Challenges in Career – Third House

The third house helps us communicate with the world, The way we express ourselves and it is not only about speech but overall posture, personality and aura we carry around us before even a person opens his mouth his personality communicates a lot, People fall in love with your personality not with looks, as you can look gorgeous but your shitty attitude will drive everyone away or make you popular amongst the masses.

The third house is the news and always remember bad news spreads fast as this is what everyone wants to consume and feel happy about, this tells us a lot of the nature of Humans that when someone speaks ill of another person, we feel satisfied and share the news next moment to anyone else while Good news is something we keep up to ourselves as there is no fun in spreading good deeds of any person.

When people say I am in struggling in business, no one wants to promote, work with me or even give credit for my work, This is because you have spoiled your third house- The third house is 6th from the 10th house which shows challenges in work and profession, A man who is not proud of his profession is a miserable person who is not happy with himself and to bring others down the best and easy tasks someone finds is drag everyone else down by throwing shit others which one has accumulated over a period of time by listening to others.

The third house is one of the input senses and you should be very careful about what information you are collecting from everyone – Is it someone else shit or something useful – One of the books I was reading on Rebel Kings of India – Story is narrated when someone was bad mouthing Maharana Pratap in front of Akbar- Akbar ordered that person to be thrown in Jail and when courtier asked the reason as Rana was enemy of Mughal Empire ” What wrong have I done Jahapanah ?”

Akbar replied, “To even talk about Rana you need some courage and the words you chose to demean him show your inability to even understand the greatness of Maharana, you need to first learn the courage which Rana Ji has.” What a great King Akbar was! You can say anything to him but this gesture was something we need to learn from, Two kings fighting like Kings.

I think that is why the Late Rahat Indori Ji wrote

“सिर्फ खंजर ही नहीं, आंखों में भी पानी चाहिए, ऐ खुदा…मुझे दुश्मन भी खानदानी चाहिए.”

Most People are like courtiers in Akbar’s court and that is why when you see people who have n number of challenges in careers have spoiled third house by their own actions as instead of addressing their own insecurities and shortcomings, they try to bring others down by telling lies, spreading wrong news and mocking someone who is way bigger them, It’s like criticising Government on how to run a country when a same person is not even able to handle his own house.

The third lord when conjoined with malefics placed in 6/8/12 or placed alone and respected by malefics natives had a bad influence on the environment around which programs them for failure and misery in life, When 3rd lord is with Venus/Jupiter/Moon/Mercury- native get positive friends with a lot of got ideas and environment is about how we can solve the problem, help each create an environment where everyone can grow, Good position of 3rd lord ensure to create and give all the necessary tools, equipment and people which will then create an environment where you will continuously grow as one friend will take care of fighting, one will take care finance and by mutual understanding, you have the environment to prosper.

Some of the remedies to remove the obstacles from a career are –

1) Learn to read at least 1 book a week on various subjects from History to Self-help as books program your brain to give deep ideas.

2) Whenever you hear/read or come across a person who is glorifying himself by downsizing others- Smile and move away to block that person from the group or clearly state I am not interested in this let us talk about something positive as sometimes within our own house/family/friends gossip about others.

3) Every morning when you wake up Sit down for 2 mins watch your hands and pray ” Let me be useful for others today.” – Have trust in your efforts and keep doing the best of your work with passion.

4) Every day carefully analyse your surroundings, If you see something negative like broken glasses, sound indoors, blocked windows, or A fearful painting, replace it with an appealing view.

5) Learn to appreciate others even in the smallest of gestures, the most important is while driving, Learn patience- When you drive on the road you will find everyone like life on a trip- Some good, some bad, some horrible drivers while you might be waiting patiently in line someone will cut through using the wrong lane, Let them go early as they are slaves and if they don’t reach on time, they will be punished.

6) Offering flowers for 24 days in the temple.

Let me tell you something- People who are in a hurry are thinking that by reaching 10 mins early they will achieve something but it is always the slave mentality to reach anywhere in a hurry, When you live with the master mentality you drive at your own pace singing along.

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  1. Ashish kumar singh

    The best post read on this blog according to me. I have rahu in third Lord moon in sixth house . I feel all bring shit things to me. I am fed up sometimes handling. Criticism I hear whole day long. I could’nt understand why they are attracted to me.

    1. My third lord Venus in 10th house in Sagittarius but my profession and hoby is not same..any remedy suggested

    1. My 3rd Lord moon is in my 1st house in Taurus . Personally I feel I’m very good in communication. My thoughts n expressions are conveyed very easily. At one point of time in my life I was totally shattered when I had no job no business.. But I built it up but now too I can’t say I’m stable in it. But with God’s grace n due to my communication and the honesty in my sound I m able to stand out. Thank u Deepanshu Giri sir for ur informative videos. I watch them regularly. Thank you 🙏🌹

  2. Beautifully explained sir, thank you. Lol you don’t know how much it makes me laugh when you curse and I think you like that word shit n i still can’t compare the two

  3. प्रणाम गुरुजी
    बहुत ही अच्छा
    एक प्रश्न है बेटे के तीसरे घर का स्वामी आठ में उच्च का शुक्र है किंतु समझ नहीं आ रहा है क्या किया जाय ना तो विवाह हो रहा है ना ही जॉब में कोई अच्छा कर पा रहा है
    कृपया कुछ प्रकाश डाले
    सिंह लगन में चंद्र है

  4. Then why sir it is mentioned that malefics like rahu,Mars,sun are good in 3rd house and Jupiter,Venus are not…

  5. When i was doing all of these remedies without knowledge i was a very peaceful person no matter what but when i married (which was against my will very much at that time) my complete downfall started very very true sir thanks following your youtube channel is the best thing ever happened to me 🙂

  6. Very informative and thought provoking. However I fail to understand why words such as ‘shit ‘ and ‘shitty’ are utilized . The same could be expressed by using a ‘ Khandani’ negative . I am reading this at 5 am in the morning and hence the sentiments .

  7. Vaani Thadani

    Thankyou Sir. Jupiter my 3rd lord in 12th house. I mostly try to be in isolation and will increase my isolation and do such zero state activities and will comment the result after 3 months. Do bless me with your light as mundane things come and come in between for me before i eat my spiritual food.

    1. My third lord Venus in 10th house in Sagittarius but my profession and hoby is not same..any remedy suggested

  8. Vijayalakshmi

    Namaskaram! Deepanshuji! I am 52 years old. A chartered accountant, i never got a good opportunity to use my skillsets due to my various citations, family commitments. But suddenly out of the blue, i got to take a consultancy opportunity in my own almamater and to my surprise doing it well as an academician. This opportunity came to be in my 8th lord dasa sun who is sitting in the 9th house in uthram aspecting 3rd house. 3rd house lord is sitting with 10th lord shukra in 10th house. Lagna lord Saturn is retro placed and debilitated in 4th house Aries and Mars is sitting with mercury and ketu in 8th house. Saturn is placed in krithika 1. Saturn, sun Budha, Mars are in pushkara navamsa

    1. Bala Sripada

      Vijayalakshmi ji, Namaskarams. You got that assignment due to parivartan/ exchange of Ravi and Budha. Budha is with kuja who is lord of education and LABHAM (4 and 11) lord. Just I saw this way.
      Bala Sripada

    2. Bala Sripada

      Vijayalakshmi Ji,

      The way I see in your chart is, there is an exchange between Ravi & Buda. Budha is with Kuja (4th- education and 11th -profits ) lord. So Ravi staying in 9th (Teachers, Gurus) and in exchange with Mercury -6th and 9th Lord.

      Best Regards,
      Bala Sripada

  9. Very beautifully explained 👏. Always love to read your posts. In depth analysis of the topic written by you. What if your third house is empty? Or Jupiter and ketu in your third house. Would like to know the remedy. Thanks.

  10. Nikita sangroula

    True sir, i struggled lot to find a job after my graduation and always got salary mediocre. Thus, i was never proud of what i was doing and didn’t wish to continue same career for long. Currently, with nothing in mind i am searching myself as where do i feel at peace. Thank you sir.

  11. Sai Aishwarya Bhatt

    Thank you for this post Sir.
    I can see where I am wrong.
    Tbh, I always want others to identify me as Sai’s daughter. But it irritates me, when everybody around me asks about my job first,like it defines me. It’s not, I am much more than my 12-9 job.
    In first place, I never wanted to do a job but then my mother convinced me to do job for three years. I said yes, found a job. Then I only let my close relatives knows that I am doing a job. I have changed the process, but somewhere I felt that this place doesn’t belongs to me. And after a while, it starts feeling too.
    Just a day back, I have realised that, I have to be grateful for this job. It has given me a lot of freedom to be myself. I can get anything I want at anytime because of this. It’s fine if it doesn’t feel like a promotion or having a little bit problem in the office. I am not going to spend my whole life here, so it’s okay! Maybe some important lessons have be learn over here.
    I am changing my thoughts, I am working on it. I should give back the energy in positive manner.

    Thank you for posting this blog. It is wonderful. For me it’s like a sign, that I am thinking in the right direction.

  12. Thank you so much Sir for this gem piece true knowledge article. I hv moon in third house in mars is with Jupiter in dhanu rashi but afflicted by exalted lagnesh Shani Dev ‘s 3rd I hardly get recognised..all women NVR loves me.

  13. My Third lord is debilitated in 7th and rahu is sitting in 3rd. I think I’m too conscious of my speech

  14. Viraaj Dobriyal

    Amazing ⚡ Amazing and amazing sir ❣️ I’m so thankful to you for this beautiful knowledge




  16. Namrata Rathod

    Well I found something i really needed to hear feeling very relaxed it’s like you are defending me and explaining why people are bahaving in such manner and i need not to worry about anything 🙏 my 3rd lord is Jupiter sitting with moon in 12th house and 6tj house lord is also Jupiter 😅 I don’t know if it’s good or bad but i feel you are there to guide me every time I have question you answer me…

  17. Namaste Sir, I have incorporated many of these into my daily routine. Also some wonderful lessons which I felt were relevant to me. Eg: A great Guru had said – Be deaf until you attain your highest goal. Become silent after you attain it. I realized this is perfect 3rd house advice to create an environment of focus and modesty. So much in line with what you have been saying all along. My 3rd house is not good, and I need to work harder on this.

    All the Lordship videos are awesome. I note the points down and search my notes whenever I get flummoxed by circuits such as 12th in 8th house and 8th lord in 6th house. The notes surely help. Thank you.

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