Yantras – A Lost Science

Astrologers recommend various forms of remedies for the planets; It includes gemstones, prayers, and donations. Still, very few recommend yantras, but over a period of time, I have seen Yantras as one of the effective measures to change the energy around you as when you are colouring yantras, what is happening is your brain is continuously drawing a pattern to solve a complex problem of your life by accessing the specific area of the brain which relates to the energy of Yantra. Genius people have their brains divided into mini portions resulting in the denser structure of the brain; It is like making a coloum for every small detail and information and dividing any complex problem into small portions; this happens over a period of time like for someone being chess master has developed frontal cortex by continuously practising the skill as every day when you access a particular area of the brain to solve issues, you will have a better understanding about handling the issue, It is like driving a car, the first day you will struggle by continuously paying attention to every movement and later on you can do the same easily and effectively Like London cab drivers have developed brain in terms of memorising all the routes of the city.

Imagine you have extremely challenging Venus in your chart, or you are struggling due to profession, and this is because you are unable to think like normal people when situations related to relationships happen in your chart; you have not accessed and practised that part of the brain effectively or moreover that part of the brain is not aligned properly to reach a decisive logical conclusion. Remember what I taught you, Brain is in the form of small boxes, and genius people have extremely small boxes, and this has happened over a period of time; you will see genius people have one very good quality- “They do things which they are good at.” Warren Buffet has a niche for picking up stocks, and this is all he does in his office as this is his core area the reason why he was able to do this easily as starting from a young age, he learned this from his father and by the time he started working, this was easy for him as his brain has now made extremely small boxes to differentiate good from bad and make wiser decisions.

When you have any bad combination, First of all, it is going to affect your perception of the situation. Secondly, you will not be able to gauge the situation, and your decision will be wrong. All this happens is as your brain is misaligned related to that particular area of life, such as the Pariental Lobe part of the brain is divided into four major parts which, along with processing the sensory inputs and understanding of the subject but people who are spiritually awakening, start losing control of this area due to extra Kapha element in the body and these natives live in their own idealistic world without understanding the reality.

This part is moreover active in people who have prominent Ketu; these are extremely creative people and have their own dream world and eventually not processing as effectively as they should, creating a blockage in understanding the information which is being perceived by the frontal cortex. What Yantras do when you draw a specific yantra, It is a complex geometrical figure which requires your complete attention, and while drawing it, Colouring it, you are actually developing certain areas of your brain which are not fully developed related to a particular planet, In astrological language, it is called as an affliction to a planet.

If you wish to see the effects of yantras on your body, the best way is to try it yourself; take a piece of paper and draw a square with one of the lines extending in any one direction, every time you will see this imperfect square there will be an urge to complete it and make it right, Try looking at this slidesho. The missing W above in the slideshow and any imperfect images caused irritation as they are unsymmetrical; this is something similar that happens within us when planets go in an afflicted state; imagine what happens when you look at a geometrical pattern which is extremely synchronised and drawn by you, you are developing your brain portion slowly by drawing specific patterns over and over again.

If you read different classical books of astrology, there has been very little mentioned about Yantras as Yantras are not part of Jyotish, but you will find descriptions of Yantras in Vastu, and Bahairav Tantra, as what we draw on paper are like a blueprint, Then the small yantra is like a 3d model, and finally, all the big buildings, temples, marriage halls and finally the city was designed based on a symmetrical geometry creating a big yantra.

All Indian temples are based on certain yantras, which has created an effect of purification in the surrounding; I want every one of you to practice level of yantras by drawing small shapes in certain muhurta and placing it in certain directions until and unless you will not experience to play with the energy of this universe, I will never be able to teach the deeper meaning of yantras to you, Only when you can see the effect of the yantra on level-1 then only I can teach level -2 of yantras. So start by drawing a simple circle in every morning and start place in different zones of the house starting from the east -what you are doing is activating Moon in different zones, and you should get a positive and negative result based on which zone you are placing this picture, Then to confirm it- repeat the process. Do this simple experiment with squares, rectangles, and triangles and then start by colouring them. Give me feedback once you complete this and we will learn how to make specialised yantras.

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  2. Dr.Rekha sharma

    It’s amazing to see videos and read magzine. for those people who have start from zero like me

  3. Wow! Guruji. What a masterpiece. Easy to understand. Will try and update you.

    May god bless you 🙏

  4. Malathi Varala

    Wow! Guruji. What a masterpiece remedies. Easy to understand. Will try to read and make one yantra.

    May god bless you 🙏

  5. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

  6. Abhay Maity

    Want to learn yantra science under your guidance and influence.
    Help me get my goal for becoming a pilot anyhow plz.
    Not having funds for it.
    Dob. 7/9/2001 @ 01:37AM

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