God Mode On- Desire of Planets

Every one of his multiple wishes in life, can exist on various planes of life such as material, spiritual or metal plane and these wishes originates from 9 planets which are placed in different houses of the birth chart as the rhythm of these planets goes on our wishes keep on changing with the maturity.

We use to wish for playing cricket all day as a kid to just be grateful for health in old age, some of our wishes do come true while some always remain as desires but the beauty of some of the planets is that even when they grant you everything you will never be able to be satisfied with the significations of the planet as we fail to realise the that we were asking for has been delivered, It is like a situation with a kid who closes his eyes and cries for a toy, while in the real world, the toy is in front of a kid, This is a tendency of a planet which has gone retrograde in your chart.

I will explain this technique in detail and you can see this in any chart and predict on various levels, I have tried to cover retrograde planets where you can do a complete one-hour reading only using the technique of retrograde planets only including Rahu and Ketu as beauty is after reading the client will not only be happy but also will appreciate your reading reason being is retrograde planets are the one which causes extreme dissatisfaction in life Like you can test in your chart- Look at Rahu and Ketu axis – you will have everything you require in life but still not satisfied as this is the axis of snake and how anyone can be happy on this axis.

Similarly, look for retrograde planets in the chart wherever they are placed even when you have been granted everything you wished for but you are still not happy and this happiness can hardly come as this is what retrograde planets are- they are the epitome of Kaam and Lobh- Lobh is what else I can get? and Kaam is whatever I have should not go away.

So imagine if someone has 10 lac and if a person is not happy with 10 then the value of those 10 is zero since if you are not happy with it then there is no point in such money, People who were able to control retrograde planets were the happiest ones in the life and the one who didn’t realise this created reason for being unhappy at every cost, I am writing this article so you can understand the value of things which you are holding, the beauty of this technique is powerful the retrograde planet becomes such as in a sign of exaltation or sitting in own sign worse is the desire, It becomes like a spoilt kid who has everything but still crying for another toy.

That is why when a retrograde planet goes debilitated it is good at least a person comes to their senses and makes peace with whatever he gets but is still not satisfied- Satisfaction is a state of mind that only a few rare ones get in life, but once you practice this technique in your life of being satisfied with where you are in life, this is close to moksha as a person becomes a servant to wishes of the planet and runs from pole to pole to complete it without understand even if he requires it and this race never ends.

Learn to live in present, enjoy life every moment as it comes and make the most of the situation, The moment you leave the chesta of being in future or the guilt of the past that is when your first-time life becomes free and independent- This realisation can come at any moment at any junction that I don’t need anything and I am happy with what I have, repeat it several times throughout the day and do your work like god is creating earth with a focus on whatever work has been assigned to you, Trust me you will work in God Mode.

Let us look at this in practical charts.

This is a chart of a beautiful Marilyn Monore and I have picked her chart as all the planets are connected to one retrograde planet Saturn.
Moon is placed in Capricorn- House lord Saturn retrograde.
Jup-Mars- Placed in Aquarius -again both house lords retrograde.
Venus -Saturn is placed in Libra and aspecting Venus.
Sun and Mercury- Placed in Taurus and other signs have retrograde planet Saturn.

You can see the complete chart is controlled by one planet and that is Saturn and being exalted it will give everything in life but in a Saturine way by creating adversity first as it is the house lord of 7th and 8th- These are houses where you have to do favours to others or being dependent on others and then Saturn will give you status so it is going to create bondage for you and being a retrograde planet this Saturn has a lot of desires to be someone known in public and for this native can do anything.

she has her 7th lord Saturn retrograde exalted in the 4th house- So Saturn has the responsibility of providing shelter and that is why she was not ready to go to a foster home, she married at the age of 16.

The initial years of her life can be seen going through a rough phase as her ascendant lord is also in Capricorn which is owned by a retrograde planet when the age of Saturn started which is 36 -41 – the result of the planet will come according to the degree of a planet and in this case, Saturn is placed in end degrees of 28.38 but being retrograde the result will be reversed and will be in the first year which is 36th and sadly this is the year when she committed Suicide- In Vimshottari dasa as well she was running dasa of Jup-Mars which are placed in 8th house again in the house of the retrograde planet creating extreme dissatisfaction.

She died complaining that I didn’t get true love while she had everything as this is what retrograde planets do, create dissatisfaction in life and in her chart it was extreme, The day she committed suicide transit Saturn and Ketu were transiting her 7th house within 1degree difference and Mars exactly on the natal degree of Mars in 11th house.

Retrograde Planets book – Webinar on Retrograde Planets & Past Life – English (lunarastro.com)

Similarly, you can use this technique on Rahu and Ketu in charts and see if they are creating dissatisfaction in life and the moment you can master them by living in present rather than making castles, your life becomes worry free.

14 thoughts on “God Mode On- Desire of Planets”

  1. I feel like you explaining my heart right now n the whole article just broke my heart rahu jupiter retro 4th I can’t just accept that I’m where I should be, the desire is literally destroying my soul

  2. Deepanshu sir, I was worried about my future and this post contains an answer for me too. Your posts are always a guidance to us. Thankyou so much sir.🙏

    1. Thankyou so much sir for such golden knowledge at the right time. Always and forever. You always have our back Sir. Just as a guru does 🙏

  3. But sir what if someone is preparing for big exams and still unable to clear it , should he be satisfied for what he has or try more for the exam. I believe satisfaction especially in carrer is sine qua non as it creats regrets in later part of life like I’ve seen people saying i wish I had tried harder one more time.
    Thank you

  4. Rekha chauhan

    Sir Thank u so much…u r providing such a beautiful knowledge to each n every person who wants to learn jyotish…I m reading every blog of urs 3 to 4 times …I know it will tk time for me to learn jyotish properly bt still it’s way beyond happiness reading ur blogs…Guruji charan sparsh…🙏🏻🙌🏻

  5. Ruchi Agarwal

    Sir , ur article acts as torch light to the beginners like us… just changed the perspective of looking at the chart. Thanks for providing such knowledgeable nectar to us.
    Very useful technique 🙏🙏

  6. Maybe I’m just lucky or adapted well but I have all 7 planets connected to 2 retro planets – Jup and Merc and life has been relatively blessed. Touchwood!

  7. The Happy Lady

    Thank you for the article. I’m reading Happy Soul right now. I constantly think and feel that I don’t “have enough.” Be it money, food (overeater), self-love, happiness. It’s a struggle to pay bills bc the money I earn is not enough to pay for everything. My bank balance is low all the time etc. I’m Virgo lagna. My second house has 3 retrograde planets (Ketu, Pluto and Saturn). My husband asked me the other day what makes me happy. And I didn’t know how to answer that question and I’m 37. My happiness comes in waves and I’m on anti-depressants and anxiety meds. I try mantras, rudraksha, praying, meditation, affirmations etc. Now granted, I do none of that consistently and I actually do feel much better after doing those things. I don’t know to accept that I’ll not have much money/wealth in my life or keep trying, maybe things will get better when Ketu matures. Idk. Sorry for the long comment, I’m a Sag moon lol.

  8. Thank you for any other fantastic post. The place else may just anyone get that type of information in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such info.

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