Ardra Nakshatra – The Guiding Soul

As the Soul creator Sun transit via Ardra nakshatra? This is the part of the Zodiac considered one of the most auspicious and powerful that is why the majority of temples, pyramids and other praying houses were aligned to either Rohini, Mrigshira or Ardra nakshatra.

The star which has shown the path to millions of people from the early times, When people were in doubt on where to go, what to do in life, It was Ardra nakshatra which has shown the path in difficult times, As a result in reciprocation, people have built temples, pyramids and various other structures in alignment with Ardra nakshatra.

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Ardra is the one who lies in the centre of the milky way as it is said one side there is heaven and on another there is hell and in between there is Ardra nakshatra, The one who is forbidden by Devtas as he is too rough and not accepted by devils as he has fought for gods, Imagine the dilemma of Rudra  – Diety of Ardra nakshatra that he has been discarded as a betrayal by gods. He can’t even explain his pain to anyone.

Imagine you are fighting for someone and the person whom you are protecting betrays you, Imagine the amount of grief you will hold in your life as you cannot explain such pain to anyone in life. This is why howling Rudra cries in pain, It is not physical pain but emotional pain.

Rudra was remorseful that no one on this earth was able to give relief to him, The pain and guilt which lies within us make us rethink our choices and path in life, So most people go self-destructive during this time period- Stats show most people commit suicide during this time period When Sun transits via Ardra Nakshatra.

At present, you will think about choices, corrections and how to get relief from pain which you can’t even discuss with anyone and howl like Rudra to get relief, the same thing happened with Rudra as he was restless and stood in between hell and heaven as both of them were irrelevant to him.

This is the story of each person who has a planet in Ardra nakshatra, the process is also the same as a planet in Ardra nakshatra you will cry inside due to signification of that planet as if Mercury then for siblings, as you might fight for them and give them everything but still forbidden by siblings as there is no right or wrong, you stand in between as you are forbidden one?—?the untouchable and this will pain you and make you howl, You will not be able to explain this pain to anyone but restlessness inside you will keep on shouting for this pain.

Imagine you have helped your employees (Saturn) in every way you can, you supported them even when other people were telling you not to, but soon they became successful, suddenly you became untouchable for them, This pain is something which you cannot explain.

The path of self-destruction and suicidal rate increases when people leave us and we give out everything and invest in them emotionally, Same is the pain of Ardra nakshatra natives.

If Ardra is such a nakshatra then why has it been praised over the centuries in different parts of the world? What is so special about this nakshatra?

Legend says that Rudra got peace when he reached Kashi (Symbolic) as it is the holy land but this is symbolic, millions of people visit Kashi but very few maybe 1% get the same amount of peace, We need to understand the deeper meaning of this part, People were visiting Kashi to leave this body as the last place to be on earth, everyone wanted heaven after death that they should be placed in the kingdom of Indra next to gods in lieu of all the good work these people might have done in their life but What role Rudra played over there?

Rudra- the one who has experienced both worlds, who is impartial to both heaven and hell – Sat down and explained to everyone what is hell and what is heaven in the most impartial way as he stand in between of milkyway (The belt of Orion) who has no connections to either side of the world, He is impartial to gods and demons as all the other people who were earlier explaining the two worlds were heavily biased on which particular side they belong to but Ardra was the one who had no biased on either side.

He explained his experiences with demons and gods both and then he let people decide what they want to choose in life after listening to experiences of hell and heaven from Rudra, People rejected the idea of both worlds as they realised its a never-ending cycle in heaven and hell so they choose the impartial one- The Absolute Zero – Shiv- Where there is no rebirth again as time stands still in between.

Rudra became the guiding light for millions since then who after getting the best of both worlds decided to stay neutral as in both worlds there are problems of their own.

The reason why Rudra got peace over there is he engaged himself by channelizing the destructive energy by helping people explain the way to hell and heaven as a guide. who could be better than him as he was the one standing in between hell and heaven and forbidden from both worlds. Completely impartial about the ways.

As he stood between the two, You also need to do the same by educating other people and tell them about your mistakes so no one else commits the same mistake again, You need to write about your experiences in the form of a book or blog where other people can read about things what you have been through. This is one of the best remedies of Ardra as when Sun transits through this nakshatra, you need to express yourself what you feel rather than harming yourself.

Gemini sign is of communication and guiding people 0n right path from your own experiences in life, So if you have been through tough times in relationships, people have betrayed you, used you for their own benefit, This is what happens with Ardra nakshatra natives and in the end, these people feel remorseful and howl for being betrayed, no one can understand the pain these people go through but all this has happened with you so you can be guiding light for others like a pole star, for example, If you have suffered from cancer and survived, then write down your experiences about battling cancer as this will be guiding light for many who don’t know what to do and who are not feeling as lucky as you.

Pick your topic but be the guiding star for many, It is always the person on the other side who can assure that river can be crossed. The most amount of autobiographies or surviving stories is written to date by Ardra Nakshatra natives as a self-help book for many people.

Ardra is associated with storms but what people don’t realise is that Ardra is required during stroms as a lighthouse to guide people so they sail through bad times- A lighthouse might be standing in the sea but helps ships to reach the coast as Ardra has no will to reach anywhere, It is there in the middle of the storm only to help people cross the most difficult times.

Ghat of Varanasi

I am writing this when I get a lot of people committing suicide and going through troubled times due to emotional logs. I hope my wisdom helps you in crossing this troubling time as august 2022 is going to be one of the most challenging times of this era.

Ardra Nakshatra-Remedy for wish fullfillment – YouTube

72 thoughts on “Ardra Nakshatra – The Guiding Soul”

  1. Ankita Pathal

    Pranam sir. I’ve two planets i.e. mercury n ketu.
    What are the results of this ?
    One more thing sir… I want to join the course. But not getting possible due to shortage of fund. But one day I’ll definitely join.
    Gratitude !

  2. Hello sir, I have my Natal sun in the ardra nakshtra. Currently i am going through the MD of Rahu and AD of Sun. I am going through emotionally difficult time. However from career point of view things are fine. My divorce is finally done on 1st july.

      1. Seema kumar

        Sir you yourself are a lighthouse in the middle of our stormy lives. You bring Nakshatras into our consciousness as alive as living people. Your narrative sets the background for us to see them clearly and vividly. Thank You

      2. Pranaam Sir,

        I have Jupiter in ardra in Gemini sign..Sagittarius ascendant. Due to my husband i felt suicidal and felt deep betrayal in my heart. Do you think i should write about it and educate ppl?

  3. universal_irony

    Namaskar Deepanshu sir, you do an incredible service of using the nakshatra knowledge and spreading it out with your deep understanding and interpretation skills. I’m glad I’ve read this. I needed this. I’m sure many will too!

  4. Nidhi Gupta

    So happy that you wrote about Ardra coz as you said NO ONE xan understand the storms of emotional pain we go through…i hve 3 planets in ardra in 8H- mercury, saturn n venus… betrayals n ungratefulness has been a part of my life ..and so many people in my circle benefit from my advice but i hardly find anyone to give me the comfort of advice when i want one

    1. You should write and communicate these feelings in a form of blog or book to help others, who might be living in guilt that there may be something wrong with them.

      1. My 7 th lord moon in ardra… have already planned to launch a relationship revival course. Put it on hold to learn astrology but more I study my chart more I realise that it is the best remedy…. thanks to the divine for all the guidance. MAY God bless all!!!

      1. Sir i Mercury in ardra nakshtra being for Aries lagna , one of my close friend whom I have helped a lot is now ignoring me . I am going through Rahu mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha and at same time Capricorn rashi sadesati . Sir please can you tell me why you have said that August 2022 will be challenging time of this era ? To whom it will be challenging ? Please explain sir ? As I am going through toughest period of my life both mentally and physically .

  5. Keegan Staber

    Thank you very much once again… Sir, many times I’ve related to you as the watchtower in the ocean through life’s storms.
    This is very timely and useful as I’m preparing to do a reading for someone with prominent planets in Adra 5House.
    He’s wealthy and supports 45-50 children throughout the island but He’s frustrated he is unable or he has no child with his wife.
    I started the “Gayatri mantra” 2weeks now and it makes me so energized as I get the hang of chanting I see more things just align like magic ? in the reading and day to day life.
    Very Thankful for you,Namaste.

      1. Mathrubootham

        Myself Makar lagan- Sun&Moon-Rohini and Mercury in Ardra- had undergone many insults/betrayals from colleagues&friends and my brothers too- during Rahu MD- from 1987 to 1996(12 yrs) completely out of home town. Despite having suicidal thoughts then I felt to do my duty to GOD and family&my deceased parents(both gone during RahuMD) alone fighting including in-laws. Since Guru+Ven aspect Lagan they saved me.. I do lot of charities and temple/school donations. I am learning Astro and once will become your student. Disciple in a way! I show good path to sons, being unattached yet dutiful father..Grateful in all humility to you, You are a big Giri.

  6. How beautifully explained.. such a deep thing in such an easy and simple way. Nothing more can be said, atleast by me.. no one can thank you enough for sharing such a divine and wonderful knowledge. Guru Charan me shat shat naman. .

  7. Recieved a message a while ago that a water pipeline near my place broke down. Few minutes later heard siren of fire brigade and police van. My Mars is in Ardra and now read this beauty. Just wow. Bless you sir.

  8. I don’t know why this came on my feed when i am going through betrayal by my own people for whom i have done everything.. I am suffering physical abuse.. Emotional abuse.. Betrayal.. I am. Howling yet no one would undertand. I was thinking of dying.. Then i see this..

    I just learnt one thing from this. I have to be absolute zero. I don’t want anything but rudra himself?

  9. Harsh Pratap Singh

    Have seen this story play out very closely. Being born with Saturn Rahu in Taurus it kindof resembles Ardra and my family members have ardra too. Maybe due to some bad karmas of mine, from the day i am born all around i have seen only Suffering Family and severe betrayals. I literally have seen my father and mother when everyone in my family cheated us just for money. Stay strong and silently develop the strength to stand alone in tough time wearing a smile worth trillions.
    Thank you for sharing knowledge with me.
    May god bless you.
    Hare Krishna

  10. I can feel the energy in the writing. Am I the only one feeling this way!
    Thankyou Deepanshuji for you words??

  11. My arda nak in 12 house in gemini .with venus sitting on it .
    I been working for better of my siblings in
    extended joined family legal matter.but during this whole course i been cornered into being wrong by my own siblings for looking out for their birthright s legally .
    Havent found luck in love so far .already crossed 42yrs now . .
    Sharing as u said pen ot to set example s for others . Wish u cud guide me to a remedy . Namastee

  12. Neeru Singh

    I want to say so many things like no one can be like you Deepanshu sir ,.You are helping so many lives that is beyond imagination . Gratitude gratitude gratitude ?

  13. Absolute god

    Today, my friend sent me a chart where she mentioned.. this girl tried to suicide in her teens and she is confused about this guy…

    Also, I was making a painting of lord shiva today… and somehow I spoiled it 🙁

    But made another one 😀

      1. Sonal shreshtha kheria

        Sir what planetary aliment are in Aug is it becoz moon and sun both in ketu Nakshatra..becoz of this Aug is tough…iam part of all ur courses …am I missing something

  14. It’s Amrut Vela now , I just read your warmth and earnestness behind this blog . There is a holy place
    ” Kailas Manas sarovar” ,it’s above of all the feelings . Everyone must try to be there by heart,by mind and feel the meaning of Rudra in the existence of Shiva “Kailas” !!!
    Feeling his experience in neutral state of mind which is the next step of overcoming from the extream pain of Rudra inside us .


  15. Shikha Kothari

    Dear Deepanshu ji,

    I Have developed keen interest in learning astrology, thanks to you. I have wrote many a times to you to guide and help me out and kept finding path through your videos and article. I am a Taurus ascendent moon in Gemini ardra nakshatra and mercury rules my 1st house. Thought of writting a book many a times and to become a public speaker but rubbished myself. But Guess now I know I need to share the experiences with world. Thank you for your guidelines, forever greatful to have you as my guru??

  16. Namaskar Sir
    Myself Ardra Nakshatra native…whatever you wrote is 100% true for me. I felt so betrayed and insulted by a guy that I tried to commit suicide, wrote the suicide letter and taken pills, but fortunate or unfortunately I survived. Since then I couldn’t trust anyone ,but as you said don’t keep grudge within you. So I feel better than before now.
    Thank you

  17. Ardra native

    Namaskar Sir
    Myself Ardra Nakshatra native…whatever you wrote is 100% true for me. I felt so betrayed and insulted by a guy that I tried to commit suicide, wrote the suicide letter and taken pills, but fortunate or unfortunately I survived. Since then I couldn’t trust anyone ,but as you said don’t keep grudge within you. So I feel better than before now.
    Thank you

  18. Many many thanks for enlightening the lives of people. The way of explaining is admirable.

    1. 8th and 11th lord Jupiter retrograde in Ardra, conjunct Rahu. Inexplicable pain is my life story. I have been researching about Ardra all over the internet this past week to find some relief and I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for the remedy you gave me. I have already been thinking about writing my experiences down and guiding others. The universe has been very communicative lately.

  19. Nikita Pandey

    Deepanshu sir namaste ?this is amazing , incredible post ..?I hv been all this down but can’t scream & say to anyone but deep down I other by my experiences… it’s just like no one !!! Literally No one’!!! The pain we hv gone through ??I m Gemini ascendent,lagna mercury ,?thx alot ?…much thxful for this post & U ??

  20. Hello Deepanshuji ,Thanks for guiding always, I know about Ardra sign and Jupiter placed there, it’s about betrayal of karka from Jupiter and so much of emotional pain ,but in times ahead you are able to understand the pain of others suffering and healing them

    1. My Jupiter is in ardra I suffered alot from my husband as sir said it is the pain that you are unable to explain.

      1. Khalida parveen

        Hello Deepanshu sir.
        My ascendant lord Jupiter is in ardra, I will write my experience here as this pain I can’t explain the way I felt but still if some one get guidance will be useful.
        I tried my best for my husband to be successful amongst all my family members we struggle a lot and he got success in foreign he sent a lot of money and other things but emotionally he became totally absent for me, only I have to live life was with money which I totally denied he betrayed me so many times and I left him and now struggling for my own career.
        But I only have one doubt Jupiter is also my 10th lord as I am Pisces ascendant will it be applicable for boss also because I am helping him alot will he also betray me?
        Thanks in advance.

  21. Why worry about who is going to read, write what you want to read, I search for astrology books desperately like a child but none gives me satisfaction or words which can calm me down, So I write in madness what I want to read and then I re-read everything I have written and praised the writer, Although I might have typed several articles i am not the one who has written it..

    1. 3H Rahu Ardra

      What you haven’t written in the article is that if Ardra doesn’t get the betrayals words won’t gush out his hands. So whatever Ardra gets in life, option for reducing betrayals is not on the table.


      It’s bad manners not to confirm when people predict correctly.

      I will write.

  22. Hello sir, my friend had Mars in adra Sagittarius ascendant, can anyone tell me what Mars signifies here, thank you

  23. Gratitude ?
    for Daily dose of Vitamin “P”(Positivity)
    My both sons hold ” Ardra ”
    Elder one have 6th n 11th lord Venus in Ardra
    Younger one have Ascendant n 2nd lord Saturn in Ardra

    Let’s see what “Mahadev” want to teach or train them …

  24. My father has moon in ardra nakshatra and he is critically ill since 16th June. Will his health condition improve?

  25. hello sir good afternoon ? reading this article i just remembered my wife’s chart , she has Mars in ardra pada 4 and jupiter in pada 2 where Mars is an atmakaraka and jupiter MD running. So this transit will bring her very emotional .. if anything going to be wrong ? plz give some light ?

  26. Sir??Every ounce you pendown of Adra natives is so true to life,
    emotional turmoil or frustration of not getting support of friends n family in case of need, all so upto the mark.
    Today I realised why I like lighthouse pictures most.
    Sun Gemini Adra

  27. Sometimes I really wonder who is talking to me through all of these ? Thank you for being the Deepstambh in the middle this strom Deepanshu ji.

    I have mercury in Ardra 12th house
    Had my ketu mahadasha from 2013 to 19
    Isolated in a room not doing anything.

    Have moon in 9th, Saturn and Jupiter in 10th, Sun in 11th as you’ve explained on the video before
    Rahu Venus in 1st, Mars in 4th

    After visiting the temple in December 2021, maa Tara blessed me with a wonderful person to be my significant other

    And my first job on January
    But thing are falling apart as I’m not being able to give the bacis verbal support in the time of need.

    Hormonal disballance, have no friends or anyone to talk about these things.

    Feeling much better after writing it all. Thank you so much Deepanshu Ji.
    Currently watching your magic remedy of Mars and magic of Mercury on repeat.

    Thanks to universe for getting me in touch with you Deepanshu Ji
    Hope one day I will meet you in person.

  28. I have 9th House Gemini, Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra… With ketu in 3rd house Gemini.
    Life has been a turmoil, whether it comes to being a daughter, sister, wife, mother or employee..
    Since Rahu is placed there.. I keep wondering what is my lifes purpose ultimately..
    I was advised to write about what I am going through….But i dont know where to start..

  29. Sir, pranam! Just wanted to share 2 things. First I felt like crying while reading this article.. As if I could feel the pain of Ardra. After checking my chart I saw I have ketu in third house in Ardra nakshatra of my navamsha chart. Specific memories of my past came to me when I cried during krishna janmashtami when the door opened for Darshan at midnight.. I kept saying why didn’t he accept me while crying! I also got the scent of rudraksh mala while reading the article.

  30. Milinda Rao

    Hello sir, always pleasure and peace reading your blogs. After reading this I realised i have probably 3 planets jupiter, budhh & saturn in ardra in 5th house .. but now i have over come and i am at bettwr place but now i don’t able to trust anyone .. i feel like leaving ppl if they show even little selfishness .. i know they are not selfish but still i have trust issues now..
    But only good karma pure heart will take all pain away .. ppl feel jealous of me where i am today even though i don’t have any show.. i am stable .. i know nothing os permanent in life .. but i have become heartless and no more same sweet person. But i am still kind .. caring giving.. cheating doesn’t bother me now .. its not my karma is philosophy always! I love writing .. but how can person write about betrayal of own mother brother..but yes i do advice ppl alot wothout even asking .. being HR i always advice ppl by end what he should work on to do better .. or what to do to reach their goal .. even about money matter by young earners to save money for bad times .. don’t sacrifice your career ..
    Cuz i used to think .. you take care of all others they will care about you this is what a true bond means I know .you do good because you want then to do good in health in education in job in money saving investment matters .. and they think you k ow so much so you must be doing good for yourself.. and never stop you or ask or worry abt you .. but you will sacrifice precious time energy money to listen all harsh bullying later. First concentrate on your own growth and career vision then about all world!

      1. Hi Dipanshu Sir,
        You are really amazing. Please accept my gratitude ?? I am following your articles and videos since last two months and I can’t thank enough for the konwledge you are sharing with us. This Adra nakshatra article really eye opener for me. My Venus is in Adra nakshtra and as you expalnied about the planets/house from Adra positioned at 9th house controls and 6th house give troubles at age of 36 that’s very true. Even your Job timing video it wroked exactly same for my job transformation at age of 34.
        You are truly a Gem of Person.

  31. Namaste ser. I am writing my response to your article. my 5th ruler is Mars in Ardra nakshatra, 5 years ago I had a painful break with a loved one, moreover, I howled so that I lost my voice for a while, it changed. Now, judging by your article, I understand that it was inevitable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  32. Hi Dipanshu Sir,
    I am very greatful for the knowledge you are sharing with us.
    I am not a astrology student but the way you simply the things about chart and prediction, i was able to read my chart and connect things. This Adra nakshatra article was really eye opener for me. My Venus is in adra nakshatra and the things which you have mentioned about the 9th and 6th house from planet placed in Adra nakshtra position are true in my case. Thank you for such a wonderful articles and videos you are sharing with this. Job timings video prediction also came true in my case at age of 34. ??
    You are gem of person Sir. ???

  33. It’s true. I am ardra nakshatra guy and I feel betrayed and insulted. I love to live a lonely life.
    I will try my best to console people when they are in emotional distress.

    I have a moon and Jupiter conjunct there in 9th house. What will be the result?

  34. Ashutosh Sharma

    Wonderful and very informative article , Thank you Sir for sharing this article . 🙏💐💐

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  36. You are making a lot of difference in people’s lives. Your explanation is extraordinary. There is a lot of depth in your astrological analysis. Baba’s blessings to you and your family🙏🤗

    1. Amazing post Sir Pranam. I am myself an Ardra native and was crying by reading your post. So true my brother passed away due to alcoholism and I feel betrayed as I tried a lot but….
      Now, I have stopped expecting and believe that Hari naam can only save me. I understand that life can never be easy but Ram naam can help me sail through it. Hare Krishna Sir and thank you for writing such beautifully, reading which my eyes are filled with teardrop (Rudra)

  37. Mavis Mathews

    Sir I feel so blessed to have opportunity to read your blogs. Sir you enlighten us with such a core knowledge which makes our understanding so clear and vivid.

  38. Mavis Mathews

    Sir I feel so blessed to have opportunity to read your blogs. Sir you enlighten us with such a core knowledge which makes our understanding so clear and vivid picture.

  39. Want to know abt mars in ardra nakshatra in 10 house. Being a ruler of 3 and 8 house. Some says it represents brother and husband both.. or the person u r dating before marriage.
    Please correct

  40. Very true.. You are a Gem or I can say a guiding light to many people in this life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us becuz soul feels peace during this learning astrology by you!

  41. Sir you are guiding light for so many. The way you look at things is unique and inspiring. Thanks so much for putting this information out. 🙏

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