Understanding Conjunction in Vedic Astrology 

The conjunction of two energies in the sky will result in an energy that will govern the life of the native, In All the books in Jyotish we read there are effects of conjunction written and these are called yog.

My objective in this article will be to give you an understanding of the energies so you can decipher the output yourself based on your own understanding, As one combination can have multiple outcomes but for every chart to specify the result you need to understand the nature of energy first.

The division of planets is done into two parts- Active and Passive.

Passive Energy- This means whatever your actions will be the result will be in some other form in some other area after a period of time as passive energy give output in some other form.

Such as You are working hard today and doing everything good according to your understanding, but you are not getting desired results which you were expecting, What humans fail to understand is that the result of this karma will be delivered somewhere in future in a much more appreciated form.

Let us suppose you read a book and even memorize a few chapters of this and you are perfectly capable of answering a few questions from this book as well- This is active energy- While over a period of time, the knowledge in this book helps us understand the bigger picture and you truly understand the meaning behind the words this is passive energy from Mercury to Jupiter.

Active energy planets are — Mars, Mercury, Venus
Passive Energy planets — Saturn, Jupiter
Sun/Moon- Continuous source of energy combustion while Rahu and Ketu are continuous sources of consumption, In terms of electrical engineering Source and Sink.

Active energy- When you do an action, and you get instant results such as you study and you can memorize the chapter, you go to the gym and you can see visible changes in your body, when active and passive energy planets intermix the result is somewhat depending on the energy of signs than such as Jupiter &Mercury, Mars & Saturn.

Let us discuss an example of the conjunction of Saturn and Mars.

Saturn-Mars Conjunction — When Mars is in the grip of Saturn and highly afflicted the energy of native is completely drained as Mars is the active energy of the Universe while Saturn is the passive energy, We are talking about the scenario where Saturn is more powerful than Rahu such as Saturn/Rahu/Mars in Capricorn or Saturn/Mars in Libra where Saturn is exalted.

This means the active energy of Mars which relates to taking care of physical body needs, taking initiative in life, maintaining a healthy ego and standing up for your own self will be missing as native is now hiding under the shield of passive energy, It is true as well that in this case Saturn will become the shield of this native.

If anyone who will do badly with this native will bring the wrath of Saturn over a period of time as passive energy troubles you by draining you slowly, creating a depletion in your energy bit by bit, you are ignorant towards this energy drain until and unless it becomes a source of misery for you.

One of the remedies of Saturn Mars will be to increase the active energy of Mars which will be taking care of physical health, Every day spending some time with friends, Being aware if someone steps on toes and being ready for worse to fight.

A person with bad Mars is afraid of fighting and wants to maintain peace at any cost, but this is how you balance the active and Passive energies in the chart and see the result as well.

15 thoughts on “Understanding Conjunction in Vedic Astrology ”

  1. Thank you for the insights you provide and share your knowledge selflessly .Have Saturn in Aries 11 th house , Gemini asc and Mars / Mercury in 2nd house . Just started a workout routine about a year ago and it has helped me so much .

  2. V.S. Deshpande

    Thank you Sir 🙏

    Being a mother and to stay on line and length of least decipline ; and due to buzy shedule with pressure of elders I was using every single minute to reach the daily goals. Hence unwillingly I went far from samaj ….but now I think my grown children had the impact of that ..
    Their digbali Saturn and … Saturn MD ….yes it’s riped fruits … now showing passively .

    Be calm . No pains . Enjoy it as कट रहा है …be positive.

  3. Jhanvi Jamdade

    Pranam sir
    My son who is Capricorn ascendant having Mars Saturn in libra in tenth
    He has great energy and also fights with anyone who he feels has done wrong with him or his friends quite active energy how is that so

    1. Pranaam sir
      Bahut hi sunder vishleshan
      Mere bete ka Saturn 4th me he aur mangal 10 th me he Saturn 00:17’ he vahi mangal 28:13’ ka he surya ke sath ast ho gaya to kon powerful hoga plz clear kare

    2. Yash Agarwal

      Mars has become digbali here.
      Further, Mars has gained house-wise exaltation – effects of Mars will be more prominent in general, and effects of Saturn will be more prominent than Mars only in dasha etc of Saturn. This one aspect itself is sufficient to make Mars strong.
      Also see which planet is closer to lagna degrees, how is Venus placed, etc.

  4. Abhishek Grover

    Sir Sun/Moon and Rahu/Ketu energy as source and sink is not clear. Please explain in same manner as you explained active and passive energy.
    Sun and Moon are stable energy which gives continuous flow of energy and Ra/Ke sucks all the energy. So activating Ra/Ke will suck all energy from the system.

    1. Deepanshu Giri

      I will continue to write on this series as over a period of time things will get clear.

      1. Namaste Sir, Sir I have Mars in scorpio of 4th house, having 3rd aspect of Saturn, till my thirty I was a peace loving, soft spoken person but after that, I have realised that it is not good to deal softly with bad people, and now highly reactive to every wrong thing


    Namaskar Deepanshu sir
    Many years back I purchased a collection of articles of speaking tree ,which is one of my most favorites but when I joined you as a follower. I really want that your all articles should be published like that and should be available openly, Your each advice is a real gem.My humble gratitude to you .

  6. Namaste Sir.
    Based on blank chart, for the Moveable and Fixed sign lagnas, the kendras have at least 1 luminary on one axis and other axis has both lords with active energy (Ma Ve)
    But for Dual sign lagnas, both kendra axis have Ju-Me as lords. Ju-Me are not pooraks of each other (like Ma Sa). One is active, other is passive energy. One is short term other is long term – so sorting out these and many other polarities is a tough job. But if person can achieve this, then whole chart gets the required platinum-tier support from the kendra.

  7. I have saturn, rahu, mercury, sun and moon in my 10th house and i am a capricorn. What does that interprets

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