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Science of Rahu Kaal

We all have heard this term from our elders to not perform anything during the Rahu kaal as every day for 90 minutes there is a Rahu kaal – A time period of 90 minutes where we should not buy new things or start anything new instead, we should focus on spiritual activities.

As working with Panchang for the last several years and observing various patterns on a daily basis, which we also shared in our telegram group, Rahu kaal standing true to its name was always the mystery, but to solve any mystery of the universe, we need to experience it, We need to find ways to measure the subtle changes which are happening around us as this whole universe.

Rahu Kaal is calculated by dividing the time of Sunrise- Sunset into eight different parts, and based on each day, this time period is given; based on local sunrise and sunset time, this time will differ, and it is best to check local panchang for the Rahu Kaalam.

Monday: 7:30 a.m.–9:00 a.m. (2nd part)

Tuesday: 3:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m. (7th part)

Wednesday: 12:00 p.m.–1:30 p.m. (5th part)

Thursday: 1:30 p.m.–3:00 p.m. (6th part)

Friday: 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (4th part)

Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m. (3rd part)

Sunday: 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m. (8th part)

My question to myself was, Why is this time period given to Rahu as any time allocated to Rahu in the panchang is when there is a void of energy? You are unsure of anything. This is the Zero time period of the universe, such as Ashtami and Amavas tithi in panchang belongs to Rahu, and this is the tithi of indecisiveness, A tithi of a black hole. Still, these tithis are the best remedies for life’s chronic problems.

rahu kaalTo understand this, we need first to understand why there are only seven days a week, not 5 or 10- as if it would come to me, I would choose to have four days in a week or, like Romans, had eight days in a week, or Egyptians had ten days in their weekly calendar but since Hindu calendar was based on the movement of planets and all rituals are designed around this calendar so the humans can uplift themselves and gather energy from space using the movement of planets, As human DNA corresponds to different planets in different months and energy of planets and this is what our ancient rishis called as Graha Shanti.

This whole world works on a rhythm from human life to the Stock market. This rhythm is superior to any other cycle; as on Twitter till now, without any technical parameter and against all odds, only on the basis of this cycle, I was able to point out 15 stocks and from the last three years, over ten multi-baggers. Still, we can use the same cycle and use it for the whole universe.

Coming back to the number of days in a week confining to seven, given we have seven planets in this universe and each day is named after them starting from Sunday. Moreover, the 28-day moon cycle is divided into four parts- New Moon- Full Moon- Half Moon – So the Moon will be in Kendra precisely 90 degrees from the New Moon origin after seven days. The day New Moon is rising and after every seven days, the same weekday will be repeated and based on this, you can make predictions.

Such as, any month which has 5 Saturdays will be extremely tough, and oil/steel/machinery prices will rise in this month; a month with five Mondays will bring emotional turmoil but will be suitable for FMCG sectors and Car Sales, but every day when Sunrise- we calculate the tithi based on the distance between Sun and Moon and this Tithi is the emotion and relation between not only Sun and Moon but also between – Atman and Mann.

Atman is someone who is deeply buried inside us but cannot communicate until and unless we go into deep isolation and listen to our own sound- All the Beej Mantras are nothing but the sounds of Atman, and we chant them to get into resonance with our own selves, but since we are busy in the outer world, we use our shell which helps to communicate which is Maan- the mirror image of Atman. Most people in this world operate in the reverse direction as they communicate from Mann to Atman as I need Car, House, and Job as these all are liked by Mann and communicated to Atman with a belief system that this can make me happy while the happiest people on earth are those who communicate from inside to outside clearly telling the world- This is what I really require to be happy as this is my soul desire.

The Book on Atmakarka is the sole attempt, so anyone who reads it can understand the deeper meaning of their soul desire and be able to predict patterns and life choices based on Atmakarka as every work we do in this life and which becomes legendary is only due to one reason that we believed in it so much as it came out of our deep-rooted knowledge of Atman, which we were carrying from several lifetimes.

Coming back to Tithi –  which governs our emotions, our feelings and the way we communicate from Atman to Mann- what message are we carrying, how are we feeling in a day? What our Atman is trying to communicate as if you see Rahu Kaal- it is working in alternate groups and pair.

Morning Group       Evening Group
Moon                            Sun
Saturday                     Tuesday
Wednesday                 Friday

Every day, based on which planet is ruling the day, there is a solar energy flare disturbance, and this flare disturbance happens, which blocks the communication of the Sun and Moon; it is a grahan happening at a minor level of 22.5 degrees. – This 90 mins is completely scientific as even the ISS- International space station, which is a man-made satellite is rotating at a speed of 90 mins/rotation as this is not by choice but by the necessity
Similarly, Rahu/Ketu, which are satellites of the Moon, blocks energy to Moon for 90 mins creating darkness in the absence of communication.

One thing you will notice during the dasa of Rahu or people who have prominent Rahu in their chart is the way these people speak; there is a lot of air movement and clarity in their speech, just like the language of snakes, a lot of hissing sounds, cleaning saliva which is coming out of the mouth from both ends as there is an absence of Atman, darkness comes in the head, and this can lead to all the wrong decisions, but this is also the time period which gives you time to connect to your own self and the realm of Rahu.

This is the best time to perform any remedies related to materialistic things. Solving problems of life, removing any chronic issues in life, and making offerings to ancestors this is the best time to it; one of the remedies you can try today is to offer Milk and honey for seven days regularly to the bottom of any tree. You can see the results of which will be your life will start to change for the better as suddenly events will happen which will be surprising for you.

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  1. Sumangla Vegad

    Wow, Sir this is an amazing article with a complete details about Rahu Kaal and also thanks for sharing the remedy too 😊🙏

    1. Can we start it from any days till 7 th day as we girs get cycle so if cant start or finish till 7 days we can do from any day in Rahu kaal?

  2. Priya Darshini jain

    Everytime you post and explain astrological reasoning in your videos,You are unblocking the ignorance we have .Every write up is enlightening.

  3. Hello Deepanshu Sir , Just read your article . It was very knowledgeable. Sir I just wanted to ask you the timing when we should do this milk and honey remedy of yours ? As in we should do it in the rahu timings or at any time ?
    Appreciate your work sir 🙏

      1. Sir , there’s one more question … If I can ask ?
        We’ll have to offer boiled milk or raw milk and do we have to mix them or separately we’ll have to offer .

  4. Shreyans Methi

    Thank you so much sir for the words of deep knowledge.
    My question is can we offer the milk and honey to any tree or peepal only. And secondly, if not able to start from today when can I start this offering for 7 days regularly and has it to be the same time each of the 7 days.

  5. Talking about the remedy.
    Do we need to offer milk and honey in tree root as per rahu kaal of the day for seven days?

    1. Yes , the timings that sir has given in the article …in those timings you’ll have to do this remedy .

  6. Jagriti Walia

    आपका बहुत आभार प्रकट करती हूँ कि आपके कारण ही मेरे हृदय में ज्योतिष के प्रति छिपी रुचि जागृत हुई🙏

  7. Sir, every day in Rahu Kaal for one week?? Today being Sunday it will be 4:30 to 6… Tomorrow onwards also during that day’s Rahu Kaal or morning only we should get it done??

  8. Sir, amazing guidance. Thank you sir for knowledge you are sharing and resolving so many life issues ♥️🙏

    Just one question sir, can we offer milk and honey to plants in balcony or big tree only?

  9. Thank you Deepanshu ji, once again a beautiful article, well stitched, lil bit of digression to explain the things in details and than coming back, I have the ebook on Atmakarak and keep referring back to it. Its nice to relate the atman voice and material desire as non-atman (well in a way it is), as Atman will look for liberation. And Rahu desires will pull us in the cycle, hence it does make sense not to buy new things or start new things in Rahu kaal. As it will put us in that cycle, where it takes us away from Atman desires.

  10. All those asking more detailed questions on the remedy, just do it, and see the magic, details put you in a circle which is not giving you freedom. – just a humble attempt sir, learning from you

      1. Any day, check the Rahu kaalam through panchang, for Outside India, check it on Drikpanchang, with your location, all the best

  11. Thankyou sir. I have one question, can this be done on any day (honey/milk remedy) or can it only be started today. & What is the logic of giving Jupiter and moon item to tree?

  12. Asha .v. nevtia

    Excellent, Respected sir , ur writings are v clear n easy to understand
    .thank you for enlightening n directing us on our spritual.path

  13. Arthi Rajendiran

    This is great, thankful for the detail analysis over raahu kaal. I have not seen anyone as dedicated as you towards the job and give it out for free.
    We are so much indebted to you.

  14. Sunita Chauhan

    Thank you so much sir
    Every time you have explained scientific and astrological aspect of a thing
    Thank you thanks a lot for your valuable advice 🙏

  15. Hi, sir
    One day I was learning from your video in that video you told that their is a way you can know that by seeing kundli we can know weather that person is dead or alive can you please naked a video or artical about this or please can you recommend any book to learn this

  16. Deepanshu sir !! You are enlightening us by decoding our ancient vedic science. We are lucky enough to get connected to you and your knowledge. Many many thanks

  17. Soumaya Duggal

    Huge respect for you Deepanshu sir, what an incredible knowledge you are blessed with .

    Thanks for everything sir 📿🌹🙏

  18. The touch of Guru not only lays foundations of strong knowledge but makes the disciples elated that they are in the right hands and treading the right path.
    As wisely said
    “ Bin guru gyan kahan se laun”
    Sir applies to you.

  19. Namaste Sir,
    I’m very surprised you have discussed stock market in your post today. For past few days I was considering joining a trading academy then saturn poured some cold water – do I have that kind of money to learn how to make money, which I dont even know if I will earn? Anyways, goodbye candlesticks. This rhythm theory makes sense and very happy to know about your repeatable success in applying it.
    I feel that when Atman starts giving clues, the treasure hunt begins for something different. Tbh everyone around naturally gets confused – is this some new natak or conning or attention-seeking behaviour etc etc.
    Rahu kaalam is a much feared zone in our fam. But perhaps a good time to make yantras, tarpans, prayers to Nagadev, pitri havan and 6-8-12th remedies? Thanks for the explainer and also the remedy.

  20. Sir, it feels like day by day you are taking us closer towards enlightenment through your work. Thank you so much. 🙏

  21. Namaste Deepanshu Sir,
    I am running through Rahu Mahadasha. Sagittarius Rahu 10th House Do I have to do it only 7 days?

  22. Is this remedy also suitable for those, who has beneficial rahu in their chart like rahu sitting in eleventh house in friendly sign

  23. Today I discussed with my friend for a course related to stock market which is going to start from coming Tuesday.. previous few days I was in thinking whether I should opt this course or not as I’m cancer ascendant, moon is with rahu in 8th house, lagna in ashlesha nakshatra, moon in shatbhisha .. Now this article seems like coincidence like a signal from universe.. Thanks for the article sir.. heartiest gratitude sir .

  24. “One thing you will notice during the dasa of Rahu or people who have prominent Rahu in their chart is the way these people speak; there is a lot of air movement and clarity in their speech, just like the language of snakes, a lot of hissing sounds, cleaning saliva which is coming out of the mouth from both ends as there is an absence of Atman”

    I don’t know how you write or what makes you write this kind of observations, I’m totally speechless after reading the above para, because it’s relatable to myself and Rahu is my atmakaraka. I’ve never this much of surprised before from any of your articles… but these lines are goosebumps.

  25. Thanks a lot Sir for the great article. Yesterday I was listening to your Mercury lecture and you were telling to ask for help from our pitris while going to bed and I did that yesterday and today morning saw your post. Sometimes I check your post late but for some reason I read it on time today after waking up.
    Thank you so much Sir 🙏🙏🙏 God bless you Sir…

  26. Sir. This insight like using scientific facts with panchang to stocks ,this is something really new. It happens very less when someone make things able for implementation in such a way.
    I wish the fire of creation keep on increasing in you so that it can help us get this much profound knowledge. I’m still learning to get into deep thoughts mode. But i really adore your Passion and respect your hardwork. God bless you with all optimism and peace.

  27. Akhilesh Mishra

    Thank you Deepashu Ji for enlightening our soul with real Soul food for the ultimate goal that our Atmah wants Thank you for making me feel liberated each time when I read your blogs which are so deep and pure.

  28. Am new to astrology…….
    Rahu in lagan that why I use…….dot more often in sentence
    One Thought come to my mind!
    If Everything as kundli chart then what dasa are our planets are running in like sun moon Mars
    One more thought 🤔
    Kali maa wearing head of mal……. Is it representation of rahu
    That why we put more material things in bhog to Kali maa.
    Om gurubhyo namah

  29. Namaskaram sir,Thanks a ton sir
    have rahu,guru,Mars in magha,it is best remedy for me,ise kisi bhi din ke rahu kaal se start krke fir 7din kisi bhi time kr sakte hai yaaaa
    Hr din ke rahu kaal me hi ye krna hai…
    I think many didn’t clear this asking the same
    Thanks for reply ..i

  30. A very breathtaking post on rahu kaal. All the posts written by u are very easy to understand . Divine blessings to u and your family. Gratitude🙏 for writing such beautiful posts.

  31. Feedback after doing the remedy- did it from last Sunday till yesterday.7 days, but not in rahu kaal since on a few days rahu kaal is at night and you shouldn’t offer anything to plants at night. I’m not sure if I did anything wrong, but I’m not sure, what has changed. Maybe something has but it’s not very obvious to me at the moment.Thanks for the remedy.🙏😊

    1. My mistake, I didn’t perform the remedy during rahu kaal. Maybe that’s why I don’t see the results. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks

  32. Nice article Sir !

    Just the morning-evening groups of Rahu kaal for Thu and Fri might have got interchanged .

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