Ketu Nakshatra – Why so much cringe ?

As I was trying to look for astronomical information on the stars of Ketu, all I could get on google in cringe content which is most likely written by AI or considering the keywords for google; this one thing is for sure Cringe content rules, the internet, anyhow one of the users in youtube asked me about Mool nakshatra and why so much bad is written about it?

As I keep on repeatedly saying that nakshatras are the sources of energy, and if you can understand the energy of any nakshatra, you can make it your superpower as only when you accept your flaws then only it becomes special in your life, such as Saturn being significator of legs walks with a limp as Saturn has accepted his flaw of moving slow and used it for advantage, Saturn is the only planet which does not wobble while moving.

Moon has a deformity in the chest, showing problems related to breathing and control of emotions. However, once he accepts the flaw, he becomes a significator in controlling emotions; it is only challenged in your life when you overcome becomes your most special feature.

Similarly, Once you can accept the good, bad and ugly of the nakshatras you are born in, you become aware of the fact of your powers and shortcomings. In that case, you can live your life in a way you wish as you will start getting control over life by becoming aware of your destiny and sequence, you are born with certain combinations with particular dasa this is your space and time, only when we are aware of what is coming next, we became calm and prepared.

Universe has a unique way of shaping your journey via nine active forces of energy; one after another gets activated to help you live a life in a way so you can experience all Saptaras of life- There are days of sadness, misery, and struggle where a human thinks why it is happening? Knowledge of these seven energies helps you see through the prism of life so that you can align yourself in unfavourable times.

This sequence is time -Dasha of planets you run, that is why so much importance to Moon Star and so much of evils are written for Ketu Nakshatras, this is based on science, but our rishis have their own way of telling everything in the form of stories so a common man can understand the symbolism more easily.

A person born in Ketu Nakshatra shows not only goes through malnutrition but also a disagreement with the physical body as all three nakshatras of Ketu show a deity with a physical deformity or without a physical body, such as Ashwin’s have a head in the form of a horse, Magha’s deity is Pitri’s which again do not have any physical body and Mool ruled by Nirrti devi who lives in the kingdom of death.

Why is Ketu Nakshatras given such kind of persona? What is happening in the sky that people with prominent Ketu nakshatras have to go through this kind of description and physical deformity has been given to deity; the reason lies in the sky and stars- These three stars have the minimum amount of mass with an extremely high temperature, there are other stars such as Orion but with a considerable high amount of mass and area.

When Moon crosses this part of the sky, even when a negligible physical presence is there, but still due to heat in the portion of Sky the water element gets imbalanced; water being the main component of the body, will come as imbalanced due to high heat content.

So two elements in your chart are imbalanced: Water, which will be on the lower side, and Fire, which is on the higher side in your personality; look at the water-dependent planets in your chart. Those are Moon and Venus, and the fiery planets are Sun and Mars.

Native-born in Ketu Mahadasa must go through this dasa sequence- Ketu -7 years (whatever is left at birth.)
Venus – 20 years
Sun – 6 years
Moon – 10 years
Mars – 7 years (Total 49 years- This is the actual age of Ketu in naisargik dasa)
Rahu – 18 years

Now, look up the dasa sequence. The first five dasa of the native’s lifetime will be extremely imbalanced for the native as the component of these dasas is imbalanced in the native’s body and life. During the dasa of watery planets, he will be extremely volatile and emotionless, unable to process the emotions and express grief or happiness properly. In contrast, in the dasa of fiery planets, the native will be extremely ruthless in deciding to start something new and act like a stubborn person.

The nakshatra you are born in gives you the maximum result in the time period of natural age of the planet if you are born in Jupiter Mahadasa, then these ages will be critical for you- 16–21 and 51–56; similarly, if you are born in dasa of Ketu, then the age of 49–50 will have a major impact on your life.

5 thoughts on “Ketu Nakshatra – Why so much cringe ?”

  1. Namaste Sir. What you say is true, cringe-binge seems to fast become a hobby that people will put on their resume one day.
    I was self studying tri-doshas and here you come with a post on how to apply that in Jyotish. The logic you have given on how Naisargik dasha ties-in with the birth dashas surely gave me a jaw-drop moment. Makes complete sense from the way you have explained it.
    Cannot imagine how much effort and sadhana must have gone into collating and condensing this info for layperson consumption. And why would you be giving so much info for free? Is there any way to contribute to any of your causes as give-back?
    Also, glad you brought up Moola, I hope you will simplify this energy for us someday. I have some charts with planets in Moola and whole charts are getting bad vibes from that sector. Wanted to understand how to raise it for good purposes – if there is any DIY havan/abhishek/daan/vrat etc to be done. Anyways, will wait patiently until you decide to share about this.
    Thanks much.

  2. Sivamsundaram

    Ketu nakshatra and physical deformity is something so consistent in the charts I recall!! For eg. Ashvini moon with venus aspect had thickest spectacles till she got laser surgery and went specs free around 27 yrs age, when venush dasha got over. Another with venus mercury conjunct in magha lost one eye due to curiosity – peeking into inkpot while filling sharp brass nib. Both are musically gifted. So much more matches, but thought of sharing these.

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