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I am writing this article for every one of you who is suffering from cancer or related diseases, As recently I saw an upsurge in these questions on our Facebook forum. I can understand the pain patient and their loved ones go through while dealing with these diseases. Cancer happens as an uncontrolled growth of cells changes DNA of the system and this causes mutation within our body but as an astrologer, my main focus is not on how – Focus is why it is happening? Our body continuously produced new cells and discard the old cells as dead ones, this is a normal process of a body but dead cells will remain in the body until and unless the body consumes them and if for some reason you are not able to consume these dead cells in a particular amount of time, Soon again a layer of another dead cell will be on these cells and then another layer until and unless one day a mutation happens in the body part and these dead cells gets active in form of tumor, So a bottom line is that dead cells should be consumed regularly by the body. Everyone’s body has these Dead cells but all of us do not get cancer another part that medical science ignores is that by accumulating so much negative energy in these cells we were able to trigger a cycle of cancer and the fastest and easiest way to discharge this energy is by creating a path of least resistance for this negative energy. A human body has a resistance of 100 ohms to 10K ohms and you will see this value will increase and decrease any given day depending on your body water level, emotional state, and happiness as well, Your body needs the input of energy and discharge of energy and moreover, every human discharges negative energy via body fluids but to discharge anything from your body whether it is energy, food or emotions your body NEED TO PROCESS IT FIRST- Remember this golden line in your life as I understood it after a long time and after a lot of self-introspection. There are so many unresolved emotions in a human’s life and instead of solving we keep it on our side just like we keep on few clothes in our almirah “Will wear when I will lose weight or I will wear it when there are no humans on earth.” type one’s clothes and we keep on collecting these emotions with us all the time which are unresolved as we don’t want to deal with them at all and as a result soon enough these emotions do find a sweet spot in our body and later on which results in cancer or blockages of various types. One of the easiest ways is to drain this negative emotional energy via earth and this is like a mechanical overhauling of energy, I had suggested this in past to several people, Please go ahead advise the same to anyone who is suffering from PCOD, PCOS, Cancer issues, Diabetic, Kidney issues, any issues where damage is from inside, Always remember this principle that any problem which has started from inside will be cured from inside only. Since the body is unable to process these emotions, you should start with creating the least resistance path for negative energy by the various process- I am explaining one of the simple rituals and what these rituals do is that these rituals produce a stimulating effect on the brain which in turn send healing hormones for various repairs in the body. Relaxing is as important as eating food so your brain can release these healing hormones if you are suffering at present from any diseases which is life long like diabetic, You need to give yourself a second chance as the objective of Diabetic company and doctor is not to heal you but to keep you alive enough so you can keep on buying medicines. It is you only who can heal yourself by changing lifestyle- So include one activity in your life which when you are doing, you forget everything about the world, It can be singing, Gardening, Praying, Meditation as all these activities are a form of meditation where you forget everything and this is your creativity. This ritual is taken from my upcoming book on Rituals of Universe- Some paras which were not relevant to the subject have been omitted. ” Earth Energy- Earth is a conductor of energy and students of engineering know that we do use earth as a return line in DC systems – It means the earth has the capability to provide us energy from various realms and earthy energy is required to live a prosperous life on this earth. You must have seen in movies that doctors use to give electrical shocks to mental patients, All they were doing was that by providing a sudden burst of energy wherever the resistance is in the body gets the path to flow of energy. To release negative energy via earth – the process is to apply Multani Mitti which is easily available in market 15 mins before bath on the whole body and take shower from cold water, this gives a sudden boost to earth energy but moreover this process can be done specifically for people who are suffering from various sorts of ailments- applying mud on feet and letting it dry over a period of time starts absorbing toxins of dead cells from the body and after washing applying oil in feet creates a fresh path of energy flow in the body. Women wear silver anklets on their toes and the reason being is that sometimes we have so much heavy resistance to letting go of emotions and the same emotional damage comes out in form of various ailments and in women, their capability to absorb emotions are very high as compared to male so for women it is necessary that they continuously let the negative emotions go from the body via earth and by wearing silver anklets or silver rings in toes help energy getting ground. Washing your feet in salt water will also create the same effect of taking the negative energy out from the body but also what else is important with this process is that you should walk at least for 10 mins during morning barefoot on grass as this is a direct connection between you and earth and natives who want to try another level should try this on sea beach by digging a pit for feet in the earth. There is a map of feet where you can see all organs are represented in feet themselves as these are endpoints of different circuits which are available in both hands and legs and when you give energy to these endpoints all the circuits are revived. One of the most effective ways of prevention is fasting once a week, Even when you get detected by cancer still start by changing diet and changing food habits to less sugar and glucose and if you are in perfect health as well then also start fasting at least once a week. What happens when we fast? Consider your stomach as a big powerhouse and all these dead cells as extra load in the circuit – the day you give rest to your stomach by eating light that day stomach will take all the extra energy from these dead cells by consuming it. By fasting, you can see your head gets lighter as the energy from the stomach to the head can travel easily in the body. When there is too much energy consumption in one part of the body or resistance in one part where your stomach is not able to push its energy then it can result in diseases and by fasting what we are doing is making that resistance being consumed by the body itself and this process. Try with these two simple remedies first and you can see results in the first 2-3 days only as when negative goes out suddenly immune system starts to take over as this energy from coming from you from inside only.

15 thoughts on “Cancer & Chemo”

  1. Sandhya Srivastava

    It’s amazing wonderful achieve good physical and mental health , sure we will implement all points in our daily routine. Thank you sir for this great great message to us .

  2. Very interesting article . I am a medical professional and incorporate the nature care techniques similar to what you have mentioned. It is definitely helpful to expedite the healing process. Many thanks for this article ?

  3. Chandana Bhattacharyya

    Thank you sir for wonderful easy lifestyle change remedy….these days we are cutting out from nature and our lifestyle changed a lot….to live a healthy peaceful life we got to connect to nature??

  4. Very simple default things which carry so much healing potential but no one in this modern world has time to stop & pay attention … i have been thinking of applying multani mitti as this was also a remedy suggested by nazoomji in the lal kitab session for detoxification…now will definitely do it…

  5. Punam Chhibber

    Wonderful and true as always. Many years back when I had gone through the process of disease and treatment, I incessantly knitted mufflers for others and painted and did yoga and i used to sit holding copper wire which was grounded in earth.

  6. Amazing Article Sir, thank you so much. Whoever reads this, definitely will bring awareness in their life. Lots of positivity is filled in this article.

  7. Thank you so much for this article. it’s going to be very helpful for many, as in this fast life we are ignoring our health and mental peace. For healthy life style it is going to be very effective..?lots of gratitude..

  8. Sir, ??believing and anticipating in your thoughts and teachings certainly become my principle.
    How do I get attracted to follow your teachings?

  9. In preface of BPHS it is said everything in universe have a percentage of GOD.
    only human being is one whom god has graced to increase this percentage by participating for wel being of humanity & to reach a level of god. Examples are various avtar of god as hindu mythology teaches us.
    So DEEPANSHU ji is increasing this % day by day by persuing all people to do good deeds.
    God bless him .

  10. Shubhashish M

    Excellent healing methods, so nicely explained for all age groups, learning in small bursts through your blogs, is a way of healing us as well, love and respect as always. Blessed are those who came to read these articles. Spreading these messages will be so good as well. Life is running, this spring, I have started stopping to look at flowering trees and click a picture, it feels like that tree is spreading its joy to us. Everyone should listen to bird and stop to listen to nature(flowing water, blossoming flower, rising sun, freshly tilled farms). Once again, Jai shri Ram, Jai Hanuman

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