Timing of Events in Birth chart

There are certain phases in our life that we all remember and can make or break the life of any native, similarly every year you should look for will this year is going to be legendary for you and which terms, what challenges you are going to face and what else you can expect in a particular year or a particular span of life.

The key to looking into life patterns when you wish to see clearly the karma which will be brought in front of you can be seen via dasa or natural ages of planets and we will look into this using both in this particular article.

Let us see first what is natural ages of planets –

Jupiter- 16-21
Moon -24
Venus- 25-27
Mars- 28-32
Mercury- 33-35
Saturn- 36-41
Rahu- 42-48

This is the sequence which is repeated and shows Jupiter will give you results between the age of 16-21 and 51-56 but also planets sitting in the house of Jupiter, In conjunction with Jupiter and any planet related to Jupiter will also give results, Today as I was doing one of the readings which came in for consultation panel, The first prediction was that wife of the native is about to complete the mortal Journey and this native will be homeless soon.

This native is at present living a good life and reading was for business but this is what I could see in the chart when applying the ages of planets, Let us see some of the examples to see the accuracy of this particular dasa.

This native is 47 years old and after four days on the 16th may his birthday is coming the prediction for the native in the coming year is that he is going to change jobs while last year a lady place allegations against him, Let us see if that can be seen from the chart using the ages of planets as that is why this chart came to us in the first place.

His age is 47 which means he is under the influence of Rahu – 42-48, Now this Rahu has to give the result of Venus, Ketu, and Jupiter as well as Rahu being the 4th lord placed in the 12th house shows movement in this time period of 7 years.

30 degree= 1 house
Time span =7 years
1 year = 30/7 = 4.5 degree

This native changed from their hometown to the capital city which eventually improved the married life of the native as Rahu was the 4th lord in the chart placed in the 12th house. Rahu’s placement in Libra also shows native has cheated his partner and is violent with his partner due to which in this life Venus will punish the native by giving him false accusations and cases being placed in the 6th house.

Let us see which year this can happen by using the degree of Venus, Venus is placed in 23.41 degrees when you divide by 4.5 comes as the 6th year (47th year) and this was the year a close friend whom he called a sister, planned to trap him by false accusations, While the 48th year which will start in few days will bring new opportunity in the marketing field as other planets sitting in Taurus will also give results through Rahu and 10th lord Sun placed with retrograde Mercury will now give results.

You do one more example as an exercise, Take your birth chart and make a list of year-wise details and events and then see in which year the event actually happened.

5 thoughts on “Timing of Events in Birth chart”

  1. Praveen Kumar

    Deepansuji As you mentioned vedic astrology is very vast …however this natural ages of planets works beautifully without any doubts.
    Dictim you thought 10th House from saturn any special position works in every chart.
    Some times we miss signification, also most of us miss progression about dasa Lord which you showed in lunar astro software is brilliant.
    I find natural ages of planets mix with progression of dasa Lord works wonderfull🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Remarkable issues here. I’m very happy to ρeer your article.
    Thanks а ⅼot and I am looking ahead to toucһ you.
    Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  3. Namaste Sir, neat technique. Thank you for sharing your cases.
    I have so many questions on this naisargik dasha subject that I gave up on it. But now pinched to reopen it after reading this blog.
    For eg: There are minor differences in naisargik duration for few planets (Ra, Ke, Ma, Me) – what was told in hindi foundation class, what is printed in Retro planets book pg 18, and what is given in above blog. When I’m using the antar progression technique, if the dasha duration changes (6yrs or 7 yrs etc) or the degree factor/year changes, numbers are going awry. I can email the citations. Not trying to nitpick, just seeking clarity so I have my base table correct.
    2. If I use the Antar technique (of progressing house wise 6m or 7m whatever it be), then a particular house gets active in that duration and set to give result. But by using the planet degree system above, the same planet of that house shows a different event timing. How do I reconcile this?
    3. While using the Antar progression, for naturally retro planets (R-K) should we traverse in opposite direction? And what about natal retro planets should we progress in forward or reverse? (I had the same question for Chandrakala nadi progression technique as well) .Thank you.

  4. Kunal Vassa

    Which planets rules the life span between 0-16 years? Would it be like ;

    15-16 by Ketu
    7-14 by Rahu
    1-6 by Saturn?

  5. Sir in Retrograde Class 3, you had mentioned different natural ages like Mars 33-35 & Mercury 28-32. .Can you please tell which one to follow?

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