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We all perform different remedies and rituals to make our life smoother and this is not only limited to Hinduism it is all over the world in different religions and countries to perform various types of rituals to gain energy from the universe, How these rituals originated in different countries is based on the environment, energy and geographical condition of the particular country as the rituals which work in India might not work in Canada or US as efficiently or effectively in India as Space and time are completely changed.

As all the rituals and remedies manifest the energy from Space around you such as if you are performing the remedy of fire which is to remove obstacles and gather energy from all the near environment and space to open the way for your progress and upliftment in your life, this is one of the most powerful rituals for anyone who is not getting any way out, Hindus burn the body after death and reason is as Agni is capable to make way to outer space and get rid of any obstacle in between but what is more important is that sky should have minimum resistance that day that is why in Hinduism the tithi of your death decides how easily you will be given entry to next realms.

Several warriors in Mahabharata chose their death date as they knew what will be the path for minimum obstacles for them and which realm they have to visit, Imagine Earth as a train Station from where there is a train for 15 destinations- One for each day of Moon phase- fifteen tithis- Seven Trains for realm above the Earth, Seven trains for realm below the Earth and one train to come back to earth only.

There are 14 realms and you can communicate each one of them on a particular tithi of a Moon by using the element of Fire, It can help you in making several of your desires come true.

चौदह भुवन एक पति होई। भूत द्रोह तिष्टइ नहिं सोई॥
गुन सागर नागर नर जोऊ। अलप लोभ भल कहइ न कोऊ

The Tithi you are born in describes from which realm you are coming and what is your life purpose, If you are reborn on this earth that also is seen by Tithi and after death which realm you will travel to is also seen by Tithi. I remember writing an article on different warriors and leaving Earth plane so that they can go back to their respective realms-Similarly various avatars were born under different tithis as they were travelling from a certain realm with an objective such as  Krishna Born on Ashtami, Shri Ram was born on Navami.  (Please refer to Panchang classes in the Foundation course as I would like to focus on remedies in this blog.)

Let us go back to the element of Fire, If you are doing a fire element in a cold winter of Canda, the effect will be less as when we do light Diya in India under a tree of Amla, peepal, Banyan tree what we are doing is using the energy of tree and diya we are communicating to a realm to solve our issues, such as lighting a diya for a planet in fifth house is a remedy to solve problems related to a particular house. (Bhadhak Level -2 course- we have learned how to remove obstacles.)

Can lighting a diya in a cold environment with no tree give you desired results – The answer will be no as you are using an element which is in deficit in that environment, I am an impatient person and I cannot carry long without seeing results and that is why I always ask people when you do a remedy, look for results, If you are doing a remedy you should get initial results within 3-5 days at max, then later on big results should follow.

In our office we were getting a lot of sunlight from the west zone, I looked at it and asked if these two people are getting family & health problems as it was going from the last 2 weeks- the Uttrayan Sun giving energy from the west is bound to do this whoever will absorb this energy- now we are getting blinds there, Be observant to energy changes in your life.

Similarly, another day we gave out a remedy for drawing a triangle for office politics and several people reported back with feedback- Some were happy as they got the opportunity while some were disappointed that initially, they got results but nothing manifested while few said they got no results at all.

Imagine the universe as an infinite energy source and you are doing a certain ritual to manifest the energy towards you in your life, If you are suffering from bad energy and getting troubled by various things in life it is because your energy to fight these problems is low at present, all you need to do is align your energy to live life in a certain manner If you ever wish to live happily on this earth master the elements of Panchang and implement them in your lifestyle such as we all know ether element in Panchang is Yog which can give you the ultimate satisfaction in life- To achieve this one habit of going to temple every morning and performing a ritual of Yog can give you things which no amount of money or materialistic things can give you.

When you eat food that food can give energy to your body for the next few hours – a food which has taken almost 2-6 months to be prepared in the field, got the energy of five elements can power your physical body up to 4-5 hours similarly same concept of energy applies in remedy, How much of energy you are putting into a remedy?

There are three components of any remedy-

1) Element of Remedy (Air, Water, Fire Etc)

2) Time of Remedy (When you are performing the Remedy – Time period of overall remedy)- Some remedies are done over a period of weeks or days but in any case, you could see the initial results very quickly.

3) Space of Remedy ( Where you are performing the Remedy- The place you are living in describes the energy such as you are living in South Africa – this place is perfect to perform the remedy of Mars and Mercury and any affliction in Martian signs – In India, this place will be Coorg or Munnar in Attukal Bhagwati Temple but if you perform same remedy in Vaishno Devi, It is going to create entirely different results.

When people ask everywhere is god, why do we need many temples? What these people don’t understand is the manifestations of god in various forms to manifest various energies of the sky, If Shiva is one and Supreme then why do we need twelve Jyotirlingam as the space element is different in each one of time and their is a time period when each one of them gets active.

When you are drawing any Yantra, you are placing your energy into a Yantra to manifest a certain result, I give out these remedies to everyone so you can experience magic yourself in life, I don’t need to convince you as even when I will tell you that how manifestation happens, you will never believe the fairy tales that is why it is important for you to experience small magics of the universe on your own and when this happens you go on a different mode of performing remedies.

The potency of a remedy depends on three factors and when these three are aligned even a small triangle gives results, Downward triangle to get the earthly things, You can filter the energy you want to attract by variation of colour such as using red colour for quick actions, Yellow for compromise, Black to get rid of negative energies and this was given on a certain muhurta to be kept in a pocket but for everyone remedy worked in a different manner, this is a temporary remedy which gives results quickly but you can’t expect this remedy to change your energy on a greater level, to do that you should be ready to accumulate energy over a period of time and slowly increase energy to a level that overall life comes up.

This is how rituals are made in any religion, Al the festivals, fasts and occasions you see are again based on the energy of tithis only to uplift you as a human- In every edition of the Lunar Astro magazine we do cover all the rituals for next few months so everyone can get the results.

One remedy to continuously move up in life is wearing clothes according to the day, It will not give you result in a day but over a period of 6 months you can come back and tell me the results, and how much you have progressed in life, This is for people who thinks that everything is delayed in their life as this means the energy of Vaar (Weekday) in their chart and Vaar lord is afflicted somewhere as these native don’t get new ideas easily.

Start with Orange on Sunday, White on Monday, Red on Tuesday, Green on Wednesday, Yellow on Thursday, Grey on Friday, and Black on Saturday.

If someone is expecting results in a day by not applying the right amount of energy, then you haven’t even understood the universe yet, I would suggest going for rituals of a happy soul again, another muhurta which is coming to draw yantra now is on Grahan in April and May in your Yantra books- Yantra Drawing book [paperback] – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 ( -You can also download the Yantra book for free on website as well,  The same yantra colouring book we give to every child as what happens when you colour certain patterns, the same pattern is forming in head to open up any blockages which might be there and then giving you experiences on life.

Read more about yantras here-  Yantras- A Lost Science – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (

I hope I have made you understand the core concept of any remedy is the potency of energy at the right time and space does wonders to teach the same in detail there is a boot camp coming up at Lunar Astro for experienced astrologers and Join Lunar Astro at the end of a 30-day training.

Job Applications Form – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (


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50 thoughts on “Astrology Remedies & Potency”

  1. What are the effective job remedies that we can design by self just by observing the chart and the planets rasi in 6th house

    1. Purbasha chowdhury

      I have watched lots of video in you tube. I have also follow the ritual of mahashivratri. I don’t change anything or suppose I can’t understand also. I have lots of knowledge from you. I have also watch code the course. I am glad for this learning. Thank you so much sir.

    2. To achieve this one habit of going to temple every morning and performing a ritual of Yog can give you things which no amount of money or materialistic things can give you. Performing a ritual of yog means ? Can someone elaborate with examples ?

    3. Thank You from bottom of my heart For giving us so much knowledge about Jyotish and Energy of Universe.
      I want to know about soul progress in spirituality and future life of soul .

  2. Khushbu Mishra

    Namaste Deepanshu ji,
    I have watched lots of your videos. Although I haven’t learnt much yet that’s why registered in your free class for recorded videos because it is quite complex but the prediction you gave to people made me interested in astrology.
    I was wondering does our birth chart aligns with the vastu of our house. For example if someone have empty houses in south of his chart will house also have balcony window or free space? Similarly wherever your planets in the chart will you find household items related to that planets in the house?

  3. Ruchi Agarwal

    Under your guidance, I have learnt and still learning the depth and power of “Rashi’s”

    Along with it as I have bought recordings of Foundation Course, it make me thing every religious symbol, every texture, every colour is forming some kind of Yantra. So while watching a movie, “peacock feather “ strongly made an impact on me and on the same day I made a research on it and wrote an article for the very first time for Lunar Astro group. Kindly read it Sir. Was my thought process correct?!

    Thanks Sir for your innumerable videos full of wisdom 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Ruchi Agarwal

    1. Guru ji 🙏🏻
      I just want to read a blog on 11 Rudra avtar darshan or 12 jyotirlingam darshan according to ascendant.

  4. Sir. I know it is bit early for a newbie like me. But pls write some post on 11 jyotirling their energy and who can perform a particular remedy as not every one is capable of handling Lord shivas energy. Pls tell about the right remedy for right problem and enlighten us.

  5. Pallavi Sharma

    Sir , I mostly try to see your videos on YouTube. Your videos always give an insight into all things, including why we do or live in certain ways. You made things simple for us so that we could understand the coded language of Scripture easily. We can’t imagine how much effort you are putting in to make people have a positive mindset, selflessly. May God fulfil your every desire and give you all things. Sir ,Thank you so much for all your help.

  6. Sir..Thankyou so much for imparting eternal knowledge…If you can cover a topic on meditation.Is meditation over and above rituals and going to temple ?…Is doing social service from heart over and above rituals and going to temple…As everyone has 24 hours in a day…we can utilize them in doing rituals,going to mandir,meditation,social service…If some social service is told to be done as an does not give as much satisfaction as if it is done without any hope for result…please throw light on this…Thankyou so much sir

  7. Harshit shrivatava

    Hello deepanshu sir ,
    I am watching and learning from your videos for past 2 years as you suggested to doing Gayatri havan and jaap I have started it and getting very positive result that my point of view towards jyotish have changed and now I can make many incredible predictions thank you for your guidance,
    My recommendation is that there are very few knowledge about other divisional charts and there basic role please make a video on this topic
    Yours gratefully
    Harshit shrivatava

  8. Ferdie fiddian R

    Good day respected sir Deepanshu giri, i want to thank you for your video on youtube and your article on the internet, because i learn alot on the perspective how to face my life, especially because i am from a country that no astrology like this exist (im from Indonesia).. i really want to learn more in this amazing technology of universe but right now my circumstance make me cannot do that, but someday i wish i can learn from your course and your book, once again thank you, i pray for your health and happyness

  9. Neelam Shukla

    Thank You from bottom of my heart For giving us so much knowledge about Jyotish and Energy of Universe
    I want to know What is the purpose of life according to the Birth Tithi

  10. Hello sir ! Each of your blog and video are fabulous but now a days I feel the concept used or the topic you start are not as clear as it was before. I request to make a topic clearly with remedies specific .
    I request you to help woman specific charts how a chart differ with the gender . Thanku

  11. Ruhi/shital gokhale

    Namaste sir!muze sasural maike se pyar nahi milta nafrat,our jalate hai muzse, respect nahi pyar nahi patise bhi milta kyu? Ma bap ka pyar lad dular nahi mila kyu?kya mere jiwan me sangarsh hi sangharsh hai?

  12. Ruhi gokhale

    Namaste sir!muze sasural maike se pyar nahi milta nafrat,our jalate hai muzse, respect nahi pyar nahi patise bhi milta kyu? Ma bap ka pyar lad dular nahi mila kyu?kya mere jiwan me sangarsh hi sangharsh hai?


    Respected Sir,


    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

    I have not achieved much in life, but whatever little I have is because of you only. I bow down to ur knowledge. You have changed my thought pattern and ur videos have taught me so much. trust me whenever there is a problem my back up is ur immense knowledge from ur videos. i always feel i have more than others bcoz i have access to ur wisdom… plz never stop posting on youtube . you taught me gratitude, u taught me the power of universe. u have already given me everything.
    sir my kind request is please create one video regarding yantra for job( I mean with proper instructions time, space), because I am finding job but i feel scared as currently there are layoffs and hiring freeze happening.

    anyways THANK U FOR EVERYTHING till now and THANKU in advance for all wisdom u will give me in future.

    GOD BLESS U ! and may u and ur family be always happy

  14. Thank You first of all deepanshu sir and the team . I am and i am sure like me there are lot of newbie , curiously want to get in this crazy field of vedic astrology and i am immensely grateful to say that by finding you is one of the beautiful blessing we all have and hopefully we seekiers soon able to join you and to be part of your team .

  15. Thanks for introducing Panchang.
    Please write more on Nadikas. The final outcome of an action depends on one of the elements of Panchang like Yoga or Nadika? And how to use Panchang in everyday life? For example, someone wants to set a meeting with client or ask boss for promotiom or publish something online to reach maximum people or Buy a particular item or signing a contract? How do we read Panchang and own charts to find right Time and Space.
    This will be very useful to spread knowledge rapidly getting lost on younger generation. And its benefits will make its users its marketers spreading Sanatan all around.

  16. Sir pranam my self veenachadha learned astrology for last 7 years but after watching your videos,blogs and recording course I realize that I don’t know anything about astrology.Thanks for giving motivation to learn astrology in every minute even all unnoticeable events of life
    Sir I want to learn more in few topics as
    How can we judge the profession of native
    How can we judge the subject of education of any child
    How can we judge whether native particular female will be house wife or doing some profession
    I observed chart of love marriage where 7 th lord /house is not link with 5 th house but love marriage is there and ther side no link but love marriage is there
    I want to know much about these
    Thx 🙏 regards

  17. purnima dhar

    Hello Sir,

    I have understood that astrology is v vast and this understanding is contributed by your videos and blogs. For me personally, it has helped in change of mindset and belief system. In fact , you have helped my understanding in the sense that I could get my Guru which i was postponing for long. thanks to my Jupiter 12th. Can’t thank enough. The above blog has again clarified and changed our views towards remedies.
    requesting few topics if you could choose

    1. Pitra dosh / Kaal sarp dosh
    2. D 60 and past life
    3. Spiritual yogas such as sanyas yoga, moksh yoga etc.
    4. Dasha remedies in general.

    thank you

    Jai Shree Ram 🙏

    1. madhab lal Agarwal

      it is wonderful. very very thankful for imparting knowledge of energy. my gratitude to Sri Deepansu Giri ,sir for research and for his contribution to general good for by distribution of fundamental knowledge to be enriched. Thanks once again.

  18. Dr Seema kandoi

    1patient came for chronic pain ,i read about triangles ,draw black one and gave to him 79yrs age ,slept well for 1st time after so many months thank u sir🙏

  19. Highly grateful for your videos . Your videos helps in overall development. Currently in my Ketu Mahadasha. So I had lot of confusion for why certain things are happening with me. Your videos gave clarity that how certain things were supposed to happen.
    In term of astrology certain things are clear about how houses are going to give result and how planets can vary the result( can understand basic things for now). But these things are helpful in understanding many other things. So thank you Sir.

  20. Preeti chauhan

    Hello sir,
    I’m very fond of your videos I had never miss any of your videos.. The most interesting video of your is about the kaalsurp dosh.. As I’m feeling after so many years that when a peculiar kind of kaal surp dosh happened no remedy works, no matter how much hard work a person did.. As I’m feeling after suffering from kaal surp dosh, but mostly astrologers said kaalsurp dosh doesn’t exist.. But it’s not true the people who are suffering from this know that how much effective this is.. As when I see your video about kaalsurp dosh than i understand that it’s impact is real. And whatever I’m thinking about my situation exactly you have describe about them.. I resonate with all your videos as I feel that someone is speaking from my family like your style of talking is like some one is member of our family.. Please keep doing that kind of a good work.. People like me learn a lot from you.. Thanks

  21. Sohini majumdar

    🙏🙏🙏During lockdown I started watching vastu videos…suddenly your videos appeared…and I got all my answers,step by step.because nobody could answer to my question…e.g…magic of universe,dreams before every good or bad incidents etc. I m now 45.
    After half of my life i got my answers only from u.Thats why i was interested to join your class…but due to cash flow problem from few months…couldnt join.Nature helped me once again..u gave free course…as i m totaly new to astrology,may need some time.but got u as guru….thanks to u and universe.🙏🙏🙏

  22. Anupama Sharma

    Hare Krishna🙏
    Deepanshu ji, you are best teacher any student can dream of,thank you for spreading all the positivity and knowledge .
    I have been watching the videos and try to sponge in whatever registers.. We all.are blessed to have as our Teacher and it shocks and surprises me the kind of precision in each lesson we receive, , I am learning bit by bit. We need some classes on pending karma ,, Rahu Maharaj and Ketu Maharaj, quick remedies. for the planets to get lightning results .Thank you. ,Bhagwan ji bless you🙏

  23. Hello sir
    I would love to learn more on sun and moon and planets in subsequent houses and nakshatras and relative predictions
    How the difference of degrees between sun and other planets help in predicting.

    Also the house that represents an infant’s cry in a particular horoscope. Some kids cry very badly during infancy. What could be the reason.
    Thank you

  24. Alok kumar agarwal

    7th para of this section” sunlight coming from westside creates health problems to relatives” . Sir my home is also west facing & we have all glass work in front, so that full day light comes from west side. From Sept. 2021 my mother is bed ridden.She is unable to put her feet on ground. We went to all doctors,MRI, tests but all the reports are ok.Sir we need your help if any remedies can work for her

  25. Sidharth Dubey

    R sir
    U and yours experience in astrology is ultimate…i have learned so many things by your utube channel and blogs…thnx for this kind of work for public….when I’m just thinking for any astrological problem your next videos pointed the problem….
    But I’m facing the hard situations in our life due to Saturn dasha and venus antra…my wife she is in heaven and I’m in 44 years searching a new relationship…..
    My observation Jupiter is in kendras that are the problem….it’s makers a foolish in society???? U have told many time just faith in our astrologers when i approached her he can told me nothing happened but my wife are passed away… what we do know……astrology is beneficial for us or not I’m not understanding….pls guide me

  26. Namaste Sir,
    Post throws light on many dark concepts, which nobody can elucidate as well and as clearly as you do.
    I’ve tried to experiment a bit on the space time concept as you have given in the posts.
    Here is an example: In a past post, you had mentioned that Purvashada natives need to visit Sri Jambukeshwarar – Akhilandeshwari temple.
    I’m not a purvashad native, but I had this temple visit on my bucket list. So when Moon transited Purvashada in March, I was fully prepared. When I reached there, due to some timing and sequencing issues, I ended up visiting this temple during Moola. The next day during Purvashad, I had Chidambaram on my plan. I couldnt understand why I had to visit Akash Tattva sthalam when I should be vising Jal Tattva sthalam as per panchang? So anyway I trusted the universe and went there. Got an elevating darshan, could meditate in presence of Thillai Nataraja and Govinda Perumal. Finally when I got out and switched on my phone, you had posted on Telegram (16Mar) that “today is the perfect energy for Space element, visit of a new temple, Very few times you will see such a great combo happening in panchang”. Goosebumps and wonder-struck. That’s when i realized, magic happens only if we allow it to freely unfold.
    Many stories like this based on various techniques. It’s always fun trying things out from your blogs or videos, something crackling always happens.

    1. Pranaam sir
      I always do your remedies whether it’s for 8 house mercury or shakti remedies but as I did sankranti hawan remedy and the remedy for shiv till holly. This totally changed our life because I felt that blockage of our life is gone and we can see what we can do for our future or for business purpose. We flooded with the ideas that elevates our moral so high and really it’s a magic for us after corona we could see in our life now. Thanku so much sir you r really a great saint or I can say when I see you your appearance feel like a guru brahaspati but when u speak then every word feel like coming from the Rishi Agastya 🙏

  27. Sir, kindly arrange quizes and tests in public domain. So that we can test our knowledge.
    The test can include timing of events,
    The test can use case studies from LA consultations. And after some time you can disclose results. Those who do well in tests can be rewarded in any way you want, it doesn’t matter. Validity of knowledge matters.

  28. 🙏🏻Absolutely indebted to You ! Thanks so much for all your blogs and videos . Your presentation and narration is to the point and very very helpful to a novice like me . Have been following your videos and blogs since early 2020. Please elaborate and write more on Yantras 🙏🏻

  29. Mukesh Solanki

    Sir I notice in many videos you mentioned places what ( by regions) planets rule that geographically. Like in one video you mention and example for Punjab is Mars so wear moonga. So can we have India map( I would even happy if we can effort up-to world countries) short out by planets.

    1. Ashish Singh

      I hoId a strong gratitude for Deepanshu Sir and the Team of Lunar Astro for helping the entire world in understanding the basic principles of the life ,the karma alignment of this life as well as the pending karma of the previous Birth.
      Getting Rid of the complexities and understanding the simplicity of the life being open to receive the abundance of energy from the universe is of great importance.
      Love you Deepanshu Giri Sir and the Team of Lunar Astro Family please 🙏 carry it on and help in the liberation of the soul from the universe.
      Thanks you
      Ashish Singh

  30. Dr. Ruchi Kulsherstha

    Respected sir,

    Thank you is a very small word being grateful towards you. I learned so much from your videos and blogs. You touched my past life knowledge & energies and gave me so many answers which I was searching from a long time in my deep inside. Accept my gratitude and keep blessings on me.
    Thank you so much Sir….God bless you always for your great work.

  31. As beginner yes I am learning and getting answers to my curiosities. Is there any remedy to retain employees? Actually in my organization employees doesn’t stay for long sometimes transfer of their spouse, sometimes clash of ego, sometimes health issues or any personal issues.?how to resolve this issue and how I will get my answer

  32. Kashish Jeswani

    Namaskaaram Deepanshu Ji
    I had this going in my mind that, how do I connect with you directly. Here I get a chance, the thing is link shared after the blog that is invite to reply is somehow not working. It can be glitch at my end too, hence thought to reply back to the email.
    I wanted to thank you for free videos to start with, and would want to indeed enrol in detailed paid courses myself.
    I have been watching your videos since August 2022. And after watching I suggested my near and dear ones to take consultations from you, which they have already started.
    I thought of taking consultation myself but I get insight through your videos like all the time and I am like I got my answer to the issue I am facing in the moment and hence never contacted you.
    I would indeed like to share if given a chance to share my experience of so many placements in my chart that you have spoken upon, for example sun in 10th, sun as atmakaraka, to name a few from recent ones.
    I also am thankful for your generosity the way you give away remedies, I did remedy you gave before Holi and for two nights of Holi, I also would want to talk upon same.
    Thank you once again

  33. Ashish Singh

    I hoId a strong gratitude for Deepanshu Sir and the Team of Lunar Astro for helping the entire world in understanding the basic principles of the life ,the karma alignment of this life as well as the pending karma of the previous Birth.
    Getting Rid of the complexities and understanding the simplicity of the life being open to receive the abundance of energy from the universe is of great importance.
    Love you Deepanshu Giri Sir and the Team of Lunar Astro Family please 🙏 carry it on and help in the liberation of the soul from the universe.
    Thanks you
    Ashish Singh

  34. Gratitude 🙏 for making astrology easy to understand. I won’t say that I have learnt a lot from your videos as I am still a novice. But i understand as to what u explain. Was always interested in astrology since young. U have made tremendous difference in our lives🙏

  35. Sir your videos and blogs are a great source of inspiration and help for deeper understanding of Jyotish and how does cosmic energy works .

    Initiatives taken by you in this field are really very much precious .

    Can any planet in the chart acquire more prominence than the planet sitting in lagana , if yes how?

  36. Sir your videos and blogs are a great source of inspiration and help for deeper understanding of Jyotish and how does cosmic energy works .

    Can any planet in the chart acquire more prominence than the planet sitting in lagana , if yes how?

  37. Utkarsh Sharma

    This is an unbelievably good post – absolutely gobsmacked by the nuanced knowledge contained in this. A million thanks for taking the time to write this, and indeed, for sharing this for free. Beyond amazing, thank you!

  38. Navpreet sethi

    Thanks so much given wonder ful valuable knowledge 🙏🙏 want to be part of your on line classes how to attended 🙏

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