Power brings Peace- The Ashtsiddhis of Hanuman.

The amount of peace in your life is equal to how much control you have over the situation in life, As you are sure about your power of knowledge, contacts, wealth, and body that you will manage any odd coming your way.

One of the prime examples of Power is Shree Hanuman- through the text of Ramayana, he was calm in most of the odd situations; it is wrong that nowadays people associate anger with Mars, even when standing in front of Ravan, his replies were Savage to make Ravan angry.

He is powerful enough that Shivji has to say to Maa Parvati while explaining about Hanumanji.

उमा न कछु कपि कै अधिकाई। प्रभु प्रताप जो कालहि खाई॥” – These lines mean that he is powerful enough to eat the death, Use this mantra again and again if you ever feel scared in life.

When you have Power in life, it not only makes you calm on deeper levels but also makes you insulated, so you don’t react to small situations; if you are going through tough times in life, the power of Mars will make that problem appear small enough that you can’t care enough.

Dasa of Mars is good for most people as opposed to Moon dasa, which is terrible for most humans; people who have well-placed Mars don’t panic much as they know they can handle the situation, but I am going to write about what are eight types of siddhis and 9 Nidhis which you can acquire during a Mars Dasa, these are practical traits of a personality, and anyone can do it.

I will explain one at a time as I never have short answers or understanding, So practice and learn one by one- When I was reading literature on this several years ago, I realised that all these traits were taught to me by my Boss and Mentor -as coming from Navy Seal all his management traits were pure Martian.

There are eight types of Siddhis of Shree Hanuman- the first is Anima.

Anima- This means shrinking the size of the body -Hanuman ji used this siddhi to search for Maa Sita in Lanka and in front of Sursa while crossing the sea.

If you think you don’t have Sursa’s in your life, then be careful; think again; when you are trying to achieve your goals and targets, then suddenly, in between, you will see a lot of people start distracting you by standing in your way and asking you to compete with them, by throwing tantrums, challenges in such a way that it will become necessary for you to focus on Sursa rather then your goal.

Sursa was the mother of Nagas, sent by gods to test Hanuman whether he would be able to bear the pressure inside Lanka; similarly, when you make big targets in your life, you will be given many obstacles until and unless you clear them, and universe deem you fit for a particular place, you will not be given a challenge for which you are not ready.

This teaches us two things about this siddhi; first of all, if someone is showing you how big they are, like Sursa was expanding twice the size of Hanuman ji, instead of competing with her and wasting time, he focused on priority as it was a time waste for Shree Hanuman to compete with Sursa.

Sometimes in life, we get in competitive mode, but before even start doing this, we need to realize if it is worth our time. Is this my main focus in life? Even after defeating the opponent, what will, I achieve? It’s better to shrink the size and become small enough to carry on your journey for a bigger goal.

It is not worth living a life without challenges as the most difficult tasks are given to the best players in the world; I remember getting assigned to a Submarine on which no one ever wanted to work as this was the old hardwired system, six years later when I was on a brand new system in Itlay during a malfunction, when I was opening telemetry can the crew was looking at me like he has seen a ghost as these people have never opened telemetry can ever before, so they were referring to drawing and manuals.

Never complain about the work assigned to you; the moment you start getting happy in every work assigned, the genius inside you takes over; I was happy as a Pilot on the old system, and I am happy writing this blog and imparting my small wisdom to help you in terms of planets. The secret is to give out my best every moment.

Hanuman Ji destroying Lanka

As for some people, you are the benchmark. If you compete with them, their dream comes true as some new bowlers start competing with Sachin. Will it not be a dream come true for newbies?

The second time Hanumanji shrank his size was when entering Lanka to search for Maa Sita; This is another learning that when you are entering an unknown territory or meeting someone for the first time in life, Be small, look for red flags, observe and then act, If on Day -1 you tell what your complete strength is, then there will be no surprises, that is why no country ever tells complete details of their nuclear warheads.

Let people underestimate you and keep guessing your depth; act like a fool, and Plan like a legend, as you will always have enough depth to act with.

Use Anima siddhi as an element of surprise for everyone every time. Be small enough as an atom to work silently and reach your goals; learn to pick your battles as obstacles are part of any mountain peak, but that should not push you away or demotivate you from achieving what you dream of if nature has given you a problem, the solution will come from within, focus if by being small can save your time and efforts, then don’t shy away in doing so.

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22 thoughts on “Power brings Peace- The Ashtsiddhis of Hanuman.”

    1. Deepanshuji,
      Even though I know Ramayan story, how you have broken into small pieces to teach Anima siddhi and how we can apply the same in our life is mind blowing . Look forward to more of these soon. I chant Hanuman chalisa everyday and go to temple everyday. You have changed my lifestyle. Going towards higher spiritual goal day by day. My heartfelt gratitude and pranams.

  1. Since childhood I am chanting hanumanchalisa and sometimes bajrangban,several times after asking him for help,magically he has saved me,anubhuti.

    1. As always, great perls of wisdom. I am thinking of office event & getting frustrated & then universe met me with this article. Thnk you

  2. Viraaj Dobriyal

    100% true sir ! My moon Mahadasha is going on and it’s in 10th house in Leo sign , and in Bhav chalit it’s in 9th house it’s my Badhak planet, in Nakshatra Nadi it’s only giving 9th house nothing else , it’s worst time period of life i can say , no one cares about me it’s proved

  3. Prachi Raj.Shukla

    Great Guidance sir, Pls also write about how to get rid of nav grah Shanti puja effect as once you told that some times this puja makes good planets becomes weak to show his effect specially when this puja happens on pilgrimage.
    Many people’s make this mistake of nav grah Shanti puja in troubleshum period later will regret.

  4. The article is awesome. My moon mahadasha is going on and I am facing trouble in my career and losing money.
    Also my mind is unable to keep calm and thinks anything worse.
    If you can guide me sir, that will be a life saver at this point.
    Also, the book, rituals of happy soul is awesome.

  5. Beautifully written…going through MARS mahadasha ..I listen hanuman chalisa everyday…that’s saviour mantra…

  6. Wow .. beautiful Sir .. 🙏🙏🙏. Reading this would definitely give the benefit of reading Sundarkand 🙏🙏

  7. Mars Retro on second house in Capricorn .
    All points mentioned matches to my life . Have been doing Hanuman Chalisa from last 6 years or so . Hanuman Ji has always helped 🙏

  8. Deepanshu ji
    Moved to canada on study permit
    From CA (ICICI banker) and now working as labourer
    Its complete transformation
    Life is upside down

    Left things on God (mars mahadasha and mercury antar)
    Jai veer bajrangi

    Planning for further professional exams like CFA in nov 23

    Will i get success here
    A better career and money ??

  9. I totally agree with this post! Shree Hanuman is a great example of power and peace. His replies to Ravan, even in the face of adversity, were so powerful. It is important to remember that having power over a situation doesn’t mean that one has to be angry – Hanumanji is a great reminder of this lesson!

  10. There is no doubt that the peace that is enjoyed in one’s life is equal to the control one has over the situation. This is because one is sure about one’s power of knowledge, contacts, wealth, and body. This allows one to manage any odd coming their way. One of the prime examples of this is Shree Hanuman- through the text of Ramayana, he was calm in most of the odd situations. However, today people are associated anger with Mars, even when standing in front of Ravan. He is powerful enough that Shivji has to say to Maa Parvati while explaining about Hanumanji. “उमा न कछु कपि कै अधिकाई। प्रभु प्रताप जो वायर

  11. Namaste Sir. After reading this post 2 days back, same night I had a dream of Ganeshji and Hanumanji. Ganeshji in Huge Size form and displayed at least 5 to 6 different poses of himself. As I was watching Ganapati’s vibhin roop in awe, Hanumanji (Teenager sized), started coming towards me and I started shivering in fear. He came very close and looked at me quizzically, like “where are the bananas”?.
    Next morning I bought 1 Kg banana but couldnt find any Hanuman mandir open nearby. So today, since you had told to give 1Kg boondi to Ramji, I located a temple which has both deities.
    By the time I reached that temple, I started regretting that I have bought only 1 KG banana for Hanumanji. Let me buy more, as this looks too little for his appetite. I asked at at least 10shops near the temple, not a single fruit store and nearest market several kms away.
    That’s when it dawned on me that obviously Hanumanji must have been craving ripe bananas! The temple quite resembled what I saw in the dream. There was indeed a Huge form of Ganesha there. And I felt honored to be asked to deliver bananas to Hanumanji and Boondi Laddu to Ramji. Thank you, everyday is magic for LA followers.

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