Uttarapbhadpadra – The Forbidden Knowledge

There is some information and knowledge which is available to all while some of the best-kept secrets are kept for some of the special people hidden somewhere deep down in the basement, forbidden for everyone until someone special arrives searching for this knowledge like a mad person who had no other wish in life other than learning something which he was searching till now and finally some of the best-kept secrets will be revealed to the native.

There once was a god- Ahirbudyana who had access to all the knowledge in the world on deeper secrets of the universe but at the same time, He was not sure if he will be able to keep it safe in this world and hide it from the eyes of everyone, so he decided to live under the water  and keep on storing every single knowledge he was gathering about   divine weapons, powerful mantras, power of  sound to cure diseases and more over on how to control gods using Yantras that every time yantra is being made gods will appear, moreover he knew the best of all  methods for making and worshipping the Sudarshana Yantra

Ahirbudyana- the god of Uttrabhadrapad nakshatra is someone who has all this knowledge but at the same time instead of learning, he became the protector of all this knowledge, Since ancient times Snakes gets the responsibility to protect the treasure but this is a treasure which has value both in this world and the other realms as well and that is why someone so powerful like Ahirbudyana got the responsibility to protect this treasure.


When any planet is placed in these nakshatras, these people have a kind of filter in their brains on how much information will be provided to which people- One dictum which gets fit on these people is “Act like a fool, Behave like Genius.” – As most people misjudge these natives on how much of power and information these people are holding is unimaginable to everyone.

Ahirbudyana wrote the Yantra manuscript where the power of yantras is described in a manner along with a particular language – the beauty of this particular text is that the language used is not Sanskrit but a coded Sanskrit and when you read any of the mantras, there is a hissing sound which comes out as there is no break in the rhythm of nakshatras.

Every Mantra has a meter, Such as the Gayatri meter and it is very important for the potency of the mantra that any mantra be chanted only using a particular meter, When people say, I am doing this mantra but unaware about such details of the meter there is hardly any effects shown by mantra as what this meter does is it activates the certain portion of the brain when you chant certain syllable at a particular pitch which in turn releases the necessary chemical associated with that particular mantra.

What is interesting in terms of Ahirbudyana and Yantras is that being a snake the rhythm and mater both belong to a fact that it is a hissing sound and rhythm is being generated.

Ahirbudyana is one of the calmest rudras who only show anger when required as he is a great scholar and learner of his times, Like in Ardra nakshatra Rudra got wisdom by guiding people in distress and explaining the description of hell and heaven- Read Here Ardra Nakshatra- The guiding Soul.

In this nakshatra, it is the end of the Zodiac in the sign of pieces and it is not easy to reach this level of the zodiac as when you have gained every other knowledge in the world about how to live in the world and it is very few people who realise that whatever we have learned after being human is not worth much of knowledge as the true knowledge of the universe is somewhere else and this has not been taught or has been hidden or suppressed by the school of thoughts.

Even the Ahirbudyana Samhita was suppressed by Shankracharya as it was not aligned with the teachings of their school and it is very normal to do so, This is knowledge which is extremely powerful and effective, How it can be given out so easily in hands of people otherwise there will be no control in society. As we learned knowledge is power but we have to identify which knowledge is power.

Nowadays we have all the useless knowledge in the world but why the knowledge which could have cured diseases, mantras which could possibly change the fates, and Yantras which could lead to miracles are vanished or suppressed by all means that is why very few people even know about this an then very rare has access to this knowledge of yantras.


Ahirbudyana is the giver of this knowledge – Pashupati Nath is the deity of the Ahirbudyana who can grant this knowledge by praying to him you can have access to the knowledge which is so deep that no other knowledge is beyond this. That is why during the month of Sravan which is starting on the 14th of July, I have decided to give out details to a particular sadhna for Shri Ahirbudyana.

Planets in this nakshatra are the key for you to access this knowledge as when that particular person will come into your life slowly the events will trigger in such a way that everything else in this life such as money, fame, position will become irrelevant and you will have only one desire that i need access to this knowledge- See the tree associated with this nakshatra is neem- Although it is very bitter in taste, no fruits still if you use it, a lot of health problems will be resolved.

Like the old saying-  1 Neem plant= 100 Doctors.

Let us suppose you have Mars in Uttrabhadrapad nakshatra – it means in your life you will have bitter experiences towards friends, siblings and lands but all this is happening so you look on the other side and eventually develop knowledge about lands, courage, police and other significations which no one else has.

Let me give you an example of a simple chart-

The chart above has Mercury in Uttrabhadrapad nakshatra that too in the 7th house which shows that bad experiences related to siblings and marriage gave her bitterness and memories which she never want to remember as she was married twice but the same bitterness forced her to go back to college and learned something ver unique- She got a doctorate in Mathematics and became so good that whole city wanted to learn from her.

When I asked her the reason for success on what she thinks is the core area that whoever she teaches qualifies for IIT- She said, I have marked my spots and techniques which are developed by me and its a god gift. Do you see how the Ahirbudyana has blessed her with something extremely rare of knowledge but how she got really blessed is by working in a mathematical model of Jyotish, I met her after my FB post related to mathematical post as she was interested to help, I gave her ideas and the way she implemented the core mathematic principles in making predictions and calculating ages was extremely helpful for us.

Look at the chart of Treasure hunters, people who have secret maps, and access to knowledge and resources it can never be possible without the blessings of Ahirbudyana. the real knowledge to complete the final journey by using methods which are known to few people, I have taught the basics of yantras a few days back, This was something which is not available anywhere but I wanted that students should have at least some basics of yantras and they should try some of the yantras themselves as until and unless you practice and see the results on your own, no knowledge is useful.

So a student asked, If I can make a yantra for my neighbours to stop playing music, we discussed this in class and once we have the results of this, I will publish it in this article but this is how powerful this knowledge is that once you get hold of it, You cannot stop working on it- For example- There is a machine which is said can make you travel in time or Yantra for unlimited sources but once you start working on it, you cannot sleep due to joy of happiness of knowledge and now I understand that why snakes and sleep have such a relation that it is the happiness which makes you work from morning 4 till late night 11 and you feel need more time.

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In the nakshatra course, although I covered the first 9 nakshatras and 36 padas if you go through this course, You will be able to apply the same logic to decode the rest of the nakshatras and padas to see the reason why you are born and pending karma related to each nakshatra.

I have one request to every reader the only way, I will know your reaction to this article is by the comment as there are no other ways on the website, So let me know in the comments about your experiences with this nakshatra when information is not available about nakshatras, I have to rely on my intuition and spirits to guide but you need to keep giving me feedback so I can pass on the same to my energy sources.

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168 thoughts on “Uttarapbhadpadra – The Forbidden Knowledge”

  1. 3H Rahu Ardra

    You can check my post on snakes in other FB groups.

    I was listening to Gayatri by Anuradha Paudwal and arguing with you in my mind that meter doesn’t matter.

    I was visualizing myself burning to prevent knowledge from coming to me.

    I know you have the knowledge but I don’t deserve it.

    1. 3H Rahu Ardra

      Will just add it to my list of lost opportunities because of my stupidity (random principals and rules).

      1. Hi Sir,
        Moon in pobhadrapada. I see snakes many times in my dreams. In real life also in zoo or discovery documentaries was always interested to watch snakes. Just today had a dream of few King kobras in standing position in my dream at side of the road. Dont know why I see them in dream even when I do not think about them during the day

    2. I hope this comment reaches sir. Thankyou for sharing such articles which in themselves are yantras to open up our perspective

    3. Moon in uttrabhadrapada in lagna.. suffered so much due to emotions n relationship again n again..but now became so strong in terms of emotions..not an emotional fool now.. n so many betrayal leads me to enter in astrology n gaining knowledge here..

  2. Shiv Kumar Bhattacharya

    I have both Saturn and Ketu in Uttarbhadrapada nakshatra. I have frequent breaks in my career, which I am still not able to figure out why. Somehow deep down I feel I am not getting aligned to what I am actually supposed to do. And yes this combination is happening in my 8th house. Tired of transformations now, need clarity on what does the Ahirbudhiyana want from me. But yes It gives me very high intuition.

    1. My son has Uranus in this nakshatra, in pisces ascendent.Can you throw some light on Uranus in uttarabhadrapada?

    2. Sai Sudharshan

      I have same combination but in 10th house so directly dealing with career. So far I had one break in career and have a feeling that there will be more breaks (after knowing more about my chart). Saturn ruling 8th house giving breaks in career. I get what you are saying feeling lost in terms of what I am supposed to do. And I am also trying to get clarify in order to not be stuck and move forward.

  3. I have Sun in Uttarbhadrapad and after reading this post, I wonder if this is the reason I get snakes in my dreams in various forms (often terrible) and my snake phobia.

  4. First of all lots and lots of gratitude to you sir. You’ve just summed up my planetary placement like no other. Having Jupiter in PBhadra(in Pisces) and Moon in Uttarabhadra 2 pada, both in 9th house of higher knowledge, i constantly look for knowledge like no other. My notion is that what’s the joy in knowing what everyone knows, explore the unknown, seek the mystic hidden knowledge. The aptly titled Forbidden Knowledge clearly describes my temperament regarding learning and knowledge. Thank you once again sir.
    Will be more than happy to share my chart for research purposes.

    1. Onkar Dhamale

      Yes, ur Jupiter in purvabhadrapada is also the reason behind this…Jupiter in its own nakshatra of pbhadrapada…wisdom, knowledge and hidden sciences as pbhpada depicts hidden sciences also…and that craving comes from moon in Uttara…

  5. I have sun in uttraphadrapada conj. Mercury in revati in 11th house. Taurus ascendant and jupi in 4th house..any idea what the above understanding will reflect on this position? I am unable to apply it in my chart. Please help

  6. I have venus in uttara bhadrapada in 9th house. Probably I will make certain relationships in life which will give me an access to the deep knowledge

  7. Pawan Singhmar

    Very good information, I have 3 planets in this nakshatra Venus Moon n mercury in 5th house, Venus dasha is running yes i have some setbacks in this time period and some questions to find why and I have learnings jyotish, Can you please some prediction for the same then I will send you some more feedback please ?

  8. Namaskar Sir,
    I have Mars and Mercury in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra in 10 house. I have bitter memories with friends, cousin, maternal aunts and I always have bitter fight with my sister. We are twins and we always fight spewing harsh words on each other. I’m still working for my career and giving competitive exams and there is pressure but I’m not bitter about it. I think,if I’ll be able to handle this stress, it would be helpful in future. You’re guidance is always a blessing for all of us. Thank you for the work you’re doing. You are a true Rishi in this day and age. Always keep your blessings with us.

  9. Prasad Bhanap

    Ahir Budhnya is Lord Shesha on which Lord Maha Vishnu reclines. Ahir Budhnya Samhita originated in parts near Tirupati. Lord Ramanuja was avatar of Shesha. Vaishnava tradition knows Ahir Budhnya. I have Digbali Sun with Exalted Venus in Uttara bhadrapada nakshatra. Waiting for your krupa on me….Prasad

  10. Usually every link opens up quickly, but this Forbidden Knowledge, true to it’s word, took more than twice to load. I don’t know, feeling a different kind of bliss as i type this. Maybe the effect of my Moon in Uttarabhadra 2 pada in 9th house of Pisces conjuct with Jupiter too in P.Bhadra Pada 4!!!

    1. Very true, I had to try 15 mins to open this link as it was not opening through youtube. My curiousity forced me try again and again as I was tempted to get this hidden knowledge by looking at the wallpaper he shared in youtube.

  11. My asendent in this nak I am pieces lagan utarabhadra pada 2 I am learning Astrologey with deep passion ?

    1. Hey I have also same combination , lagna in Uttarapbhadrapada (Pisces Lagna) , rahu also sits in lagna But he is in Revati Nakshatra. Can you tell what it mean?

  12. Jasleen kaur

    I hv rahu in uttarbhadra pada nd jup in revati
    Both arr conjuct in 11 th house
    Muje bs knowledge chahie
    Back to back prayers to god ki sun le
    But life is going through tough phase
    Cant even listen to videos properly without disturbance
    This or that family member gets ill
    Nd i m the runner or ramu a better word for my family

    1. I have same combination
      Jupiter in revati and rahu in uttarbhadra pada in pisces rahu 15deg and jup 28deg

  13. The kind knowledge i get on this platform ..i get no where else. And this unique piece of info on uttarabhadrapada has made think deeper about what rahu in 8th house of pieces in uttarabhadrapada has stored for me in my chart. Looking forward for such interesting topics. ??

    1. I have venus at 3.21 degrees . I do feel sense of knowledge and information and experience is unbelievable and limitless . It feels like it’s never ending.

  14. Moon in uttarbhadrapada, pada – 1

    7th house

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

    It’s all about the details.
    Looking at work, things, people, personal emotions and thoughts at microscopic level but with complete detachment with an observers perspective.

    Mr Deepanshu Giri, kindly speak clearly, slowly, we all like listening to you and the conviction with which you speak. You could get better. The day your voice becomes sweet is the day you’ll be enlightened.

    Tat tvam asi.


  15. This is my Asc nakshtra and i can relate with this. This is 100% true in my case too. Salute to you sir… Now waiting for sadhna from you on this. I am your student from Foundation course.

  16. Important Planet Moon in Uttarbhadrapad in 12 house in Pisces Sign, I wish i could share more on this but not on Publicly.

  17. Sonal Raithatha

    The experience I have about this nakshtra is money wise they can’t spend much and always protects or hide their money just as you mentioned above. They are very miser and, while speaking they are very circastic.

  18. Sailesh singh

    Sir. I came across your YouTube video regarding yantra of sun and i did that for myself for protection and later in the day i was feeling much more energetic and i was having less depressing thoughts. And one more thing i feel less sleepy during the night as well and i sleep less. Is it because of the yantra. Sir can you recommend any book or course to learn the basics of yantra for using them in a positive way to improve one’s life. And sir is there any yantra to help a person on their spiritual path.

    Thank you sir

  19. Im a Scorpio asc I have 4 planets in all 4 padas of uttarabhadrapada – ketu(pada1), Venus (pada2), Sun (pada3), Saturn (pada4). This is so true as you explained, I share particular knowledge with only particular people and not with everyone, It is the aura of the opposite person that makes me to share or not to share any information, i will open up and share only after getting to know the other person deeper,as I sit idle without talking much my relatives try to test me in most of the things , try to make me feel dumb and they consider me as dumb,my friends consider me as intelligent, as you explained about neem i too have bitter experience in terms of relationship, betrayal,family,leadership, self expression, managing, presenting,etc later on I go deeper why this is happening what could be done to overcome these ,so i try to remain calm from inside after Experiencing all the bitter now most of the things don’t bother me at all ,i have suffered a lot during ulka yogini dasha ,from this June siddha(as u have given it as Jupiter) has started I’m experiencing some positive results looking forward for more.
    Revert back if anything!

  20. Utkarsh Sharma

    Sir today morning i saw many snakes in my dream and now reading your blog. Wondering why i saw this dream today only?

    1. Sir my husband has Mars in 8house pisces in utbhadrapad (2)
      Whatever you said about friends n siblings holds true in his case, even after knowing how they are if is very commited towards them .
      His details
      Dob 10/4/79
      Time 3:15 pm
      Place Shimla(hp)

      Happy if his chart is used for research purpose

    1. Do you chance have prophetic dreams of ppl you’re in a relationship with or just any relationship?

      I usually see pisces moons have this but wondering if it applies for you (obv moons plcmt is imp here)

    2. Maybe safe guarding materials, secrets, hidden things which is all about Rahu related, and the house lord n other aspecting things to it, I am also seeking astrology..only my assumption.

  21. Sarika Agrawal

    Namaste Deepanshu Sir,

    After reading the article, I realized why I had the thirst for spiritual knowledge, always felt to find hidden knowledge, I have to work towards it…, as my ketu in 9th house in uttarabhadraapad nakashtra pada2 in pisces sign.
    I always had snakes in my dream…and unknowingly I told my husband I want to visit pashupatinath, next time we visit India ..

  22. Gauri(name given by you sir)

    Hello sir I have moon in utrabadrapada 7 house I got married in 2019 and it lasted only for 1 and half month I faced extreme emotional problems in it. And that made me learn astrology and now I have found my passion in it.

  23. I have Saturn and ketu both in this nakshatra in second house. I got worst experience in my career that too within a short span of time. Your article about Aradra was also bang on sir, i have Venus in Aradra nakshatra and the kind of experience i have with respect to relationship have helped many people to improve their relationship. I then started learning astrology, personality development, communication skills, human psychology and behaviour, things that are way beyond books.

  24. My sun and Saturn are conjunct in Uttarabhadrapad in fifth house. How should one interpret this in terms of unfinished karma?

  25. Preeti Chaubey

    My son has moon in utrabhadrapada nakshatra. I am waiting for ur further guidance on the same. Now I know why my son has soo much of energy but right now not on correct track. Right now his emotions are been suppressed. I have always been living in joint family but now me and me son are only together. Continuously I wish for more money but this wishing is not comfortable. Hopefully with your guidance i and my son will have more and more thirst of knowledge the feeling itself is making me happy.?

  26. True sir …. Assented in Uttarbhadra nakshtra… Particular about sharing any information, particular information or secret to particular person, I alway feel like no need to tell something about my self to someone who is not eligible to understand

  27. Sonu Ghorai

    I have Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada pada 1.
    Love to be in isolated. its difficult to explain people now a day that their is life beyond this money, home, food etc . I do sometimes feel worthless becoz even my parents can’t understand me . Once i got dream about shiva temple hidden inside a big rock, hardly any sun light could reach. I do meditation and even chant shiva mantra after such dreams.
    I normally read spritual articles and astro article i find everything co related.

  28. I have sun and jupiter in uttra
    Bhadrapad in pisces 4th house, always had repetitive dreams of previous jobs etc especially when I sleep during afternoon hours

  29. Vani Agrawal

    My Saturn and Ketu are in Uttarabhadrapada in 4th house.. got many education breaks post 12th standard, thus career line changed 2-3 times in past few years. But I don’t understand what secret knowledge is here regarding Saturn and Ketu.

  30. I’m a Scorpio asc I have 4 planets in uttarabhadrapada ketu(pada1), Venus (pada2) Sun (pada3) Saturn (pada4)

  31. I have sun in ubp nakshatra in fourth house of Pisces.
    I wonder ? what’s my gift?
    I do do have knowledge of astrology that others may not have

  32. Since you had asked at the end i will share my experiences with moon in ubp even tho I’m very young. I usually related to the stories of pisces for my bad relationship with mother but this adds an extra layer to it which I appreciate alot.

    Now, I’m a libra asc, moon in 6h with mars and Rahu (they’re in revati tho) i don’t feel comfortable talking about my mom’s actions in public but just know she’s bad.

    Onto the knowledge that this naks would give me. I’m very good at taking care of animals. Especially cats cause they’re my fav. And compared to my classmates I have more knowledge in mental health and how the brain works psychologically. I’m also good at comforting others.

    From what i understood in this article ahirbudya helps us turn a bad situation good or almost find the pearl in a turbulent sea.

    I usually think that this is my pushya placement or 12h but I had spirits take care of me when I was younger and my mom was ignorant towards me. Which is probably why I’m into jyotish now. Since this lines up with what they taught me.

    So i think this is how ahirbudya has blessed me. But I’m sure I’ll figure it out more when I’m older.

    I hope my comment has been somewhat helpful to you. And thank you for the unique article on this naks. It’s nice to read the practicals of ubp.

  33. pratik bal Krishan

    i have rahu in uttarabhadrapada nakshatra pada 4 ( it goes to 10th house in scorpio along with venus there in scorpio in d9) in 5th house along with jupiter in revati and rahu here has given fast learning or sharp learning , probably being good with numbers is the only thing i can associate , paternal grandfather worked in a bank and knowledgeable in maths too , i am yet to get anything unique probably might trigger after the birth of child, who knows but would love to learn how to trigger or activate this for child birth or may be learning from stock market.

  34. Thank you Sir. I don’t have any planets in this nakshatra yet i read each and every post of yours everywhere. I am not even a beginner in astrology yet i read . I don’t know why . I wish to learn from you some day ?

  35. I have moon in uttatrabhadrapada nakshatra and have a difficult experience about my relationship with my mother as whenever I sty with my mother either she suffers mentally, emotionally or we have arguments with eachother bit living far from her keeps both of our lives somewhat steady.

  36. Seema Jangid

    My son has Jupiter in Uttar bhadrapada. he has been getting dreams of snakes last month.
    I feel my knowledge is too little to comment on your article but would like to add something. I have been thinking of Adisesha since ashada ekadashi and feel there is some strong connection with the Padmanabhaswamy temple and Ahir bundhnya . The fact that Thiruvantapuram is located on the seacoast definitely hints at the connection of Ahir budhnya to this temple. Lord Vishnu lying on anatasesha seems as if the kaal purursh kundli secrets are being guarded. The vaults have sculptures of serpents. Could they be representative of Ahir Budhnya.? Could the guarded vault be a portal to another dimension? I came across a clip from Hindustan times:
    ” The Travancore royal house, for which Sree Padmanabha is the family deity, also has associations with the Pasupathinath temple and the erstwhile Nepal royal family.
    “In the past some rituals used to be conducted in the temple to commemorate this association. But over the years these ceremonies have not been performed resulting in displeasure of the Lord,” the main astrologer of the panel Madhur Narayana Ranga Bhat told .

  37. Seema Jangid

    My son has Jupiter in Uttar bhadrapada. he has been getting dreams of snakes last month.
    I feel my knowledge is too little to comment on your article but would like to add something. I have been thinking of Adisesha since ashada ekadashi and feel there is some strong connection with the Padmanabhaswamy temple and Ahir bundhnya . The fact that Thiruvantapuram is located on the seacoast definitely hints at the connection of Ahir budhnya to this temple. Lord Vishnu lying on anatasesha seems as if the kaal purursh kundli secrets are being guarded. The vaults have sculptures of serpents. Could they be representative of Ahir Budhnya.? Could the guarded vault be a portal to another dimension? I came across a clip from Hindustan times:
    The Travancore royal house, for which Sree Padmanabha is the family deity, is also connected with the Pasupathinath temple and the erstwhile Nepal royal family.
    “In the past some rituals used to be conducted in the temple to commemorate this association. But over the years these ceremonies have not been performed resulting in displeasure of the Lord,” the main astrologer of the panel Madhur Narayana Ranga Bhat told .

  38. Urvashi Verma

    Born with Uttarabhardra stellium in D1 & D9 along with Ketu in Ardra. In a way, I believe to have access to treasure, for instance, if I truly wish to learn anything just keep it under your pillow and sleep, by morning I had sufficient knowledge to score 70% and same goes with Astrology.

    Condition apply: has to be your soul desire and with complete trust.

    1. Amazing! I also used to leave my books open and take short nap/sleep thinking about the topic and somehow have a beeter understanding after nap/sleep (Mars retro-Uttarabhadrapad-9th house).

      1. Sir Thank you very much. You are such a blessing for us. I am UB P4 born and I have access to Pashupati Nath. I have been moving with you from jyotish to yantras and now I am eagerly waiting for the sadhana. Please don’t lose this energy until Shrawan ??.

      2. its a very good learning strategy for anyone, you may have come to it intuitively but it is also proven by studies. It is indispensible for older adults.

  39. This article is like a dream come true. I have always waited for you to tell something about Uttarabhadrapad Nakshatra. In fact today morning itself I was revisiting your video on Greatness of Saturn Nakshatras.
    My Moon is in UBP Pada 3 in Pisces in the 12th House. I have always been attracted to astrology, occult and related areas. I have always wanted someone to give me knowledge in these areas as I am intrigued by them.
    As snakes have some relation with this Nakshatra, I do recall snake related incidents in my life.
    Consider myself lucky to have found your youtube channel and blogs. Totally in awe of the ocean of knowledge you are. I will love to interact with you someday.
    My pranaam to your teachers and you.

  40. Sir my husband has Mars in 8house pisces in utbhadrapad (2)
    Whatever you said about friends n siblings holds true in his case, even after knowing how they are if is very commited towards them .
    His details
    Dob 10/4/79
    Time 3:15 pm
    Place Shimla(hp)

    Happy if his chart is used for research purpose

  41. Saloni Surana

    What a coincidence ! I was just reading about nakshatra and their sounds and something clicked in my head which connected to Jupiter holding key of hidden knowledge while reading about pisces and then here is your article sir ?.

  42. I have mercury and Venus in 6th house in uttara bhadrapada nakshatra,

    Not yet identified any special knowledge I have all my spiritual knowledge comes from you sir.
    Thank you so much
    Looking forward to learn alot more from you

  43. Sir, beautiful article, I have Saturn Ketu in uttarabadrapada, please write more articles on these mysterious nakshatras where symbolisms are not clear, like we know nothing about goddess apah or bhaga and a few others…. Also sir if you could share basic yantra knowledge with I think in future you would. Thank you for your service to us and astrology

  44. Jairaj Dange

    I have mars in uttarbhadrapada nakshatra in 7th house and what you have written about mars and 7th house is true and i am experiencing the same

  45. You are doing great service.. Thankful for your ample knowledge..

    One thing i can say, that i will illuminate this whole world with the power great Sanatna… Once we will meet will add thousands of things that are scientific and highly secretive to the normal world.. Grt Scripture burnt temple demolished history Tampered still we can have access to all things just becz of Our Great Guru Shishya tradation .. I m bless to be diciple of such Grt Hindu Saint..
    Will surely work for this grt science Santana..

    My above mentioned naksthra is in7th house with rahu…lord of 7th is in 8th house retro Juipter in aries as my lagna is Knya ..

  46. Sir
    My son has mars in this naks in 8thhouse
    He is intelligent beyond his age, always make fun, act like funny guy but is very sensible. He has seen a lot in his childhood. But I am just scared he might not end up in bad company of drugs etc.
    Place: Chandigarh
    Time: 21:10

    1. Viduet shukla

      Sir namaskar here is my ketu in this nakshatra and i always trying to search somekind of knowledge releted to sprituality and upliftment of my soul

  47. Yes absolutely true.
    Mars in uttarbhadrapada. Bitter experience with friends. Left home for study very early. Suffered there in childhood. I don’t believe in friendship anymore. Yet I forgive everyone and holding no grudges but experience was really bad. Main b bura hunga but last m akela m hi tha. Fir b sbka sath dia jb jrurat pdi unko. And now here I’m getting this valuable knowledge and daily after praying I forgive everyone and pray for forgiveness for me as well to god.

  48. My daughter is born with ascending pisces sign in uttbha. She comes home saying I don’t know mom but I somehow know few answers in class and my teacher have to go back and check. Also she has very high intuition and see angels and pitrus sometimes (pitrus from motherside) . She can sometimes figure out relation between astrophysics and scriptures. She just 16n half yrs.

  49. Hanna Abou chaaya

    I grew up with Jackie Chan older movies about full cobra master! “act like a fool and behave like a genius” So when it all started in 2016, so I just imitated what I got and only after a few years later you realize the power

    1. I have rahu in uttarbhardha pada and i have acknowledged so much secret about the world in rahu antar dasha that know one can even imagine, now I’m worry about saving it and utilising those secrets

  50. Arrchita agarwaal

    Oh my god this was so amazing a read ! I don’t know what is guiding you, but you seem to be a Uttara bhadrapad for us! What you teach and give out, is just beyond imagination ! You have given a new meaning to life , new thoughts to lead a good life. You are just pure joy. If spirit guides guide you cause you are the perfect medium ! You are just ????????????????

  51. Deeksha Bendre

    My moon is in uttarbhadrapada nakshtra. I was badly hurt by many people in relationship and insulted by many which eventually made me look deeper into human emotional structure. It made me have a quest for deep learning of human psychology and would continue to help people to identify their bitter emotional markers in nervous system. I would like to support my reaserch of human life and trails and wakes of it with astrological base to make corroborated evidences for certain cases.
    Your every word is true about uttarbhadrapada nakshtra.
    We are perceived as fool but.. Very few recognize value of our knowledge.

    1. Woww. Same here. Uttarabhadrapada moon, I have ketu moon conjunct within 4 degrees and added to it I have Saturn too in Pisces. Faced deep emotional pain from relationships be it brother, friend, teacher ,anyone basically. Did a lot of research to understand myself so that I can get over my pain. But only time and forgiveness to others as well as myself could help me accept my past and move on. Wanted to atleast prevent others from facing the same pain but no one listens. Astrology has always been the only way I could forget the pain initially. Would love to know more about this nakshatra from you sir.

  52. 3H Rahu Ardra

    RKP had Venus in Uttarabhadrapada and his most unruly student happened to be a saturn 6?

    1. Kiran Kumar

      I have SATURN Retrograde (-00:04:39) UttaraBhadra P3 & KETU (-00:00:22) in UttaraBhadra P4. In 5th house.
      I have many experiences which lead to finding deep hidden truths & secret informations of life and beyond. I keep exploring for more such hidden information most of the times.

  53. Thanks a lot and lots of gratitude. Waiting for next episode, do that we people can also make a yantra Or chant a mantra, to feel the magic., ???

  54. Nitya Baranwal

    Har Har Mahadev

    Libra ascendent
    Mars 3 45 and Mercury 9 24 placed in 6th house pisces Uttarbhadrapad nakshatra

    First of all, before talking about my experience, I’d like to express my gratitude towards Deepanshu ji for sharing such deep hidden knowledge in such simple manner that we are able to understand it even if we know just the basics of astrology. Whatever I know about astrology, I have learnt from you. So thank you for being here.

    Now, coming to my experiences, I have seen many dreams of snakes, very big snakes, like anaconda or even bigger since childhood. One thing what I observed is – when I woke up, I got scared but I wasn’t scared of them in the dream. This is something that I couldn’t understand for quite some time. And now Deepanshu ji sharing this, explains it.

    Also, I am struggling with career. There could be other reasons but like Deepanshu ji explained the above two examples of Mars and Mercury, I can totally relate with that.

    If you want any kind of data , I am always there for being a part of the research for the greater good of humanity. This knowledge shouldn’t get lost and if people like Deepanshu ji, are trying to revive these hidden gems, I fully support you.

    My dob: 11 april 94
    Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
    Time: 19:23(7:23pm)

  55. Mars in Uttara bhadrapad , 8H. working on the techniques for deep state meditations and how to pass on this knowledge to real seekers. Hoping to achieve success in it with the blessings of Sri Shesh Bhagwan someday .?

  56. Fascinating ! Bowing down to your knowledge Sir!
    Having 9th house retro Mars in Uttarabhadrapada. I can relate to this and share my experience.
    Childhood competition with my Brother to gain love and respect from family pushed me to do better in education and earned a PhD degree.
    And now emotional hurt from colleagues and conflicting ideas with Bosses gives me driving force to do better in my reserach job.

    Thank you!

  57. Deevanshi jha

    Sun in utarbhadprad in 8th house in D1 and Jupiter Saturn and mercury in utarbhadprad in 5th house in D9 , I don’t know if this placement or something else has given me a good intuition.

  58. Namaste sir…Most awaited nakshatra in my life, was thinking yesterday when u will post about this nakshatra..and today you post it…yes it is true what u said…am a knowledge seeker..but can’t use it properly.. Born in this nakshtra ,Scorpio ascendant.. Moon in U.bhadrapada..lots of break in higher education… Still not stable in career… For me Knowledge is like food….

  59. I was watching sadhgurus how he handled the snake with love when it came inside the ashram, and was saying people don’t know how to handle but kill them..!and now reading this..
    My Jupiter in uttarabhadra pada 1 and moon in uttarabhadra pada 4 in 3rd house
    I like to know ancient sacred knowledge, culture,gods and that’s satisfying

  60. Namaskar Deepanshuji. Always reading all the articles you share. Thank you very much sir for sharing this on YouTube too. Not able to express anything more than this. Thank you so so much once again sir ? . Please keep on sharing on YouTube too. Guru Charan me shat shat naman.

    1. Prashant sharma

      Your intuition is
      I’m not trying to impress you respected,
      I have never met any astrologer like you .
      Uttarabhadrapada – In this nakshatra i have 3 planets in 3rd house

      You said about bitterness that exactly happened not only relatives related to those nakshtra but also karakas and that’s not happened only once.

      I think this BLOG is for me.
      Thankyou sir for sharing this rare aspects .

  61. Shouvik Mukherjee

    I have Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada in 6th – I live abroad and understand the foreign mind better than most – it is gift but it has made me realise how truly much more enlightened Indians are by default. I have used this knowledge to help others to accomodate with life living abroad.

    1. Soumitra Mittra

      My wife has moon at 16 degrees and rahu at 1 degree uttarabhadrapada in the 12 th house. As of now this type of knowledge hasn’t come by her but she is extremely inclined towards old materials / things. She went with me to a museum once and didn’t have time to talk to me as she was completely occupied and engrossed in the items displayed. Not sure if this has any relevance to the topic above but still shared if any relevance.

          1. Cancer Lagna Mars in UttaraBhadrapadaNakshatra.Perfect as u summed up Act likea fool but behave like a Genius….Issues with career and relationship

  62. Rahul Thakwani

    I have Rahu in 3rd house in UtaBh Pada 2, I somehow know about other persons lives & where they are coming from & their inherent problems when I meet them, also sub conscious brain is more active I don’t know what I know, I speak or do first then realise that I knew it. I also internally have a mindset that I’ll find treasure. Also Jupiter is retro in 4th house in Aries 1 degree, mars Ketu looking at Rahu from 9th house. Rahu’s 9th aspect at 11th house Saturn in Scorpio. Many astrology videos I could play & would sleep, many times able to predict but I don’t know how I know. This article is so intriguing.

  63. If i have to put this in simple words, it’s like one wants to know the unknown and i hope by grace and blessings it happens so. There is so much knowledge maybe that is why we take many births to know and understand that.

  64. Gratitude to you sir for such beautiful topic as always !!! Wat others don’t wanna give out …u do it selflessly .
    I have mars in 4 house in uttarabhadra…yes i have faced lot from siblings n friends …but now I have better understanding of how to deal with both …n some results have worked within new friendships….still keep my fingers crossed.
    God bless you!!

  65. Namaste and thank you Sir. I have my Ascendant and Lagna Lord in Uttarabhadrapada and I am always seeking knowledge. A healer told me that they saw me surrounded by a circle of Nagas who are protecting me.

  66. Excellent read! thank you for this treasure. I have Saturn in pisces 4th house in Uttarapbhadpadra Nakshatra. I will definitely visit Pashupati Nath ji and get the blessings of the divine.

    thank u again!!

  67. Chitra Garg

    My lagna is uttarbhadrapada and really I can relate by your blog that explains me about my inner thirst for knowledge.i am learning jyotish too and always I cried while reading that how much mystic knowledge is there in Vedas and samhitas and how can I get this and usually I see the snakes in my dreams and having good intuition also . Although I have a fear of water but once we went for scooba diving than beneath the sea water I feel so calm and happy with full of peace that I felt on that day never felt it again and after that moment my life really changed around.so all your words are very true in my case as well.?

  68. Namaste,
    Thank you for another intriguing article.

    On-going observations on:
    D1- 3rd house Rahu in Uttarabhadrapad
    D9- 1st house/Asc in Uttarabhadrapada, with Mercury in same Nakshatra but also sitting with Venus and Ketu in different Nakshatra.

    1. My apologies, I read a response post on Facebook and learned that D9 has no Nakshatra’s. So, on-going observations will only continue on D1- 3rd house Rahu (retro) in Uttarabhadrap Nakshatra.

  69. I only know that have my D9, D10 Lagna in Uttar bhadrapad but i am always thirsty for knowledge for all occult and spiritual area from all over the world… And I crazily admire, like and am fascinated by snakes and lightening since childhood???

  70. Sun in it. Always havr issue with boss & father. Pieces is 7th sign.
    Let’s see where it finishes

  71. Ascendant and Venus in uttrabhadrapada in 1st house. Saturn in poorvabadhrapada in 12th. I was always interested in occult science. Self learned. And fond of snakes. Wishes for higher studies.

  72. Madhusudhan R

    Sir you are absolutely correct sun in Uttara bhadrapada , dad is kinda unpredictable at some times regarding decision about me and my career and very bitter regarding experiences but as you told

  73. I have Mercury and Venus in this Nakshatra in 10th House.
    Iam blessed with unique knowledge of stockmarket.
    With this one can become millionaire from scratch.
    Although I love teaching, My intuition is stopping me to do everyone.
    Now iam working on whom to I share this knowledge.
    Deepanshuji if you have time to read my comment please help me on this.
    Thank you

  74. I prayed to Shivji yesterday, if “you don’t want to help me monetarily atleast let me know about my asc nakshatra and I also mentioned lunarastro is not providing it” and there you go… 🙂 YOU Shivji and I are aligned in some way. Previously as well, I have noticed the same.

    I’m Pisces asc, uttra bhadrapad, Jupiter in 9H in Anuradha.
    So true siblings, friends cheated. Have no faith in human kind left. It’s only God and true knowledge that I look for not fake knowledge. Can’t sleep without keeping a book beside my head.
    I’m your student from karma and relationship, to my bad luck I could not attend a single live class.
    Sir, Please shed some more light on yantras and when can we make next time?

    Many thanks for sharing divine knowledge.

  75. I prayed to Shivji yesterday, if “you don’t want to help me monetarily atleast let me know about my asc nakshatra and I also mentioned lunarastro is not providing it” and there you go… 🙂 YOU, Shivji and I are aligned in some way. Previously as well, I have noticed the same.

    I’m Pisces asc, uttra bhadrapad, Jupiter in 9H in Anuradha.
    So true siblings, friends cheated. Have no faith in human kind left. It’s only God and true knowledge that I look for not fake knowledge. Can’t sleep without keeping a book beside my head.
    I’m your student from karma and relationship, to my bad luck I could not attend a single live class.
    Sir, Please shed some more light on yantras and when can we make next time?

    Many thanks for sharing divine knowledge.

  76. Sir Thank you very much. You are such a blessing for us. I am UB P4 born and I have access to Pashupati Nath. I have been moving with you from jyotish to yantras and now am eagerly waiting for the sadhana. Please don’t lose this energy until Shrawan ??

  77. My son (10years) has moon in uttrabhadrapada 6 H. He loves to open his eyes underwater while swimming.
    Observation for the blog: All your posts open from YouTube directly but this one while opening showed warning sign- unsafe to open! Since I trust lunar astro, opened it and feel there is a link between the knowledge on the blog and energy of nakshatra working. One more thing Sir, my son loves cats. Even if a soft toy cat gets killed(my neighbours dog ate it) he cries for 30 minutes loud non-stop. Wonder if there is any link between sea serpents and cats – both are protectors of hidden wealth.
    Thanks and heart felt gratitude for keeping us sane during difficult times. Your guidance on donating on amavasya and purnima are foundations now. Regards

    1. Thank you sir, I learn a lot from you, when did Dasha Rahu start, rahu 4th Scorpio and mars conj mercury in 8th utrra
      It was difficult for me, as my financial situation deteriorated, I suffered from severe depression, I graduated from university and could not find any job, the relationship with friends was less communication, I was alone
      That’s when I started learning vedic astrology and suddenly became famous in this field because of the recommendations that I was getting from my followers The strange thing that I noticed months ago is that I did not need to read the map, as if someone was teaching me and mentioning very accurate details, so my name rose quickly, and when I learned about the capabilities of Nakshtra Ketu, I attributed it to her acs in magha nakshatra, ketu in 10th I have big karma for astrology, Everyone tells me that I have information or I can access information that no one can access, inspirations, visions, dreams also. The strange thing is that any paid course I cannot buy. I sleep and then find more information than what is in this course because of my desire.  Shocked and I can’t sleep from happiness,  also my Jupiter in D9 Uttara sun vorgatoma in revati and Ak

      Thank you my teacher, I love you.

  78. I have Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada in 12th house, in 2 pada. I don’t know what to make out of it. My dreams are totally garbage, I can’t make out any sense often. I moved to a foreign land after graduation.
    I will think about it and give you other feedback.

  79. I know one female she also have mercury and sun in uttrabhdrapad in 7rh house,, getting bad experiences in marriage and she is persuing a degree to be a teacher. i myself have sun in uttrabhdrapad in 9th house, my desire to get such hidden knowledge is unperishable.. Thanks for this very very beautiful info.

  80. About bad experience of planets in it tar ahh add a para is so true sir ,I have Saturn in uttarabhadrapadada in 5th house,whatever profession I desired I failed badly and I have faced insults and has been facing one but now my only soul desire is learning jyothish ,I keep telling myself one day jyothish will make me forget all those insults,and I am taking your recorded lessons of foundation course,your words are rising my hopes sir ,Thank you so much,may we gain knowledge from you ?

  81. Pranam sir..I have rahu in uttarabhadrapada nakshatra..in fifth house and I feel like someone from outer world is always with me..although I can’t see..very high intuition ..snake visiting in dreams..involved in kundalini dhyan..lots of problem comes in education and liver

  82. Sir, 11 hours back, I closed my eyes and visualized the snake. From morning I am trying to interpret what can it be. I told my husband to careful in the lawn , or any danger or any enemies. My thoughts went on like this. Evening came back home and reading your article.

  83. Chaitanya K

    I have both Mars(7deg) and Venus(8deg) in Uttarabhadra in 1st house(Pisces Ascendant). Currently Ketu mahadasha going on, hence have become deeply spiritual. Astonishingly my career has improved a lot during this Ketu dasha. Probably as Deepanshu sir had previously mentioned Saturn is at 3deg in Scorpio, 9th house!

  84. I have Saturn in Uttrabhadra at 12:58 degrees. As you said in your earlier post 1996 + 13 + 13 = 2022. So looks like an important event will happen with me this year. I have not faced anything special about this nakshatra till now but if you want to know anything i will tell.

  85. Kunal Baidya

    Very helpful sir..
    Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of knowledge
    Keep sharing more,sir.
    Aum Shanti

  86. I have moon in uttarabhadrapada nakshatra and moon is in 6th house facing breathing issues , and many enmity relation with my siblings,relatives and family and my darakaraka moon lowest degree is in 6th house all the time quarell with my wife

  87. I have moon in 8th house in uttarbhadrapada . Whenever anyone discusses spirituality with me first i listen to that person and judge whether he/she is worth giving the little knowledge i have and then i talk accordingly. This thinking is further boosted by jupiter in ashlesha nakshatra in 12th house. I feel like becoming a tantric who can help others and persuade people to turn inwards and explore the wonders of this body and universe. Thank you for giving this knowledge. May universe further strengthen your psychic abilities

  88. I’m leo ascendant, Mars in 8th house,uttarbhadrapada nakshatra. My experience of death- father passed away when I was 15, then my Bua, later grandfather within couple of years. I developed a fascination to know the reality of life and death. This led me to spiritual dimensions. Kriya yoga path was revealed to me during this quest. Though no one in my extended family or known people to us had even heard of it. I had only witnessed my father doing mantra sadhna before this

  89. Nikhil Mehta

    I have 4 planets ketu, Venus, Sun, Saturn in uttarapbhadrapada acts like a fill but I am not a genius.
    I have combination in 9th house. Venus Sun and Saturn are closely conjuction in pada 4

  90. I have Mars (5th and 12th lord) and Mercury (7th and 10th lord) within 3 degrees in Uttarbhadrapada in 4th house (with Saturn in Revati). I meet a lot of men at work who criticise me about my work and really, cause me a lot of stress. But I have always learnt so much from these experiences it’s life-changing. I have hidden pockets of knowledge which even I don’t realize until I’m alone. I wonder what past life Karma could give me such a difficult but blessed configuration.

    PS: I’m an Indian working for a Japanese company right now, and this energy seems so heightened..

  91. I have moon in this nakshatra, my spirit communicates in a different language when I meditate. you can contact me if you want to hear it. But it is only for your ears

  92. Geetika Sharma

    My husband’s birth nakshatra is uttarabhadra pada 3 and he sleeps for very less time. Sometimes can’t sleep peacefully as well suddenly he will wake up middle of night with some kind of jerk or say shock and he will be clueless what happened. Also noticed 1 thing whenever he sleeps makes loud hissing sound I was thinking he snores as he’s having sinus issues but after reading this article can relate why such hissing ? sound and why so much of restlessness.
    His d.o.b : 28.3.1979
    Time: 4:00 am
    Place: Kolkata (West Bengal)

  93. This story reminded me of the couplet – “Vyomakesho Mahasenaha Janakashcharu Vikramaha, Rudro Bhutapatih Sthanur Ahirbhudhnyo Digambaraha” (From Sri Shivashtottaram of ShaaktPramod).
    I have Sun (PiK and 7th lord) in Uttarabhadra. Cherry on top is that Sun is badly placed. Father has been the pain of existence and given every headache possible. Even worse is the way he treats my mother. I tried to at least save her and become her backbone, but his behaviours got more aggressive and I had to leave and be on my own.
    It was after this, during a complete void in my life that I lost interest in all things material. For months, I used to look up at sky and say – Show me your User Manual pls, I cannot live like this. Then Jyotish discovered me, specifically your channel and I blindly signed up for courses. I still dont know what is my secret competence. I try very hard, but never actually get anywhere or become good enough to achieve anything.
    For long time I have been asking universe – tell me who I am, please tell me the higher truths. For short moments it comes and goes and I cannot retain it. Like once During yoga nidra, I was literally gone. Then it was like someone gave CPR and I woke up coughing like I was brought out of drowning in sea, with zero recollection of what happened. I live by myself so it was surely a higher entity that decided it wasnt time for me to go.
    Would love to qualify for the blessings for Ahirbudhnya. Ancestors and spirits try to contact me, but I feel dumb and frustrated that universe is talking but I cannot understand that language. Sir, You are more like a Father figure to me, than I can ever convey. Thank you for everything. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha and advance wishes for Guru Purnima.

    1. Yashraj taose

      The predictions are bang on..i deal in land cases and maps I have Surya , Mangal , Shani in uttara bhadrapad.
      Dhanu lagna
      Tob – 2:32 am
      Pob – Indore MP
      Dob – 22/03/1996

  94. Thankyou so much sir for this ???. My ascendant is in uttarabhadrapada . I always used to see snakes in my dream when i was a child ?.

  95. Viraj Dobriyal

    I bow to you sir for this extraordinary and amazing knowledge and research, you’ll be the reason that our country will be proud off ?

  96. Fascinating!!! I dont hve any planet in uttarabhadrapada but i am keeping note of moon transit. It has come to my notice that whenever moon goes thro this nakshatra that day is bad… only for moon..
    Currently jupiter is in this nakshatra i am going through purans….

  97. I have uttarabhadrapada Venus and sun. Venus is also combust. This is so true , I lost my husband ( my most beautiful relationship in an air crash) and since then I have become bitter with respect to relationships.

  98. For me ,I have noticed that whenever I sleep on a problem next day will have the solution in my mind magically and that will me very unique in its nature.i don’t have any planet in uttarapbhadpadra but I think I have my pieces sign lord Jupiter related to ketu which related to snake and higher knowledge. I am curious to experiment my self to gain other type of knowledge this way.

  99. Arun Natarajan

    There are temples for each of the 27 stars. One such temple is Sahasra Lakshmiseeshwar – (Shiv Ji) temple. Here you can see the statue of Ahirbudnya. People who are born in Uattarabadrapad nakshatra should pray to the Shivaling here, they will get relieved of their problems in life. If possible donate to this temple for Various poojas as per ones shradha (which one can do thru online). Seeking refuge to Shiva is the absolute remedy (you have to surrender to him – Saravaswa Saranagathi), you don’t need to know of any other remedy. Om Namah Shivaya!

  100. This is so profound. Thank you for sharing such gems of knowledge with us. My son is Pisces Ascendant, having his Jupiter in Uttrabhadrapad in 12th house with Ketu sitting their in Dhanishta. I have noticed that his work is never done easy but it is done for sure and always a good one. He has ability to learn different languages with ease. He has always been very good academically.

  101. Pavan Prasad

    I have Sun and Mercury in Uttarbhadrapada Nakshatra in the fifth house, I feel like learning every time. My conquest is to learn new things every time. I have a longing for learning jyotishya and stock markets, but i feel something is hindering my learnings. May some pending karma to be full filled.

  102. Satish chandra sharma

    I have mercury in uttrabhadrapad nakshtra first pada in 12 th house of d-1 chart . Every time I think about astrology. I daily read astrology books and watch videos related to astrology and my passion is to gain more knowledge about astrology. I am accountant in treasury office.

  103. Chandana Bhattacharyya

    Deepanshu sir such deep knowledge you deliver in easy words??…am a cancer asc with uttarbhadrapada 3 nakshatra… my moon is witg ketu in 9th house of pisecs… I have kal sarp dosh too… Earlier i use to get regular dreams of unusual snakes all over some even bite me but after visiting haridwar, prayagraj.. Sangam holy bath along with my mother i dnt get such dreams… My intuition is also good i can read people mind… And my family members say i have little healing hands…byt i myself is loaded wirh many health issues. Hope i can be of some help. to the society… May Shiv n Shakti bless all of us and make us productive for mass.

    1. Ashish Tyagi

      Happy Guru Purnima Deepanshu Ji..
      I have sun and moon in uttara bhadrapada pada 1 and pada 3 resp…(7th house )
      I can relate to what you mentioned in the article..
      I had some outta world experiences bcz of this combination..which changed my thought process towards life…a work in progress..now

  104. Many thanks for sharing this deep knowledge Deepanshu Sir.
    My ascendant Mercury (combusted) is Uttarabhadrapada Nakshtra (Pada 1) with Venus in Revati (Pada 4) in 7th house too. Also, my Sun in 6th house (Purvabhadrapada nakshatra, Pada 3).

    I can most definitely relate to whatever is being said here. Thank you for being you.

  105. This resonated so deeply but I don’t have planets in uttarabhadrapada, though I have Sun in this nakshatra in navamsh and my father showed me the secret knowledge of things and instilled in me the curiosity. That hunger for knowledge is definitely there, knowledge for what’s unwritten. I also never show my true self to anyone, not on purpose, but in the way you described as filtering out information and playing dumb.

  106. Sorry, I don’t have any knowledge about astrology but after reading surely I feel when you’ve that energy to work non-stop and when you feel extremely excited when you can help others with the knowledge that you’ve gained. Also understood that, why snakes are seen wherever there is anything hidden for long.

  107. Very interesting and loved reading this article Sir, It made me absorb the energy of this Nakshatra so easily, and Now, I can predict planets in this star. Thank you SO much, Sir. Every school must include such topics.

  108. I know a child who is just 15 years old have Venus in UB nakshatra. His father use to find treasures but didn’t find any in his whole life. But, his child who is just 15 years old If he goes out he will never cum empty handed. Money attracts him. He has something I can’t say it in comments.

  109. Thank you …..for the knowledge ……. its just mesmerizing as always.. please keep the flow of knowledge perpetual…
    p.s …stay healthy and blessed always

  110. sandeep sharma

    Thank you for the wonderful article sir ,I have sun,mars and venus in uttarbhadrapa {5th house}, please tell me what particular saadhna have to perform in the month of saawan.please accept my gratitude towards you..happy guru poornima .

  111. Niladri Ghosh

    Sir as per the post we can say that Virgo Moon or Ascendant or 7th lord in Pisces will have a challenging partnership and Marriage.

  112. Pranaam Dipanshuji,
    I have Moon in Ubhadrapada nakshatra & in many ways i can relate to this post and the Pashupatinath one, my lagna is Kumbha which again is ruled by Saturn so now you know the areas of challenge in my life
    I am either in a very high spiritual/ high octane zone of energy or down to zero
    But over a period of time the downfall from high energy to ground zero has reduced
    While Moon is in Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra, there’s Ketu Conjunct Moon Ketu in Revati
    I was never good in academics but at work although i am not in the good books of my superiors they know that if they throw me onto anything i will comeback with results – somehow manage to produce the best of results in toughest working conditions
    But i have different mindset at work as against the note of hiding knowledge ~ i love teaching and i do coach a lot of people and i even counsel people in general or thru astrology – meaning i rarely feel like hiding anything, i am a firm believer of knowledge shines when it is shared
    Guru is in Aridra Nakshatra
    I have a very strange horoscope and people often think that i am divorced/have no kids/i am not doing good in life
    Thanks to my Father who was a very good astrologer i am what i am today, after his demise when people misread my chart ~ I remember all his predictions
    An eclipsed horoscope Ketu Grastha Chandra – Ketu Conjunct Moon, Rahu Grastha Surya – Rahu conjuct Ravi and all planets stuck in between them with exception of lagna
    When it comes to jyotish – i get these flash of thoughts from nowhere ~ especially when giving solutions and i firmly believe that its my father who is speaking thru me
    up until 2019 i never thought of reading a horoscope but one of the colleague got separated after 17years of marriage just before i got that news I had paid my obeisance to Mahakaleshwar at Ujjain and Omkareshwar after my Pitru Shraadh and this led me to learning Jyotishya
    The purpose of life is sadhana and to get there is the struggle – one day with divine grace, i shall speak to you for gudiance as nothing happens without the grace of Parmatma and for everything the time has to come
    ?Om Namah Shivaaya ?

  113. Swapneel Kulkarni

    Good day Deepanshuji, your observation in regards to sound of hissing is very true and applies for other shlokas as well. When reciting Rudram Nakam anuvakas we find hissing sound in many shlokas, wondering if there is any relation
    Kind regards,

  114. Jayant Moghe

    Dear Deepashu Ji, Your writing is extremely insightful and original. Thank you.
    I have moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshra Tritiya Pada. I have an endless desire to learn something very deep that no one else knows about. I always have a deep desire to seek gyan in the occult, which is hidden and very powerful. I have been getting very little sleep and am always alert even during sleep and wake up to any little sound. I had a few weird experiences where I saw things happening prior to those events occurring.

  115. I have my bhrigu bindu in this nakshtra and I am a Sagitarius ascendant. The only planet present there is Venus which is in revati. But I still don’t know when this will manifest.

    What I can tell is there are certain things that I know (some I ponder upon and come to a conclusion, some I realize after meditation, some just come to me from where I don’t know) that hold the essence of the universe. And many of these things get validated many times when I watch DP sir’s videos. Thank you for your sharing such knowledge.

  116. Dhwani Gupta

    My Nakshatra is Uttarabhadrapada and you are right when saying that no amount of money or leisure satisfies me of makes me happy than achieving knowledge. If I am into something, I dont care about time I just want to understand it A-Z and give it my flavour. That itself bring me so much happiness. I forget about food while I am working. But one thing that I have noticed is I do not get fame for the work I do. Everytime I take up any task, my past has been such that I have a strong belief inside that no matter if I get credit or not, I will still perform my best. That helps at times but otherwise it hurts as well considering the amount of time energy you spent on it.

  117. Dhwani Gupta

    Adding to above, I recently got a dream of Shri Mahalaxmi Mata. I went to an old temple. I bowed to Lord Vishnu ji there and then I saw one gate was closed but few ladies were cleaning the passage of that gate. When I asked why are you doing this though the door is closed, they said that today goddess lakshmi will awake and it happens only few times in a year as she sleeps for some days or months I don’t remember but I saw digit 8 and 5 appeared there. (I dont know how to interpret that). Then I also started cleaning the passage and then dwaar opened and I was first to see Mata Lakshmi. It was black stoned temple being very old and temple premises also had Lord Shiva temple. The priest then told me about two books one being of Karma and other which was lost and they asked me to help them with it.

    I am trying to search such temple but only found that one such temple is in Maharashtra of goddess Tulja where she sleeps of 21 days and the bifurcation is 8 days, 8 days and 5 days which is similar to what I saw in dream (digit 8 & 5)

  118. I have rahu in Pisces lagna In uttarabhadrapada. Still searching for answers in life .
    Terrible relation with everyone especially partners because of sun moon Venus ketu in 7th. Life feels very difficult- making wrong decisions.

  119. I¦ve been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this website. Studying this info So i¦m glad to show that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I such a lot indisputably will make certain to do not put out of your mind this site and provides it a look on a continuing basis.

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