Yog To Find Shiv in Chart

As the Mahashivrati ritual is going on and I can see many people sending their feedback on the FB group- The night has its own cosmic energy which is making the magic happen for anyone who is doing the ritual.

As I was working on relationships for the upcoming Karma and relationships course which is starting next Friday, I was very curious that we all have a relationship with God and every one of us has a different relationship with him and I should look for yogas which are for a relationship with God and I knew that this particular yog, I will not be able to find in any ordinary book, So I turned to the manuscripts of talagang peeth. These are the manuscripts sent by Pir Sahab of Lahore as talagang was the shrine of Shiva devotees in the pre-partition era and all the stories which I have heard till now were of several magical experiences of that place.

In one of the Manuscripts- there are combinations written about the deities and god and one of those combinations is about lord Shiv and which translates to –  Who will meet Shiva?
The answer comes from Guru- When 3rd lord is powerful and associated with 9th lord in a good house native is able to follow principles, is capable to do Vidhis and Sadhna and be able to experience Shiv in his life.

My question is why only 3rd house is so important to meet Shiv- why not any other house such as 11th house which is for Rudra but if you see Shiva is responsible for destruction which is 3rd house as it contains the vibration of 8th house, Also this house being opposite of 9th house of Vishnu or the one who protects and Shiva is the one who brings the end of life.

Like the remedy of Mahashivratri which everyone is performing comes from this text-only with the muhurta and other variations as per different chart combinations but to make it simple, We gave out the part which everyone can perform.

This looks simple right but before you go ahead and say this is going to work on every chart, Here are a few things you should look for such as 3rd and 9th lord should be powerful, Place in good houses and most importantly 4th house or Lord should be damaged as saints don’t have good 4th house.

We will look into charts of 3 saints

Above is the chart of great sain Raman Maharishi and you will see 9th lord is with natural 3rd lord Mercury in the 3rd house. He had a near-death experience which forced him into spirituality – Secondly, the temple where he was regularly visiting was the Meenakshi temple (Venus Temple of Devi- Mercury) – A temple of Devi and living in absolute isolation to get into sadhana – See the effect of Scorpio when he reached a temple for sanyas – he threw all the money he had into water tank so he will not be able to go back and now completely dependent on the mercy of God. the leap of faith he took to achieve the sadhna was all Mercury-Venus in Sign of Scorpio.

Sadhak of Shiv– Below is the chart of the Sadhak of Shiv – who was also head of the shrine and not only did great sadhana of Shiv but also taught several of his disciples about secrets of Shaivism. His 3rd lord is in the 9th house and the 9th lord is exalted in the 5th house, Giving him the opportunity to follow the blessing of Lord Shiv.

Look for Chart of Ramkrishna Paramhansa- 3rd lord is exalted in 12th house and 12th lord again exalted in 9th – The circuit is formed of 2 exalted planets and whom he was praying? Saturn aspecting 3rd house- MAA KALI – his devotion you can see from planets aspecting 3rd house.

If 3rd is for Shiva or Gods who are responsible for destruction then we should also look for combinations of Bramha and Vishnu as well as everyone will not be attracted towards Shiva only.

For lord Vishnu- It is your 5th and 9th lords going in the 3rd or 11th house.
It is your 5th house and lord when goes in a good position and house and circuit of 5th house which shows if you are going to meet Vishnu, If 5th house and lord goes in 11th then its lord Vishnu and 1/7 axis for Brahma when they exchange places as 1/7 is the place for creation that is why 7th house was called for creation.

I am sure all of you have charts of devotees and some of you had experiences of meeting the deities, If you can post the chart and experiences in the comment section and rate this article over here.

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52 thoughts on “Yog To Find Shiv in Chart”

  1. Poonam Singh

    Deepanshu sir a highly informative article ?. ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ???… whenever I recite this I have goosebumps & I become emotional…
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  2. ?sir
    3rd house is guru upadesha and 9th house is guru and also lord Shiva is ultimate Guru.

  3. Ruchi Agarwal

    I have 5th and 7th lord in my 3rd house.
    (Cancer ascendant).
    I always felt a certain kind of connection with Shivji since my childhood.
    It is my common experience of seeing snakes in dreams which somehow warns me of the upcoming event.
    Since my childhood, I have changed three houses, n all were near Shivji’s temple.
    Thanks Sir for sharing such informative articles. Blessed to be part of this group.

  4. Namaskaar Sir,
    Can we say to attain guru tattva (nav nath, dattatreya) 9th house Lord and 5th house Lord of mantra, devotion should either sit in 3rd house or 9th house. Jupiter or let’s say Rahu aspecting this conjunction would lead to love towards Dattatreya.. I have seen many ppl in my family who were devotees of gurudev datta.. Would love to have your video on this????
    Thank you Sir, I am in 12th rn but i would definately learn astrology from you..

  5. Out of three horoscopes, jupiter, saturn, mercury are retrograde in 1, 5, 9 houses. Interestingly i also have this combination in my chart. Got knows what happens next.

  6. Mars in 8th house is also interesting. I also have mars in 8th house. Jupiter in 1st saturn in 5th mercury in 9th.all three planets retrograde and mars in 8th house

  7. Sir I have a query does this yoga applicable if ninth lord is sitting in nakshatra ruled by third lord

  8. for me shiv is something which i can’t describe in words its a feeling which i can’t express, don’t know what it is love/bhakti bt its beautiful bond…(Saggi Asc, 3rd lord Sat in Lagna in Moola – and its stationery…3rd co-lord rahu itself in 3rd house…9th Sun+Ketu…4th nd Asc lord in 6th House)

  9. I am a scorpio native my moon is in 3rd house and Saturn is in 4th . I am very much attracted towards lord Shiva.

  10. I once saw the dream of lord Ram. It might sound funny..but in the dream i was the wife of lord Ram and he was sitting on some stool and mud type Hut like old age…i was pressing his legs just like in photos…and he asked me for water…and as I was heading to give him some water…he followed me and stand there till I pour the water for him..he took and drank it…and he was wearing orange clothes..like dhoti style and a cloth thorough neck…also there was some light surrounding him..like he was glowing..and there a bright chakra behind his head revolving.

  11. Kartikey Aggarwal

    I am have found some combinations which you’ve mentioned above in commenter’s own chart.
    Saturn in 4th House (Pisces), 5th Lord Mars in 11th House, Natural 3rd Lord Mercury in 9th house with 9th Lord Sun along with Rahu.
    Both Shiva and Vishnu are one to the commenter but the attraction to Vishnu is more.

    I have one query: If 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th house lords are in 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th House respectively. Then, it is making a pattern. How to understand it? If any Charts are there with this typr of pattern, please share.

  12. Urvashi Verma

    So true and insightful?? Taurus asc with Moon in Pushya and Saturn in Sharavana. 4th house has 8th lord Jupiter (R) in Magha. Have multiple divine experiences. And feel constantly blessed and guided by Siva through thick and thins. Eternally grateful ?

  13. Radhakrishnan

    Wonderful statement. I would like to find mine as well please. My date of birth is: 25/12/1963, 4.12pm, Wednesday, Chennai, India. Kindly advice and clarity asap. I am doing Maha Shivarathri for 21 days as stated by yourself Deepanshu Ji. Thanks

  14. Rinki singh

    Mera 3rd house lord venus 11 th m h meena lagan venus wakri h …sir mujhe ek baar sapne m ek saint ne aake bola tha jab tak shiv nahi milenge putra prapati nahi hogi… Iska kya matlab h ?????

  15. I had the opportunity to experience the divine in human form who gave me 10/- for his darshan grabbing my right hand, this incident happened in Kerala, day was mukKoti vaikunta ekadashi, huge crowd of people in que for lord anantha padma naabh a swamy, I did not know about the auspicious day..I was on vacation.. my husband went inside temple, ladies were not allowed if they are wearing jeans, my mother in law not interested so she was sitting in car, I had no money, but do not want to sit next to mother in law?…so slowly I took steps n watching around, asked one lady getting down who was in jeans.. How she could enter temple, she said they tie dhothi on jeans by paying 10/-, I was like oh no not even 10 paise in pocket n was gazing at place where guys were busy in tieing dhotis for very one by collecting 10/-, all of sudden there came a lad who looked liked 23-25 years in btw., who was extremely handsome n divine, I don’t think ever I can see such face..so divine..no words to describe…eyes almost touching the ears like those lotus shaped, nose straight with a bridge at the starting of eyebrows…what to say..about that beauty…without a word, grabbed gently my right hand put exactly the amount 10/- closed my palm..he didn’t speak..constantly Oldman at dhothi Place calling me in malyaalam language, all took in fraction of second, immediately turned him to ask why he kept money in my hand n how I would return it.. Looked towards my left side he is no more he literally disappeared.. This I am saying so sure..as it was extremely hot summer, all the vendors were in their shops with tents..no body there around on steps except me…looked around…if he is an ordinary man like us I should be able to see him near the shops or on steps…no sight..100% I came to know he is lord Narayana ?????..who helped to seek his Darshan inside..the moment I went inside my hubby shouting by my name to join him…Impossible to track him in that mass crowd..later in news I heard in stamphead a small girl passed away..huge crowd..this was in my Rahu mahadasha..how much this dasha made me learn lessons with extreme sufferings..still the divine was n is still with me…like this many more experiences with divine..?????Namo Narayana ? later I put 10/- in his hundi saying I am returning the amount he helped me to seek his Darshan..?no idea I did correct or not., I am dhanu lagna my 5th house lord is mars sitting in 12th house (scorpio), my 9th house lord is sun sitting in 2nd house ( Capricorn).jai Sriman naaryana ???? ? ? om sairam ?

  16. Pankhuri Bhargava

    Pisces ascendant Jupiter in 7th with 5th Lord moon while venus and saturn in 5th and mercury in 6th with sun and Mars(note:-Jupiter, moon and Mars are combusted) and rahu in 2nd house in aries- chart of a krishna devotee

  17. Atin agarwal

    Namaste sir and thankyou very much for spreading so much and so valuable knowledge in the world???
    Sir i was a devotee of lord shiva but after the age of forty now my inclination is towards lord vishnu i don’t know why is so
    Sir i am library asc with fifth lord saturn in 11 th house ninth lord meri in 7th house and third lord jup in 10th house (9th house in bhav chalit) pls help me sir in finding true voice of my soul

  18. shashwat dani

    I have a 3rd lord Saturn ( Scorpio ascendant) aspecting natural 3rd lord mercury, I regularly worship shiva and Shakti. Venus in 9th house I don’t miss worshiping Shakti no matter what I don’t feel worshipping shiva alone , without worshipping Shakti I feel my Pooja is incomplete.

  19. Thanks n gratitude !
    We r blessed to have u as a guru.
    My 3rd house lord sun n 9th lord Saturn is placed in lagan. I experenced very unusual dreams of lord shiva. I m devotee of shiv n shakti both. love to do jaap, pooja rituals n meditate. Nothing know much, I m just a seeker of divine light n knowledge.

  20. 28/03/2017, 1.01 am, indore. she is a very young girl and extreme devotee of Krishna she thinks about him all the time and talk about him dream about him… don’t know what will be the future but I found combination of vishnu ji, please check

  21. Rushit devmurari

    I have 3rd nd 8th lord Mars Exalted in 5th house with 9th lord venus, saturn in 6th house in own sign, virgo asseendent

  22. Aquarius lagna 9th house lord Venus in 9th house. 3rd & 10th lord is Mars in 10th house means own house with Sun & 5th lord Mercury.

  23. Namaste ??,
    I am Sagittarius Lagan.
    In 3rd house ketu.
    In 9th house Ra, Ma, Ju, Mo (Magha Nak)and Sa.
    In 5th house Sun exalted.
    In 4th house Me in (revati nak).
    Saturn is my Atmakaraka at 27 degree ??
    I have experience Devi and experience Mahadev, Surya dev, Vishnu ji miracles in my life. ??????

  24. My third lord moon is with eighth lord Jupiter in tenth house of Aquarius ruled by ninth lord Saturn (11th Sign)…grew up in Brij kshetra feeling Krishna always a part of family with his stories. Ninth lord Saturn is in 2H of Gemini in Pushkar navansh; always have been protected by Ma Kali (wherever I have lived, have her temple nearby).
    Except Rahu-Ketu, all the other planets are in each other’s Trine(2-6-10H)…. So all work together?
    But when I met my guru(jup mahadasha and Jupiter return), he introduced me to the ultimate Guru, the Shiva?.
    Have seen miracles happening….
    My mantra also has the energy of the three??????
    Waiting eagerly to meet?

  25. Sampada Kailash Khatti

    Sir u are just incredible… I have retro combust Mercury in 5th house,virgo in 9th house and picese in 3rd house and retro Jupiter in 11th house.. Narayan Narayan… Ketu in 12th house in Sagittarius…I get dreams and I follow them what they try to show or tell me.. I blindly trust nath no matter what.
    And some day he will show me my path to reach you..

  26. Nidhi Gupta

    My 9L Moon is in 11H… although i worship narayan n goto vushnu temple frequently, my particular inclination has always been towards shiva from beginning…3L n 4L saturn is n 8H..

  27. Chandana Bhattacharyya

    My 3rd H is Virgo where Rahu is placed and lord of it is 11th H of Taurus and 9th H of Pisces where Moon n Ketu is placed lord is also in 11th H…..I connected to Maa Kali just like my own mother and no other deity attracts my mind like Mahadev….I feel the pain when he choosed to consume all of the poison so that amrut can be distributed….Divine Father ???

  28. I was always interested in our relationship with God- Shiva, Vishnu, Maa Durga. I am happy to have this aspect of ourselves addressed here

  29. Savana Anniruth

    I have had many dreams of lord Shiva and the lingam, some of my dreams I was speaking to Shiva. My other dreams are of me owning or protecting the lingam, the dreams were scary and overwhelming.

  30. Savana Anniruth

    I have had many dreams of lord Shiva and the lingam, some of my dreams I was speaking to Shiva. My other dreams are of me owning or protecting the lingam, the dreams were scary and overwhelming most of the time I was in water when I would see or speak with Shiva

  31. Parvin Chowdhri

    Thanks for sharing knowledge
    I was stuggling for life at delivery time I had Darshan of Shiv ji, after that moment I opened my eyes. It happened in o 21st 1989
    I have two daughters and two daughters passed away , I always had dream of Durga Maa,Two daughters time I had darshan easily in dream but another two time was having darshan with difficulty.So I got the indication that my babies will not survive. Still I clerly remeber those dreams

  32. Maayaa Pandey

    Mai ek Scorpio Lgna hoon , mere 3rd k lord Shani or 9th k lord Chandra Ka yuti hai 2nd house mein . Shani aatmakarak BHI hai .
    Mene Jab SE pdhna Shuru Kiya To LGA 3rd house Maa kaali Ka Hai or 9th house uski Shakti I mean ( Shiva )Mere First Operation k baad Mujhe darshan huye thy Mene khuli aankho SE Dekha tha Durga Maa ko Khush thi bot socha Mummy Ko BHI dikhau pr Mera hath hila hi ni tab Dar gyi .
    Aisa bachpan mein dream aata tha abhi Kuch mahine phle mein ek sadhna Kr rahi thi us Samay feel hua Maa Kali mere sapne mein aati thi vo Kali thi Jinse Mai Dari .
    MERI pooja MERI prayer ki c Ko Samaj Ni aati … Per ki c k liye bhi Kuch mangati hu to Pura ho jata hai Kali Maa ki photo Dekh k Guru k darshan karwao Bola tab guru BHI dikhe … Or ab JB kbhi BHI guru SE connected Hoti hu dhyan krti hoon JB problem mein Hoti hu to solutions mere samne aakar khada HOta hai Mera recently jhgda chal Raha hai Bcz Maa laxmi , Maa Kali , or Maa Saraswati SE (in teeno Ko as a mother) love krti hu per I feel mummy mere life mein Jese Dil ki BAAT Samaj Ni ri hai. Mai aisi hi hoon Abi Kuch time se shiva, Vishnu ki, brahma ji, n one of my all time favourite bajrangbali (papa )log betio ko pyar krte hai to unk Sath apne emotions share krti hu .
    Kuch log mere is behaviour Ko Pagal samjhte hai , but Mein Apni inner intuition SE sirf chart Dekh Kar solutions bta deti hu jbki Mujhe aata to Kuch BHI ni hai sirf apse sikha hai Jo Thora bot sikha Mujhe Kuch b ni Aata hai ?

  33. I am a saggitarius ascendant with Sat in 7th and Sun in Lagna. I lead a 100% tamasic life before my family ‘forced’ me to perform a Rudra Abhishek. After that, life seems to get attracted towards spirituality and in the process I met lunar astro. I was always thinking why that very moment! Today, I got the answer.

  34. Whenever I suffer from a hard phase of life, I used to dream about gods. Generally I see Lord ganesha in my dreams, it seems like he wants to protect me from everything and show me the right path. I don’t have these combinations in my chart. I am a Taurus ascendant with 3rd lord in the 9the house with sun and 9the lord Saturn in 2nd house in Gemini and 4th house is occupied by Jupiter. But I was born in the dasa of the 9th and the 12the lord. (Saturn and mars)but those dreams really give me the feeling of meeting actual Shree ganesh.

  35. My 5th Lord in 3rd house and 9th and 10th lord in 4th house natural house of moon and moon in 1st house is this completing any circuit, bkz many timers I experienced connection with lord shiva, whenever I sit for sadhana I experienced the presence.
    My details
    3:45 AM

    Thanks a lot for your blog , I watch most of your videos , you are amazing.

    Uday G

  36. I have jup atmakarak in 3rd house in revati and mercury, amatyakarak in virgo in 9th house, (capricorn ascendant)both retrograde, jupiter vargottam with vargottam lagna.. I have had spiritual experiences, am initiated.. Almost met lord hanuman once, lost the opportunity to surrender rt there and get free once for all.. I feel the grace all the time.. Not successful in materialistic life though..

  37. Richa Dhungana

    This will sound weird but I had immense feeling about Shiv and Shakti all the time since this Mahashivratri, I had this idea that if we want complete form of energy, we need to get both shiv and Shakti, I am in spritual path since 1 year and I do Devi sadhana every day for almost a year now. And I started doing Mahashivratri remedy this year, as well as a lot of other sadhana from Sadhguru and from Shivratri I felt I finally completed everything and felt the Divine and absolute bliss. And I was telling few people who only focused on either Devi or Shiv to start doing both and all the problems will be solved. And this article is published and I am in complete shock, I had this image of shiv shakti together as one and it’s here. I have absolutely no idea if this is just a coincidence but it feels like the message from Universe. I keep getting the intuition that answer to all my questions about universe lies in atomic level. I am Taurus ascendant with Jupiter in 8th house, Saturn ketu in 11th and I think this is what’s pushing me into spirituality. I also see deits, temples, or something related to this atleast once a month since I was kid and I wonder why. Anyway I hope everyone reading this gets blessing from the Divine and gets to live an exuberant life ahead.
    My Date of birth- November 27, 1996
    Time-6:10 PM
    Address- Birendranagar, Surkhet, Nepal

  38. Sir,
    I have similar chart as of sadak of Shivji. I have fasted for years which has given me immense mental strength.
    My 1st lord is conjunct with 3rd lord in 9th house-
    then 9th in 5th
    5th in 10th house …
    Finally 10th in 6th and 6th in 10th…parivartan yog.
    I have no family
    Survival is via my job and astrology.
    Birth details

  39. My third lord Venus(which is also vargottama) is in the ninth house of Scorpio and the ninth house lord Mars is with exalted Mercury.
    Let me tell you the truth, I have met a few deities Im devoted to, in my deep meditation and in the turiya state. But couldn’t meet Shiva anytime before. This wonderful Shivaratri ritual gave me the opportunity to meet Shiva. That one glimpse of Shiva still remains fresh in my mind.

  40. I don’t know what my chart says but I have met Sri Krishna and Shiva in my dreams many times I don’t know how to express but I still remember the dream when I was hardly 10-11 years old now I’m 65

  41. Namastey! I am a Scorpio asc with Saturn in 3rd house, Venus in 5 th and moon in 11th house. I was able to experience energy and bliss of Lord Shiva whenever I have done fasting and kept myself awake on enrire night of shivaratri. That energy is different from normality.

    Also during ekadashi fasting and keeping awake. In early Morining time Vishnubhagwan transcental state was revealed to mind.
    Now it makes sense about the connection you spoke about. Thanks!

  42. Though I don’t have this combination in my natal chart, I experienced one such thing where he was giving me some kind of knowledge in my dreams when saturn was transitioning my eighth house…. I Dont remember the exact and every words but it was really a life changing experience thereafter .

  43. Lakshmi Prasad Geddapu

    In a chart I happened to see, the 3rd Lord Mercury and 9th Lord Jupiter are conjuct in 5th House Scorpio. Mercury is also the 12th Lord . Mars, the 5th and 10th Lord is also in the 5th house. During the Mercury maharaj dasa and in Jupiter anthar dasa, the native was made responsible for conduct of “Maha rudra yaga poorvaka koti (crore) bilva archana for 42 days by virtue of his official position. He experienced the leelas of Lord Shiva during those days. He turned into the devotee of Lord Shiva thereafter.

  44. I have my 9th lord Sun in 3rd house. Also moon in 9th house. I strongly believe in Krishna but have never met him. Though once I was very depressed and saw a baby krishna crying the minute I closed my eyes (teary eyed krishna) that minute all my sadness went away. Multiple times other transcendental things have happened. Any time of the day I remember him, there is this different kind of a deep breath that follows like he is sending energies from above. Any time I get upset of the materialistic world and start crying, the tears feel different randomly. They are cooler which shouldn’t be because my body temperature is warm. Besides tears normally burn the eyes when someone cries but some times mine give immense peace. It feels like they are not mine and God is crying from my eyes. The big breath thing happens everytime I remember him any place anywhere in the world. Even the breath is very peaceful feels like I have meditated for 15 minutes.

  45. Tried this technique on a couple of saintly charts as below –
    1. Ma Sharada Devi – 22 Dec 1853 – 19:15hrs – 87E07, 23N14
    Cancer Asc aspected by Saturn, Venus, Ketu – sanyas yog in lagna
    5th house Scorpio Mercury Ketu aspected by Mars and 7th lord. Here we see a combination of Mars Ketu Saturn Mercury in scorpio. = Past life spouse came into her life, triggered a soul level transformation and renamed “Sharada Devi”
    7th house Capricorn Venus aspected by Rahu – Served spouse all life like a mother looks after kid (A4, A3 pada). Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to call her like Devi Ma.
    Exchange of lords between 7th and 11th – gains through spouse’s purva punya connection to Ma Kali (Taurus Saturn Rahu with mercury aspect).
    Here I would say that the 1-7 axis is most prominent. All the transformation, Devi Ma status and spiritual gains came through husband.
    So this is a Ma Saraswati and Brahmaji connection – befitting because spouse created a new persona for her and renamed her “Ma Sharada Devi” (another name for Ma Saraswati)

    2. Swami Sivananda – 8th september 1887, 04:16hrs, 77E40, 8N48
    Cancer Asc, Saturn Rahu Mars in lagna.
    3rd house virgo with (Venus), aspected by Saturn Ketu = Past life skills of medicine, ayurveda (8th lord and karka aspecting 3rd house)
    3rd lord in 2nd house Leo with Sun and Mercury = Brahmin family, born with knowledge of the stotras, mantras and Vedas
    10th lord Mars goes from lagna/cancer rashi to 9th house scorpio navansh = Suddenly whole life and karma transformation due to deep emotions towards God and Guru. Was a doctor to begin with, then gave up everything after a vision of Lord Shiva
    Lagna lord and AK Moon goes from 10th house Aries to 8th house libra navansh = Became a sanyasi and went on to teach the value of self transformation/self revival to masses through yoga and scriptures (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Moon in libra navansh with venus aspect).
    Primary deity would be Shiva (3rd house connected to Leo) and believed in the concept of “Brahman” or highest level soul perfection as quoted in Vedic scriptures. Trained and raised several shishyas who later on themselves became great illuminaries

  46. I have 3rd Lord Jupiter in 5H and 5th lord venus in 11H, and exalted mercury in 9H, , 4th Lord Mars in 10H with sun and Rahu. My devotion towards Lord SHIV and SHAKTI from childhood. At the age of 16 I bought a poster of lord SHIV and framed it. I shared every moment of my life with him.I felt, he was listening me calmly and give advice also.I have that poster till now. Now I am 45.SHIV and SHAKTI always with me. ?

  47. Smitha Thoutu

    I am Gemini ascendant . My 3rd lord is in 9th house and 9th lord saturn is in 5th house libra exalted. I am more into worshipping lord Shiva.

  48. Sir, I have a chart Pisces Ascendant. Venus(3rd and 8th lord) is AK in D1 in the 11th house Capricorn in Dhanista Mars nakshatra.. Mars is the 2nd and 9th lord. Mars is in 6th house with jupiter (retro) and rahu in Leo. Mars in purva phalguni(venus naksharea)But in Navamsa Venus and mercury are Virgo in the 3rd house. Venus is Debilitated in Navamsa. exchange is there nakshatra wise . Venus is in mars nakshatra. mars is in Venus nakshatra. Can I apply nakshatra wise too.

  49. I have 3rd Lord Venus and 9th Lord Mars conjunct in 7th house, Virgo Sign (Sign of mercury).
    May your words be true and I meet Shiva in this life.

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