Learning Leadership from Shree Hanuman

Learning Leadership from Hanuman

This is in continuation post in which I am covering leadership lessons from Shree Hanuman the first siddhi of Hanuman ji is Anima — you can read about it here and let us move on to the second Siddhi of Hanuman ji which is Mahima.

You must have seen yantras mentioning eight siddhis on the side and we do recite mantras like Anima siddhi- Garima Siddhe which is basically focusing on mastering these energies while doing any type of Sadhna, When you are deep into any type of Sadhna you realize what we are doing while performing any type of Sadhna is replicating the macro model of universe on a nanoscale as this nano energy is enough for humans to get things done, we don’t wish to control the universe, we usually do Sadhna to control our life matters but as you will progress you will have opportunity to control the complete matter by using the body as Yantra.

When anyone performs sadhna of Hanuman ji- It is about gaining control over the body by knowledge and understanding our capability, most of us don’t even know what we are capable of that is why you will see most humans wasting time in matters which will not matter after a certain time period and wasting valuable time of life, It is exactly when you look at a person and a thought cross your brain “This person can do much better only if he knew his capability.”

All the Siddhis of Shree Hanuman ji are about self-realization and understanding your powers, second siddhi of Hanuman ji is Mahima- which stands for increasing your body size to any extent even when it requires you to pick the mountain when it’s required.

Mahima translates to Greatness and your greatness will depend on the task you are going to pick in your life.

What this siddhi is about is not about the physical body only as there would have been many people who would have existed on earth with big bodies but the siddhi is a message that leaders move mountains alone.


There are tasks in life which everyone did it the same way as it is the norm of society then one day comes the person who decided to move the mountain alone, earlier people will laugh, discourage, sympathize and later on conspire with you so you should not complete tasks which are not done before.

Mahima is about how big you can become even when you are alone and always remember you are as big as the task you pick in your life, If your life goal is to provide service for your family it is fine your Mahima is limited to your family and they are going to admire you for it, nothing great in it as everyone is supposed to contribute something when living under a common roof.

When you are working for the company and you are doing your job assigned perfectly, your greatness will be paid by the end of every month but what is something which separates you from a group of monkeys and becomes Hanuman?

Understand the deeper perspective of Hanuman- He is the one who is taking critical decisions when no one wants to, He is the one who is ready to take the blame for failure at a critical junction in the story when Shri Lakshman is unconscious, their leader Shree Ram is under grief and Goswami Tulsidas is when wrote this chapter, seems like everyone thought that they have lost the battle as the morale of the army is down.

Still, someone is out there who is approaching Sushen Vaid in Lanka, there is someone who is confident enough that I will get this done by Morning, We still got a chance, He didn’t ask anyone to motivate him or give orders to him but he did what needed to be done, This had to be done in the night which means there is no support from anyone and in the night all the dark forces are more prevalent but still even in the worst time periods the one who has the courage will be able to move the mountain.

Great people to earn greatness do things which are impossible, unheard of, and unimaginable for others without anyone telling them to do this, they provide unconditional support like godfather and let everyone enjoy the victory without them becoming the Hero, Most people suffer from syndrome SEP- Someone else problem, If you are working in such environment, this is a dangerous work culture as this will not only cripple your abilities but also in life you are not going to progress as a human as you have accepted that it is SEP.

When you are in the mode of SEP, you will find a way to convince yourself that someone else is going to take care of everything around you but siddhi of Mahima doesn’t work this way, It works on a principle that if I see a problem which I am facing, I am going to create a permanent solution of this problem.

As Siddhi of Mahima requires patience, strategy and continuous hard work- to move a mountain is not going to happen in a day but over a period of time and this has to be done alone, as you are the one who can see the problem as well as solution If you will run to someone else asking for help, you cannot convince anyone in this world for the problem you are facing as everyone else has already accepted the problem and to live with it.

It is you who has spotted the problem and you should try to solve it alone as when the mountain will move everyone will come to celebrate along with you and sometimes you might not even get the credit for moving the mountain but don’t lose this siddhi as what you have achieved is a confidence and skill which no one can take away from you as once you move any mountain you have learned how to move another one as well, while others who might have taken credit for your hard work might enjoy for a bit but in reality, they also know, who’s Mahima is required?

This goes for all the people out there who say, I don’t get credit for my work but always remember when you do any work in this life fame, money and other things are by-products of it, focus on skill everything else will follow.

माना बहुत घना है अंधेरा , रोके रुका है किसी के सवेरा ।

You can be the ordinary monkey, or you can be the Hanuman ji and the only difference is taking ownership of the situation, wherever you are working, whatever you are doing focus on How you can move the mountain which everyone is ignoring.

I hope this article has given you insights into Siddhis of Shree Hanuman, I will continue to write this series- Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Rajeshwari Noorani

    Sir your posts always come at the right time when we are low and bingo we are up again to move another mountain. Many many thanks and gratitude 🙏🏽

  2. Thank you sir for opening up closed paths of our life ,your guidance is always life changing, you are bringing up our subconscious level.

    1. Chandrakala Basavannacharya

      Even though, I don’t comment regularly, I have deep gratitude for all your blogs and videos . It is an eye opener and I am able to connect everything in my life and others lives as well. Mind blowing, awesome. Eagerly waiting for the rest of the series.
      On a separate note, I was able to perform Shivarathri ritual of 21 days until Holi night without any obstacles. My soul is very happy 😊

    2. Arti Tekwani

      Beautiful Post Sir!!!
      Mere Rim Rom Mein Ram Baste Hain(Every Cell Of My Body Is Light)
      Mere Rom Rom Se Som Baraste Hain(Flow of elixir In every Cell)
      Bolo RamChandRa ki Jai!!!

    3. Pallavi Sharma

      Thank you, sir, for motivating us and indirectly telling us to be a solver rather than crib or ignore the problem.

  3. The flow of the article shows the passion with which you have written this article. it’s motivating and enriching. I hope we keep receiving more words of wisdom from you sirji.

    1. Wow! This is amazing sirji. The whole article is power-packed and uplifting to sail smoothly both in family and corporate world. Thanks for educating us in a simple way with right example of ” Hanuman ji,
      Asta siddhi nava nidhi ke datha, Asavar dheen Janaki mata” these lines are ringing in my head to make connection with this article.
      Thanks for enlightening us with your precious knowledge and wisdom🙏🙏🙏🙏.

      1. There’s a mesmerizing pause in everything you write Sir…one can actually feel the high life state you are in while writing each and every article.
        Gratitude for sharing this magic to us! 🙏

        1. Very true sir! Worshiping hanuman ji helped me to change my behaviour and come in a fighting mode for justice as it was required in my conditions. Even I don’t know how it changed but yes the one who does should be true, genuine and satvik at his/her part only then you can have blessings of shri hanuman ji. Thanks for sharing such a nice article! 🙏

    2. Chandrakala Basavannacharya

      Even though, I don’t comment regularly, I have deep gratitude for all your blogs and videos . It is an eye opener and I am able to connect everything in my life and others lives as well. Mind blowing, awesome. Eagerly waiting for the rest of the series.
      On a separate note, I was able to perform Shivarathri ritual of 21 days until Holi night without any obstacles. My soul is very happy 😊

      1. Thank you deepanshu ji for your article. Is there some practice we can do to get better on these siddhis on a daily basis? Thanks. Om namah shivaay

  4. Kartik Joshi

    I love how you have explained mahima siddhi. We often use these words in sadhana practise however until you know the deeper meaning it’s a shallow use. Please enrich our knowledge further by explaining the other siddhis in this way. It’s great.

  5. Hi sir my name is srishti,
    I always wondered what exactly did Hanuman ji remembered which made him so great. The way u have written the article has answered so many questions in my life currently.
    Thank you so much for that . Please continue the series as it will give a lot of insight about life.

  6. Mahima Sharma

    Namaste DG
    Was waiting for your this post,came on right time,was in a low state.Motivated,energised by your words. You are a true gem.Bless you.

  7. Minakshi Ahlawat

    Thanku Deepanshu ji for explaining asth sidhis in such a wonderful way and making us understand the how universe actually works and again a lot of thanks to you and your team.

  8. Star Spectrum

    Sadar pranam Deepanshu Acharyaji.🙏. Very very sublime shastric messageji, aptly beautifully put. Jai Ram Ji…… . Kar Bhalla Ho Bhallaji always. Sharnagatam and humility are a must in growth always, to add with humilityji.🙏🙏🙏.

  9. I have always worked on this principle wat you mentioned.. i have mars in 10H which i think gives me the strength to do so…but i must tell, its not always an easy path..mostly it is a thankless path… even when people benefit from your work, they forget very soon who carved the path..just like dasrath manjhi

  10. Siddhesh Sudam Keni

    Pranaam Guruji,
    Shree Hanumanji is inspirational as we always take his example of selfless service to human kind. Despite being tired , fighting battle the whole day he did not looked left and right that who will take this responsibility of finding Sanjeevani among his team members. Despite not knowing the actual specifications but with only few information on the critical moment he took the responsibility and delivered it successfully. The moment of accepting the challenge is actually the crux of today’s management lesson’s.

  11. Shrabani Sil

    Really it was very helpful to me sir. I bow down to your divine knowledge 🙏🏻 I wish i could get you as my Guru, Mentor & aquire more knowledge from you. It would be a blessing for me. Deepanshu Sir, please take my respect.

  12. Loved your article Deepanshu ji…very well expressed….A marvellous and relevant interpretation of hanumanji’s siddhis for anyone who is disheartened for not getting the desired praise and appreciation despite putting all their might… continue the good work…

  13. Every word is motivational, A unique personality Lord Shri Hanuman ji.
    You master of Astrology as well as a true Guru who can show a bright path to everyone.
    We are fortunate one in this life that we got a mentor like you.
    God will always bless you as you bless to us.
    माना बहुत घना है अंधेरा , रोके रुका है किसी के सवेरा ।

  14. Yes sir, please continue spreading the light of your knowledge through your posts. They are very much required in today’s time.

  15. Shivani Bhasin

    Do we use “Shree” with Hanuman Ji?

    In “Shree Ram”, “Shree” stands for Lakshmi Mata/Sita Mata.

    Blogs and videos are inspiring and filled with information, as usual. 🙂🙏

  16. An auspicious description soothing the soul with a fire -“Why of Life”. Thank you for this, sir. I read about Hanuman ji when he was asked how much power he had. He replied in a simple manner with a deep essence – “मुझमें कोई शक्ति हो तो बोलूं! मेरी सारी शक्ति तो श्री राम के नाम से आती है”। A great example of altruism. I have written that line in my copy and always try to keep it in mind- I’m nothing,I’m only controlled. An inspiration, a confused power without direction but with principle and character; after getting the enlightenment didn’t ever think to seek credits and spread his boons to protect everyone. My pranam sir.

  17. Thanks sir for writing the article, I am also always in the suffering why i did not get the credit of my work after taking the responsibility and worked hard but now i found the focused on skills not the credits.

    thanks sir

  18. Mahamya Sikdar

    When I am Down, see no light around me and then Deepanshu Sir’s torch pierce through the dark and light spread. For years I am following him. I feel so blessed to spread his knowledge among my friends, relatives and tell them to follow him.
    May God bless the Best soul.

  19. so beautifully and powerfully written. you uplift so many souls with just your words and your knowledge. thank you for being you. Jai Hanuman

  20. I wrote something and then deleted it all. No matter what I say, it wont matter. So guess will leave it.

  21. This is most apt and best representation/explanation of the Rupak from Hanuman ashtak described in very articulative fashion.

    “बान लाग्यो उर लछिमन के तब
    प्राण तजे सूत रावन मारो
    लै गृह बैद्य सुषेन समेत
    तबै गिरि द्रोण सु बीर उपारो
    आनि सजीवन हाथ दिए तब
    लछिमन के तुम प्रान उबारो”

    Sir, the way you have unfolded the subliminal messages from Veda, Upnishad, Samhita, etc. is so irremarkable. This is what people who believes in Sanatan dharm should realize and understand that the religion is not some magic yet it is magical. Thank you so much for such posts. It truly brings so much of clarity of thoughts, perceptions and human life.

  22. Power of the words can be felt while reading it. Zone, in which you write is tremendous. Thanks for writing and sharing powerful thoughts !

  23. Soothing and as always giving insights in our life. Thanks for your consistent efforts. Hope to be graced by Lord Hanuman in future as well by his ‘Mahima Varnan’.

  24. Deepanshu Sir, amazing! That’s a whole lot of insights, Do you know? you are also moving the mountain/ solving the pressing societal challenges through your research and truth sharing? Thank you!
    I understand, Hanumanji is that energy (as he is a cheeranjeevi) which is available to anyone who can pray him with pure mind i.e., in devotion. He himself is the personification of the word Devotion. We know that whatever he did, he did it for lord Shri Ram (aka Dharma). The best way to reach him is through reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Around 2 decades ago, I used to have many nightmares, then one fine day, I got this Hanuman Chalisa book and that day chanted it once before sleep. A miracle happened! That’s the power of Hanumanji. He is right around us, we just need to show devotion. He will definitely help us to work on humongous challenges and tasks.

  25. Jai shree Ram sirji,
    Such great words in a simple language.
    After I read this loudly to my daughter 13 yrs old she said I love your sir amma.
    Pls continue to write on Hanumanji sir. Very true i have been working on overcoming on “sep ” habit. I did not know how to explain it to my family and friends .but your article has made it simple sir .
    May lord Sita rams blessings always shower on u and everyone reading this post . Pls do give us more and more light on Hanumanji ..
    Jai shree ram sir.
    Jai hanuman ,rama bhakta hanuman.

  26. No words to explain my gratitude for all gyan I am getting via your knowledge sir, thank you for being a ray of light in our lives .keep shining keep enlightening us …shukrane 🙏


    sir please continue this series , i am eager read more about him… , for few days i am asking hanuman ji during my recitation of hanuman chalisa to meet me,today i went to market ,came back an saw a humungous monkey sitting just infront of my house and at my first glance i know he is hanuman ji,my parents gave him a banana and he happily accepted it.he is with me i know …..

  28. Thank you always ,for guiding us .
    It’s such a powerful thing & I hope to get out of this SEP stage to make one’s life worth living 😊

  29. Namaste Deepanshu Sir ,

    Thanks God , I am able to read, see and grasp your deep thinking behind every and different kind of subjects related to astrology and much more you are discovering and unfolding it for the world.
    आज कल के जमाने मे ऐसे अनेक गहन विषय मे इतना खुद को बहा देने वाला करोडोंमे एखाद दुसरा होता हैं , जो आप हैं l
    आप ने भी mountain उठाया है lunar astro का l आप पर ये अष्टसिद्धी प्रसन्न हैं l

    सत् युग की शुरुवात हो गयी है ये आप के honesty से महसुस होता है l
    बस आप के व्हिडिओ ,ब्लॉग देखते पढते ही थोडा सा जी लिया ऐसा लगता हैं l

    आप जैसे honest inteligent and hard work करने वाले सौ तरुण हमारे खोयी हुइ संस्कृती को पुनः सुप्रतिष्ठीत कर सकते हैं l

    वंदे मातरम् l

  30. Namaste Sir. I feel this need of seeking credit is actually like an iron chain we tie around our own ankles. If we let go, it’s like being free of yet another unwanted burden of life. Then we can quietly perform the purest quality karma by resonating on the elevated frequencies of one’s own chart. Hanumanji is a paragon of this rare virtue. Jai MukhyaPraan. Jai Siyaram.

  31. Aditi Agarwal

    Much needed post🙏…
    Sir bhagwan tho aate nhi par apne guard ko send karte h…..sir aap meri zindagi me bus bhagwan ban kr aaye ho…..apki mahima aprampar h🙏….sir aap and avatar sir karjdar hu…….short of words…🙏

    My guru ,my mentor….
    Jai shree Ram
    Jai shree Hanuman

  32. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. Your content is always thought-provoking and engaging, and your passion for your subject shines through in your writing.

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