Rahu- Completion of Circle

ॐ गुरुवे नमः
I pray to the creator of light, I pray to the one who has given me consciousness to understand the cosmos. I hope some portion of this article helps you in understanding the light inside you.

When there is light in one part of the world, darkness rules the other half to give peaceful sleep to half of the world, Similarly, when there is light for the Soul from where the soul originates, there is also a termination of this soul where soul completes its journey that is Rahu.

If you have not read the last article on Source and Sink in astrology then it’s time that you should read the article Understanding Conjunction in Vedic Astrology – Lunar Astro Vedic Academy

The energy of life travels from Sun to Rahu from the light source of the big bang to the blackhole of the universe, Why do you need Blackhole? Ketu is considered Mokshkaraka but what about Rahu, these two are the part of same entity, you can either go out of this universe via Rahu or Ketu.

Some combinations are made for this world and some are made for your future travel or past birth and these combinations only act as limiting barriers in which your life will operate Sun Rahu is one of the Sun is a source from where you are originating and Rahu is where you need to terminate, this is a combination of afterlife result.

Sun Mercury is the combination of this world which will help you most in day-to-day behaviour as Mercury is a planet of relations and especially in 6th/12th/1st/5th- this combination will work showing your energy is used only to run the day to day activities and you are very sharp in the understanding of this world, while Sun Rahu shows now your understanding will be of another world and all this intelligence and light will be used afterlife.

Sun-Mars combination shows, Your ability in giving birth to various things such as in the 2nd house then it will be about generating money at a fast speed or let us say burning Shukra at a fast speed and this is why it also shows the short life of a spouse or married life problems.

Sun Jupiter shows your energy and light will be used for higher understanding and knowledge and this will make native problem solver authority especially when Jupiter is combusted by Sun, It shows high ranking official especially when the combination is happening in 1/7/12/9/4 house.

This is to terminate the karma as no future will be given out to this planet. Rahu which happens to be on one end – A black hole and this shows the final birth of native as native is born to complete the remaining karma of the soul. Not only Sun Rahu – Rahu 5th house is putradosh which means as there is no karma which natives can carry in the future there is why a black hole is created in the 5th.

When placed in a lagna, this shows karma related to the physical body will be over as when Rahu is in a lagna, this is the last birth of the native to experience all the body disfigurement and pains. To come and leave earth will be painful and both times you will be helpless, that is why stay humble. (keep head down and be humble).

When placed with Sun this shows the will to live comes down as natives experience everything in life, If you see a chart of saint Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Sun Rahu combination, he taught people how to meditate as being in the 12th house he was able to teach people the benefit of being in another world.

Rahu is a connection to another world and when combine with an active state there are times when you will find these natives lost in themselves in their own process and methods as they are connected to another world, Even in work this is not the combination to be the number one but to be in a shadow to perform like invisible person, like strategist.

When Venus Rahu combination happens in a chart, this shows the karma related to Shukra will be completed in this lifetime as well as native will have experiences related to family which will eventually lead to dissatisfaction that the native will not be able to say this to anyone that how closed one’s are using the native but still complete the karma.

Astrologers have a habit of either glorifying a combination or downplaying a combination but in reality, It is about understanding the energy of a combination and how you reach it purely your understanding of life. I have met people with Jupiter in lagna and still frauds and Rahu in Lagna and most genuine people they are, There is a lot which depends on your own personality, conditioning and behaviours. Every time, I think I have understood 1% of Jyotish, I remember how small I am and how every day I get some portion of wisdom from the sky.

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32 thoughts on “Rahu- Completion of Circle”

  1. Praveen kumar

    Thank you Deepansuji
    Such an wonderful article .their must be combination or some clue that one day I am sure you will decode it how human enter to another plane leaving earth plane.one thing is very clear Lord rahu will make it or break it.

    1. Dilip Narayana Swamy

      Jai Shri Radhe 🪔🙏💐
      What a breakthrough analysis and deeper philosophy explained with such simplicity!!
      Biggest questions are getting solved within the charts with this beautiful explanation. Especially to identify the purpose of the journey, on the karmic plane!

      Thank you so much Sirji 🙏

  2. Sir
    You are so blessed,I hope we also get rubbed by this luck and be able to experience this transe like spiritual experience

    1. Kishore Suryawanshi

      Let the game end soon but the controller of rahu rolls so slowly that a Ferrari too loses its quality of its speed & starts behaving like maruti 800 😂.

  3. I never thought rahu is ending game. Beautiful article. Hope we all get all we desire aka rahu 😃

  4. Sir
    It is humble request that please guide us for daily rituals and how can we grow spiritually in our life
    Thank you

  5. Anjali Kumar

    Dhanyawad Deepanshuji 🙏. Aap bahut bhagyashali hain. I keep listening to your videos on YouTube. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. May God bless you with love and light 🙌.

  6. Anirudh Praveen

    Sir this is one of the most interesting and valuable content. Nobody shares knowledge like you do, we’re so grateful to you for making our lives better !

  7. प्रणाम श्रीमान दीपांशु जी,

    You make Jyotish sound so simple. You are blessed and the best part about you is your humbleness and indepth study on variety of verticals. Be it, Jyotish, Gemology, Food for enhancing one’s life, Remedies, Vastu… and the list goes on.

    You are that perfect Teacher, Guru who is interested in teaching everything you’ve learnt or learning, unconditionally to everyone. No patents, no premiums. Patient, smiling & knowing yet never boastful or angry. You are; like you once said, Gold. Non reacting.

    Thank you for opening the doors of Jyotish to the ignorant world 🙏

    I am trying to learn the basics but many बाधाएं, starting from my mind among other things… 😄

    Ever grateful 🙏

    1. Mesmerizing piece of knowledge 🍃

      Rahu stretches out of the comfort zone with whichever planet it conjuncts with. Once get out of that zone, one feels amaze by how fruitful life mission becomes.

      Ketu act as ‘ Ace in the hole’ kind of like returning to your roots.

      Thank You Deepanshu sir

  8. Sandeep Bansal

    Thank you for this knowledge. Its actually sometimes confusing. I know a person with Jupiter in Lagna without any malefic aspect but is into unethical things. And also seen people with Rahu in lagna and are very genuine people.


  9. Rajni Bains

    Thank u Deepanshu ji…for such insightful article on Rahu…I agree with the point that Rahu in lagna sometimes gives genuine personalities….this is my own experience…and also Rahu gives good results in many cases..irrespective of what most astrologer create negative perspective of this shadow planet…


    thankyou DEEPANSHU JI. I have rahu in lagna in leo but despite being surrounded by negative enviroment and situations i always felt the need to act in a right way. although i know that i can benefit by going the wrong way but still i cannot it is something inside me that does not let me do it, and whenever i am in any trouble/ problem / if i need answers to anything they just come to me i don’t even have to think deeply.

  11. Dipali Acharya

    Thank You for this fantastic blog Sir🙏 , actually, i’m in short of words to describe how great it is.

  12. Dhiraj Sharma

    You are right sir We either praise or criticize the conjunction of most of the planets. Thank you for this valuable article.

  13. Priyanka Srivastava

    My Rahu and Jupiter in lagna in Dhanu Rashi, I feel exactly same what you wrote.
    Thank you Sir

  14. Great work of sharing your experience and even your low or different experiences. Finally surrender to universal energy how little a human brain understands.

    Reading such articles/blog 8s also not just mere coincidence. It is again his WILL.

  15. Jainiy Adhao

    Thank you Sir for wonderful explanation of combination of Planets, feel blessed very much to have you as my Guru 🙏

  16. Namaste Sir,
    Most of your blogs are mind-openers. But when you write about Rahu Ketu it’s on a different level. Rahu Ketu’s role in badhaks was one such moment for me. Another is when you said – Ketu gives such torture that we feel it was specially customised, personalised and delivered to us by some evil entity. Rahu on other hand, gives the kind of enmeshed trauma that cannot be told or understood by anyone.
    There’s a shloka – Mookam karoti vachalam, panghum langhaya te girim, yat kripa tamaham vande, Paramananda Madhavam. I do feel Lord Krishna has blessed you with the virtue of giving words and validation to the mute suffering of many people, crippled by circumstances and karmas. All blogs seem to have this effect.
    I’ve read so many books of saints and Gurus. Everytime I am lost in their world, their struggles and achievements. If anyone asks me, when he was born, how many books he wrote I cannot remember any details. But I can feel their energy bubble, their way of arriving on wisdom. So I related when you say Rahu can lead to deep alternate realms. for Eg: Bhishma Pitama, while lying on the arrowbed, delivered a masterpeice of Sri Vishnu SahasraNaam to Dharmaraj on the behest of Lord Krishna. The kind of ancestral worship he taught to the world is well documented in Harivamsha. He departed on Ashtami tithi. And his Mom is Ganga Maiyya who purifies during nether world rituals and Rahu dasha. So this must be the higher Octave of Lord Rahu energy.
    Mind is yet to open on the higher octave of Ketu energy. I hope I can get to that as well. Thank you.

  17. Pranaam Dipanshu ji🙏
    Gratitude to you and feeling obliged of having guidance form your higher level of conscious. This broaden my understanding for rahu energy.Hope in next article you will also put some light on ketu energy as well.
    Thanks for your selfless effort for enlighten us.

  18. Swetaleena Sahoo

    Excellent blog Sir. Each time you give us a different prospective to look at the planets and most important part is give us new thoughts to think about. Thank You very much for all the knowledge and being the guiding light for many of us. Jay Maa.

  19. I remember reading a book Holographic universe. Just as a hologram projects the image of the object placed, I believe Sun Rahu is similar to that combination. If we consider Sun as the pure atma (true Brahman) and Rahu as a shadow or projection (holographic image). The body we have is probably the hologram. It is a projection of some subconscious thoughts that forms karma or ‘maya an illusion’ that these events are occurring. In reality everything is a mirage. This blog post reminded me of that book, which describes many unique experiences of humans in this world. Wonderful job in writing this post. I am no astrologer to interpret the outcome of this combination in this materialistic world. I think Rahu if in close degree to the sun brings those karmic projections closer to the real object as in a hologram, which means it brings one closer to the Reality Brahman. Ketu might merely help you detach from the materialistic world , which is an important first step in meditation. But Rahu is what can show how karma is just a projection of something (we are all yet to discover it). I agree always Rahu in the ascendant is not bad and always jupiter in the ascendant is not the greatest.

  20. Abhishek Sawant

    Rahu as we all know from mythology was swarnbhanu demon spotted by sun and moon eventually terminated by Mohini ( Vishnuji) .

    Wherever rahu is present in natal chart : person is always chasing for nectar but eventually ends up ( amrut chodo poison bhi naseeb nahin hota in terms of house significations) finally leading to seek liberalization from maya.

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