Holi & Sadhna

Spiritual Significance of Holi

Holi is celebrated all across North India as a festival of colours and as the side effect of capitalism we have turned most of the festivals into an ordinary celebration, Holi used to be considered one of the time periods where eight days before the holi you were not allowed to buy anything new as well as focus on your spiritual sadhna.

Starting from Maha Shivratri the energy of the universe starts opening up and on the night of Holi it reaches the final stage where anyone who is getting connected to these energies can attain any siddhi they want, Universe is downpouring the energy in abundance it is us, humans who fail to take it as we are blocked by our own resistance, On another hand, you will find out this season of Basant which has brought so many new energy in the sky can raise your energy levels and make you do wonders through the life, It is not only us humans even the plants, animals wait for this as a mating season, This is when you can sow the seeds of greatness inside you, If you are into spirituality and to achieve higher journey, this is the time to start, Do not let the energy of universe go waste.

What is happening in the Sky is that the life force planet Sun is going through Aquarius and Pisces part of the sky which is the end of the Zodiac as a matter of fact two of the heaviest and slow-moving planets, Saturn and Jupiter are also in the last part of the Zodiac as a cycle is coming to an end but it is during the end only the universe is also preparing for the new, this is the time period when seeds of next cycles will be sown in.

The Hindu new year starts with a new Moon in Pisces as we are sowing seeds for the new at this time of the year, What you can achieve from Sadhna is Chetna — awareness and this is the best thing in this universe.

Imagine a four-year-old kid, You know why a four-year-old kid cries as his understanding of the world is very small when you grow up, you will not cry for the same reason as now your understanding of life has grown to a different level and you understand the bigger picture of the universe, right now whichever level of life you are is based on your level of understanding, A person who is running a department understands how everything under him works while, the person who is running a company has a better understanding of the complete scenario, It all depends on how much understanding of the life you have- “Chetna”

Chetna is given by Bramha only- You see when we say Bramha ji has created this Universe but he has given different levels of understanding to different people in the universe, The one who understands the complexity of the universe knowns, I can control everything as I have understood how this universe is working, That is why I ask people to wake up in Bramh Muhurat so their conscious level can rise, It can only happen in isolation, More you will live in isolation, better you can understand the code of cosmos.

This Holi if you were performing the remedy from Shivratri to Holi then it’s wonderful, you will experience the burst of energy many times, but in case you have missed it please don’t miss the chance on the night of Holi, there are two nights of Holi- In these two nights light a diya and by looking at the centre of the yantra and recite this mantra.

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डाय विच्चे नमः


If possible you can do havan on these two nights by reciting this mantra 108 times, you are at the centre of Space and Time as you do this remedy if you can perform you will see your Chetna, and the understanding of life will go on another level and then suffering stops as now you know how to control various parameters of the universe.

If you are new to rituals and happiness, I would suggest reading “Rituals of Happy Soul”

15 thoughts on “Holi & Sadhna”

  1. Wonderful Article based on dee wisdom, hard work and research by you Sir🙏 wish you, Ur team and your fmly A Very Happy and clrful Holi

  2. Rajashree Das

    Sir going really through turmoil of life. Started pouring sugarcane juice to lord Shiva sinc mahashiv ratri. Can I chant this mantra today for better ment of my life

  3. Vaishali Chauhan

    Thank you sir for this post . I am doing the shiv remedy as well since 10th feb☺️. I am just so so so happy . Each night as I sit , I thank you visualising your happy face for providing this remedy.
    Sir , do we draw the yantra mentioned or can gaze at it as it is ?
    Can I still do it as I doing shiv remedy also ?

  4. Please accept my gratitude sir 🌷🙏
    To be very honest I don’t know why while I’m reading this my eyes are full of tears…..
    Literally I’m crying……
    Thank you is not enough for you sir…🙏🙏
    You are Devine … Believe me 🙏
    Each n every article… Videos are like soul food for us..
    Wishing you good health and loads of happiness with big love 🙏🙏
    Stay fit… Stay blessed always…..
    Om namah shivay om namah shivay om namah shivay om namah shivay om namah shivay 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Namaste Sir. Have been performing the Mahashivratri remedy. Also performing your Holi checklist (daan – ekaant – dhyaan – havan). Hope to receive the blessings of Chetna from Trimurti and their Divine Consorts.
    During this tenure, many people are asking me for help with mental distress – I could use all the sweet techniques like Mercury demigods, Purvashada flow activity, Dance styles, Apsara poses, Saturn 3rd aspect techniques, dreams analysis and do the spot on predictions+remedy from that. At the end of such convos, I could hear the other side persons amazed and starting to breathe deeply and relaxed. All thanks your teachings.
    Thank you for simplifying and elevating thoughts which only a Guru can do.
    Wishing a Blessed Holi to all at Lunar Astro and your respective families. Om Sri Matre Namaha.

  6. Mamta kanika Gupta

    Hello sir ye down trangle bana kar jaap karna hai ya direct mantra se hawan karna hai ..please please guide me ..and aaj 7 March and 8 March 2 days karna hai kya ..jaipur mei Holi 6 maarch ko maani gai

  7. Yes, something strange happened yesterday. Some flashes came back unintentionally after a long time and I tried hard to forget everything. That is it.

  8. Anju Sharma

    Thank you so much SIR 💖
    I am speechless in front of you.
    Thanks s bada koi word dictionary m nhi hai so I am bound to this only word.

  9. I completely agree with the spiritual significance of Holi. It is sad to see that most festivals have now become an excuse to party and consume more. It is important to remember the roots of these festivals and how they were meant to bring people closer to spirituality. The eight-day period before Holi was a time for introspection and focusing on one’s spiritual practice.

    The energy of the universe does indeed open up during this time, and it is up to us to tap into it. I am curious about the siddhis that one can attain during this time. Can you elaborate on what siddhis are and how they can be attained during Holi?

    It is also interesting to note that even plants and animals are affected by the energy of Basant. It just goes to show that we are all connected, and the energy of the universe affects all living beings. Thank you for sharing this insightful blog post.

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