Secret of 11th house

Names you have earned.

There are names given by you by your family and then there are names you earn by the kind of work you do; the second house is family, and the third house is the name given by family.

Similarly, the 10th house is the karma you do and the 11th house is the name you will earn in this life, good or bad based on how the 11th lord is placed but as simple as this technique of Jyotish sounds there are many secrets you will find within few paragraphs of this article.

As this will give you clues on how to achieve the biggest goals in your life and who will give you resources as well, Since the whole purpose of a family name is not only family name but also all the resources, good and bad will be shared by you. It is your pure luck which type of family you get as based on this your family name will help you achieve various types of skills in life.

Such as in earlier days names will explain to you the kind of work you will do and that is how names use to be kept, I have always stressed on names of people as names will explain to you the energy of the person and the whole life pattern.

similarly, what you wish to achieve in the 10th house of the chart which is the karma assigned to you, you can also get the resources from the 11th house of the chart as the 11th house is second to the 10th house which is the resource of the 10th house.

Let us look at some of the example charts first-

Look at the chart of Shree Ram- He is also known as Kamal Nayan- His 11th house has a Taurus sign which represents eyes and Mercury placed in Taurus showing flowers- so eyes which look like flowers but we all know that before killing the Ravan he prayed to goddess Kali with 108 lotus flowers.

So to achieve the 10th house matter, he used the resource from the 11th house as 11th house is the biggest desire in our life and only when we overcome the desire to achieve anything and focus on the karam only then only extraordinary success is achieved in the 11th house, Pick up any chart of a great person and you will find out 11th house will have a story of sacrifice.

Lord Ram left family – a King of Suryavansh who could have easily rule the throne but gave the family and went out for jungle so he can complete the karma.

Shree Krishna is rising with Taurus ascendant 11th house has Pisces and he has given all the names such as Ranchod, which means leaving the battlefield, we all know the sign of Pisces is for leaving, he has aspects of exalted Mercury in the 11th house showing multiple names which we give to kids while playing.

See the chart of Bhagwan Osho Rajneesh- the 11th house has Rahu in Pisces, I have seen whenever Pisces is coming in the 11th house these people get the reputation of character or something related to sex, Like of all the knowledge Osho has given he is still known for his views on Sex, Shree Krishna even after delivering Gita known for his love life.

Let us look at some of the practical charts as that will get you clarity in life about the 11th house.

The 11th house has the sign of Aries which is the sign known for bravery, individuality and standing out and he is known for his unique thinking as well 11th lord Mars with Rahu in the 8th so out of all the inventions he was still known for his concepts of energy- E=MC2

Aries being the sign of individuality- gave up his German citizenship and moved to Switzerland, The same house has pada of A-7 and A-9 as we all know that his married suffered badly due to his work and the sacrifice he made similarly his non-believer attitude in the religion was open to all.

Now let us move to a more important matter on how to achieve the goal of your life by using the energy of the 11th house by Sadhna- This is the most dreaded secret of choosing a Sadhna.

Start by sign present in the 11th house and look for how to manifest it by offering that signification such as the 11th house cancer sign and Mars placed in it- so we need to use the signification of Cancer which is related to water, emotions, serving the masses and Mars is placed in such a sign where you need to serve not command – This is achieved by working within the soil by making paste of mud, chandan, milk, honey and making 1008 shivling and offer it to Bhagwan Shiv.

In all the classical texts like LingPuran or Markendya Puran where all these sadhanas are mentioned are given out to remove any kind of affliction which might have happened in our chart as 11th house debilitated Mars is not good for physical health and achieving desired results but the moment we balance the energy in the chart by any Sadhna, things start to fall in place.

Below is the video on one of the best nakshatras.

17 thoughts on “Secret of 11th house”

  1. I have sun in 11th in the sign of Pisces. How do we decide this
    10th has mercury retro and Jupiter in Aquarius

  2. 11th house Pisces.. 7th house Scorpio.. i am not astrologer..just fan of Deepanshu Bhaiya .. scorpion with Venus creates sexual attraction in opposite sex ppl .. Pisces in 11th blank 10th aquirious blank .. what would be remedy .. ketu 9th

  3. Aarti Kataria

    Sir i have 6 planets in 11th house it would be great if you could share some light on this I’m a cancer asc i have mercury, moon, Saturn, rahu, mars, Venus in Taurus sign

    1. Sandeep sharma

      Retro Jupiter and Retro Saturn in Virgo(11house) please guide what sadhna I should perform 🙏

  4. Prayag S Kubal

    Namaste sir
    I have Sagittarius in 11th house with Neptune and uranus
    And jupiter in 9th house of libra with venus rahu and mercury

  5. Sir I have Mars Rahu in Leo 11 house so I should use red mud, honey , jaggery , black till and offer it to Shiva … In the form of shiv linga right ..

  6. 11th lord Sun exalted, combusting 3 other planets… struggling in career for over a decade now…but bcoz of own principles,not able to overlook wrong,hence having uncertainty always. But after all this i am happy not to compromise on my principles.🙏
    When you write, i have landed up in tears in most cases.✨😇🌻

  7. What about Virgo sign in 11th house Sir where no planets in it and Mercury (AK) is in 4th house Aquarius along with Sun, Ve(c) & Ju(c)(DK).
    What is the way to do sadhana where we hv multiple energies.
    Mars & Saturn in first house Scorpio asc
    Mo in 10th Leo
    Ra & Ke – 6/12 axis

  8. Gauri Parmar

    I have capricorn which will make it very ironic as above you mentioned of sacrificing 11th house significations and do karma … but capricorn is karma too… what can be done here??

  9. Namaste Sir. Interesting technique. Seems easy at first but it’s not, I can see that. Am going to try it on own chart first to get a feel of how this works.

  10. Well i have retro jupiter in 11 ; scorpio ascendant. So much struggle in career with moon being in 10th and mars in 9th. Please help Dipanshu guru ji.

  11. Vishu Teotia

    Sir My 11th and 10th house, both are empty. Tula lagna female. How should I interpret this?

  12. I have leo sign in 11th house its lord in 8th house, can we say that the name I will get from my karma is concerned with my love life, my knowledge, my children or my money or family because taurus is in 8th house…since its 8th house may be it won’t be good name

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