Religious Places & Karmic Events

There are several posts where people mention that they visited a certain religious place and fell sick-This is what is supposed to happen. When you start your Journey, You are preparing for darshan and nature has its own ways to cleanse you by giving you troubles, firstly on the external basis and then on the soul level.

The same thing happens when you do deep meditations, When you sit for meditation, I see people say I meditate for 2 hours, If you know the time of your meditation then you haven’t really done anything. Meditation is a state of timelessness which is beyond kaal, when you go in a state that when you come back, you have to remind yourself, of where I am and you have to remind yourself of your identity again.

When you do deep meditation, there is a huge amount of disconnect between your soul and physical body and that is why you fall sick, Lot of yogis stop eating or limit their diet due to this but this is no other way around that by leaving food you become a yogi, what most people try to do while meditation.


Almost Similar things happen to your body when you visit a religious place and for a moment while you are in that place your soul tries to connect to the supreme and this results in a disconnect to the physical body, What is your body without a soul?

Whenever I visit Haridwar I always tell people, It’s not the GPS which tells the location but my whole body as i start to fall sick, Haridwar is the gateway to the sky due to its coordinates on the map — 4 places where amrit kalash was Haridwar, Ujjain, Nasik, Praygraj- If you ever draw coordinates straight line you will find a big triangle is formed.

Haridwar or any religious place always have various elements to punish you as these are extremely karmic places where your sin has to be taken off your shoulder by snatching money, pickpocketing, beggars and all these people are there to cleanse you, The presence of such a huge water body can bring huge changes in your life based in which tithi you are planning to visit.


When you come back home and feel ill, this is because your soul experienced a small portion of disconnect from your physical body and will take time to recover, no amount of medicine can cure this, When you go to the mountains try to take a vacation where there are fewer humans, as the whole purpose of a vacation is to find yourself again and sit around doing nothing for hours and meditate, It will be far more religious than visiting a temple where you can’t even breathe, that is why shrines were built at hilltop so only few can visit who are in need of such energy, The energy of mountains suits few people only as your head will get heavy, you feel different energy building inside you, the feeling is different as your body is not used to this energy, it feels dizzy and sleepy, and the best travelers are who sleep a lot to adjust to new energy from sky, Just like newborn babies. Secrets of Temple | by Deepanshu Giri | Medium – Here is another blog related to the same topic-  Curse of Accepting Gifts. – Lunar Astro Vedic Academy

Sometimes, There is too much resistance in your body due to negative feelings that it is unable to adjust to this new energy such as Moon Ketu is a combination where a person does not like to share his feelings but Haridwar is a place where the water and emotions are in abundance which will result into opposite energy and native will feel sick as water energy is trying to flow through his body this is only true for freshwater source. In contrast, if the same combination will visit the seaside then its completely fine.

while people with Moon Rahu who like to share everything with everyone in a twisted way will feel blocked on mountains and go through a series of turn as now mountains require concentration of energy and your soul energy start getting focused on mountains and this might give you a feeling of your true sense that you are alone in this world.

Let me teach you a dictum- Jaimini Sutram says with Ketu in Lagna native will have grey hair prematurely, the reason is the same as native has a disconnect from his physical body and try to live in his own world is why the native become old early.

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19 thoughts on “Religious Places & Karmic Events”

  1. Jyoti Sharma

    I want to visit prominent holy places but somehow even on thinking of the crowd and after visiting also I don’t feel connected due to the crowd and pakhand going there and then feel bad visiting those places. Does this type of negative feeling will cause me any bad effects…

    1. Kusum Bansal

      I Have Libra rashi, mars rahu in makar rashi,whenever I visited vaishno devi I fell ill..Even in January I visited kashi vishwanath and I fell sick around 1 month ..

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I am from Tamil Nadu travelled first time to Kasi last week. After 35 hrs travel in train fell sick after 2 days of great darshan and holy ganga snan. But after came back I was having this qn y it happened as last one year I am in continuous travel for various holy places. This answer clarified many things. God bless 🙏

  3. When I visited Neem Karoli baba Aashram and Haridwar, next day My shoulder was so pain full that I was getting jerks every 10 sec, I hardly boarded flight from Delhi… Sir always post unique and facts on blogs which seems not possible by normal humans to decode.

  4. Sir how can the lagna lord sitting with ketu in 8th house recover from premature grey hair and severe hairfall like how to connect the soul with the physical body

  5. Sir how can the lagna lord sitting with ketu in 8th house recover from premature grey hair and severe hairfall like how to connect the soul with the physical body

  6. Om Namah Shivaya. Gratitude to you Sir, for sharing these invaluable nuggets of knowledge laced with ancient rishi’s wisdom which of course is a divine dictate. (as you mentioned in one of your video that Rahu 10th house means person receive help from beyond this realm)


  7. Namaste Sir,
    By Divine Grace, I’ve been able to visit many tirth sthals. I can recount instances as you wrote – cheating by pandit, losing voice, falling badly sick for weeks, sudden arguments, life turning 180deg upside down, ingratitude by co-travellers, blames, participants backing out last minute – the works. It happens all of a sudden and no matter how much one is mindful, it still comes as a surprise or shock. Still, I have all the enthu to seek out the next divya destination on my bucket list.

    Sir, do you have any reading list recommendation for students? Pref something non-astro (as you have already given good astro book references in classes). Thank you.

  8. Soumaya Duggal

    Thanks a lot sir for such beautiful post🌷📿

    Like i can totally relate this post, i always try to plan my birthday on the place which are close to nature. And this time also I was in Meena bagh ( Shimla) & believe me sir I slept a lot like a new born baby.. & recieving this post on the very next day of my birthday seems like the most precious gift for me.

    Sir another thing, i wud like to mention is i just love to visit vrindavan again & again.. On way back to home everytime, i get stuck into some kind family related issues.. & also experience disconnection from physical body. I don’t feel like coming back home.

    Each & every post / teaching of yours Sir answeres my unanswered questions ⁉️

    Thank you Deepanshu sir for everything 🌷📿🙏

  9. Milinda Rao

    Yes ketu 1 age fast … and rahu moon in mountains.. feels alone.. rather realises alone

  10. Yes sir, Ketu in lagna, Early greying and feeling old.. Saturn in second, so didn’t let me work a job much… Only serving the family despite high qualifications👍🏻

    Also..One or two spots on way towards Ganga ghats in Rishikesh,I have goosebumps and watering in eyes due to emotions like some deep connection there🙏🏻💐

  11. Shraddha Panse

    Acidity increase whenever I visited the temple, I am libra ascendant ,Moon Ketu in cancer 10 th house & Venus Rahu in 4 th house Capricorn, what should I do?

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