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Free Basics of Astrology Course

(With Certification) 

Code of Cosmos – Jyotish
The objective of this course is that in whichever field you might be working, you can be engineer, doctor or astrology enthusiast but I have a vision that everyone should know this much of astrology in life to tackle any problem in life before running to an expert.
This course will introduce to subject and help you progress in life as this is what super science does- This course is will help you understand how cosmos of nine planets are working in human body, This course will serve as bridge between your knowledge of religion and rituals by explaining the science behind them.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Nine Planets and their significations.
  • Introduction to 12 houses  12 signs and their significations
  • The special position of planets and significations Aspects of Planet and Rasi.
  • How to read charts and judge various significations.
  • Practical application of Jyotish by making predictions.
  • General remedies for each planet.
  • Assignments and Community support etc.

This is a free course but not cheap as I could have easily charged for this and sold out but i felt that this is basic knowledge which school, colleges and university failed to teach and this should be the first knowledge which should have been taught to every human as this is a super science. 


Basics of Astrology Course

Learn Astrology via Free Astrology Courses, E-Book, Videos and more

These Sources will offer you free astrology course, ebook, magazine and various other astrology tools with variety of solution for every thing which you needed to learn in astrology. After extensive research and never-ending effort, we have developed these sources to learn astrology free in all formats and compiled these learning into 8 powerful sources and you will find all the sources below. You will find a wide range of solutions for everything you need to know about astrology from these sources.

1. Free Astrology Courses

I’m listing here three comprehensive astrology courses these are in a pre-recorded video format for easy learning. These courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles of astrology and its applications. Through our pre-recorded video format and after the completion of each course you will get Lunar Astro Certification absolutely free. I encourage you to stay updated with us for future updates.

  1. Code of Cosmos – Level 0
  2. Badhak Planets & Remedies
  3. Retrograde Planets 

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2. The largest collection of Free Astrology Videos

Free Astrology Videos



In case you are interested in learning free astrology courses through videos, then visit the links below. These two channel will provides information on all aspects of astrology in great detail, all of the videos are produced by Deepanshu Giri ji himself.

These Channels will allow you to learn astrology for free without compromising on quality, and it has been designed in a manner that covers all aspects from the basic to the advanced

3. Free Astrology E-books and Magazines

If you love reading and want to learn astrology through books then books and Magazine is the great option for you, below you can find link of sources for 

1. Best astrology books for beginners

2. E – Books collections 

3. Magazine collections

Keep an eye on this page in the near future to receive future updates

4. Learn Astrology with Free Webinars


Please find the list of Free Webinars that were conducted by Deepanshu Giri ji. We are updating this list in the future, so please keep an eye on this page.

  1. Predictive Techniques of Rahu and Ketu    

  (available in both Hindi and English Languages)

5. Ask any Question to the world's largest community of Astrologers

If you ever wanted to ask questions to the astrologer but don’t want to spend in astrology consultation then here is the best alternative for you. This is the largest astrologer community where you simply need to ask a question related to astrology and get answers and all this for free.

Or if you are an Astrologer and wish to assist the people in the best possible way, this is the right place for you. It is free and has no strings attached.

Ask & Get Answers

6. Learn with Largest Free Astrology Data Bank


If you want to do research in astrology & need data to analysis then visit astro data bank developed by lunar astro, contains astrological data of thousands of people with their chart having detail information like name, date of Birth, place of birth, coordinate data, health information etc. 

7. Get Free Daily Prediction on Telegram by Deepanshu Sir

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Join Deepanshu Sir Telegram channel @lunarastro108 to get daily prediction by Deepanshu Giri Sir.
Become more successful in your life with free and accurate predictions.

Search Lunarastro on Telegram to join this group or simply scan this code to find this group and get daily prediction by Deepanshu Giri Sir.  

8. Create Free Kundli | Matchmaking | Astrology Calculators

Best Free astrology tool for creating unlimited Kundli with most accurate with easy to follow steps. Click the link below to get the direct access to these tools 

Click Here

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