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Whether You can Learn Jyotishi or not ? | Career in Astrology



So let us start with whether you would be able to learn it or not, the way nowadays people start by watching YouTube videos so even if you are watching a YouTube video, even if you are not enrolled in any of the courses still the nature is giving you the hint most of the times the people start when they are in trouble they start searching on the internet what should I do ? they start searching with the remedies, the last part of the Jyotish what remedy I do for this particular thing the thing is, when you get started into Jyotish the deity helps you.

Every sadhana has a deity similarly Jyotish has a deity and that deity, see what is the work if any sadhana let us suppose, you pray to Kaal Bhairava you are a Sadhak of Kaal Bhairava Upasana the deity of that Sadahna is Kaal Bhairava what he will do is he will make sure that everything else around you whoever is becoming an obstacle for that particular sadhana, Kaal Bhairava is going to remove it similarly if you are really interested in Jyotish what Jyotish is going to do is if your job is going to get a problem in this particular learning you will see, you will start getting troubles in your job or whoever comes in between you and your sadhana of Jyotish that particular part is going to get remove from your life because that deity is telling you that you need to concentrate on me and that deity will give you things, which you cannot even imagine even in my own students.

What i have noticed over a period of time from there emails is like their experiences are that they get this technique in their dream or they just figured it out and brilliant techniques they are coming up with right so who is giving them these techniques because they are continuously, so dedicated to this particular sadhana and what is the sadhana they are doing for Jyotish, they are studying 6–7 hours a day they are really doing hard work in the Jyotish and in return, what is happening with them is the deity is providing them with the more knowledge, the deity is guiding them so if you are experiencing the trouble in your Jyotish, in your marriage or anything else, you see a lot of my students when they started with me some of them had started for the they wanted to do it professionally, some of them started as an hobby, or they wanted to find solutions to their own life problems so deity was creating that particular problem so that you go and learn Jyotish then only I will solve it so someone had a marriage problem, the marriage problem get solved someone had a business problem the business problem got solved reason being because now, they have learned about it their objective got cleared so the deity created a problem only for them so that they can go they can get tensed about their marriage, their job, their children and then the deity said OK , now you are learning.

I will fix everything else because that’s the work of a deity everything else around you will fall in place everything else around you will be taken care of money, family, jobs, and kids because that is the work of the deity because you are doing the sadhana the only one thing the deity will require from you is please give time to me if you do not give time to Jyotish you will get involved in something else in between, you will start getting the problems again so it is like there are some sadhanas where you have to sacrifice something and in Jyotish, you have to sacrifice this particular part, you have to give time every day to learn something, to serve him to serve under this particular deity so be careful when you serve when you are going start with this Jyotish is you just cannot say in 3 years.

I will complete everything and then just I will make money, even-if you are 40 years in Jyotish you will still learn you will still give time to it. you will still pray and there are rituals in Jyotish that every practicing astrologer does these rituals are because you are activating your sub-conscious brain and to keep in that particular zone so that you know that everything will work works on trust over here ‘ श्रद्धावान् लभते ज्ञानम् ‘like you have to keep trust, to keep your faith in Jyotish so this is the one thing even before, even you get enrolled in any course this is how you are going to get started.

Trust me and once you get enrolled or once you starting and I am not saying you to get enrolled in my course what I am telling you is once you start learning seriously, you can try it for the experiencing in the comment session, I see a lot of people wanted to learn but they have a problem of marriage, they have a problem with this particular thing or that particular thing do one thing, buy one book one book which I really recommend to beginners “how to judge a horoscope “that was the first book I bought for myself 6–7 years back by Dr. B .V Raman sir read that book, even if read that book properly you will know that how deep the jyotish is you will see that particular problem will start getting solved out because you are now giving time to the deity and it for any sadhana and there are different sessions in the jyotish to learn this particular method you have to pray this particular God or this particular Devi that is my next course as well I am going to teach Bhagwat and how Bhagwat is related to jyotish but anyhow this is how you’ll get start in jyotish take one book read through it and see whatever problems you are facing in your marriage, your kids the deity will take care of it because now you are giving time to the jyotish wants you to learn, that’s why you are watching this video, that’s why you are watching several other videos several other videos on YouTube there are brilliant astrologer on YouTube, some of them are really-really great so watch any one of them and when you start learning everything else will start fall in place because now you are giving your time and energy for the sadhana.

Consider this as a sadhana but anyhow what combination you should see in your chart the first combination you should see in your chart is the combination of the 12th lord and the 9th lord why this combination has been stated because the 12th lord is the ‘Bhagya’ of the masses it is 9th from the 4th and 9th lord is your Bhagya, so these two lords should make a connection anywhere in the chart by aspects, by looking at each other, by exchanging houses by exchanging nakshatras, they might have a common depositor or together anywhere or they can be looking at each other’s houses, anywhere they should make the connection but in D1 chart only, not D9, do not look this in D9 only in D1 the second thing which you should look at is a combination of 10th lord with the 8th lord or 10th lord with the 9th lord.

why i said 8th lord and 9th lord if you get the connection with the 8th lord, you will boon the research part of it if you are going with the 9th lord, you are getting the counselling part of it or with the 3rd lord then also you can go with the writing or counselling, 3rd or 9th axis they are counselling so either with the 9th lord or either with the 8th lord 8th lord you will boon the research of it you’ll take out hidden secrets of jyotish but can you make money through it, this combination with 10th lord and 9th lord 10th lord in 8th lord 10th lord in the 3rd lord this combination should make connection with either 2nd house or its lord or 11th house or its lord so you can have like 2nd lord and 9th lord in 10th house 2nd lord 8th lord in 10th house because the money part 2nd and 11th has to come or it can be in sign of Taurus or Aquarius you can take as natural house, natural lords as well because natural lord in 2nd house is Venus and natural lord in 11th house is Saturn and rahu so these combinations will also give you the same results for earning money through jyotish, you need to have a connection of 2nd or 11th house to the 8th and 10th or 8th or the 9th and 10th then only you will be able to make money now which particular type of jyotish you will be.

See there are two types of Jyotish,

I have divided the one who creates stuff who generates new, who decodes things who study continuously in deep and they do their search, that’s the 5th and 8th lord connection if you have a 5th and 8th lord connection on Saturn in the sign of Scorpio because Saturn natural Karama-karka gone in the sign of 8th house then also it will work Sun in Scorpio 5th and 8th connection it will make the sun is natural 5th lord then also you will boon the research mode of Jyotish if you only have a 9th and 10th lord combination combined with the 2nd house, you can learn from others and tell the same thing to the client you will be very good in counseling part of Jyotish.

People who have a 5th-8th connection, are not good in counseling they are very rough, and they speak as if it will happen like this you go from here because they do not want to counsel and that’s really bad, you know as a Jyotish you have a no 1 job is to counsel so these people 5th-8th connection with the 10th lord if you do not have a connection with 3rd house or a soft benefice planet they are not good in counseling you know or providing the shoulder to the client while people who have 10th-9th , 10th-3rd soft planets like mercury, Jupiter, Venus they will provide counseling, Venus if you have this combination whichever particular planet is powerful that is the type of Jyotish you will be.

You cannot be anyone else you cannot become a snapshot predictor just by copying someone else because even if I teach you the technique of snapshots and you have a good Jupiter you are a Jupiter-based astrologer Jupiter based astrologer what it does is, it teaches you about the religion it is about doing the right thing it gives you the counseling if you are a Rahu based astrologer you have snapshots if you are Saturn based astrologer then what you are going to do is, Saturn only give the bad news, sorrow speaks slowly so if you are a Venus based astrologer.

I have seen the Venus-based astrologer they are best in remedies, if you have a strong planet as Venus in this particular combination trust me Venus-Rahu combinations if you see in the 10th house or in the 8th house or Venus combined with the 8th lord these people will provide you remedies in 10 seconds and these remedies will work you have to find, you have to see which particular combination is very prominent in your chart one other combination which I see is, I am going to make a video on this as well, Uranus the outer planet if you see this particular planet in your 5th house or in the 8th house or in the 10th house whichever, wherever this planet is going wherever in your chart there are activation ages for this particular planet as well that house will explode one day in a manner you can’t even imagine! if you see this planet with your 8th lord or with Rahu or with your 2nd lord this house is going to get explode but this has a timing effect it doesn’t get active till certain ages in certain charts i will do a complete video on it, on the Uranus as well because i have tested them in several charts, now i am very confident this is how it is working Uranus, Neptune , Pluto all three ever come But Uranus you should at, if it goes in your sign of Scorpio or it goes a very close to cusp degree of 8th house it will provide you sudden outburst which no one , no one else can I call Uranus as a hell broke loose planet because it will provide you that effect which no one else can now the thing is whether it will backfire see if you are going to make in any profession this is apart from Jyotish, in any profession if you overcharging client if you are selling things which are not required for his remedies only for your benefit that is going to backfire you anyhow that is apart from any type of a business you are involved in and that’s what the karamvipak samhita says if you are underpay someone, if you are overpay someone like there was one story, where lord Shiva says this particular native took 400 grams of gold from Brahmin now the thing is that the hidden meaning between the lines is 400gm of gold the brahmin will never have 400 gm of gold that’s one thing what he meant was this particular native has earned 400 gm of gold because of the advice of the brahmin and then what he should have paid back to the brahmin, he has never paid it how this particular curse will work I have seen these people, they do not pay anyone for their counselling because that’s was a brahmin does brahmin do your counselling and from that counselling, from that one line of advice you will earn money, your life will become settled your family become settled from that one line of advice now what these particular natives do they will have a C.A, they will have a lot of advisers, they will underpay them and due to which, they will make a lot of money due to their advice But they will not pay them back due to which they will experience curse in their life this is what he (lord Shiva) meant now any type of curse you have in your life they will be shown in Navamsa, navamsa is the fruit the karma is in the D1 chart navamsa is the fruit whatever karma you will do in D1 it will show up in the navamsa as a fruit I the upcoming book, I am explaining the concept of navamsa as a fruit.

I think there a 40 or 50 examples in it that it will backfire you guys or not this is going to backfire if your saturn which is karma-karaka or your 8th lord has gone into the malefic amsas or in the elsewhere it is combined with highly malefic planet and they are going to meet soon in the progression when I say meet in the progression I am talking about the progressions of the Chandra kala Nadi , this is not the transit then you can see in this Paticular time period the native will suffer the fruit of this particular karma and he will face problems due to this particular house this is a concept which I can’t explain on the video because i need to give you a lot of background regarding the Navamsa and deities first but it will backfire consider this , you can take this as an omen buy your 1st book like i said , buy your 1st book and you’ll see whatever problem you are facing , if you are interested in learning Jyotish But your 1st book and you will see that particular problem whichever you are facing will slowly start getting away, out you will see it is getting cured so this is the one way to test it whether it will backfire or not because that deity will take care because you see, because one of the sayings what he said was that if you want to do a Yagya the deity of the yagya will arrange everything else it is the same thing in jyotish.

If you want to learn the Jyotish the deity of the Jyotish whichever deity is in your chart that deity will arrange everything else around you it will make sure that nobody else comes in between you and your sadhana because you are carrying this journey from several lives Anyone cannot learn Jyotish this is the reason because they will not be even interested into watch Jyotish channels they will not be interested these kinds of problems whenever they’ll get problems in their lives they will even trust in Jyotish everyone cannot learn it if you are interested in it means, it’s nature’s way of telling that you can go ahead with it, but try and test it with the first book read it, tell me the feedback in the comment section I’ll wait for it and I hope you guys like the video a lot of queries got cleared regarded the Jyotish now and I hope to see you soon, subscribe the channel, like the video, share it and I’ll see you guys next time,

I hope this will help,

Thank you

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  1. Mayuri Hatwar

    Wow!! Just wow. I have no words to describe this article. It looks like it you wrote it in trance state. Its in rawest form, and my mind was blown.

    Coincidentally, last month on 30th September, i ordered my 1st jyotish books from you. And facing too many problems in receiving them. Your assistant said she sent the another set and just one day after I had to travel urgently to village. Is this a sign fof me to not learn?

  2. Deepanshu ji Namaste,

    Could you help with this line where you have said. ” whichever deity is in your chart that deity will arrange everything else around you it will make sure that nobody else comes in between you and your sadhana”.

    How can I find out the deity in my chart. Please advice. What kind of Sadhana is to be done?


  3. Arathi Praveen

    Wow Sir 🙏🙏🙏.. I was thinking about leaving astrology full ; but somehow a deep call inside made me read your blog today . And the article resonates with me very well . Jyotish is something in my genes – my mom side family knows it ; even her grandfather- who was a professor by profession- but knew astrology too well n had written the horoscopes of most of our family members. He had even published many astrology books in my native language. But none of the family members had taken it a profession or considered it as a source of income . Because of the same reason even I feel reluctant to take it as a profession- but I’m happy to follow it as an hobby . Also I noticed that my first time interest in astrology happened when Jupiter transited over my bhrigu bindu- same way I started following YouTube astrology when Jupiter transited over Saturn in Scorpio- also it coincided with the transition of Jupiter to Saturn dasha ( sandhi period) .. Also I had the same experience back in 2014 – when I was undergoing IVF treatment in order for my mind to stay calm n to distract myself – I had bought the above mentioned BV. Raman book n that time I used to collect family members charts n did study n research in my own way with limited knowledge.

  4. Arathi Praveen

    I feel God has made me read this article today 🙏🙏- was thinking that astrology is not something meant for me – but I could relate to most of the things you have mentioned initially. From my great grandfather ‘s time – astrology runs in my family – but as a hobby not as a profession. Because of the same reason even I feel like to keep it as a hobby 🙏🙏🙏. Sir as you have mentioned- even I remember a story happened in my life during 2014- at the time of IVF treatment- just to distract myself I bought the above mentioned book by B.V.Raman n that ivf cycle has been successful- but I lost the babies to premature delivery n death later . Also I realized my interest in astrology started when Jupiter has transited over bhrigu bindu in 2003 n then started focusing on YouTube astrology when Jupiter transited over natal Saturn in Scorpio- also coincided the transition from o Jupiter – Saturn dasha

  5. पिछले साल लूनार ऐस्ट्रो का प्रथम बुक मिली ही नहीं। काफी कोशिश के बाद दूसरी बुक मिली। चार बुक में से केवल तीन मिली वो भी स्टेशन से दूर से लेनी पड़ी। लगभग क्वार्टर समाप्ति के आस पास।
    Being a force member I have no sufficient time but I am intersted in astrology because of worthy D.G Sir videos . Due to facing problemb receiving magzine I could not booked magzine for this year.

  6. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  7. Anderson Fierro

    After looking at a few of the blog articles on your site, I really like your technique of writing a blog. I book-marked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. Take a look at my web site too and let me know your opinion.

  8. Thanks for another great article. The place else could anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the search for such info.

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