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Atmakaraka is soul desire but your soul requires a team to fulfil the task, It requires various people along the way to help you and give you life lessons so you can reach the right place, Imagine someone has a chart combination of attaining a moksha but only after getting ditched from a partner, then how without the role of darakarka- Atmakarka can work- All the eight signification work in such a manner with the cycle of events.

The brilliant dasa of Jaimini- Char Dasa is one of the most brilliant dasa but unfortunately that has been corrupted and not been used as it is supposed to, Today let me give a glimpse on how to use all eight significators in synchronicity in making predictions, interpretations and finally timing of events, You will be reading more about this in the book of Atmakarka.

Let us use the combination of Atmakarka and Darakarka

Part-1 – Identifying the Combinations

As you might be reading the book of Atmakarka and getting a deeper understanding of how our Soul progress in life based on different roles assigned to various char karakas in the chart, Such as if Mars becomes Atmakaraka and Moon becomes Darakarka, -Darakarka, is the planet at the lowest degrees in the chart, This is the energy which your soul hasn’t experienced much in this lifetime, This also represents your spouse and partnerships.

These are general results when different planets assume the roles of Darakaraka.

Sun– Partner will provide you motivation, and path and help you generate confidence it will be great if Atmakarka is Mercury, Venus or Mars as these planets are easily compatible with Sun but if Atmakraka is Saturn and Darakarka is Sun, there will always be a difference of opinion as you will still get all the motivation and discipline but now it will be in a harsh manner as when Saturn becomes atmakarka native do not listen to any other significators easily.

Sun being the Darakarka now the soul significator has been assigned the function of Darakarka in the chart as this native might be lacking direction and confidence in life but what is more interesting is that the native is searching for a Soul partner as Sun is a natural significator of Soul in the chart, Let us look at a chart where native either remained unmarried or got a major change in their life after a relationship, the key is Darakarka.

In the Chart of Albert Einstein- Venus is the Atmakarka and Sun holds the key of Darakarka – Remember what we have just learned about Sun being the Darakarka as the soul was constantly looking for learning, and implementation of new technology and science but what he lacks was Sun in his life, which was to stay focus and in order to achieve the results but this has to come from Darakarka in life which is controlled by Sun.

This is what is said about the wife of Einstein –

“Mileva was methodical and organized. She helped him channel his energy and guided his studies as we learn from Albert’s letters”

Moon– When Moon becomes the Darakarka, it will provide emotional support, and comfort and make the native feel comfortable in most troubled situations, As when Moon becomes Darakaraka, it means in this life handling emotions is not the best trait of the native has not been exposed to such situations on how to process emotions, In one of native’s chart just after the demise of father native went bedridden.

As she was not able to cope with the loss of her father, The emotional instability lead her to suffer body physically in many forms, It is only the partner in such times who can handle the native.

I have personally seen even in girls’ charts when Moon becomes darakarka the spouse of these natives have a charming smile and they keep on working for the comfort of the partner and their spouse chart you will find any of the malefic planet being the Darakarka as this a basic requirement for chart matching.

We can definitely say that native will be heavy on the partner and will be more influential than the partner as Moon when playing the role of Darakarka the desire of Soul is to get a person who is emotionally comforting for the native as darakarka is the energy which exists in the least amount for the native and seeking partner who is emotionally comforting for the native, manages home, take care of comfort and peace can help atmakarka in completing the journey of the native.

Mars– When Mars becomes Darakaraka, Courage, Strength and protection is the work assigned to the role of darakarka as let us take a practical example of a chart-German empress- Frederica.

In her Chart Atmakarka is Saturn and Darakarka is Mars -She was 11 years old when she met her husband for the first time who was 9 years older than her, A prince who has capable to protect her and answer all her insecurities and isolation, provide her confidence, As when Saturn becomes Atmakaraka, her desire to meet people and socialise in the royal family was absent but it was the influence of darakarka Mars which gave her this courage.

What we expect from partners is that where we are weak and vulnerable our partners will cover us and help us in the journey of the soul, this is the planet whose energy is new to you, what you lack in life but due to your partners your soul will get help in clearing such difficulties.

Mercury – When Mercury becomes a darakarka native will lack in learning ability, experimenting, and trying new things moreover the biggest drawbacks of all time will be learning from experience as these natives repeat mistakes, It is only due to partners who keep on reminding them why not to play with fire as last time you got burnt.

Jupiter– Jupiter as a Darakarak means the least experience is in the area of wisdom, a really heavy partner but imagine Jupiter the wisdom provider is on the lowest degree, these natives lack in the bigger picture of life, I remember a chart with Moon as Atmakarka and Jupiter as a Darakaraka native was lacking in overall wisdom and her spouse was constantly guiding her to become better version by giving her spiritual experiences of life.

Venus- The perfect partner, As Venus is a natural significator of Darakarka- You will see the native is least bothered and interested about the finance part as their partner takes care of everything else in life, This is one of a good combination if Moon happens to be Atmakarka while if Mars, Sun or Saturn becomes the Atmarkaraka then starts creating troubles due to money related issues only, It is not about a planet becoming atmakarka but how it will work in relation to Atmakarka.

Saturn -Saturn being Darakarka the soul lacks in the persistence of a goal, native is searching for someone who can help them by teaching them to be patient and persistent in life, What happens with these natives is as they get married their spouse starts with changing their profession into a better one as This was supposed to happen for these natives via the route of Darakarka.

Let us solve a practical problem for one of the Students who emailed that she is struggling in her marriage and looking for guidance – We will only use Char dasa and Char karakas.

Here is her Chart and let us call her- SP

You can see her chart above and in her chart Atmakarka is Saturn and her Darakarak is Venus-

Atmakarka Saturn is placed in Gemini Navansh- So we know that her soul desire is to work hard and lead the path by serving others but she has to travel to a foreign land (AK in 12th house navansh), stay in isolation and find her soul desire by rewriting the old literature again in a new manner.

In reality, right now she is in a foreign land and started learning Jyotish but she is not writing anything until now she emailed about her troubled married life, As we can see AK and DK are compatible with each other then what is troubling her, then it might be dasa of a house related to Darakarka as when you are running a dasa of a planet which is at the lowest degree, you will feel terrible as this is the energy you are not familiar with that is why you face a hard time coping up, you are dependent on someone else.

Her Char Dasa right now is Libra- Taurus which will be followed by Libra -Gemini.

Libra and Taurus both are owned by Venus (DK), Saturn (AK) is also placed in Libra which means natives will be dependent on their partner- AK in DK rasi is a combination which can lead you to become dependent on someone else.

This is the reason why her Soul is not coming to peace as when I read her email, I can see her troubled mind, She is looking for a way out, and the best remedy in this time period will be to pray to Dakshin Kali after wearing black clothes and recite Dakshin kali strotram, Wear seven green emerald mala in silver.

She will start writing as her soul is waiting for Gemini dasa – Mercury which is gnatikarka is placed in 11th to Atmakarka with the sign Gemini being activated, her ability to write on such text will be manifold and also married life troubles disappearing, All this is happening right now to prepare her soul, to guide her to be completely isolated and fulfil her long pending desire to express herself.

Why else this coming dasa is important as Gemini contains pada of A8 and A2 which means the past karmic debts and family she has got is due to this spouse – the Karam was making money from a spouse and not respecting in her previous life (See the Arudhas), that is why in this life she will now make money in coming dasa and give back to a spouse, but also her Atmakarka being in Gemini navansh while sitting in Libra – Dasa will be Libra – Gemini.

Whenever this sequence of dasa will run in any chart- The native gets a life purpose in front of their eyes, This is one of the rare dictums of astrology that no one will teach you, When I was teaching navansh lessons, I was showing students practical case studies on how to use navansh and what you can expect from a planet when it occupies a certain navansh.

This is a glimpse of how to use Char dasa based on char karakas, I will write more on this topic, Once you read the Atmakarka, see if your life purpose and patterns get clear for you.


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  1. Rajeshree ganpat bankhele

    My darakaraka is moon but lost my father 26years before.married a man who gave me emotional support now he is also no more feeling lomely and donot want to live.This seperation is beru painful.

  2. Shilpa

    Hello sir plz let me know about the calculation of rahu as pitrakarka because I guess the degree would be somewhere around 10 degrees and that’s not supposed to b taken as pitrakarka then . Plz do reply as I’m confused with this and couldn’t figure out .

    1. Siddharth Upadhyay

      As Rahu is all about suddenness so the first point can be that marriage would have happen on a sudden or very quickly in Hindi we use a idiom for this “chat mangni pat vyah”. As Rahu represents materialism so the spouse can be ambitious in nature, would fond of materialistic things. Also when Rahu becomes the DK it also tells that spouse is a rule breaker or who is unconventional or different in some way. This could mean that the spouse comes from a different culture or background, has an unusual profession or lifestyle, or has a non-traditional approach to relationships.

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