Gajkesari Yog

Gajkesari yog is formed in a chart when Jupiter and Moon are in Kendra to each other and this has to be seen using the Moon as lagna, The effect of this we have discussed in one of the other blogs – Jupiter-Moon Yogas – Lunar Astro Vedic Academy but here in this article, I would like you to take a deeper understanding of this yog and how to remove any blemish to this yoga.

Moon is the natural ruler of the 4th house which not only represents our mother earth but the Moon is a representative of the earth, all our desires which we have in our life originate from the Moon and that is why the ruler of this direction is  Kuber, who is a lord of wealth, There is a very strong reason why from starting of the human era, Money is an important factor in human life as even in astrology several yogas and quality of life revolve around the money.

North is ruled by Kuber and the Vehicle of Kuber is Nara which means humans, It is the desire of humans which keep everything on this earth moving, A human has many desires and these desires have no end but the quality of these desires can be controlled by the planet affecting the Moon, If Jupiter is the planet which is Kendra to Moon, the desires of natives comes to an end and consciousness of native start emerging on a different level.

Jupiter is the ruler of the northeast and this direction is ruled by Shiva, who is in a superconscious state, the one who knows what is happening at any point in time as for Shiv time is not the entity, He knows the past, present and future and this is why he is sitting at one place and smiling.

Who is Kuber?
A thief who was running after stealing wealth and during pradosh kaal on trayodasi when he died by his head on Shivlingam- became lord of wealth- Kuber became Kuber due to Shiv, Shiv is the one who granted boon to Kuber for Lanka.

The time period of the North-east is between 4-5 am which is also called as Bramh-Muhurat- This is the magical time of the day when you can practice to rise your conscious levels and meditate, This meditation, I learned several years back from a saint to wake up, wash your feet and face with cold water and sit for meditation, The results will shock you as a there will be magical moments within few days that you will be able to see what is going to happen in few minutes and this will happen many times and then you will move to next level as this is the only time period when every day you can break the space-time continuum and travel with the help of your consciousness to a far realm.

Planet Moon diety is Uma who is Shakti to Shiv, Who asks questions from Shiv as Shiv knows everything but it is only the questions of Uma due to which all the literature of Bhagwan Shiv has emerged, and when these two planets support each other in the chart, this combination does wonders as this combination provokes native to do bigger work in life and gives undying fame.

Moon rules the North direction and this is the time period of extreme darkness 1-3 am at night when you are in deep sleep, which also represents that in this life when you don’t have a clue, Why you were born? What is your purpose? As most people waste time by continuing to live life without asking questions as they are so engrossed by Maya and the weight of Kuber on their shoulders, that they forget to even think about the purpose of their life.

Every Human has a debt of Kuber as a tax to live on this earth as he is a ruler of the north direction, When we visit Balaji temple to give the debt of Nidhipati, our life improves, If you remember my lecture on Jupiter in 7th house has a debt of Kuber and becomes the prisoner of wife, It is only the temple of Balaji when you visit and pray to Kuber, married life becomes good, as Jupiter is a ruler of NE while 7th house is ruled by Venus who is a ruler of SW, Just opposite to it, that is why the problem in married life happens.

Similarly, If you ever find Jupiter problems in your life, The best way to negate them will be to visit the temple of different deities and pray accordingly as this is not the scope of this article, I will stick to the Gaj Kesari Yog.

Y0g Bhang and Remedies
As brilliant and beautiful as this particular Yog is but there are chances there is a blemish on this particular Yog and you might not get any effect of this particular yog at all, The reason is if Moon is heavily afflicted in the chart or Jupiter is afflicted in your chart and not in a powerful position, this yog might not fructify at all, As the shlok in Phaldeepika says, this combination should be aspected by benefics in the chart to give full results as this might not be possible in different charts, but same can be taken care of by using remedies as per individual chart as there are many traditional remedy and rituals, once native when try to perform gives at par results than any other remedy but remember this is a remedy of Jupiter and Moon – Shiv and Shakti which means results will come over a period of time in magnified forms which you might not have expected.

Let us look at an example by using Shree Ram’s chart.

In this chart also, you see the combination of Jupiter and Moon is aspected by powerful Saturn giving it a blemish, also a natural malefic Mars is looking at this combination from the 7th house from the sign of Capricorn resulting in the Gaj Kesari yog should fail but let us see the exceptions now.

Originally Lanka was built by Vishwakarma for Bhagwan Shiv but taken as a boon by Kubera for all the yaksha to live in Lanka and then captured by Ravana,  Shri Ram had to visit Lanka to fight Rava, both Shiv and Kuber are in lagna of the chart of Shri ram and heavily afflicted by Saturn and Mars showing fight.

Shri Ram before crossing the river prayed to Bhagwan Shiv by establishing the Shivlingam on the coast with the name of Rameshwaram, Think about this again why did only the south part of this country not anywhere else as Mars is in Capricorn which represents the south as well as Saturn is the lord of Capricorn South, He prayed to the god of ISHAN – North EAST- and specifically sang the famous chant of Rudraashtakm which starts from- NAMAMI SHAMI SHAN NIRVAN ROOPAM.

Which means- I bow in front of god who resides in North East.

Secondly, Shri Ram earlier directed Hanuman to bring the Shiv lingam from the mountains, which was the Shri Ram’s way of pacifying the malefic effects of Mars as Hanumanji was late so Shri Ram did something very innovative, To build a Shiv Lingam out of Mud (Mars-Soil of South), pacifying the condition of Mars.

This was just before the battle with Ravana and he performed both remedies of Jupiter and Moon as Jupiter remedy by establishing a Shiv Lingam and Moon remedy by offering 108 blue flowers to Maa Durga and warding off negative effects, If gods were using Space and Time concept to ward off negative as this was a clear way to show, how to negate any yog bhang in the chart.

He had Saturn in 4th house so offered blue color lotus flowers to Maa Durga as a remedy as diety of Moon is Maa Durga and removed both afflictions to his chart.

In a particular chart, the combination of Jupiter and Moon was happening in Capricorn in the 12th house and the remedy advised was to keep Friday fasting as Saturn was in Libra in that chart when you think deeper why Friday fasting was advised and nothing else as a remedy, which actually worked very brilliantly in native’s life- As the feedback of the native was that over a period of 6 months he has grown 6 times as I asked how 6 times, native said, I can see my employee size going from mere 15 to over 100 now in 6 months.

This is what people experience when the blemish to Gajkesari yog is removed by simple remedies, I am trying to cover the best of my articles, techniques and remedies via our quarterly magazine, This time I have written on how various people activated by their actions in life and what are the other traditional remedies with case studies of several people. Here is the link for the magazine

Lunar Astro Magazine 2023 – All 4 Volumes – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨

I would love your feedback and comments on this topic as this topic took me many days to complete and going through charts as this is part 1 of article rest will be in magazine of July.

57 thoughts on “Gajkesari Yog”

  1. Giri Kansal

    Namaste sir , sir i have moon Mercury Saturn Rahu in capricorn 2nd house and jupiter ketu in 8th house in cancer …it means i have gajkesari yog ….pls only give me a remedy as i don’t have any source of earning right now . . I m going to step into stock market …sir , I will be thankful to you if you can give one remedy for stock market success ….

      1. If Moon posited in 1,4,7,10 position w.r.t Jupiter then Gajkesari yoga formed
        For me Libra Ascendant moon 1st house and Jupiter 4th house

        1. Sai Prabhakar

          Namaskaram sir 🙏 🙏🙏. In tirupati we offer money to GOD because lord Balaji has taken some money with Kuber for his marriage purposes. It can be related to Jupiter 7 or venue 9 or Jupiter venue combination. But for others how can this be applied as they don’t have this combination. Kindly explain

  2. Namrata Rathod

    Thank you wonderful blog I have a Jupiter moon in 12th house in Virgo sign. Don’t know what remedy can work for me I will wait for the book that very soon I’ll be in condition to buy all this ☺️ lord bless me with knowledge

  3. Thank you wonderful blog I have a Jupiter moon in 12th house in Virgo sign. Don’t know what remedy can work for me I will wait for the book that very soon I’ll be in condition to buy all this ☺️ lord bless me with knowledge

    1. Avadh kishor

      Do fast on the day of rashi lord in which your saturn is placed.
      May be that’s same logic that sir has discussed above for that particular chart.

      1. Shobha Sharma

        Sir, last 7years se mai spritual path per hu murti pooja bhi chhor chuki hu.pata nhi kyo astrology se dur nhi rah pati . meditation is the best remedy for every problem.but kya ye meterial world mai kaam kerti hai.

    2. Savita Pawar

      Very nice article Sir ! I have gaj-kesari yoga formed by Jupiter in 4th house and moon in 10th house , Scorpio ascendant. Jupiter is hemmed between Mars in 3rd and rahu in 5th house. Does this hemming also impacts? Also, Saturn being in lagna aspects moon by 10th drishti. Whether this gaj kesari yoga active or passive in the chart?
      Thanks! Awaiting eagerly for the next article!

      1. My husband has Jupiter n moon in 2nd house cancer in Gemini ascendent what is the remedies to activate this yog

  4. Shubhashish M

    Scoring high today Deepanshu sir n team, what a beautiful delivery once again, you helping us all uplift our lives, blessings shower on you and your team and family, aap Kisi Rishi ka gift ho to all the blessed souls

  5. Sir what would be the remedy for Jupiter and moon in Capricorn in 8th house?This combination is aspected by Rahu from 4th house.

  6. Sir what would be the remedy for Jupiter and moon in Capricorn in 8th house?This combination is aspected by Rahu from 4th house.

    1. Sunita Dafauti

      Namami Shambho🙏
      My son has Gajakesari yog with Jupiter and moon in kendra. DOB 09/08/2000, 02:15 Hrs, Mumbai. How can he activate this yog?


    Amazing blog Sir, Every time i read your blogs they gave new dimension of thinking.Applying similar ways of thinking for different yoga and combinations.
    Knowing how 6th lord can create problem. I’ll try not do/repeat those things.
    Thank you

  8. Hi sir, in my chart Moon is in 10th house (Debilitated Rashi wise “Scorpio”) And Jupiter in 10th house (Debilitated house wise) and Saturn is seeing from 1st house and Mars in 7th house.. What remedy you suggest for this combination sir?

    Please reply

  9. Sir , u are the best . I have never experienced God giving us his true knowledge. But due to u I have experienced it multiple times . Once In this life I could able to cross path with u its my wish . May God grant it . 🙏

  10. Avadh kishor

    I have retro Jupiter with moon in Capricorn in 11th house.Ans saturn is in parivartan with Jupiter and Mars aspect with 4th drishti. Ye kaise falit Kiya jaa sakta hai. Saturn in piesces sign in 1st house and Mars in Virgo in 7th house.
    Saturn piesces means I have to do a fast on Thursdays. Is that what can be.

  11. Retro Jupiter in 12th house Scorpio. Moon, Saturn, Sun in Taurus. Would really appreciate a remedy to activate the Gaj Kesari Yog.

    1. Preeti Mani

      Sir, feeling blessed whenever got chance to read your blogs, watch your videos even every word of yours teaching is very insightful for me. Sending millions of thanks and regards for you.
      I have not seen any magical and wonderful mentor like you in my lifetime journey.

  12. Guru ji I have Jupiter in 5th House(12) with Rahu in Retro and Moon in 10th house(5) and Sun Sat and Mercury in Lagna(8th). Do I also have Gajkesari Yog.

  13. Sir, I have Moon and Jupiter in 8th house in the sign of Aquarius. And natural karaka of 8th house Mars is in 12th with Saturn in Gemini. Amu hope for me?

  14. Thank you Deepanshu ji, for a beautiful article🙏🏻💐
    Feedback: Jupiter (r) moon in Aquarius in tenth house with no planetary aspect.
    The best thing I received as blessings are good clear thinking most of the time(ability to bounce back) and my mother.
    There are lots of things which could’ve been better but it’s ok…I have had a magical life journey filled with ups and downs and miracles on a daily basis and so much to learn🙏🏻💐

  15. Poonam Malviya

    Thank you sir for this very wonderful blog. You explained it in a logical manner with the help of real events happened in the past. Much appreciated.
    My son have kark lagna with Jupiter and moon in the lagna. Saturn ,Venus in fifth house and mars in sixth house. Sun mercury in 4th house. Rahi in 3rd house. Not sure what I’ll be the remedy. Please help me understand my sons chart.

  16. I have Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Sun in 7th House, Aries Ascendant, is it consider as Gajkesri yoga? if yes, can someone plz suggest me any remedy to activate the same?

  17. Sir i have Jupiter moon in 11th cancer. Saturn rahu in 12th. 8th Lord Mars with sun mercury in 3rd h.. Wt will be the remedy

    1. Uma Mahesh Nataraj

      Your article is great and good to read, but practically the remedies you have mentioned for Gajakesari will never works until the related Jupiter / Moon Dasha runs. We are not Ram, we are common human beings.
      If a person’s Jupiter dasa or Moon dasha comes at old age times, its result will be below 10% or 20%. And if these dasa not at all coming, why we should bother…about GY..?

  18. My husband has Jupiter10 house in kendra from 1H Moon, which forms Gajakesari Yoga. Lakshmi Yoga , Lord of Lagna is powerful and the Lord of the ninth occupies its own or exaltation sign identical with a Kendra or Thrikona.

  19. Vinay Raghavan

    Great insights into the one of the most talked about Yog. Thanks sir for sharing such great insights into this.

  20. Thank you for this amazing article. It answers all the questions I was thinking but didn’t know who to ask. Through your post I have found what I need to do.

  21. Savita Pawar

    Very nice article Sir ! I have gaj-kesari yoga formed by Jupiter in 4th house and moon in 10th house , Scorpio ascendant. Jupiter is hemmed between Mars in 3rd and rahu in 5th house. Does this hemming also impacts? Also, Saturn being in lagna aspects moon by 10th drishti. Whether this gaj kesari yoga active or passive in the chart?
    Thanks! Awaiting eagerly for the next article!

    1. Harshita Singh

      I have Jupiter and moon in lagan
      Singh rashi
      Leo lagan
      Which remedy good for me 🙂

  22. Suman Rakesh Goel

    Only and Only you can think this DEEP.My son was suffering related to Job in foreign land ,His Jupiter in 4th house Libra sign moon aspecting from 10th house.
    I asked him to donate some amount to Bala ji temple ,till he visits it.and asked to take a vow about this. things really started moving after that.BOW TO YOU AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE.Please accept my gratitude Sir

  23. Kanishka Harishchandra Nayak

    Sir, I have a query?

    My family deity is Ramnath and yet the pooja of Lord Shive doesn’t take place in the household. I had happened upon Agam Youtube channel’s Namaskrutha Mantra, Rudrashtakam and Kalabhairav Ashtakam when I was going through on Youtube a couple of years back and was in peace whenever I heard it but, I never thought it had any connection with me. I have a Gajakesari yoga for a debilitated Jupiter where, Moon is in 5th house Libra. Does me being born on Amavasya affect all this in any way. I know we shouldn’t usually ask about personal horoscopes but I am far too confused right now. I intend to and hope that I can go to Rameswaram and Tirupathi within the next 2 years as I move forward. My paternal family, including my father hate anything to do with regards to religion and there have been a lot of problems in the family. I was hoping you could provide some direction.

  24. I have Retrograde Jupiter and moon conjuction in sagittarius in 11th house. it is aspected by retrograde saturn from 2nd house who is in pisces and conjucted with ketu there. also mars and venus in conjuction in gemini both are aspecting this jupiter & moon conjuction from 5th house. does this make a gaj kesari yog valid?

  25. While reading this! It’s around 6 p.m., Saturday. My mother have me Kukke Subramanya prasadam (ghee+jaggery) to me! Do this have any relation to this?!

  26. Namaste Sir, This post is packed with info that it took me a full day to study the nuances. Even then, I have jotted down more points to look into.
    I see why my GK yog is null and void (It’s made up of 11th and 6th lords + influence of Saturn and Mars). I can relate to everything you wrote, such as life becoming flavorless on material level.
    When I’d been to Kashi last year, I selected some idols at a shop, paid and returned. When home, I was surprised to find Kuberji’s murti included in the packet.(which was not selected by me as I didnt know how do to Yakshraj’s puja). Now this nimit mystery is solved.
    Lord Ram’s remedy you have cracked it open adroitly like an Akrut and given to students. Many thanks.
    6th Lord video new format is Excellent. Blank chart Aqua and Pisces both have royals in the 6th house, being last 2 of the zodiac – so chart says empty mind emotional loans and then clear soul duty debts, then only I show mukti marg. To this end, the Panchang and the Sun- Moon transit messaging technique has been so helpful, Chandradev is kind and tells exactly which debts are upcoming. All I do is fulfil it to the best of my ability.
    Blessed am I to have a Jyotish Guru like you. Prayers that UmaShankar always keep you and your family safe and contented in their protective glow.

  27. Diana Priyanka Chowdhury

    Wow! Amazing that even Gods have to do remedies! What I also find fascinating is the last example you mentioned, where Gaj Kesari yog is happening in the 12th house. The conventional wisdom is that all good yogas are destroyed when happening in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses of a chart. However, we don’t come to Deepanshu sir for the conventional wisdom. Although, I do have a follow up question sir. In both the examples you gave the Gaj Kesari yog itself was in affliction but the dispositors were exalted. What to do if both the Gaj Kesari yog is in affliction and the dispositor too is debilitated?

  28. Sir
    Would like to be blessed like you so that we can also experience the magic of spiritualism

  29. Praveen kumar

    Yes if no Affliction it gives full results on those particular Graha activation age.also yog phalit will also include the depositer of moon and Jupiter.
    Every word in the article make sense when we reach your plane of thinking.
    Thank you.

  30. I am very fortunate to have an astrologer like you. My husband has the same combination, whatever you have mentioned in the above article, I am going through with the same. I pray to almighty that he bless to whole universe.

  31. Moon and Jupiter are in Kendra meaning the Mutual aspect of Jupiter (retro) 12th (Capricorn) and Moon 6th (Cancer) also holds true for Gaj kesari yoga. Also, What will be the effect of this combination? Based on my limited knowledge can we say, that the native should visit Rameshwaram and do the ritual of creating shiv lingam out of haldi and offer milk and til ke ladoo while reciting shiv panchakshar facing north

  32. Brilliant article …. Really bless me too …have some portion of it…🙏
    Yes meditating on one of the combination will sometimes gives weird instincts do certain things…
    In one of your videos on ketu remedies you said you have collect things from different places representing 5 elements just before a week i visited one mutt in my vicinity n felt like pick up marble pieces from that area as it was very unusual for me i left that idea as stealing….every one can help themselves but to help others u need brilliance like yours also i feel at home n in piece while listening to your videos

  33. Mayuri Rahangdale

    Deepanshu sir thank you for your keen analysis. I started following you recently and I admire your knowledge, efforts, and methods. With this chart, I see that in my chart, I also have Gajkesari yoga in the first house for the Capricorn ascendant. Sun in 7th and Mars in 10th house wise exalted expecting Jupiter and moon in 1st house. Saturn holds the 3rd house, Mercury and Rahu in the 8th house, and Venus in the 9th house. Still, I hardly see any results of Gajkesari yoga. But, I pray I can too sometimes get a chance to visit the south of India and perform prayers to pacify the affliction of my chart.

  34. प्रणाम श्रीमान दीपांशु जी,

    You make Jyotish sound so simple. You are blessed and the best part about you is your humbleness and indepth study on variety of verticals. Be it, Jyotish, Gemology, Food for enhancing one’s life, Remedies, Vastu… and the list goes on.

    You are that perfect Teacher, Guru who is interested in teaching everything you’ve learnt or learning, unconditionally to everyone. No patents, no premiums. Patient, smiling & knowing yet never boastful or angry. You are; like you once said, Gold. Non reacting.

    Thank you for opening the doors of Jyotish to the ignorant world 🙏

    I am trying to learn the basics but many बाधाएं, starting from my mind among other things… 😄

    Ever grateful 🙏

  35. Siddhesh Keni

    Respected my lagna is Gemini and 2nd house pushya Jupiter with chaturdashi moon. Exactly opposite 8th house Capricorn I have lagnesh mercury with Sun and exalted mars. As per Guruji if malefics are looking at moon Jupiter then Gaja kesari yog will not fructify. What remedy will work for me? My 3rd house has Saturn and Rahu.

  36. Santosh R Sharma

    Sir in my chart Aries lagna and Jupiter in 4th house and moon in 10 th house and retro Saturn and retro rahu in 5th house and Sun in first house what remedy I have to do for afflicted moon due to Saturn and activate my Gajkesari yog

  37. Dhiraj Sharma

    that’s what i’m thinking about now, brilliant sir thanks for this technique and mind churning thought.

  38. Sir, I have Scorpio Ascendant (Jyestha Nakshatra) as my Rising Ascendant:

    With Planets-
    Moon in Cancer (Pushya) 8°

    Jupiter in Capricorn (Dhanistha) 27°

    Saturn in Pisces (Revati) 22°
    Conjunction with
    Ketu in Pisces (Purva Bhadra) 2° 15″

    Sun in Aries (Krittika) 28° as Atmakaraka
    Conjunction with
    Mercury in Aries (Ashwini) 6° as Darakaraka

    Venus in Taurus (Krittika) 9°

    Mars in Leo (Purva Phalguni) 24°
    Lagna lord

    Rahu in Virgo (Utara Phalguni) 2° 15″

    How Profession will result based on Parivartan Yogas in my Chart?

  39. Ayush Mohan

    Jai Mata Di Sir,
    I got through your article. i have one question to ask, if jupiter and moon is only to be aspected by good planets. This is make the yog fruitfull. But at the same time, if malefics aspect it is wont be. Jupiter being heaviest has energy to calm all the malefics except venus. Guru=guru se nahin banti. But even if Saturn aspects, Saturn Guru ke upar nazar bhi daalne ki koshish kr de lekin bura nahin kr paate. Ulta acchi raah pr le aate hai, chahe sahi tareeke se yaa buri. Mars and Jupiter bhut bal shaali yog ho jaata hai chahe drishti se ho yaa saath mein. And Sun and moon param mitr hai jupiter ke. Looking into all these attributes. Jupiter and Moon ka yog hamesha falit hota hai. Bas haan jaise aapne kaha jagana pardega. We will need to make it active. Shiv ji ki kripa ke liye bhi unhe samadhi se prasan krke uthana pardhta hai.

  40. Kunwar vikrant singh

    Hello sir i have moon jupiter in 10th house and saturn ketu in 12th house, sun mercury venus in 9th house, Mars raha in 6th house, rest of the houses are empty. I have gahkesari yog it seems but life ain’t going so well for me right now, is the yog malefic? Need your insight on this sir. Thanks

  41. Hello sir,
    I am virgo ascendant and my jupiter(retrograde) is in 8th house with shani(retro) and moon and Mercury are in second house.
    Does this make gajkesari yog?

  42. I have Sun Jupiter in the lagna in sagittarius ascendant and moon rahu in the 10th house in Virgo . Is it okay ? And if not please anyone can possibly guide me through and give some remedies?

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