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Whenever we buy new car or house the first thing we do is ask Pandit ji to bless us and as the work of true Jupiter is, It always blesses us to grow bigger and better. You see Jupiter has a habit to bless everyone as it feels happy when anyone grows while Saturn is opposite, Saturn is limitation and whomever Saturn aspects- Saturn brings limitations.

Saturn when transit in Aquarius will aspect Aries, Leo and Scorpio and will bring out significations of these signs by pointing out mistakes and limitations in it, So if you are experiencing any trouble after Saturn Transit this is due to the fact that there must be planets placed in sight of Saturn.

The best remedies to get relief from sight of Saturn are based on which aspect of Saturn is troubling you as there are three aspects-

In this article – I am focusing only on Third aspect.

Whenever Saturn troubles with third aspect the best remedy is to offer oil to Saturn as well as go for regular oil bath and massage, Make sure you are not keeping your body dry as third aspect is of hard work and when Saturn expects you hard work it is moreover like a machine and what keeps any machine running is oil.

Let us suppose Saturn is aspecting Sun from 3rd aspect this means during this period you will have to mentally exhaust yourself so make sure you are applying proper oil to head as well as consuming dry fruits which has Vitamin D in it. Dry fruits are the significators of Saturn and Vitamin D is for Sun which controls hippocampal neurons as well as cortical neurons which is for perception, awareness and growth of brain.

You must have observed since the transit in Aquarius has happened, you will feel pressure, headache and problems in vision, but all this is what is a result of Saturn’s headache.

Similarly you can choose the similar for other planets from the list given below.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on

Venus- Walnut, Raisins, Dried Figs and focus on making money by creating a second income will be the focus, this is one of the time periods which will test lot of relations and some of the relations might not survive the test of Saturn, This transit also bring a balance in married life by couple continuously working on relationship issues. expectations from each other gets more practical.

Mars- Jaggery and groundnut oil for health and this is the time period when you will work actively towards health, personality and focus on making groups and friends.

Moon- Coconut oil to be applied to body, Watermelon, musk melon seeds and Juice and this is the time period where you will work to sort out inner emotions related to the house where Moon is placed such as Moon in Aries in 7th house- so whatever deep emotions you might had for your partner will not come out, Be careful as this combination might force you to say some negative things regarding the physical appearance of the partner.

Jupiter- Dried Banana, apricot, Desi ghee massage on head, cleaning temple as well as the Spiritual questions will start getting answers as Saturn will force you work on Jupiter now, which is about happiness, this is the Time period when you will ask yourself- What i can do to be happy? and if you will give enough time to yourself in alone, you will find a way out- This is going to be one of the best time periods for you to self-analyze yourself.

Mercury- Dried gooseberry and apply oil of Jasmine flowers on body, this is the time period when you will find best version of you in writing things, as instead of saying things to anyone else, you will start writing and expressing things for yourself, this is the time period to take a break from social circle and work on your hobbies and skills in isolation.

Rahu- Sandalwood oil and consuming fried items as this is the time period when body requires more of oily things and multigrain wheat, this is the time period when you have to change your flour otherwise health issues will start to crop up, As when Saturn asks Rahu to work hard, it is to give clear message to focus on essential things.

Ketu- Ashwaganda oil and consuming rooted foods such as Ginger, garlic, Onion which have strong pungent taste and smell, one of the remedies of pacifying malefic effects of Ketu is to hold one of these items in hand and recite a Devi path and then bury these items in ground.

6 thoughts on “Sight of Saturn”

  1. Namaste Sir, this post had me tearing up. I have Aries Ketu which gives me debilitating migraines from past 20yrs. To my horror, after the Saturn transit to Aqua, I could clearly see that every possible relative /living being from this house signification, also has a bad health sector. I have been trying hard to heal this house, and heal every single living being coming out of this house. Going to try this. Thank you so much for your blessings.

  2. Sir what about transit saturns 3rd aspect on natal saturn. As transit saturn will be 11th to natal saturn it is good time for career but what challenges can be seen and what remedies should be done

  3. Hello sir,I have moon in Aries 7th house.after the Saturn transit, I have difference of opinion with my husband and top of that I am vocal about it. That’s creat a distance. What to do ?

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