Curse of Accepting Gifts.

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Why we gift things to others is as we want something good to happen in the life of the person also our own energy and best wishes go with the gift to the native, you must have seen something which you don’t get with the excellent intention either cannot be used or goes waste, but the concept of the gift was to transfer your good energy to another person.

We all accept gifts in our life, and sometimes we are unaware of the intentions and consequences of what they can bring to us. As I was reading the Bhrigu Samhita, the reason for the Vitiligo for the native – Maharaj Bhrigu replied.

That this native is suffering bad condition of Shukra in the chart due to past life deeds as he spoiled his Shukra by wearing clothes gifted by others on a particular day in hold land of Haridwar. Special days here are referred to days in which energy is volatile such as Sakranti, Poornima, Amavas, Grahan, and Ekadasi. When anyone accepts any gift or donation during these days, It is the energy transfer which is happening from one person to another, so if one of your friends has a bad married life and on the day of Sakranti or Grahan, they gift you one of the significations of Venus such as perfume, clothes, milk-based sweets you will see your married life suddenly will start getting worse while the married life of another person will start getting better.

These days when the sky is trying to realign the energy and you exchange energies, it can make you suffer in this life and the next life, and that too in some karmic cities such as Kurukshetra, Haridwar, Gaya; this means we should not accept gifts on special days, especially in karmic cities.

You will notice whenever you travel to these places that people fall ill after coming back or get scammed during the trip. As devils who have to clear their debts become thieves in the holy land- I will write about it some other day. Still, if you are suffering from any problem in life, you should consider donating gifts and donations of the particular planet on these days in any holy land.  Such as, if you are suffering from issues related to your profession, then you should donate shoes in any of the sacred cities on a particular day; you will see in any holy city, there are so many beggars, scammers, and people accepting donations are there to clear your karma and let you get rid of diseases, poverty when you visit these places When you visit such sites you will only be scammed by the name and objects of the particular planet.

November is full of special days – Dev Uthani Ekadasi, Bakunth chaturdasi, Dev Diwali, Karthik Purnima, Chandra Grahan- Donation of an Item related to a planet you are suffering will.

Let us now discuss medical reasons

VITILIGO / SHWITRA is a disease that causes the loss of skin colour in patches,and can effect any part of the body including Hairs , Mouth , and Eyes. It is more noticeable in people with darker skin tone or colour. 
According to Modern Medicines ( Allopathic ), it is known as VITILIGO. It is an Autoimmune Disease which develops when your Immune System attacks your body cells called Melanocytes which produce colours for the skin… It uses Steroids, Immunosuppressant Drugs, UV light therapy, and Photodynamic therapies, but the end result is that Vitiligo is a non-curable disease…..
According to Ancient Medicines ( Ayurveda ), it says to find out the reason because of which this disease got into you, says
   Vaata, Pitta, Kapha in anyhow when aggravated due to reasons like :
_ Viruddhahara (incompatible food),
_ Chhardivegdharana (suppression of vomiting),
_ Atibhojana (excess food intake),
_ Atiamla, Lavana, Madhura, Katu Ras  (intake of sour, sweet, salt, and spicy food intake),
_ Dadhi Matsya bhakshanam ( intake of curd with fish ),
_ Vipra Guru Gharshana ( teasing and disrespecting the elders ),
_ Papa karma ( sinful acts ),..etc.. in association with Skin, Blood, Muscles, and Watery element ( Udaka ) , when involved with Lymph, it results in VITILIGO.
Now when it comes to the treatment for vitiligo in Ayurveda, it gives you a complete cure for vitiligo and for that
_ Medicines made out of herbs like Babchi, Priyangu, Asana, Satpushpa, Jatyadi ghrit, Triphala gutika, etc…. also
_ A few PanchKarma therapies like Takra dhara, Kashaya dhara, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, etc…. can heal VITILIGO completely without any side effects.
In Summary, Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchkarma Therapies and a Holistic approach may contribute significant benefits to the patients of VITILIGO…

So, for Healthy well-being…..go to AYURVEDA- I welcome any patient who is suffering from this disease to Lunar Astro Ayurvedic Clinic in Dehradun and get completely healed by the combination of Astrology and Ayurveda.
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21 thoughts on “Curse of Accepting Gifts.”

  1. Dr Subhro Chakraborty

    Fantastic article Sir … Accept my gratitude ..To overcome long standing arthritis , what should be donated in any of the special days of November ? Thank u Sir for your efforts towards astrology, human life and problem solving … Really magics are seen through your eyes …We experience the energy through your speech, writing and videos …

  2. Thank you for informative article, Sir. For the people who live abroad and cannot access these holy cities. Would donation on these specific days would work!

  3. I can’t visit to utrakhand but need your help in curing my prolonged case of skin color changing I have been suffering with it by 13 years almost I m patient of discolouration of my actual colour I was born a very fairly kind of girl between my siblings most whitish in colour but by the time my body developed different kind of energies like I m prone of various color dieses when I Complained about these terms to my mother she said that I m developing these dieses she said me that these are bcoz of my lazy & late rising attitudes so gradually I stopped complaining but slowly these bad energies started heading more on me & in 2011 I have ring worm issues & that time also I was loving the sun rays most as I said earlier I m cold prone so I started spending lots of my time into sunlight & it gave me curse of discoloration my whole body got heated by the sun from my neck to toe as I have birthmark too on my back side so it’s not considered a big issue again by family I got consulted with the skin specialist too but nothing gave me relief now I m completely changed in colour or pigment of skin I even myself hate my back for this kind of blackish patches on my whole back & although my legs too but I cant control how can I get back to my fair pigment like my childhood again if u see my back u will get frown nose

  4. Thank you so much sir jee for so much valuable information
    Then on diwali too we should only gifts not receive gifts then can we donate that gifts what we receive on diwali as kisi komna to ni kiya jata specially on diwali.

  5. Annkur aggarwal

    Pranaam sir, you are a ray of hope for all of us. Like all of your previous articles, found great information in this article as well. Will wait for a detailed article on a similar skin disease ‘psoriasis’. My father is suffering from it since last 20+ years.

  6. Vaishali Jain

    Pranaam Deepanshu ji. My son has been suffering from allergic conjunctivitis from past 13 years. It started after we moved from Hyderabad to Navi Mumbai. Everytime when the season changes his eye condition becomes bad. Coastal areas seem to be making his condition worse. He has been through endless cycles of steroidal eye drops, but it only gives temporary relief. Recently his eye pressure became very high and all medicines had to be stopped as there was a chance of him getting glaucoma. Please let me know if there is any remedy for this 🙏🏻

  7. Does gifts given by parents or relatives during special days like rakhi, bhai dooj, Pongal and other occasions depending on the culture of their native place comes in the same category? Similarly gifts during weddings.

    I feel women get more gifts than men 😀

    Always amazed by the knowledge of jyotish and the way you present it 🙏
    Lots of love and gratitude Deepanshu ji 🙏

    I personally like giving gifts to others.

  8. Sanjeev K Verma

    Thanks for sharing an important insight, we knowingly or unknowingly do so much in life gifting or in form of daan, my say is if you know, your intention it should be pure and if someone has said to do so then shama yachna should be done along by just saying that I am doing this for my higher self but without intention of hurting and suffering of the other ,because everything we do in life it revolves and comes back in some form or the other for sure instantly or lately.
    My home town is Haridwar and when ever I visit I see various rituals being performed endlessly round the year by people.
    Would appreciate if the right way to do all these is apprised. Regards

  9. Wow … such incredible information. I also believe that Ayurveda is the answer to all the diseases that are said incurable in convention medical science. Such deep understanding of autoimmunune diseases. I am amazed. May I know the scripture which talks about it as I am interested to know about other autoimmune disorders and other so called incurable diseases. Thanks a lot sir! Pranam 🙏

  10. Thank you for highlighting the problem with accepting gifts. Your words and posts always bring out the sun, no matter where he is hiding on some days.
    Yes, have had experiences of landing in a holy city and promptly falling mysteriously sick, scammed by pandits, losing items. I once lost 12.5K just like that. I have no idea and never found out where or how it disappeared. As you say, it’s probably the universe’s way of balancing equations for past and future.
    Long back you had taught a technique whereby specific planet placements give unearned wealth of that planet signification. I’m trying to apply that technique with this one. Sun 12th I found one chart where person is continuously climbing the exec ladder to the utter horror of her colleagues. If someone keeps getting unasked gifts/unearned positions etc due to such placements, is it ok to accept or better to reject it? Thanks.

  11. Hello Deepanshu Sir,

    Humble request if you can please let me know what should be donated and where if you have issues regarding your relationship with your children.🙏 I am in USA so can’t go to any holy place here to donate

  12. Shivangi sharma

    Namaste sir,

    Thank you for this post. Having read through it I also filled the Ayurvedic consultation form. Awaiting response regarding the same.


  13. Aashish Siingh

    if you get gifts apart from given cities from ur dear female friends then what should be done coz sometimes it sounds rude not to take them..and if you accept those gifts by mistake then how to nullify the negative effects ?

  14. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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