Havan Vidhi, Procedure and it’s Importance – All You Need to Know

The Havan procedure is an ancient ceremony that has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify individuals, objects, and places. The word “havan” comes from the Sanskrit word “havana”, which means “to offer into the fire”. The Havan ceremony is said to benefit both the individual and the environment. The smoke from the fire is believed to carry away negative energy, while the heat and light from the flames are said to purify and energize. If you’re interested in learning more about this ancient practice, read on for a step-by-step guide to performing a Havan ceremony.

From old times when anyone required wisdom and breakthrough in their current situation, Weather it is kings who ruled the earth or Devraj Indra himself who was ruling the heaven, were dependent on Agni to generate blasts of energy in the environment; it is only Agni who can consume at a faster speed to generate and extract the energy from various things which are offered in Havan Kund.


There were people and clans of Brahmins who were specially trained to perform the process of agnihotra as there are minute integrities while performing such acts from lighting the first fire to the final offering; I am writing this article so you can follow some of the process to generate the energy with the help of agni whenever and wherever you are stuck in life, Agni is capable of generating enough of energy to carry you forward in life by breaking all barriers.

In Surya Samhita- Agni is described as the one who can carry you to any of the realms by raising your energy levels according to the specified realm.

Size of Havan kund


The Havan kund, or fire pit, is the central element of the Havan ceremony. It is generally made from bricks, though it can also be made from other materials such as copper or clay. The size of the Havan kund is a very critical matter as mostly a square pit is used for havan kund representing Surya but time to time when you are doing havan for special purpose you need to change the ratio such as for doing havan for getting rid of enemies or debts- The size should be 6:4, For wealth the ration should be 3:5, For attaining kids, fame and power it should be 1:1, A haven kund made in 8 directions is used to do navgraha Havan. Ekadash Gayatri-Daily ritual

This is a simple process which can be followed daily to generate the energy daily and ward off any negative effects- Take a dry coconut or cow dung with camphor and samgri- Light camphor and recite gayatri mantra and after every recitation drop few drops of ghee on completing mantra. Rotate throughout the house, Show it to gods and finally keep it outside in your front yard by this you are signalling nature that you are ready for a new journey in life and attract positive energies.


Havan Simple Process-Everyday

Start with Simple Gayatri Havan after taking shower and wearing clean clothes, These Mantras had to said in order after lighting havan kund.

Morning agnihotra mantra: Om sooryaya swaha, sooryaya idam na mama Om prajapataye swaha, prajapataye idam na mama

Evening agnihotra mantra: Om agnaye swaha, agnaye idam na mama Om prajapataye swaha, prajapataye idam na mama

Ganesh mantra: Om shri Ganeshay Namah Swaha

Guru Mantra: Om gram grim graum sah guruve namah

Gayatri Mantra: Om bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varen(i)yam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat swaha

Nav Graha Mantra and Indra Mantra:

Om Indraye Namah Idam Indraye Ityaghora Swaha

Om suryaye namah idam suryaye swaha

Om chandraye namah idam chandraye swaha

Om mangalay namah idam mangalay swaha

Om buddhaye namah idam budhay swaha

Om guruwe namah idam Guruwe swaha

Om shukraye namah idam shukraye swaha

Om shanaye namah idam shanaye swaha

Om rahve namah idam rahve swaha

Om ketuve namah idam ketuve swaha

Hanuman and Bhairav Mantra:

Om Hum hanumate Rudratmakaye hum phat swaha

Om Kaal bhairavay namah swaha

Your own Isht Devi and Isht Dev Mantra

Panch Tatva Mantra: Om Prithvi namah(earth), apas namah(water), tejas namh(light), maruta namah(wind), aakashay namah(sky) swaha

Maa Kali Mantra: Om krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim dakshine kalike krim krim krim hum hum hrim hrim swaha

Om jayanti mangala kali bhadra kali kapalini durga shama shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostute swaha

Pitra Mantra:

Om Isht devi devayee namah swaha

Om Gram devi devayee namah swaha

Om kul devi devayee namah swaha

Om bhumi devi devayee namah swaha

Om sarva devi devayee namah swaha

After Havan perform Arti.

Havan Every- Poornima and Amavas, sakranti and Sunday

Amavas and Poornima, the energy is highly imbalanced, and you should perform havan without fail to create enough energy around so the coming fortnight and Month you should be able to ward off any evil, While Havan on Sunday is to gain insights in to future.


Mantras are an important part of the Havan procedure. They help to focus the mind and create a powerful energy field around the Havan fire. There are many different mantras that can be used during a Havan, but some of the most popular ones are listed below.

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most well-known and powerful mantras in Hinduism. It is often recited during a Havan ceremony to invoke the blessings of the sun god, Surya.

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is another very popular mantra that is often recited during a Havan. This mantra is said to have the power to conquer death and grant immortality.

The Durga Mantra is another powerful mantra that is often recited during a Havan. This mantra is said to invoke the protection of the goddess Durga, who is known as the destroyer of evil.


The Havan procedure is a simple and safe way to cleanse the body and mind. It is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to purify the body and soul. The Havan procedure involves four steps:

  1. Gather the materials needed for the Havan, including a fireproof container, fuel, and wood or charcoal.
  1. Place the fireproof container in the center of the room.
  1. Fill the container with fuel, such as ghee, oil, or butter.
  1. Light the fuel and allow it to burn for several minutes.
  1. Add wood or charcoal to the fire and allow it to burn for several minutes.

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  1. Wonderfulllll article. Thankyou so so so very kuch. I am blessed. Sir, can we do this every evening since i have to leave home early morning!?!? Thankyou

  2. Sir,
    You had mentioned yesday to do gayathri homa or shakti remedy from.13th to 24th oct- you mentioned sakranti to divali..but sakranti is on 17-oct..kindly calrify

    Secondly, i did 21 ahutis of only gayatri mantra today..do we also need to add all 20-25 mantras give above?

      1. ahuti means “no of repetitions” in havan. So 21 times she had chanted gayathri mantra.
        Its better to chant 1 mantra several times for beginners.

      2. The two times agnihotra havan -morning and evening, should be done at the exact sunrise and sunset time as per the place u reside.
        The mantra should be chanted only once and ahuti of red unbroken rice(2 pinches) mixed in 2 drops of pure Desi cow ghee must be given twice only after swaha.
        The cow dung cakes must be of Desi cow breed. Little Desi ghee to be applied on the cakes.
        U can see the complete correct method of agnihotra on YouTube. Havan kund must be square and a particular dimension, for agnihotra, details also available on any YouTube videos.
        No other ahuti/mantra must be done until agnihotra is completed and the fire self douses.
        The agnihotra Ash has alot of benefits too for skin, water purification, eyes etc

      3. During daily Gayatri havan ,should we taken one full dry coconut or a piece of dry coconut along with Camphor.
        Can any one confirm.

        With 11ahutis the full coconut may not get burnt completely .

        After havan can we keep the havan in balcony as in front of our flat there is another flat.

        Also should we perform havan in the centre of the house or can we do it in pooja room in northeast corner of house .

    1. Nidhiji can you please share the link of the article where sir mentioned Gayatri. I remember reading it but can’t find the article. Thanks in advance

      1. Thankyou so much Deepanshu Sir 🙏🙏🙏💐💐for enlightening us..feeling blessed to be your student sir…Gratitude sir🙏🙏🙏🌻🌻🌻

  3. Thank you sir for this amazing guidance. I just wanted to know if we could do this outside in front of house because I live abroad and any smoke Will cause fire alarm To go Off. So it’s not possible to do inside for me unfortunately.

  4. Thank you sir for this amazing guidance. I just wanted to know if we could do this outside in front of house because I live abroad and any smoke Will cause fire alarm To go Off. So it’s not possible to do inside for me unfortunately.

  5. Thanku very much sir on sunday I was praying to almighty please give me hawan and how I perform on 10 I saw sakhti remedy. Today morning I do shakti puja.Almighty blessed me. Dhanywad Deepanshu Giri ji.

  6. I always wanted to know the procedure to follow. This makes it so much easier to understand to why this order and the mantras. Thank you Deepanshu sir! Forever grateful to you. 🙏🏼

  7. What does ” A haven kund made in 8 directions is used to do navgraha Havan” mean.

    It is octagon in shape .
    Can we use copper square shaped havan kund .

  8. नमस्ते दिपांशु सर ,
    आपका हवन का ब्लॉग भी ultimate हैं l आपने to the point solution दिया हैं l येही आपकी सबसे अलग खासियत है l maximum time क्या करें,कैसे करें इसमे ही confusion होते हैं l आप ने सरलता से दैनिक हवन विधी बताया हैं l
    मुझे मेरे बेटे के लिये आपका guidance चाहिए l aap मे मुझसे कुछ गलती होती है , l अभी मैने फ्री astrology सिखने के लिये भी enroll किया है l

    आपका पुर्वाषढा का व्हिडिओ भी देखा , मेरा मंगल ,बेटे का शुक्र ग्रह है उसमे l
    लेकीन perfect उपाय समझ नहीं आ रहा है l purvashadha मे शनी है l गुरू शुक्र के वृषभ राशी मे , बारावे स्थान मे हैं l तो उपाय शुक्र का करना चाहिए l वृषभ रास याने food resources देवी के मंदिर मे l मिठा देने का उपाय ? भंडारा देवी के मंदिर मे l?

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