Saturn Transit 2023 in Aquarius

As Saturn is going direct on the 27th of October and making its way forward to Aquarius – The new home of Saturn for the next 2.5 years, the energy shift in-universe is going to happen as Saturn is the slowest moving planet creates impacts on life which is long-lasting.

Saturn has a habit to create pressure on people so not only they can perform best of their abilities but also discover the hidden power in them by creating obstacles and challenging the capabilities of an individual by cornering them when Saturn transits a particular house and planet this is to get the best out of that house but it is up to you how you will deal with such pressure and what changes you will make to adapt to survive this pressure.

These changes sometimes, individuals are not capable of making these on their own; at this point in time, astrologers explain to them why they are facing trouble and how they can compensate for this energy deficit by various methods and rituals called remedies as remedies do is to only use your energy more productively and efficiently.

I have written for 12 Moon Signs – Please go through it – In case you need a personalised Saturn Transit report based on your planetary position, navansh and ashtakwarga -Click here.

Aries – Saturn is going to transit your 11th house, which is the highly beneficial position of Saturn for your chart, As you were struggling from careers stagnation and wanted to progress in certain areas, the frustration is going to end soon as now you will see things moving but in the same transit, There will be a lot of pressure on your to work on your health aspect, You will become more diet conscious, also your friend circle will be increased as you are going to do some kind of social work as well.

Issue related to mother and home environment is not going to be supportive as you will feel peace at home is getting disturbed and problems related to vehicle and land will be there, you will have issues related to paperwork and servants at home, Any work you will assign to anyone in the coming period will only bring disappointment, Be careful of middlemen, paying for any service will not be valid as cheating will happen, theft at home by maid is also a possibility.

For some time, your focus will not be hard work and your core business but you will constantly think of how I can start something new in the profession and might even think to leave your current line of work.

The best will be to use this time making groups, FB/Telegram, good for networking; try to attend as many social gatherings as possible – Make sure the exhaust fan in your house is working and gift a deck of cards to any friend, Buy a Piggy bank made of mud and every day add some coins to it.

Taurus – Saturn is going to transit your 10th house and expectations from you at workplace will be of performing tasks which is nearly impossible, This is the time period when everyone will place their blame and leftover work to you and it will be of a situation that everything will narrow down to that you are responsible for every failure in team which is happening but patience and persistence is the key, This means be honest with your boss, tell him what you are capable of and what is beyond your reach as when Saturn transits 10th house person uses the words like 200% done, without realising the complexity of the task so whatever task is assigned to you, think through it, every single details and factors involved in it as transit Saturn 10th house means that your work will be dependent on someone else and that person will create a stalemate situation which will be frustrating for you but the same time period will teach you, how to manage your resources and time to the last extent and be self-motivated about your work. Remember, the only difference between losers and winners is that winners get in habit of performing tasks daily which losers never want to do.

Remedy- Learn to make a journal and write about your day from Saturn’s point of View; learn to play chess.

Gemini– Saturn is coming into your 9th house, which is not a good position for Saturn as the 9th house is of religion, guidelines, elders, and luck, and when Saturn transits this house, It makes the person non-absorbent towards these people as Saturn is a stubborn planet while in 9th house is of learning new things in life. You can’t be adamant that I know everything and no other knowledge is required that is why this will be a period of complex learning for you.

The best way to handle this energy is to be open to all ideas and initiatives and not to stick to your past learnings and experiences. Saturn has a quality that always makes you unlearn and relearn lessons until you understand the core concept of that house.

Remedy-  Read about core concepts from Taoism to make yourself open for learning, Donate a blackboard to any school in need, Gift a Doormat in the temple and wear a green emerald.

Cancer– Saturn is going to the 8th house as the 8th is the house of death and transformation, It is up to you now to handle the change considering that change has to happen, If you will make changes as per Saturn, the transit will turn out to be positive while if you are going to be stagnant here, slowly the decay will happen, Saturn slows down the process of dying that is why whenever we have to increase shelf life of anything we add qualities of Saturn into that object such as to preserve something what we do is apply Salt or get it frozen, place it in oil and all three are significators of Saturn.

Saturn in the 8th will force you to make changes so your longevity can be increased but let us suppose you have Mars or Ketu placed here, so Saturn will ask you to go for surgery so the longevity of your body can be improved.

Saturn in 8th will make sure you change your working style and leave some of the old employees which are working for you for the longer time periods as this is for the better of the company and your career as well. If you are working in an organisation you will see you are suddenly changing your domain, so your longevity in this company can increase.

Remedy- Be open to change in the profession as there are compromises you need to make to increase the longevity of your career, Take a salt water bath in the evening, Detox using charcoal scrub, and Go for colon cleansing in panchakarma.

Leo – Saturn is going to Transit your 7th house, which is going increase hostility in life as you will face severe opposition and demoralising tactics from opponents as Saturn’s aspect on Lagna will not only create an inferior negative mindset, You will continuously compare yourself with others and put pressure on your performance while this is not the right thing to do, but you will constantly be compared with people who are not worth your time or attention, but it is only the matter of time that people who are much lower than you will start troubling you openly, but this is to make sure you learn to work hard on your capabilities and skills.

People of lower grades will insult you only to make sure you show the world why you deserve so much respect and love, so don’t be afraid of competition, It is only to increase your level; this will be the time period when you need to market all the hard work you have done till now.

Remedy- Learn to appreciate and tolerate others, continuously work on your skill set but also don’t forget to tell and advertise about your hard work; make sure your wedding dress is dry cleaned and kept correctly.

Virgo – This is the time period when you will see a lot of trust will be broken by people, When you can’t trust any subordinate or senior and finally, you need to get your hands dirty to get work done as 6th house is the house of regular service, hard work and rules, you must be already getting ready in organising mode, making new rules for yourself that how hard you are going to work in coming days as this is the time period when you have taken command in your own hand to solve various matters, and you will use words like- “ Now let me see it”  This hard work is going to pay off, but in case you lack courage and stamina to now work hard this time period of misery will knock you down with health issues and a broken heart.

Remedy- Every morning start with pushups and Squat – Offering a Saturn idol made from Iron wrapped in green clothes.

Libra– Saturn is transiting the 5th house, which is the house of vision and leadership, this is the house of fame, but Saturn’s 5th house gives fame in troubled times as Saturn comes to power when there is no one left; this also shows that your enemies are either going to leave you alone or you get engaged in a task which no one else wants to do as if you fail the amount of embarrassment will be too high, So be careful while picking up any task this point of time which is more significant than your weight as this will lead to frustration and embarrassment, History has seen great heroes with Saturn 5th who have done impossible in this world, but at the same time the gamble is too big.  Saturn 5th has an ego issue to start something and then does not know where to stop the madness, so when it is transiting the 5th house, be sure of how significant a risk or gamble you want to take in life.

Remedy- Light a Diya in front of Saturn every Saturday, Lower your expectations with employers or people higher than you.

Scorpio–  Saturn is transiting your 4th house, asking you to leave your comfort zone and choose your path of greatness in life as whatever old grudges you were holding towards anyone will now vanish from your memory and you will think from the fresh brain on what to do in life, but for this again you need to leave the old place, Saturn transiting the fourth house not only creates trouble from seniors but also makes you travel and live in places which are not up to mark, You will think that why I have to live amongst these people or group or why the world is such a bad place but all of these are lessons of life you need to admire as this is a process Saturn is going through so that you can be more emphatic towards other people in life. You will never know how it feels like to live in a Saturn atmosphere where no one appreciates you, you are the last person to be asked for everything in the room, and you still have to be humble and accept it- This is happening so you move out of this place where you are not valued and move to a place where you are celebrated every moment, so the best time to apply for new Job.

Remedy- Adding gold balsam to milk will help you take the right decisions, Taking a shower by adding milk and gift a bell to the Shani temple.

Sagittarius- Saturn is transiting your 3rd house will make you think like a wise old person and suddenly, you will focus more on your luxury and comfort as a priority rather than going out with friends on Saturday night as now your sleep will be more important to you, You will start distancing yourself with neighbours, friends for your own mental peace and if you are in a kind of Job-like where you have to communicate a lot, You will start thinking that how I can communicate less and live in isolation and even repetitive questions or 3-4 endless questions will make you feel irritated.

This is the time you will sort out your inner questions by going into isolation if you are unable to do this, then it will result in some problems with a throat infection, thyroid where you will be forced to stay quiet; this also shows your transfer will happen to such a place where you will be completely isolated and will get a lot of time to think about life.

Remedy-  Every Morning, go to the nearest temple with one flower, Start Gardening, Use dry flowers for decoration in the house, Keep a mogra flower mala in your library, close in books and let it dry.

Capricorn- Saturn will transit your 2nd house, which is of family and money; the way you speak, Be very sure of your words as when Saturn transits 2nd house, native uses words which are mean and hurtful to so many people; this can create a rift between partners, family and can cause loss of money while if you can handle the energy of Saturn and think ten times before speaking, It will not only help you create a harmonious environment with family but also help you gain money. Saturn in 2nd house creates trouble for ladies in the family, which can also jeopardise married life.

This is the time period where you will be very careful with the money and resources, using every single resource to the last extent and making the most out of it while doing so, take care of your health as in this process, your health and mental peace will suffer badly.

Remedy- Every day, make sure you are having food with your family, Control your language and eating habits; every morning, apply charcoal face wash and use badam soorma in your eyes.

Aquarius- Saturn is transiting your ascendant, putting pressure on you to make the right choices regarding your career; this is the time period where you will feel the need for the guidance and support of a father, guru and mentor who can show you teach you and find your way for greatness. Still, since it is transiting your Lagna, you will also have a negative and stagnant outlook towards the world; this is the time period you will start new work or Job. Even against all odds with your hard work, you will rise well in this time period. Ensure you are not always in fighting mode or angry about others as in this period. Although the fault lies in you, you will be pointing out others for not doing things correctly.

Remedy- Distribute food regularly on Sundays by hand or take Seva in gurudwara for this; take a shower using neem soap, and gift tools to labours.

Pisces- Saturn will transit your 12th house, which shows that certain relations will come to an end and die their natural death; Saturn in 12th makes you waste time in useless activities in which output will be zero; this is the year of ending things rather than starting new, So utilize this time period to lower your burden, look for people who are draining you with negative thoughts and process, Look for activities which are taking your time but not giving any output as this is the time to get lighter rather than carrying dead weight.

As the 12th house signifies dead people and Saturn is weight, so dead weight – when Saturn transits the 12th house, you will be supporting so many useless parasites in your life, which can only bring frustration in life and nothing else. Identify and eliminate them as it’s time to move on; you will see it must have already started in your team; you must be carrying a load of several other members, so you need to break this monotony and tell everyone should pick their weight.

Remedy- Donation of Black Urad 10% of your weight to be given; clean your roof; rather than religion, understand spirituality and read about the spirits and energy of the Sky.

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65 thoughts on “Saturn Transit 2023 in Aquarius”

  1. Its absolutely true for Sagittarius Ascendant I just want to be isolated from people especially from those who disturb mental peace…🙏

    1. Deepanshu Giri

      Can you apply the second layer on how it will happen in your case using the technique taught in video yesterday ?

        1. I have natal Saturn in 3 house. Vargottam house wise.
          Sagittarius moon sign.
          Saturn + moon in 3rd house.
          Does it means I’m prone to thyroid!

        2. hello sir,
          i am gemini ascendant, i got new job offer today i was not expecting it but it is in different state.
          Is it due to saturn transit ?

      1. Namaskar Deepanshu Giri sir,
        Same here following and followed lots of path of great teachers but not able to choose one path,even i chose by heart ,discontinued after sometime.
        Please guide us…waiting for your reply eagerly🙏🏻🕉

        1. Saturn in second house for libra ascendant and gemini moon.

          Will transit fifth house from ascendant and ninth from moon .

          Dharma trikon will be activated. Please guide

  2. Hi sir

    Good evening sir. i am Taurus sign i did not understand what is Journal to be done can you please help what remedies can i perform in this transit.

    Thank you for help

    Atul khosla

    1. Deepanshu Giri

      Journal means writing daily log to express your feelings in writing as this will help you unwind.

      1. Hi Sir. I follow all your videos but I have registered for any quote yet. Based on today’s video, I wanted to make an attempt on my husband’s chart:

        Scorpio lagna – natal saturn in 11th house
        Date of Birth- 14 09 1980
        Time of birth 12 15pm
        Place of birth- Chennai

        Any property or car related dealings will bring profit . Shifting house will improve the income.

        1. Taneraw Singh

          Sir ,
          This preduction by keeping Chandra rashi in lagna or lagna chart . confusion may clear pse.
          Regards Sir,

    1. While reading this article I already feeling like good things are on the way …thnku sir ….sir Kindle plz guide me my gov job joining is stuck wht to do I’m Scorpio lagna with sun mars rahu in Lagan ..with Saturn in 4th ..

  3. Here transit is to be seen from Moon sign , when to see Transit From Moon sign and when to chk transit from Ascendent?
    When to start the remedies?

    Last question Virgo remedy not clear, can anyone help in this.

    1. Deepanshu Giri

      You can see Trasnit from both Moon and Lagna and it will work on different levels as Moon is more important rather than Lagna as everything is caused by Moon.

      1. Nitesh saxena

        My question is shd i consider the remedy as per lagna or rashi . My rashi is capri and the remedy given is use charcoal face wash every morning . Query – Along with face wash i have charcoal toothpowder can it be used for toothbrushing as i have stopped it thinking might backfire somway . Any alternate to sorma i feel wierd putting around eyes . Any alternative remedy . Charcoal i will start . Thank you DG 👍👍👍

      2. Dr Subhro Chakraborty

        Gratitude Sir for the nice article , I m having a pertinent question in my mind , I have cancer ascendent like u , with moon in Aquarius , Saturn in cancer ascendent posited in natal chart …my ascendant degree is 24, moon degree is 2 ….So in my case the transit effect will be seen stronger from ascendent or from moon …Thanks Sir 🙏🙏🙏

      3. Sir,
        Bang on

        My brother-in law having Moon Sign ( Aries Asc) and Lagna ascendant ( Cancer). He is saying that from Moon sign – Aries, predictions is accurate.

        He is thinking to leave current profession. Should he go ahead?

    2. Namskar sir,
      As a student of dental science I am unable to get into my post graduation in any since 2 years.As a Libra ascendant and Leo moon and Sun sign,this transit also seems to be not fruitful for me.
      Sir,I am running with moon_saturn(6th house)
      What can I do to get my PG or any Govt job?

  4. Sumangla Vegad

    I am a Gemini rising and I wanted to know like Saturn is transiting over natal rahu in 9th house so what should I expect ?

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for your guidance,

    In case you need a personalised Saturn Transit report based on your planetary position, navansh and ashtakwarga -Click here.

    Click here link doesn’t work!!

    1. Deepanshu Giri

      As i realised that writing a report takes a whole day so I skipped the idea as it would be impossible to fulfil so many orders, So better to teach.

      1. Shreepad Dabhekar

        Hi Deepanshu Ji, Pisces…12th house. You said 10% of weight Black Urad to be donated. Where we have give it temple ? When ? Any specific day? Please enlighten.

  6. I am Aquarius ascendent ,Virgo moon ,do i need to follow both remedy part , Saturn is entering my lagan,natal Saturn in 11 th House of Sagittarius.

  7. Ashutosh Gupta

    Sir, although my Moon is in Leo but my ascendant is in Pisces with Jupiter in Lagna its itself. And 12th house Saturn transit is resonating more with me than 7th house Saturn transit. So shall I use my ascendant to see this transit.
    Thank You

  8. Shivangi sharma

    Pranam sir,

    Thanks for explaining this from moon sign perspective also after having done an elaborate video on ascendant and Saturn transit.

    I am an Aries ascendant and an aquarius moon . Saturn in 8th in Scorpio. From ascendant perspective it forms a labh yog as you explained . But because for Aquarius moon transit is happening through their own lagna pressure will be felt. I also have that raja Rani yoga as Venus is in Aquarius in 11ty house and Saturn in Scorpio in 8th ( Venus 4th to Saturn) and presently Saturn Venus dasha going on.

    As I have few charts only being a new student and my own showing these points , I could quickly relate. Will do deeper analysis and share soon.

  9. Aries asc, sagg moon, Gemini sun.. how to make use of this transit for fulfilling wishes.. of relationship n career??

  10. I’m an UPSC aspirant. Libra ascendent, you said that it’s time for wish fulfillment. May I be successful or not? Natal Saturn is in 4th house conjunct with Saturn and mercury.

      1. Sir I have a Saturn (R) in 4th house sagittarius. As per Nadi retro planet always give previous house. So is it consider as a 3rd house result giver or 4th house??

        And one more thing is as per kp my Saturn occupied in 3rd house.

        Hari 🕉️ Tatsat

  11. Vijay Kumar Sharma

    Sir Virgo ascendant saturn in 10 house along with ketu(Gemini) difficult career you asked to donate Iron saturn idol with green clothes, can I give the same to the same temple where I have done pran prathishta of Shani Dev that was done by me and my family in 2005 ….. Thankyou and gratitude.

  12. Prateik Dusseja

    Sir, do Virgo moon sign people needs to offer Saturn idol made from Iron wrapped in green clothes in the temple ?

  13. ABHIJEET Khade

    I’m Cancer rising n Saturn is in 8th H of D1 in dhanistha nak.and I’m hoping for a job change in positive manner as I’m getting only 10k from present job. Please bless me sir.

  14. Virgo ascendant. Iv spent this whole year falling ill n a broken rishta n mental torture. Is the next year looking goin to bring more diseases ?
    6th house is also house of prarabdh. Does tht include good n bad both karmas?

  15. What if it’s Saturn return for someone in Aquarius. Will the Saturn transit over natal Saturn going to be any different.

    Thank You

  16. Sir , can you please talk about Saturn return ? There’s lots of hype regarding it , and all I want to know about is your thoughts on it. Thank you in advance.




  18. I’m a cancer ascendant. My natal Saturn is in Aquarius. In April 2022 suddenly I was looking to make a change in my business. I got a new idea and started executing it. everything was moving so fast. Then boom..everything stops(on hold) in July 2022. Now it makes sense. Saturn’s movement in and out of Aquarius?
    Also, if I look back 30 years ago. My life path was changed. It was good, though.
    Thank you. 🙏

  19. Moon Taurus ascendent 😅
    It’s Saturn in 8H for me currently and I listen to osho discourses on Taoism and use words like he didn’t did work as per dharma ,it’s not dharma 😅for person changing religion other than native religions of Nepal.
    Checking on Gemini which will get Saturn in 8H in next transit I was shocked .
    I am running under rahu-sun, 4-12 getting isolated from every possible thing stopped speaking people and in the time I only listen to upanishad things dharma ,astrology

  20. Sir, is this article for moon sign or lagna ?

    I have Saturn (poorvabhadrapada) in Aquarius in 12th house with moon (shatabisha). Ascendant is Pisces.

  21. Hemlata Chavan

    I am cancer moon and taurus ascendent. Major 3 planets sun, moon & jupiter are in saturn nakshatra. Saturn will be transiting on natal mercury in aquariis. For past 2 to 3 months I am feeling that I should change my job. Should I change the organisatiin. I am associated with this organisation for past 18 years. Please guide.

  22. Hello sir i am a Sagittarius ascendent. I very recently on 22nd October got tonsils out of no where, along with that there were ulcer in mouth and on tongue. It was so painful that i couldn’t speak to anyone for almost 4-5 days. Had flight with a friend who was asking me same question repeatedly on that same day. I asked to stop talking with me. My Thorat feels thirsty all the time there days.

    I recently moved away from home and i have no friends here i live in almost complete isolation for my studies.A boy sitting beside me starting talking with me so i quickly changed that library. I am in full mode of not talking to anyone.

    About this gardening thing. The place where i shifted have a balcony and its really in a bad condition i have been asking my roommates to get it cleaned so that i can bring some plants since past one week.
    No one cleaned it, i had to clean it up myself and Now i have ordered new plants ( as all the plants there are already dead).

    Thanks for such a bang on prediction. Seeking your blessing for the same exams due which i am in isolation and studing.

  23. Arathi Praveen

    Absolutely correct 🙏🙏🙏 about Aquarius ascendant- before the shift itself I’m feeling an urge to connect with a right Guru or teacher or mentor🙏🙏🙏..

  24. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to offer one thing back and help others such as you aided me.

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