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Jupiter Rahu – Unmatched knowledge

Jupiter Rahu is termed as Chandal yog in astrology, and in one glance, it also looks as well but think about a planet like Jupiter, which is so massive that its gravitational force is capable of protecting the earth from various troubles, then how come planet like Jupiter be quickly afflicted by a shadow planet.   jupiter and rahu We will go into this detail and look for all misconceptions related to this particular yog; as even one has got this combination, it is considered dreadful and loose morals and without any dharma, but the truth is far away from what has been mentioned here, The classical books of astrology are written in such manner that it always represents the worst-case or best-case scenarios in all yogas nothing in between and as in this life everything has two sides one good and another bad, Similar is the case with yogas, Only thing is when we tend to look on the positive aspect of anything in life, We tend to understand that it has happened for our betterment only as we required that energy progress in life. astrology blog on jupiter and rahu This particular Yog, as I mentioned earlier as well, will not be effective in all houses as every yog works on a specific frequency and area, and until and unless any combination does not get their favorable areas, these yogas never give their full effects, Maharishi Parashar hinted this in a small line in BPHS, I have also taught the same in Yogini dasa course while discussing the timing of Vimshottari dasa using a degree of planets. Rahu and Ketu are axes of the Moon, which Means these are two endpoints on either side from which you can determine the north and south, but in actuality, Rahu and Ketu are like gateways to enter the earth and exit the world and being on the upper end (Ketu-10th house) and lower end (Rahu-4th house), These are shadow planets as all they are the X factor of any chart, Like from colours to music everywhere you will find – seven are prominent as seven represents a number of planets in-universe and each colour and rhythm of music is defined by each earth, but still there is something which is unique, everyone uses these 7 things in life but what makes a person very special and blessed in life is Rahu and Ketu. love, astrology There are few things in life that we carry from a past life, and these things, whether its money, singing capability, music, painting, cooking, anything extraordinary that anyone has achieved on this earth has not been capable of without the blessings of Rahu and Ketu. If lords of the house in which Ra/Ke are sitting are on 6/8 position, the native has to struggle badly in all schemes of life, and life becomes a roller coaster as these two planets are called Karmic control planets; when an exalted planet sits with Rahu or Ketu its power gets increased 16 times, and this shows the person is carrying a lot of karma from a past life, Rahu shows materialistic gains while Ketu shows non-materialistic capabilities such as healing, singing, cooking skills which are extraordinary, As all these things are carried over from past lives. READ- KARMIC CONTROL PLANETS BY MC JAIN- Similarly, when it happens in the 9th house or 4th house, the Jupiter Rahu combination becomes a blessing for natives, which in the 1st house it creates a havoc in married life. Look for this combination in the 11th house and 1st house, and you will realize their married life is nothing less than a Curse, like Jupiter, even when placed alone in the 11th house, gives a spouse who comes only to waste money and embarrassments. Please refer to the lecture in the happiness series for details. Jupiter is wisdom, and when placed with Rahu, the native is capable of receiving knowledge from sources that no one has ever imagined; imagine a person who has the capability to read between the lines and interpret things that no one has ever done before as now Jupiter is capable of decoding the things which are out of visible spectrum, and when it happens in 9th house, Native’s Dharma is beyond of what is written in books as books are the only way to give a person wisdom but what anyone can interpret from a single word depends on person wisdom so whenever a person with Jupiter Rahu goes through any religion, the native will not follow the usual path but apply his wisdom to unearth the secret of dharma, which are not visible to naked eyes. Jupiter Rahu combinations create severe family atmosphere issues that native has to leave the house, city, Whichever house this particular combination might be happening native never gets peace in his life for that house for sure but if one can follow the traditional remedies of this combination such as offering sandal paste to snake in tripushakar muhurta along with other things mentioned in lecture 4- Click here for a complete remedy lecture. Then how does this curse get manifested – Imagine a person with a great amount of knowledge and wisdom, Something which he can see, but the work of the Guru is to pass on this wisdom to common people, and imagine the frustration of a teacher who has all the concepts but no student to understand his teachings, as imagine someone speaking in infrasonics and no one is able to grasp what this person wanted to convey and been ridiculed by everyone for not clearly explaining the concepts, Sometimes when we don’t understand something, we either laugh on it or ridiculed it as our brain is limited by a spectrum of seven planets, but when someone’s spectrum of life work over or under this frequency and affects their personality that person we say has gone mad as now he is not following the rules laid by seven sages, You need to understand that this person has still a direct connection to the outer world and only delivers the knowledge which is coming from a source which no one else has access to; if a Devguru Brihaspati has to deliver the knowledge through a person on this earth, He requires a medium and only Rahu and Ketu are the mediums which establish the connection to the outer world, that is why the knowledge of this person is not bookish and delivers what no one else has ever read or seen anywhere, these people are often called as mediums on earth. Look for healers. You will find a true healer will have a powerful connection to Moon with Rahu or Ketu to heal people as now the moon is delivering through a person with a direct connection; most of these people are ridiculed while living with other people as very few are able to understand them only once they are gone, these people get recognized for their teachings and contributions in work. Jupiter is the most significant planet, and when these people will speak, It will require you to listen to them again and again, and every time you will hear them, you will find new meanings in the same teaching as their energy is directly coming from the sky, Look for people with strong connections to Rahu and Ketu to the ascendant lord and sitting in special houses and you will find how easily these people give a calming effect to solve your troubles, Do not read Jyotish books and apply dictums dogmatically, You need to understand each word written in these books to make sure you get the meaning. No particular combination is completely bad or good; It always depends on a particular house how any yog will get manifested in life. To learn more in detail please go through our HAPPINESS SERIES i.e., Predictive Astrology Course Part – 2.  
Predictive Astrology Course-Part- 2 [English + Hindi]


  1. Monisha Upadhyay Upadhyay

    Sun , Jupiter, Rahu in 5 house , Sagittarius in my husband’s chart. What ever is written is absolutely true. Sometimes I call my husband Alien. It is a blessing and curse.

  2. Kritika

    This is the first time I have got something good about this combination. Otherwise what I always heared is very bad. Thank you sir for giving us knowledge to understand these deep concepts .

  3. Prasad Rahane

    Your every word is true. I have this combination in 4th house in pieces, urenus in lagna and aatmakarak Saturn in 12th house Scorpio. My every night is a journey through universe. I feel like MEDIUM every single second of my life.
    Pranam – the choosen one

  4. Gitanjali Saikia

    I don’t know if jupiter, mars and rahu in the 9th house of saggi lagna give rise to chandal yog….but whatever has been analyzed is true to the dot in my case.
    There has been a handful of astrologers who have even said that my bed ridden child is also such because of the same dosha. And also that jupiter is weak because of rahu.

  5. Saanvi Shettigar

    This blog is so well narrated. It’s not just one sided approach but includes a holistic point of view. Thank you so much for bringing this information to the light!

  6. Smita

    Thanks Sir for the compassion you show for these combinations.
    Usually, when someone sees such combinations in chart – they say Manglik or Guru Chandal yog etc and immediately person gets labelled and judged. And as you say it’s about utilizing these energies in right manner which I’m able to do only after attending your courses.
    I have 9th house Rahu and Jupiter and Rahu have common dispositor. I’m getting almost all these results. Head is always in some clouds which I don’t understand and cannot explain. In addition, OCD that I should not get misunderstood by any Guru/wiseman, I go into anxiety mode with this aspect. Get scolded/shouted at in temples or by pandits/Gurus, even after ensuring protocols and conduct codes. It has happened many times that I innocently end up offending and I get bewildered what I did wrong. I’m trying hard to engage these energies in a positive manner.
    Thanks for this write up.

  7. Sneha Pandit

    I have Rahu in 11th house and ketu in 5th house. I’m Aries ascendant. Lord of 11th house and 5th house are 6-8 to each other. Saturn in 9th and sun in 2nd house. I have gone struggles in all schemes of life. Till my 18th age my life was smooth. But once I completed my 18th age my life became hell. I had tuberculosis due to which I have to drop out my college for 3 years. Severe depression due to my health issue and college drop. I completed my engineering in 7 years. I did MBA. I got job, due to conspiracies I was asked to resign. I got married 2 years back. I gave divorce to my husband due to his cheating nature as he hide his gender orientation. He was not male completely. I have gone through domestic vilence by in-laws. They tried to kill me thrice as they are afraid that their son’s reality would come out in society through me. I escaped somehow. Now I’m 34. My divorce got completed just now. I gave my final statement in front of judge in typhoid. I’m going through depression. Now I’m going through society judgement, taunts of have bad fate.
    So in my case rahu-ketu house lords 6-8 to each other stands true.

    1. Neha Mathur

      Even I have Moon +Rahu in 11th House ,Ketu in 5th House ,Sun Zero Degrees with Budh and Shukra, Saturn in 7th House with Uranus making it a Cursed Birth Chart with Rahu combined effect (Shrapit Yog) ,Jupiter in 10th House ,Mars in 9th House, Neptune in 8th house(Taurus Ascendant) and Pisces Moon Sign (Nakshatra Revati) .Post 18 years even my life changed 360 ° had lots of Ups and Downs ….since then in Finances,Health ,Relationships..seen Harsh Side of Reality …But still one has to Rise…from the Negative Patterns with Unshakeable Faith on the Amighty !! GOD BLESS U ,Sneha …

      Hope you have a gr8 life ahead!!

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