Saturn – God of Karma

The whole world works on the principle of Karma. While all the other planets help us in dissipating karma, it is only Saturn that makes sure that your actions burn each last entity of your Karma; as Saturn is about to go direct and continue its Journey to Aquarius, it is very important for students of astrology to sit back and look at the bigger picture from Karma point of view.

Nowadays, it looks like the time has halted; It is time to prepare for the new journey ahead when Saturn moves to Aquarius -The world of Jyotish will change; every time Saturn enters Scorpio, or Aquarius, lot of people comes to the astrology field as an if the magnetic pull of Saturn forces people to come and learn astrology so they can complete their Journey When Saturn was in Capricorn the fight was on managing resources worldwide.

Wherever Saturn goes, it attracts the whole world to focus on that area to solve the problem and due to the cumulative effect of everyone, we can solve many problems in life; as when Saturn entered Capricorn, It was time for Saturn to teach everyone value of resources, health and how to live in isolation since humans were not ready for this lesson it becomes difficult for some people. Still, the whole world learned the term isolation.

Whenever Saturn enters Scorpio or Aquarius, it gives birth to astrologers and astrology schools which leave their mark on the time; as these are two signs which denote astrology; if you go back in time, look for Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan, The astrology course was introduced in 1987 which was established in 1987 by Shri KN RAO and Saturn was in Scorpio, while another institute was established in 1992 was ICAS and Saturn was in Aquarius, Lunar Astro also started with Saturn in Scorpio but again when Saturn is the transition to Aquarius, It will force so many souls to complete their journey of several lifetimes by learning astrology.

When Saturn was in Scorpio, it gave birth to several online astrology consultation platforms and apps, as this was the calling of Saturn so many people could get their lifepath sorted out. As of now, when we are ready to enter Aquarius, we can expect astrology platforms again to come up.

1760- Steam Engine- Saturn in Aries

1776- A machine was made to make a thread with the help of Steam powered machine- Saturn in Libra – Making clothes.

1840 Saturn in Scorpio and the world learnt how to make paper to communication

1869- Railroads

1876- Aquarius- Phone by graham bell

1891- Saturn in Leo- Light bulb

These are only a few examples to show how Saturn, not only in your personal chart but through the universe, decides the theme and you can’t remain unaffected by it; as Saturn will now go into Aquarius and we will rise in technology to communication, aviation, healing and medicine but moreover how several people will not enter into astrology to complete their Journey.

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  1. Sharat

    Beautiful article! I also think Saturn in Aquarius will lead to the rise in flying cars especially in Rahu strong cities like San Francisco, Dubai, etc. Wouldn’t be surprised if people start buying them to escape road traffic.

  2. Keegan Staber

    Ever Thankful for You and the team Sir.
    Now it makes sense to me.. Saturn/Scorpio/Aquarius connection.
    I’ve been into (western) astrology many years, however 3years ago something changed the first time I saw you predict
    1. ” fight with neighbors over dirty water”- Saturn/Moon

    2. “Someone having yellow or dirty teeth” Mars/Saturn

    You do astrology like martial arts, always know what to say and how to say it.
    The past 3yrs my sense of learning/predictions has changed dramatically, thanks to your efforts that feed my mind continuously. Kudos💯

  3. Ruchi

    Yeah. That’s true. Fight for resources, isolation and health focus while Saturn is in capricorn. Now need to see how Saturn would teach while in aquarius. Pls do write about Do’s n don’ts during this stationary time n when Saturn would be in Aquarius. Thanks a lot for wonderful words of wisdom.

  4. Smita

    True Sir, people seem to feel and talk like they have become hunchbacks due to carrying the load of career and responsibilities and if no dependents, then the burden of own internal issues. Heavy time.
    I too am going thru a frustrating time where I work really hard to solve someone’s problems. My predictions are accurate, the remedies I give are also happening with a lot of magical synchronicities, but finally the person waits with anticipation but doesn’t get the results.
    Maybe this is be the result of Saturn Capricorn transit for me. Trying hard to raise my own energy levels through your remedies. Visited Dakshineshwar and Kalighat Ma Kali last week, to experience the motherly warmth during these cold times.
    Wishing Happy Deepavali to you, your Fam and all at Lunar! Regards.

  5. Praveen Rawat

    I always overwhelmed by reading your blogs, I am in defence and read your all blogs, magzine, and waiting nakshatra-3 part book while my parents recently settled in dehradun I wish to learn from you hope there will be short course avialable on that time as i will come for 1 month leave..
    Pranam Guru dev

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