Bhrigu’s and Saturn

In our chart, there are possibilities of several hundred yogas present applicable, and as an astrologer, it is pretty challenging to remember more than 30-40 yogas or combinations and their results, as that is why most of the astrologers stick to classical famous yogas such as Budh-Aditya yoga or Gajkesari Yog, but if one can understand the core concept of Nadi or Bhrighu yogas, you will find it is not only easy to remember, but the variation of results of any yoga can be seen in the chart.

Let me give you an example from the birth chart; we all know the significator of karma is Saturn and for any human being. It is essential that one should be able to judge the highs and lows of one’s career and be able to see many of the yogas forming in respect to Saturn, such as 2nd from Saturn, 3rd from Saturn, 4th from Saturn- and you can call it a technique, but in reality, this is understanding the conceptual knowledge not any technique as one simple fundamental concept of Zodiac is that one planet is always is in relation to another planet such as any planet in 6th to Saturn is going to be trouble for Saturn and now we can time it via dasa or using the cycles of Bhrighu as when these two planets are going to interact with each other.

Let us do an example of the Sun in the 5th house- Sun in the 5th house gets activated at the age of 47th year, but in this year, Sun gives you the result which is extremely bad if you have Saturn in the 5th to Sun – In chart of our Late Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi- Sun is in 5th house but also in trine to Saturn – this was the year 1964 when her father passed away, but she was inducted in Rajya Sabha, So She lost her father, but 5th house Sun also gave position, both things are happening at the same time.

Here is the cycle of the Sun to be used, but when you use it on 20-30 charts, you will find that it is working but not able to judge the complete results as the reason being Sun don’t work in isolation, The zodiac is a like a machine with multiple gears which rotate at a different speed, and then a critical point comes which is like an intersection, where two energies meet each other, and events in our life happen.

In Bhrigu Samhita, there are charts drawn for each samvat with various variations, and results are given, but when you decode the chart, the purpose of these charts was to give straightforward reading without going into technicalities of time, but when you apply various cycles of time into zodiac you will see a pattern which you cannot miss in your reading.

All nine planets have different times w.r.t Earth as one day of Mars and one day of Sun is different, and that is why Bhrugus worked on time (Kaal). Every one of you must have heard the story of Rishi Bhrighu hitting Lord Vishnu and getting cursed by Devi Lakshmi and then by the directions of Lord Vishnu Bhrighu Samhita was created so Bhrigus on this earth can earn money via Joyitsh but let me give you an interpretation of this,

As Rishis in the bhrighu clan was trying to reach the heart of Shri Vishnu by hanging upside down this, they were defying the concept of time; all the other Rishis did penance by standing on one leg or in an asana where legs are in pain, Even when you try to sit in one posture for one time, It is legs which goes numb, Even Sanjeevani Vidhya is the knowledge again to defy time and be rejuvenated in life but as a result of the curse which story states hitting Shri Vishnu with feet is actually a symbolic one which shows that how Bhrigus capable of travelling in different realms were escaping the death by defying the concept of time.

Shukra is the only planet still upside down, making everyone in this world work to achieve the signification of Shukra; as with all the efforts in this mortal world, the end result is Shukra; even in Brighu Samhita, there is nowhere there is a division of space is happening even till now what happened to the clan of Bhrighus after this was everyone in the family had issues with legs. The charts above belonged to people born in 1962 when Saturn was in Libra. And see, Moon is in the middle as Moon is taken as a reference in this particular Samhita, and the results are given with age-wise results and remedies. This is a classical way to read the Bhrigu Samhita, but you should start with Sun in your chart and see how results are getting manifested. You can always add/subtract the multiples of 6 to these years, and you will see the results are still valid.

Sun 1st house- 27th year
Sun 2nd house- 31st year
Sun 3rd house- 32nd year
Sun 4th house-33rd year
Sun 5th house-35th year
Sun 6th house- 29th year
Sun 7th house-34th year
Sun 8th house-30th year
Sun 9th house-34th year
Sun 10th house-31st year
Sun 11th house-33rd year
Sun 12th house-38th year.

Check-in your charts and explain in the comment section.

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  1. Saurabh Pagdhare

    Thanks Sir.

    My planetary positions: Kumbha lagna, sun in 4th house with retrograde mercury. Saturn in 8th house with Mars in trine to Sun.

    My feedback: In my 33rd year, my daughter was born. Got a promotion at work. However, wife had slight complication while delivering (baby being wrapped in umbical cord in neck). Also had some disagreement regarding daughter with my wife. Wife’s business declined during my 33rd year.
    If I add 6, then it comes to my 39th year. I got Covid. Changed my job as I was frustrated with unrealistic expectations put in by my then boss. However got a good offer from new company.

    My question: Can you please explain more about these timings and ages. How they are derived. I know about 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 cycle for each house. But these are different technique. Thanks. Much appreciated.

    1. Don’t know if I am right, but tried to grasp it as per my logic. Sun in first house is five signs behind from Leo which is the mooltrikon of sun, so five places forward from leo would be Sagittarius . However, certain signs will be activated when the sign opposite to them gets activated. I’m saying this because in one of the earlier posts,.Sir said mercury in Sagittarius navamsa, native will meet his isht dev at the age of 33.So going by this 27th year falls in Gemini which will activate Sagittarius. Likewise, sun in 2nd house is 3 signs behind Leo, so going 3 signs forward from leo will be Libra which will be activated at the age of 31. Hope this helps

        1. Deepanshu Sir,
          I am a jobless person since years and totally dependent on others for basic survival.

          Yesterday, I got an opportunity to read your blogposts on career (10th house , 3rd house)

          Like every helpless person; I earnestly wish if you could read my chart and guide me accordingly. (career, profession,income )

          My details are as follows :
          DOB : 20-10-1973
          Birth time :18: 21 :56 (6: 21 PM )
          Birth place : Delhi, India

          Today, I may not have money but I shall certainly pay you after destiny smiles on me.
          Hopefully, you will guide and bless me.
          With warm regards

    2. Sarika Agrawal

      I am cancer ascendant.My Sun in 11th house with moon and mercury.Saturn in 2nd house with mars.
      In my 33rd daughter had skull surgery because one of her sutures was closed when she was born. That was emotionally too taxing.
      My husband lost his job the same year due to visa issues.

  2. Namashkaram.
    My Sun-ketu in Leo 9th house.
    At the agen of 34, I cracked Prelims of State Administrative Services but could not clear interview.

  3. Dhiraj Sharma

    Yes… it’s working boss , I have sun, mer., Rahu in 12 th house ..Libra ascendant , There is no planet in the trine of sun. if I subtract 6 in 38 then I was transferred to a job in Chennai, and if add 6 to 38, then this year 44 my mother died.
    Beautiful,Thank you please shed some more light on this sometime in your time. 🙏🚩

  4. Dhiraj Sharma

    My 12th house is going to be activated from this october.And Rahu Ketu is also going to change in October. Now it will be completely opposite. I have started your sun remedies.🚩 🙏😀

  5. Sir,

    Your info is really very insightful. Really tankful to you for the knowledge which you are sharing. May God give you all positivity on your great path towards welfare of mankind.

    Applying this to my chart, my Sun is in 9th house (5th from saturn) for Aquarius ascendent. I got promotion in 36rd year, got next promotion in 40th year. Upto this, everything was fine. But at 46th year, though I got promotion, but it was more of demotion due to lot of tension with the superior in office ,ill fame and mentally suffering till now also.

      1. Yes sir,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        My Jupiter is sitting in lagna (Aquarius ascendent), saturn(retrograde) is sitting in 5th house, ketu in fourth house, sun, moon, mer, Mars and venus (combust)are sitting in 9th house and Rahu in 10th house. The highest degree planet is venus at 27, then sun at 26, saturn at 25 degree, Jupiter with 14 degree, moon at 4 degrees, Mars at 16 degree and mercury at 7 degrees.

        My DOB is 12th November 1974 and time is 2:10 noon.

        Right now my shani Mahadasha is going on. Antardasha of Mars ended on 25 th may 23 and dasha of Rahul is going on till marh 25.

        My Regards

  6. Sun + rahu in 5th
    Son born at 34 age & at 35th year got burn injuries
    Daughter born at 28 age & same year mother in law passed away

      1. Abhishek Arora

        Hello sir i really worried as u said I had really big 12th house rahu….I purchased house my 23 one year back I have father 25 lakh i will send my sister forigen for studies I will consult astrologer also….he said she will go 2021 i will find but mil nhi rha tha bcz mother helath shop k pass ghr chahiye tha phla vala ghr father k brother k sath division k problem tha vo nhi bechana Chate tha hmare pass one room tha kafi problem aur mental stress tha muje bt sb manage ho rha tah jesa tesa suddenly ek broker ne ghr dikhaya 2 gali chod k….mena socha sis abhi choti hai degree baad bej dunga usa bhar mena proper se ghr dekha nhi tha aur I will purcahase house for 4 lakh extra pay Dnt knw my mind was not working that time…Tb se jb deal Hui hai Problem in my house anger issues muje suddenly No peace in house…..i will loss on this house 10 lakh with in one year…also Loan was there started my father was small shopkeeper…i will help my Father no job try different jobs bt not will work…i it’s south south west facing house South West entry….Jb ye house Lia tb se meri sister k sath bhot ladai Hui aur Bot defamation hua society m abhi m ab mera vha jana k bhi mn nhi hai father mother se handel nhi hota ye sb shop and ghr mother k sath koi hona chahiye bcz unhe sugar problem hai ye ghr muje acha nhi lg rha….yha aaya tha jb Puja m nariyal bhi sada hua tha…aur Suddenly mera friend ki accident se death hogyi dnt knw bt i feel ki this house was the reason…ek mera frd forigen chla gya tha deal se phla….aur ye ghr mera dusham means childhood m classfellow tha jis se meri bnti nhi thi he was teasing me that time really hard for me also he is the reason i left that school….. society m achi image nhi thi uski Also I feel Rahu MD chl rha tah uska….vo gambling bhi krta tha….feel like house was not gud….i thought Mother ko problem nhi hoga bt i created mess 2 times…..phla bhi 13 14 m father ne ghr lia tha uska bhi 5years rkha tha bt usme hm reh nhi paya bcz vo commercial property thi aur bot chota ghr tha…..That house also was losses…bt i will sale 2020 on loss……i thought my sis gone i free i will do starting my studies or work….bt I really depressed I will sale this house….Also I had big fight my father brother for division the house really big fight vha jana k mn bhi nhi hai dnt knw kya kru….father aur mother health bhi kharab hogyi bot for this house and up down….plz reply deepanshu sir i will beg u….u said question on forum muje nhi ata hai…aur mena post bhi kia bt no reply…..plz sir 🙏🙏🙏😭 3nov1999 time 1:36Am Place Ludhiana Punjab

  7. Sir, I have sun in 11th house in lagna chart. Your analysis is spot on and matches perfectly with even my Sun placement in Navansh (Sun in 8th house corresponding to 30th year). I cannot write out the events that took place because the memories still traumatise me but briefly this person (signified by Sun) harassed me sexually and tried destroying my reputation because I rejected his advances.
    Everyday I open the LA page for sometime and learn something new from you: hats off to the death of your knowledge and the finesse with which you unravel the complex layers of jyotish . Thank you

  8. Rinal Dhokai

    I believe it works. I am 24 years old. Last year, I had severe mental health issues and workplace frustration which I still have, However I started with Astrology last year. I have Mars in trine to Saturn and Sun is in 8th house. So, 30-6 is 24.

  9. Rajesh Arora

    Yes ..working for me. Sun in 6th house Aries. Key changes at 29/35/41 and also 47.5 years of age. All profession related.
    But not for my wife Sun in 12th house Taurus with Saturn and Moon.

  10. Kishore Suryawanshi

    Mind blowing Sir. Stupendously great observation.👌 With only query in mind that why only 2nd house & 10th house comes under same age bracket. I hope one day even that will also get resolved 😊

    1. Kishore Suryawanshi

      Apology sir. For late notice that even 4th house & 11house comes in same age bracket.

  11. I’m Capricorn ascendant sun is in 10th house in llibra sign Saturn +rahu 6 to the sun. I moved to another city when I was 31 year & 5 months, at the age of 31 year 9 months ,my father expired by heart attack when he came to visited at my house .

  12. Sun in 7th house in Leo and saturn in 2nd house in Aqu (in bhav chalit) 6/8 position

    Feedback – the running age 28th
    In june 2023 My father was diagnosed with ADHF, Right feet toe Gangrene, lungs infections, and in july admitted in hospital for surgery of right feet toe removal

    Chart details – 27/8/1995 Time 6:55:23 pm place – Mumbai

  13. Sun as darkarka in 8th house with rahu and 7th lord Mercury.
    Saturn in 5th house with Jupiter in Aries.
    Breakup at the age of 24 (30-6) and at the age of 18(30-12) .
    Quite accurate observation.

  14. Sandeep jaiswal

    Sun + Venus + Jupiter in 9th house in Capricorn for Taurus ascendant Saturn in 7th house ….so sun in 3rd from Saturn at age of 32 i lost my foreign job and move to India if I add 6 in it it is 38 year of my life which will be in 2024…any predictions about that sir ,🙏🙏

  15. Komal bhargava

    Suiting quite well sir, am saggitarius ascendent with sun mercury and rahu in fifth, at 23 years of age my father had severe heart attack but in same year i got married too, in 35 th year I started earning again with a complete change of my previous profile ,came to astrology field 😇

  16. Sun in 3rd house in Leo sign.Moved to new city in 32nd year first time since I was born.Found a lot of peace and happiness .Job changed to less pay but Job has never been stable ketu being in Capricorn in 8 th house wonder why I did such hard studies when job satisfaction and constant employment was a not my destiny.I am MDphysician 🙂

  17. I am Scorpio Lagna. Saturn is in Capricorn in 3rd house and Sun is in Taurus in 7th house.
    At the age of 28(34-6), I lost a lot of money in stock market trading

  18. Wonderful i have no words to express myself, Just a thank you for the knowledge you share with all of us.
    My Sun in 10th house cancer ascendant, at the age of 31 my daughter was born, but at the same time i lost my cruise job because of a Rumor that i have contracted HIV. and when i came back to India and did the test the result was negative + 6 i moved to Bangalore + 6 My mother was diagnosed with ovarial Cancer + 6 2022 moved from Bangalore.

  19. I didn’t understand it completely..
    I am a Taurus Ascendant, I have Sun in 10th House with Mercury in Aquarius sign and Saturn in 6th House in Libra sign.
    How to check, do I need to analyse my life’s events taken place in 31st years? And what to relate it to?

  20. Santosh R Sharma

    Good Evening Sir,
    You are magician of astrology the way you teach us marvelous no words to appreciate.
    My observation my Sun is in 1st House and Saturn in 5th house at the age of 27th I left my house to make my career out of birth City it was 160′ change of my life.
    God bless you may God enhance your knowledge and wealth, health and prosperity .

  21. Sir, I am a leo ascendant with Saturn zero degree in 2nd house. SUN in seventh in natal chart but goes in 8th in bhav chalit. My query is which placement of Sun shall I consider to predict. Bhav chalit or natal chart.
    Please do reply

  22. Anubha Bhandari

    Namaste Sir,
    Leo ascendent sun in 3rd house at 32 my daughter was born and 26-27 I got married under Sun’s mahadasha. In chalit chart sun moved to 4th house, at present I am 33 moved to abroad on PR and 27 I got the burn injuries on both my legs ( sun Mahadasha was on going)
    12 Nov 1989
    Time 12:35-12:40 midnight
    Place Delhi

  23. Total novice here – Sun in 10th house in libra. My first child was born in 31st year, fast forward 6 years – I started my second masters and switched career which changed my life for the better. Saturn and Ketu are in 6th house and Venus, Moon, Rahu in 12th. Rahu MD right now and just wrapped Sade Sati earlier this year

  24. Sun in 4 th house Gemini, with Mercury. Saturn in 5 th house cancer.
    Diagnosed with cancer on my 33rd year. 6 years later completed my Post grad training and got a promotion. 5.5 years later both parents passed away.

  25. Namaste,

    I have Sun in 4th Virgo. 11th from Saturn. My 33rd year, i had tooth issue and boss related issues at work. Differences in working style and opinions. Had issues at work and was also under investigation by my company on alleged payroll related misconduct which then turned out to be a misunderstanding by investigator and my boss.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi sir
    Me and my husband are 1975 born. He has sun in 4h with mercury and I have sun in 11h with mercury. In the year 2009 July we both left our small kids for the first time with my in laws and left to Singapore for work. Unfortunately we faced a lot of problems financially and emotionally so had to quit and returned back to India in April 2010. It was Horrible phase of our life……
    I am little confused with the age calculator. Please clarify. 🙏

  27. Namaste Deepanshuji
    Very grateful for your teachings.
    I am Leo Lagna – Su in 12H Can.
    Sa is 4th from Su.
    Ma/Ke in 5th from Su.
    I just finished my 38th year and nothing special happened.
    6 years prior I was 32 yo – I completely stopped working after having my son (my work was not even part time though). I had my son at 31 yo though, maybe that was the important event?

  28. Soumya Mishra

    My Sun is in 2nd house in the zodiac Pisces. I am Aquarius ascendant , and Saturn is in 11 house with mars in saggitarius. Lord of 11 th house Jupiter is in 3rd house with Venus in sign of Aries.
    My 31st year was good. I joined a good company and got good growth. So does it means again in 37th year I will again get a good job ?

  29. Reading various comments I have noticed that during the age cycle of Surya dev. The trine of Shani dev is getting activated along with 12th or 2nd from the sun. Also if saturn is in the trine of sun then sure shot there is some negative influence.

    For work-related issues, if saturns 10th aspect is to good wrt sun or sun is in good position then there are good changes related to work or finance.

    Very interesting, thank you 🙏 for sharing this.

  30. Rajesh Kumar Sharma

    I have Sun Ven in Gemini ascendant. In the year 34th my daughter was born and in that I had a fierce fight with wife, 40th year I got promotion which I refused later repent, 46th my job conditions started deteriorating which still not getting better in my 52nd year, I resigned my Government job later withdraw my resignation. Going through lot of turmoils of mind.

  31. Rajesh Kumar Sharma

    I have Sun Ven in Gemini ascendant. In the year 34th my daughter was born and in that I had a fierce fight with wife, 40th year I got promotion which I refused later repent, 46th my job conditions started deteriorating which still not getting better in my 52nd year, I resigned my Government job later withdraw my resignation. Going through lot of turmoils of mind. I had strong desire that Deepanshu Sir give a kind look at my horoscope.

  32. Hello Sir, thank you for sharing this technique. I tried on 4 charts and this is what I noticed at the age of Sun activation.

    1. A change in profession happens when Sun & Saturn is in the trine. If Sun supports Saturn hard work is required but change is for better. Example: Sun in 3rd house with Mars & retro Saturn in 10th house with Rahu & Moon. Individual registered a new business at the age of 32 but didn’t start it till 33rd year.

    2. Profession isn’t involved when Saturn isn’t in Sun’s trine. Example: Sun in 9th house with combust Moon & Mercury. Parents moved close to the native at 28 years (34 – 6). Ketu is in trine of Sun in 5th house. 5th house event happened as well.

    3. Events varies drastically for the ages for sun activation For example: for Sun in 9th house events were significantly different from 28th year than 34th year than 40th year. How can we judge the results.

    Another observation, even the house that fall in Sun’s trine which doesn’t have any planets gets the results.

    Thank you!


  33. What a beautiful technique sir!!! Hats off!! I’m Leo ascendant sun Rahu 10th house kritika. Exalted Mars in trine to sun rahu. Saturn 11th house. So sun 10th house is 31st year, you said to use multiples of 6 so 31 – 6 is 25 and again minus 6 is 19. Exactly a month after my 19th birthday so in June 2022, I came to Canada for studies. Beautiful sir! Since it is after my 19th birthday so it would technically be my 20th year running. Either way I think it worked perfectly. I even found a good job here and am earning and paying 4 semesters worth of fees (around $32,000) on my own. Still 2 more semesters remaining to pay. I am 20 years old now. My chart details sir: 19th May 2003. 12:59 pm. Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

  34. Namaskar sir, आपके इस लेख में लिखा है कि 1962मे शनि तुला राशि में था,पर मेरे पास जनवरी 1962 की कुंडली है जिसमे शनि मकर राशि में है,शनि तुला में दिसंबर 1952मे तुला में आया था।

  35. Namaskaram My name is Jyothi Reddy I have similar positions according to Indira Gandhi horoscope sir 1)cancer lagna Saturn retrograde 2)11th house Jupiter retrograde 3)5th house sun mars Mercury conjunction Presently 47 years sir I have Venus mahadasha from September I have saturn antardasha according to your blog How would it be what are its affects

  36. Sir,
    You always guide helpless persons. I earnestly seek your guidance.
    I am a jobless person since years and totally dependent on others for basic survival.

    Yesterday, I got an opportunity to read your blogposts on career (10th house, 3rd house)

    Like every helpless person; I earnestly wish if you could read my chart and guide me accordingly. (career, profession, income )

    My details are as follows :
    DOB : 20-10-1973
    Birth time :18: 21 :56 (6: 21 PM )
    Birth place : Delhi, India

    Today, I may not have money ;but I shall certainly pay you ;whenever destiny smiles on me.
    Hopefully, you will guide and bless me.
    With warm regards

  37. Aquarius ascendant, Sun and Saturn in 4th house. If I add 6, then I lost my father at 39 yrs and if I subtract 6, my daughter was born at my 27th yr after much difficulty.

  38. at my 30th I was in a very struggle situation here in abroad. money crisis, family problem and also indulged in bad habits…wrong friends circle….sun in taurus 8th house sat in Sagittarius 2nd house,

  39. Dharmender sinngh

    Tauras ascendent sun in 6 th house. Lost my father on 13 July 2020. I don’t know how this happens. He died of heart attack. He was a military man.

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