So stopped emotional attachments.Not interested in anybody’s life.My lagna is Aquarius .I do have detached tendencies.Lagna has Saturn,mars and mercury.I think both have their own part in giving me this nature.8th house lord influence is there on my lagna also.So those planets effect made me interested in spirituality.Learning many things from your article sir.Thank you

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