Rise and Fall in Career using Degrees of Saturn

Universe has made each of such specifically for a certain task, these tasks vary for every person and it is our free will as well on which level and frequency we want to perform certain tasks as any planet has an upper or lower frequency and depending on which frequency we chose to operate we get the results as more than the Karam, Intent matters

Such as a person working for money as a final goal has an objective on low frequency and the moment he will get certain money in his life, his interest in his work will lose, On the other hand, if a person is working as a tradesman where he enjoys his craft, his creation then the money is a by-product of work and his frequency is much higher.
Some people work for fame, A very interesting fact is, people who do not respect themselves require approval or appreciation from others while if you respect your work then you know what you have created in terms of your work, For me, the biggest achievement is emails and messages on how certain blogs or lectures helped people to be more sorted in life. It gives me immense pleasure that I am useful today to reduce someone’s pain or misery.  the whole purpose of religion is so the pain and suffering of humans can be reduced.

Saturn is the one who assigns karma to everyone and every one of us has to go through various phases of this karma, as Saturn is a planet which represents old people, It chooses to deliver karma via other planets like an old person asking for help to get his daily task done. This is a very important line and you should understand it. As Saturn transits over a particular house or planet, Saturn will pressurise him in various ways to perform certain tasks which are pending, Like your boss or parents throwing tantrums at you to get certain work done as this has been pending for ages. (Age= Saturn)

As these tasks are not compulsory but volunteer tasks which is Karam of our life and we squeeze our noses while doing these tasks and more over drag feet in certain regards but what we don’t understand is old people when ask us to do certain things, we might find it very difficult but it is for our own good and it comes back to us in million ways by making our life more stable and secure. (Saturn- Stability and Security)

Today we are going to look into the degrees of Saturn and how to predict the Rise and Fall in a Career, You can try on any number of charts but when giving feedback please add birth details.

I am taking the liberty of using the chart of our Late Prime Minister Sh. Indira Gandhi so everyone can practice and relate the events.

rise and fall in carreer

We will focus on Saturn’s degree in her chart- Her chart has a Saturn placed at 21.47 degrees,  We will take 1 degree as 1 year of life and we can clearly make predictions related to major transformations in her life. As 21.47 is close to 22, we will round it off, for the time being, If this would have been 21.10 then I would have rounded this figure to 21.

so 22 years is critical for her in life and whenever this rhythm will be repeated, It will bring a major soul search in her life as Saturn is at Atmakaraka, A planet which has no monetary value but this is the planet which teaches you on how to move up in life. When Saturn becomes at atmakaraka,  native gets life lessons by being isolated, alone and under heavy pressures. When Saturn becomes atmakaraka you cannot sit down and relax as there is continuous pressure on the native to perform.

Saturn being the 8th lord -The lord of death as atmakaraka shows when someone close one will die, you will have major transformations in life, It is only life and death which will teach you something, She was killed by her bodyguards who were supposed to protect her, The betrayal from closed ones again Saturn.

So let us start with a simple technique of doubling the degrees- so every 22 years there will be major setbacks in her life, She was born in 1917 so the first event will be.

1917+22  =(1939-1940)  I have taken references from the book of Smt. Nayantara Sehgal -In 1939 she was suffering from health ailments and this became so severe that she had to be taken to Europe for treatment.

Second Event

1917+22+22= (1961-1962)  Something which can change her life was the death of her husband in 1960 as the event happened in the running year of 1960- Again an event related to the death of a loved one, which shook her completely in life.

The third and final event of Saturn.

1917+22+22+22= (1983 -1984)  This was the final year of her life, She was shot dead by her own bodyguards and Indian PM was no more.

This shows how repetitive patterns work on any planet to a particular degree but this is one part, I cannot leave you in the middle of such a great technique as you need to understand the deeper meaning of such a great technique.

Here is my observation of this technique.

1)  If your Saturn is at low degrees such as between 0-5  degrees the results will not be severe every time the cycle repeat rather there will be small transformations- I will explain this concept in the fundamentals course in more detail.

2) If you have retrograde Saturn then you need to consider both cycles such as retro Saturn at 5 degrees then which means you will have two cycles of Saturn in life one will be 5/10/15 and another will be 25/50/75- The latter one will have a more prominent say in events.

This is only one part of the complete system of astrology but you need to understand there is a bigger picture related to the degree system of planets. Such as Jupiter on a degree of 7/14 or 22 in any chart will give spine-related issues and bedridden family members.

Saturn at 21 degrees and close to 0 degrees gives trouble to kids in middle age while Saturn at 15 degrees gives trouble to kids at a young age.

Now can you repeat this for every planet in the chart and see how it works you will find out it has a brilliant application in giving out a snapshot event but then you will start failing when you start mixing two planets and there is a very good reason for it.

Such as in the above chart if you mix Saturn with Ketu, you will not get a good result or significant event of breaks in the profession as simple as this system looks, It took me months to crack the code like she lost the election in 1977 and break or failure in profession happens when Saturn and Ketu get mixed.

Start with the simple technique of repeating the frequency of each planet and see how it resonates with you.

29 thoughts on “Rise and Fall in Career using Degrees of Saturn”

  1. Sir, I have 1 degree, what kind of trouble will it be for the kid, he is 10 years now and on autism spectrum
    My details
    9:30 pm
    Panchkula (haryana)
    12:21 pm

  2. Rahul Nayar

    Hello Sir,My date of birth is 21/11/1968..8:45 pm.. Kanpur i dont have a proper job when will i get a good job
    My career has been very bad .pls help?

  3. Muskan Garg

    This is absolutely correct! I went through a major transformation at age 18-19. At 18, i wasn’t able to crack NEET UG exam and faced a lot of guilt, frustration etc. My performance went from top notch at 16 to nothing at 18 where I almost thought I would not pass my 12th STD exam but in the midst of crisis my family(esp my mom) stood by me and i was able to deal with 12th. Later after facing failure at 18, i chose to go to Kota for THE FINAL ATTEMPT. Though it was a very tough time but still I felt god was just always sitting with me and guiding me. Developed some very good strategies for myself as if god was literally putting all that in my brain. My neighbours were too good and helpful. I finally cracked NEET with a state rank of 145 and AIIMS rank of 1546. That 18th year till i turned 19 completely changed me and this was the time I got interested into astrology and the yogas and chart come to me so easily. Astrology solves and calms my mind for it gives me answers.
    And your videos are another level of creativity.Thank you so much sir!
    Place of birth ballabgarh, haryana
    Time of birth 9:42 AM
    Date of birth 19/06/1999

  4. I have Saturn (13°)and ketu at 5° in Pisces 9th house…had arthritis at the age 14 which had a bad effect on left knee..how ever recovered with the help of family ayurvedic doctor…DOB (08-mar-1997) ..3:45pm.. Ramagundam.

  5. Amazing sir! Amazing!!
    Bt I have this doubt almost everytime v speak of sat-ketu
    It gives breaks in career
    Bt also destruction of enemies!!
    Sometimes, like in this case, career break/loss promotes enemies.. so how is their flavour particularly different?
    In one of the stories u said, there was a king who chose war during his sat-ketu dasha so that he wins. Bt why did PM Gandhi lose?
    Sir what is the distinct feature which makes the sat-ketu break victorious for someone?

  6. Sonal shreshtha kheria

    Hello sir iam ur student and enrolled in all ur course iam scorpio rising my mercury is ak..degree 27.30..rounded of 28 ..iam 1975 born so when added it comes 2003 ..but sir I did not experience anything …no death happened plz guide did I wrongly understood concept

  7. Ravishankar Sharma

    Namaskar, My Saturn degree is 25*39’38,. Year born 1972. 1997 some job problem came for two months same year got engaged and got a good job. 2022 again facing job problem from nov21 till date.

  8. Jupiter @ 11°42
    Saturn @ 11°32
    Both in 7th house
    Spine related issues
    Was in extreme pain due to slip disc, sciatica & suggested bed rest in January 2019
    Dob: 26/7/1981 22: 40 p.m. Thane

  9. Reena Solanki

    At first my English is not good
    Sir I m your student predictive astrology 1 course I have cronic spine issue but jupiter degree is 16 around second my Saturn digree is 3 and my any work or business is not successful I had started cloth business before that medinuce selling business .all businesses have failed .my dob is 31 dec 1979 time is not accurate but the estimate is 9.30 to 10.30 am Haryana .
    And in other chart Jupiter has 7 digree and he has spin issue

  10. Ruchika Sharma

    Deepanshu ji pranam
    I lost my father and family went through a lot of trouble regarding property at 48 yrs …2018
    I have moon and ketu retrograde at 6 degrees…in Leo sun is in the 7 th house of Libra .
    So 6 times 8 …48.
    And would ketu be considered as an explanation.
    Am i interpreting this correctly?

  11. Rohit Khetarpal

    Sir as usual the most important and useful information from your side. My daughter has saturn as atmakarka at 29.45 degrees (dob-17 March 1990 time 17.32 new Delhi) and my son also has saturn as atmakarka (28.45 degrees) (dob-18.2.1993 time is 14.40 and place is new Delhi). I will check the events and inform you Sir. God bless you and your family members and your team take care Sir.

  12. Amazing, Thanks for sharing tips from your course, as every other technique I’m willing to test this as long as as live…but for clarity, I have a question from this example retro Saturn @ 5degrees…
    “Because of the ‘Retrogression’ Is the 25/50/75 cycle considered unchartered grounds and coincidentally the remainder from the 5degrees already covered within a 30 degree rashi.???”

  13. what if someone has saturn at 1 degree? Not possible to have significant events one year after the other. Please guide sir?

  14. Amazing technique. I’ve read about this before but what I’m consumed about is if 2 planets sit together do they both give results at the same time. Like my Saturn (23.31) and Mercury (21.42) are pretty close together so would that mean they give result one after another or together since Saturn’s effects are big and heavy?

    Also, if planets are at lower degree they give result frequently but not as big? Example: Sun at 2 degrees your soul or father always has small changes in personality every 2 years?

    If you need DOB March 25, 1995 Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 5:00AM

  15. Anchal Singh

    My date birth is 14 July 1996 time 11:25 in the morning
    I want to live my life my way but still it is controlled by my family
    My is in lot mess show me path to fullfill my dreams

  16. The AL lagna is on the ascendant and this would be incorrect chart as AL cannot be ascendant from what I learned.

    Please correct me if I am incorrect. ?
    Wonderful Post

  17. 3H Rahu Ardra

    I didn’t know you would write on Saturn today.

    I went for my morning walk. It’s my habit to pick up trash from street. It’s feels so disgusting to do it, yet I cannot help it. But it’s not something I am confident about.

    I saw an old but fit lady. She was cleaning up a horrible mess. First I shrank my nose as I thought she must have created it. Then I saw she was cleaning up someone else’s mess. I helped her. It was completely disgusting. Yet she cleaned up all the messes in the path and I helped or followed. Feeling nauseated almost – you can imagine beer bottles and rice, ewww.

    Finally I asked her birth time – 1932 born! Very beautiful and fit at her age. In d9 I saw Saturn Sun aspecting Moon. She told me goes to different parks on different days.

    I came back and in an obsessed and fasted state drew Vishnu yantra. It had a lot of purple. Only prayer to Vishnu – give me humility, give me knowledge… that’s my true obsession.

  18. Hi SIr,
    For Rahu/Ketu also we need to take the degrees or we need to subtract their degrees from 30?

  19. Saudip Mahapatra

    Sir i am a scorpio ascendant. Saturn in 7th house with 21 degree approx. Dob- 23/11/2001
    Time- 5.32am, panskura. Sadesati and Jupiter mahadasha going on. Facing lots of prblm in career

  20. Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring?K I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

  21. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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