Rahu- Desire of being Immortal.

Every one of us has many desires in life, and we work throughout our life to complete those; every graha in our chart comes with a desire- A Particular agenda, and this is what we try to complete in our lifespan, but this life is small to complete the agenda of all planets as at max a person can run 3-5 Mahadasas in their lifetime, Mahadasa decides the overall agenda of the life for next set of years and other planets either help or negate the agenda- Mahadasa is the primary direction explaining what your conditions will be, which part of the globe you will live in and what you will strive for in life until any Mahadasa is running.

Birth Dasa is a special dasa as this is the dasa that killed you in your last birth; a termination has happened in your last life due to this particular planet only, and now you are born with the same Mahadasa, completing the rest of karma, see birth and death as tiny dots in a big circle to give you transition to another circle.

Every scripture will explain that if you are born as a human, a significant amount of your punya is accumulated. You should be thankful for this birth, but let me come back to the desire of a Mahadasa planet, as every planet has a specific agenda to be done if you ever wish to check past life check-in D-12, chart the position of the planet where you are born. You will know the deeper reason for your birth- I have written this in detail in the editorial of Lunar Astro October -2023 magazine with case studies.

I want to focus this article on the desire of Rahu. Every planet has a basic desire that planet wants to achieve through a superpower that has been granted to that particular planet, such as the desire of Jupiter to provide eternal happiness and raise your equivalent energy level to gods by giving you wisdom, the superpower of Jupiter is expansion and wisdom.

Similarly, Rahu desires to be immortal by using his superpower of being the mirror, A shape-shifter to look like someone else and be immortal, as this is how Rahu came into existence in the first place when nectar was being distributed and in this process, nectar was dropped in four places, Haridwar, Prayagraj, Triyambak & Ujjain, These four places have significant effect in the dasa of Rahu.

As in BPHS, it is mentioned that a person takes in the Ganga River during the dasa of Rahu because of chasing for the nectar drops dropped at these places. What I have personally observed with the Rahu dasa is that during this dasa, the native is chasing an illusion and keeps on running from pole to pole only to complete one desire, and that is to be immortal- Being immortal is not only the existence of physical body but a desire to be remembered and this is a basic human desire that there should be someone after them to remember them, To tell the tales of your greatness that once you lived on this earth and performed deeds, that is what we do during the Sharaddh paksha and amavas, To remember our ancestors and offer them food, clothes and other goods as a gratitude for all the good things our ancestors have done in life.

The greatest desire of Rahu is to become immortal and timeless so that you will be remembered in every era. The same is the desire of the Sun, but the difference between the two is that the Sun comes from the lineage and has fame by birth due to lineage and family someone is born into; this is an advantageous position. Rahu is the one who has risen from the extreme low like a phoenix rise from ashes against all odds, from down under the earth only by the blessings of ancestors; all the punya of several lineages gets manifested into a person who gets born with powerful Rahu, Rahu is the one and who never belonged to that class of royalty, never got equal status or respect as he is the odd one out, He is the brilliant outcast who is not accepted into the hall of fame.

Sun get fame and royalty quickly from day one and will be remembered in the afterlife due to their lineage. That is why all the kings had one strong desire: to get a Son who could carry their name forward while Rahu, on the other hand, would be remembered by many while living and after death, as Rahu came from a place where he stood against all odds, Arjuna got everything as a result of lineage while Karan even after all the obstacles managed to challenge the Arjun, You can’t compare two warriors as one had all the advantages and another one had nothing.

A prominent feature of Rahu is to do good for the downtrodden society, which serves as a beautiful remedy for the Rahu as well, To help people overcome the difficulties you had faced while climbing up. This is why the construction of rest houses, medical facilities or, like Karan -Donation to anyone in need every morning is one of the best remedies for Rahu; While bathing in river Ganga every time I have tried during the Rahu dasa and taken feedback from several people had resulted in headaches, body pains or something significant happened in next one week based on how powerful energy of Rahu you are carrying.

Why do you need to help the downtrodden outcasts of society during this dasa? Remember where you have come from. You have risen in life due to the energy of Rahu only, nothing else. This is why in the chart of politicians, Rahu has to be strong as the Sun is one big source of energy that has infinite power, which is passed through the nucleus DNA straight forward to you without any trouble as this is entitlement through the Sun. Still, the energy of Rahu is not passed on directly as an entitlement but via multiple people and generations helping you, rather than a core nucleus power is gathered via support of all the outcasts who have not got enough credit in the past, who possess you and consume all their desires through you and the moment the person who has got everything via the energy of Rahu says, Now its time for me to change and act like a Sun by normalising the energy, downfall starts as the power of Rahu lies in restlessness, hunger for win and use the energy of sixth house (Rog/Rin/Shatru). Imagine a politician starts thinking of a good at heart, and the system will throw him out as now he is useless to the system.

This is the official definition from the website of NASA for the black hole.

“A black hole is an extremely dense object in space from which no light can escape. While black holes are mysterious and exotic, they are also a key consequence of how gravity works: When a lot of mass gets compressed into a small enough space, the resulting object rips the very fabric of space and time, becoming what is called a singularity. A black hole’s gravity is so powerful that it will be able to pull in nearby material and “eat” it.”

What is written above is a definition of Rahu as the resulting object rips the fabric of space and time; you think deeper as all those who were oppressed by society, who were not accepted due to the lack of the authority backing them up, Who was threatening the society by not accepting the fate decided by the circumstances they were born in to. These people decided to run a parallel system of their own as the elite did not welcome them; always remember it is always the person who is in power who does not like anything to change in society as the current system and rules favour them- It is like a UN council. A few countries try to dictate their say on the whole world while countries like India, which has such a huge potential and growth, were made to sit on the side, and these people lecture us on climate change and poverty eradication to slow down the economic growth of rising India as growth and hunger of India is a threat for these nations,Β  this has resulted in other groups such as BRICS, ASEAN and many other similar ones.

Astronomers have always wondered if there is a missing planet between Mars and Jupiter as the distance between these two planets is quite large; there are theories that a planet existed in this place that is the black hole at this place and in Vimshottari dasa sequence between Mars and Jupiter there is a Rahu – the total distance between these two planets are 3.68 AU, Distance between Sun and Mars is 1.5AU and between Sun and Jupiter is 5.2AU and if you calculate distance between Sun and Rahu(Blackhole) should come around 2.3AU-Β  2.8 AU- You know what is the significance of these numbers are that you multiply these number by 18 years of Rahu dasa and you will get the age of Rahu which is 42-48 years of age.

This 2.3-2.8 is the span of the black hole when you calculate and go through the sheet provided by NASA- Black Hole Math (nasa.gov)

Don’t forget that you have not got everything with a blessing from the Sun (Things which naturally get transferred via lineage); you have got these super ideas, brilliance and insights into this world because you had the energy of all these people combined, A strong Rahu, shows blessings of grandfather and your pitris as if Sun rules the sky, Rahu rules the Patal If you are able to break the generations of the cycle of poverty, bad luck and generational curses, keep giving back to Pataal.

Let us look at the History of what has happened to people who have donated to the cause and had a powerful Rahu in the chart. The donations will always help you keep extraordinarily rising in life. Pick up any chart of a person who has risen from rags to riches; the native will only be able to survive that phase if the native has given back to society. Otherwise, Rahu takes all back and gives it to someone else as remember the desire of Rahu- Your ancestors want to be remembered, The desire to live forever, and they can only do it through you; you don’t get wealthy by your hard work but by blessings of ancestors when you fulfil their desire, Bill gates started charity in 1994 and in 1995 he was the richest man, Rahu in 6th in Scorpio- donation for medical causes and seed bank (Scorpio-6th house)

An Indian businessman donates 30% of his wealth to feed the poor. He started his career as a flea market vendor and now owns a big factory in the country, but his donations have not stopped yet; donations for a cause where Rahu is sitting in the name of ancestors are to be done to uplift the downtrodden and the moment this happens, helps comes from places you can’t even imagine.

I hope this article has given you insights about Rahu and helped you overcome difficulties in your life.


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  1. Thankyou so so so much sir for this amazing Article πŸŒΈπŸ™ I am having Rahu in 12th Cancer (Leo asc) What to donate nd where

    1. Sir I have rahu along with jupiter in 12th house libra and my venus is at 29th degree in Leo aspected by saturn (17β€’) in 4th house aquarius and by Mars(26Β°) in tauras 7th house and nothing aspects jupiter and Rahu what should be the remedy for my 5th house please tell, I am suffering a lot due to 5th house please help sir

      Manu singh

  2. Harshavardhan Goud

    Pranam Guruji, i have mercury in Swathi along with Jupiter Rahu and Venus in vishaka in first house, I was always the misfit and was always insulted and neglected by peers. I had this huge desire to the unify the outcasts and misfits, no support from family esp from father , been changing many jobs and always fights with authority at workplace.looking forward to start something on my own this year , bless me gurudevπŸ™

  3. Thankyou so so so much sir for this amazing Article πŸŒΈπŸ™ I am having Rahu in 12th Cancer (Leo asc) What to donate nd where?
    Moon in 8th(Pieces )nd Venus in 4th (scorpio)

  4. The calculation of age based on distance wow. In the end I got Goosebumps. It is really something very new. Thankyou for sharing.

  5. Such a pleasure to read.

    I once saw an astrologers post where he said salman khan even though not thst very talented as an actor continues to reap rewards of his past punya where he helped n donated to charities n does it Now too.

    Another astro n vastu expert said he has seen this with all wealthy people that they all do good deeds for others n donate to charity

    I have 5th house rahu in sagittarius. So I guess donating for orphans and boys.. Exact items /specific chsirites would love to know

    Ever since listening to you now I donate more… Although mostly through gpay to the chsirites you recommended but also by hand to animals.. It truly feeds your soul and the effect is permanent

    1. Hello, same here I also have Rahu in sagittarius and I do donation to animals specifically cows ,dogs and poor people any other donation I should do?

  6. Naveen jindage

    Sir, thank you very much for this article. I have one concern regarding the scientific aspect given here. The rahu and ketu ‘s are actually the nodes, the intersection point of rotation plane of the earth around sun, and rotation plane of the moon around the earth. And this plane precess, which give rise to 18 year period of rahu and ketu node. If rahu point is between Mars and Jupiter, and Jupiter’s orbital period is 12 years, then rahu’s rotation period must be less than 12 years, which is not the case. There is discrepancy. And one more thing, what we have between Mars and Jupiter is asteroid belt.

      1. Sir I have rahu in 6th house Gemini . whenever I am doing accounting and billing work of my factory my order and profit boost up. Thanks for your valuable knowledge. πŸ™πŸ™

      2. So informative about rahu.
        Rahu ninth ashirvad of ancestors,remembaring family’s “mulpurush” their sacrifice of life for that time’s raja and the worriers death … remembering that tithi day.. offering Puja realated retuals,meals to bramhin on that day is obvious.
        Besides this donation to safai karmachari ?

        Thanks and regards Sir.

  7. Outstanding description especially the math related to the distances between the planets….I am a physicist myself and I wish I could have more conversations with you on astrology and astronomy… Great work…!!!!

  8. My rahu mahadasa starts from 2016 and I am a Gemini with moon ta stagistarius.rahu , mercury,sun,Venus at 6th house. I go through all the problems that ever imagined in life only left is medical illness. Even I go to 2/3 astrologers even my father goes to Balck magicals but nothing solved or less .
    Then I finalize to learn astro and law for only my problem..
    From last January I go to jail for 2months after that I isolate myself but dnt go through depression at all.. and I learnt astrology for last 6months …
    Today I thought after reading your article that may this remedies help me for sure..

    I am a very good science student so I never understand things without logic …

    A great thanks to you

  9. I have a Rahu in Taurus lagana and I am regularly getting dreams of my father and grand father. My grand father had started a n Ayurvedic clinic way back in 1945 my father has also served that clinic. I am also an Ayurvedic doctor but presently not in my home town so not able to look after that clinic. My DOB 22/7/1984, 2.10 am, Udhampur.

    1. Hello Sir,

      This is really off topic, but related to ayurveda, can you suggest some medicine for pain in large intestine? Especially after consuming heavy meals(lunch and dinner). I have rahu in my 2nd house btw.

  10. Aqansha Sharma

    BRILLIANT would be an understatement. And what is even shocking is that I was just speaking about the same topic of lineage, generational curses to my partner. And the 2nd half of this article says exactly those same things. Master piece!

  11. Dr.Shweta Paliwal

    Rahu in scorpio sign in 9th house .what should be donated..what kind of charity should be done on the name of ancestors.

  12. Richa R Rajput

    It’s always wonderful to read ur articles they give a little more hope to live. What should I donate if rahu in 6th house makar rashi. Husband rahu 5th house pieces n daughter 9th house mithun rashi.Plz guide. Also what to donate if guru in 6th house aries.

  13. I was never interested in astrology, but back before 1 year, I asked one of my friend who knows basics of astrology, that I am going through tough time in terms of financial issues, which are not getting solved, no matter what I do, civil engineer by graduation, but did lots of career change, did business, worked for a IT company and now unemployed, my friend asked me about my birth details, I shared with him – dob – 25/09/1993, tob – 7 AM, Pob – Mumbra(400612), Maharashtra, he told me I am going through a bad planetary period, I am facing issues like I am not able to concentrate on a single thing, due to which I am not able to complete any work properly which is affecting all spheres of my life, mental & physical health issues, financial worst.
    What am I going through and how can I overcome, this bad planetary period, by doing good work, helping people, feeding animals & what else i should do.
    Anybody who can share their opinions on this, I will be really grateful.

  14. I am Sagittarius lagna having Rahu & Mercury in 12th house and 12th lord Mars retrograde in 8th house.
    My rahu mahadasha starts 3 months back. What should I do?

  15. Excellent job of explaining a difficult concept clearly and accurately, appreciate the time and efforts in the thoroughness of your research.

  16. Sivaprakashe@rediffmail.com

    Sir Rahu in 12th house with Guru, Shani and Mangal. Please let me know what to donate. Kanya Asc

  17. Mind blowing article Sir. Keeping pouring the wisdom like this for us as we are helpless and need guidance. Lots of gratitude

  18. Superb, wonderful, amazing, eye opening and learning content. Never read such type of elaboration, comparisons and similarities in this universe.
    Thank you so much for providing your brilliant thoughts and insights about planets.

  19. Pradeep Kumar khanna

    Started Rahu mahadasa last year 6th house with Jupiter Virgo lagna meet rashi senior citizen It means I will not be crossing Rahu data in this birth In next birth I will have Rahu data balance from this life carried forward

  20. Abhishek Sawant

    I can correlate this article to our current prime minister…who has risen from rags to reknowned politician ….guess due to prominent fifth house Rahu …and now giving back to entire Indian masses.

    Continuous schemes for poor and upliftment of society is surely keeping him in power for past 9 yrs and would triumph even in upcoming elections as most polls predict.

  21. Prashaant Chawla

    This is Beyond briliant.

    Wonderful insight

    Rahu in3rd house Aquarius in Dhanishta
    Any Suggestion About what to Donate?

  22. Priyanka jaiswal

    Thankyou so much sir for giving this insightful knowledge πŸ˜‡ can you please write a part 2 of this article describing Ketu why is it only 7 years of dasha.
    Gratitude πŸ™

  23. Namaste Sir,
    It’s awesome that you’ve managed to map the astronomical and astrological calculations! And your posts are so nice, it has the same feeling as an elder sitting around a bunch of kids and each one getting a small ball of food or Prasadam in their mouth while listening to all kinds of magical stories.
    Today morning I looked up videos of Ujjain Damru arati, then Triambakeshwar and Kapaleshwar Mahadev and got so emotional seeing them. And by lunchtime today, you have posted about Lord Rahu and his relation to these places. How this happens I don’t know.
    Performed your previous post’s Rahu Kaalam Honey Milk Pour remedy for 11 days. Within 3 hours, something odd would happen. Water purifier went down – twice, internet outage for 2 frustrating days, extremely odd behavior by some elderly people, an Ancestor came to ask – they wanted water in copper tumbler only, then I fell sick badly. Maybe I was hoarding too much negativity and hopefully all has escaped. πŸ™‚
    Additionally tested this – In some parts around where I live, the rainfall has been so dismal this year, people are fearing water shortages already. Since we follow Amanta panchang, and our Shravan is still running, I played Varuna Suktam when Moon was in Shatabhisha. Within 8 hours, there was such a downpour for a continuous 12hours. It was unbelievable. There’s also a nadika for rain on Fridays, when I played Varuna Suktam that time sky got cloudy but no rains followed.
    Therefore, if you spot any good muhurta in the upcoming daily panchang or any raag or remedy to pray for Rain would you kindly inform in Telegram? If possible, I’d like to appease the Rain Gods and Jal Devis so that they bless and fill up our rivers once again. Thank you.

  24. Amazing article sir, food for the soul….
    What donation can be done if Rahu is in the 8th house in Sagittarius sign.?

  25. Pranam sir,
    You are gifted human, I feel myself very lucky that I am blessed to read and listen your teaching.

  26. I am so thank full i read this and I express my gratitude towards deepanshu ji
    I wonder how a person can think this deep about everything it’s not knowledge it’s not intelligence it may be the glimpse of wisdom πŸ™πŸ»πŸ§Ώβ€οΈ

  27. Rahu with Shani in Capricorn 4th house.Your explanation is just excellent.
    Thank you
    God bless you πŸ™

  28. Shivangi Shukla

    Extremely well written, pure soul food.
    PLEASE share various donations for Rahu sitting in different houses especially when forming chandal yog – Rahu + Jupiter.

  29. Prateek bajpai

    Mera kanya lagan hai rahu aur guru ek sath 10 ve ghar me meri rahu ki mahadasha chal rhi guru ki antardasha 3 aug ko haridwar har ki pauri me snan kiya hai koi khas vjah nhi rhi achanak se ek job ka call aya fir interview dene gya tha job me scam nikla sab rahu ki maya ne mujhe vha bulaya sayad mujhe ganga river me snan hi krna tay tha ….

  30. I LOVE and APPRECIATE every word β€οΈπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ This will be a game changer for me as I continue my Rahu mahadasha. Thank you very much for all you do.

  31. Hello guys , I have Rahu Moon combination in the 10 th house in Virgo sign currently going through the Rahu dasha . I’m facing immense struggles in every sector of my life . Pls someone suggest me any remedy if possible .

  32. Narasimha Kulkarni

    What a wonderful article Sir, thanks a lot for sharing such precious hidden gems. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

  33. Sarvajeet patil

    Sir I have Venus in 1st house (virgo) ,
    Sun , mercury, Jupiter in 12th house (Leo),
    Moon and Mars in 6th house(Aquarius),
    Ketu in 2nd house (libra),and rahu in Aries 8th house .
    I have stepmother . My mother lost her life after few months when I was born. I feel emotionally detached from my family I feel like no one understands me.
    What field of career would be good for me?
    I am extremely interested in stock market

  34. brilliant..mindblowing sir..I check my D12 Pisces rising there,
    ketu 1st house,
    sun mars 3rd house,
    moon 5th house,
    Mercury 6th,
    Rahu venus 7th,
    Jupiter 9th,
    Saturn 12th
    And I found that I might be born in Jupiter mahadasha in my previous birth and I died at 67 yrs. In my previous birth, I fought with many while walkingπŸ˜€ and used to make my own laws. Jupiter’s chronic problem is visible from here and in this life I have got Libra ascendant which is in 8th house in d12. I have path breaking tendencies πŸ˜€ It is very difficult for me to follow any rules and regulations. you have given a very good clue of d12,
    Bahut bahut aabhar. πŸ™πŸ˜

  35. Brilliant , Sir Brilliant !
    You have mentioned 4 places Haridwar, Prayagraj, Tryambakeshwar and Ujjain.
    My Rahu Mahadasha started from 2009 and this year I visited Haridwar, Rishikesh and stayed in Haridwar for 6-7 dayS and when I get back home , whatever you said has happened!
    I got A job in MNC without any effort , for which I am trying for a very looooong time.
    I have Rahu in Lagna in Pisces, can You plz tell what should I donate?
    P.S. :- one thing I want to tell (which i observed several times) My wife has Jupiter in 7th house and Myself has Rahu in Lagna, whatever shop we visit (single or both) If it is emptying, it will be filled in minutes. As you said Rahu = Black Hole , it will Attract all those which is surrounding you πŸ˜‡

  36. Rahu in Cancer/12H. Water facility in Gaushalla situated in deep forest isolated place can work as remedy. Kindy confirm if it is OK

  37. Thankyou so much sir
    It’s a blessing for me. Your hard work in the field of astro science is great. Whatever I learnt from your videos I am able to get great knowledge. I am running Rahu mahadasha dips into the Ganga many times. Two times this summer. My guruji take me to Garhganga on 5 purnima in 2014-15 to clear my piter debt.

    You are really great.

  38. Preeti Chaubey

    I am a widow living with my son, I have rahu in 7th house scorpio ascendent. What should I do for uplifting my financial situation.

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