Memories of Past Life

In the Happiness series of Predictive Astrology course, we are learning the planetary pattern and reason behind those specific patterns so this will be the appropriate time to understand the divisional charts as well. Certain divisional charts are specifically used to see what we have carried over from past lives and this includes both good and bad deeds. These charts help to understand the patterns of our life and where we need to do the correction.

Let us start today with one of the simplest techniques -Memories of Past life- As we know in the row of 27 nakshatras Mercury gets the lordship of the last nakshatra but there is a reason for this lordship. Mercury stores all the information and impression of our past life and help us to recollect and memories those events when Dasha occurs. That is why in Dasha of Mercury the native will pursue their hobbies or start learning something new which they have never been done before like learning Dancing, astrology, singing. This is all because of past life impressions. Hobbies of one life carried into the next life. Earlier also I wrote an article explaining why Dasha of Mercury can be the most Karmic oneKARMIC DASA.

Mercury gives us imagination and makes us feel the bliss of the universe
while reading, dancing, singing, and listening to divine rhythm of Music

So now it will be easier for you to understand why Mercury in Debilitation is a curse because the person forgets the knowledge of several past lives. The knowledge which one acquired in the past life is now faded but the problem gets severe when houses of Mercury also get into affliction. Then you can definitely say that native will have to start from scratch and require a Guru to help him regain his past life talents. As it is a necessary prerequisite for the next degree of consciousness.

There are certain things which one can learn and get expertise in that like Singing, Music, Jyotish. Anyone can study them but some people have an inborn talent, the gift they are getting from their past life. These people have mercury placed in a good position in their charts.

Every one of us had some special expertise in a past life which we are carrying along in this life. Mercury which is assigned with the last nakshatra does this job of tagging all the memories. That is why Dasha of Mercury becomes the most karmic one as all the talents, Memories of past life start to come into play.

People born with good Mercury are blessed ones as they are fast to recollect past life skills such as singing, acting, performing comedy, astrology, etc all these skills come naturally to them.

Mercury is also called \’Abhagya\’ which means misfortune. The reason behind this is that all the skills will come from practice rather than the Bhagya(luck). As I told earlier also that Mercury\’s debilitation and affliction to the houses of Mercury, shows native will obliterate the talent which he has acquired in a past life and When mercury is in deep debilitation native requires the aid of Guru and Pitris to make him remember some portion of his talent. This all will happen by either a blessing of pitris or curse depending on combinations in Pisces as this can be a good combo as well.


Ardhnarishwar shows balance of energy in the Universe
Only when we are balanced we can absorb the energy and bliss of nature.


When Virgo is afflicted it shows native will have talent but will not be able to execute plans and will not be able to make living out of it. Native has to work under less talented people but other people who will follow his ideas will make money and get prosper.

Look at the placement of Mercury and Mercurian houses in your chart to see what talent or memories you have carried over from the past- Sometimes memories are so painful that the behavior of the native will be guarded by those past-life impressions. Such as Gemini\’s 7th house Mercury afflicted, the Native will have severe troubles with the friends/Siblings. Problem regarding interaction with a partner of native will get emerge as his past life memory trace has friends creating trouble in married life.

For example, Taurus Ascendant- Mercury in Pisces in deep debilitation with Gemini afflicted. This native has trouble spending and sharing money on family and the reason is deep down he knows that this family of past life has taken his money and will not spend money on them.

This is only a glimpse of Memory of past life as it runs down several divisional charts in and with Dasha of Bhrigu we will come to know several more layers to predict what memories native carry over from past life

Let us see a few examples-



This is a chart of Prince Harry- Let us see -how Mercury has shaped his thinking pattern of life- As Mercury rules our subconscious brain and shapes up our insecurities.

The curse of 9th house Mercury as we studied was –
1) Native starts a new culture or religion to end the hypocrisy of several well-established institutes -Well that has clearly been the case with Prince Harry as he decided to give up monarch status due to laws and restrictions he was facing.
2) 9th Mercury should be very careful with the Money as eventually he will lose the money as the goal is for the greater good of society and in the process of being a leader native forgets about the monetary details – He gave up royal status and perks associated with it without thinking about money matters.

All these changes started happening when he brought Shukra into his life as Virgo is afflicted with debilitated Venus- See the insecurity is completely due to Venus as Venus is in debilitation and very close to debility point in the chart – Venus in 10th house hardly gets respect as native has to either ask for charity or work for charitable organizations to get money or be dependent on others for this as Venus in 10th has lost digbal so the directive force will come from wife now and she will take the charge.

The native will get really troubled at any point of time when any trouble to female will happen and as a result, the biggest royal family drama is in front of us as he has carried over that insecurity of past life in this life with Venus and any time someone will come with a practical solution related to females- the native will never be able to listen as he will consider everyone as his enemy while missing the ground reality as there is an aspect of Rahu on Debilitated Venus making the conditions worse.

Once you get the hold of this technique – we will discuss the divisional charts showing how past life mistakes, blessings, and talents get carried over in this life.

49 thoughts on “Memories of Past Life”

    1. Kuchimanchi padmaja

      Iam Scorpio ascendant n having mercury with ketu in 11th house (vuttara phalguni3 ,chitta2)..Iam not doing any job. I forgot totally what talant I have in past life..I some times feel that I have no talant at all…

      1. I have mercury with ketu in 1st house (mercury in Moola naksathra 4 pada ketu in Moola naksathra 1 pada) I don’t have any job. Any one give me suggestions

      2. Jayant D Giri

        Try praying to Lord Vishnu or recite Vishnu sahastranam every wednesday. Donate whole green moong daal on wednesdays to some needy person. Ketu in 11 will keeps you away from friends or social interactions. Mercury’s gemini sign is in 8 placed in 11 shows gains from insurance, inheritance, occult studies etc,

  1. Again a fantastic job done. Thankyou sir. My md of murcery starts from Oct 2020 and I start learning and reading astrolgy . As my gemini in 8th house with moon . Mer. In lagna . Before md was shani i was doing vastu and vastu map drafting

  2. I have atma karak Venus in 10th house(uttar phal nakshatra{leo sign}) for scorpio ascendant and Sun, also combust mercury in 9th house in cancer

    And Moon(Kritika 3rd pada) and mars in 7th house tauras sign, so does it mean I will also loose all my money and status after marriage and would I also be divorced pls tell, cause i am about to get married in 6 months

    1. Dipurani bedge

      Check your virgo and what planet is there in it .are u running mercury dasha or is it getting activated in pari paddati .mars in Taurus with moon .did u fight with your wife’s family for resources or did ur father fought over food in some marriage funcyio??

  3. Aashish raj

    I am a leo ascendent born with merucury in poSha nakshatra , venus and Jupiter In moola nakshatra.
    I have only one graha , ketu in mercury nakshatra, jayestha (4th house with moon).

    During mercury mahadhasa I developed love for photography. Especially photography of nature, I
    am now in venus mahadhasa and still love photography.

  4. Mohit Chaturvedi

    Great analysis sir… your insight truly amazes me..please guide us further..regards

  5. Aashish raj

    I am a leo ascendent born with merucury in poSha nakshatra , venus and Jupiter In moola nakshatra.
    I have only one graha , ketu in mercury nakshatra, jayestha (4th house with moon).

    During mercury mahadhasa I developed love for photography. Especially photography of nature, I
    am now in venus mahadhasa and still love photography.

  6. Shweta Sharma

    Mercury I Vishakha I always think in order to achieve anything I have to be isolated and quite. It’s in second house so I like family gatherings to be of short period only. I fear If I don’t work in isolation I won’t be able to achieve anything in life.

  7. Tathagat Behera

    Thank you Deepanshu sir for your guidance.mercury as 8th and 11th house lord sitting in lagna.I think i have deep thought towards astrology.

  8. Dr Tejaswini Malasane

    Sir aapke Charan sparsh…past life mistakes Crack kar diye toh insaan sahi raste pe aa jaye… what does venus represent in female chart specially with your reference to wife in male chart…what if same placement is there in female chart. Just a request to tell this in bracket everytime you consider example chart as male chart.

  9. Very nicely explained Deepanshu Ji ??
    Now I understand why I started learning astrology this year though I had the interest for the same since childhood (Saturn’s age)

    My family were non believers of astrology
    With time I was also like my family with no belief in astrology, more so because none of the predictions came true for me. (Till date it’s mostly true)
    Then after facing few setbacks in life I again got inclined towards astrology but more like a follower & believed in superstition.

    With age (mid 30s) I started learning Vedic astrology (this year) in my Venus-Moon-Mercury dasha- 8th house-Scorpio with Saturn Ketu conjunction in Vishakha Nakshatra

    Thank you ?? for useful & informative posts which help us understand the reasons of particular events in life

  10. Extraordinary sir. Am same ascendent and Venus is debilitated am lost my job and now dependent on my wife. Any solution for this sir?

  11. Archana mankotia

    ???? ???? ?? ????? ,??? 5,8 ?? ?????? ?? ?? 7 ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ????? 6 ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? 38 ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??
    ??????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??

  12. Parnaam sir ji ? great u are
    cancer acendant Jupiter in 1st house murcurry in 9th house leav my 14 years old running shop now studdy astrology only through ur youtube chenal or some chenals not yet joi any cours murcurry in house 3rd or 12th is also pending for karma regarding the murcurry in house plz sir if possible help me out
    My dob is 8/3/1979
    time is 13:35
    place siliguri westbengal india ?

  13. I have Mercury in Pisces conjunct venus 2nd house. I have worked under stupid bosses and give good advise to others who may become successful but I am unable to apply the same to get results. I am not so mad about it because venus is exalted conjunct Mercury so maybe thats why I feel self sufficient. I have issues with making money because nothing works. Only GOD will help. Thankyou for this info

  14. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Once again you shared a nice article on past life Deepanshu ji.

    I think you discussed about Mercury in Revati star and in Pisces.

    Generally meditators once entered into deeper states can recollect their past lives, talents, where they stopped learning, sadhana, past life Gurus and also soulmates. To removes sorrows some are using past life regression therapy or these sorrows, pains etc will be healed due to healing methods.

    These past life memories may be related to education, marriage, business, job, profession etc. The confusion in the minds of the people is how to heal? how to overcome hidden pains or viyoga? when and how the soulmates will be reunited? How they have to overcome hurdles, curses, viyoga? If they are unable to reunite even after knowing as both are soulmates, what remedies are available? If they know clearly marital relations will be clear.

    I think to overcome hurdles reciting Sri Dakshinamurthy stotra, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama stotra, Sri Hayagriva stotra, or Aim beeja, Sri Subramamya Bhujanga stotra and visiting spiritually significant temples or places, practicing pranayama to activate medulla may be useful. The dilemma is how to know the exact remedy?

    So collecting past life memories is one part and another is how to root out hurdles and causes etc. is another part.

    The most horrible part is recollecting past life memories relating to soulmate, how to root out hurdles to reunite in this birth? If they are separated now,then the vow before Agni as they will live together for seven births will have no meaning.

    If the soulmates want to continue their marital relations for births together, what they have to do? If they are disconnected what are the remedies to reunite? Specially sadhaks those who recollected their past life memories have such dilemma because past and present life conditions are different.

    Sadhaks need more clarity on it.

    You touched a nice topic Deepanshu ji. Kudos to you.

    1. jagdeeshwar ji dont even try to re-unite in this birth…not as friends not as anything. Its a difficult road which leads to nothing. One of them is always trying hard but another one ruins it all. Take my word. Just get away from it all and save yourself a lot of drama and emotional turmoil. Let the past life memories be and move on. Unless both of them are on the same page, it leads to nothing. Its a connection of the brave hearted, not the meek ones…kehte hain na jigra chahiye sher ka…darne walo se na ho payega?

  15. Anindya Saha

    I just want to say I am feeling a vibes in this beutiful article…….Am I right or wrong !!…..Where am I going …..!!!


    Thank you for sharing this. Mercury with Venus and Mars in Pisces (11th house).Running under Jupiter Mahadasha and I very well remember that I started learning Bharatnatyam dance
    during Mercury antardasha.

  17. Aneeta Mehra

    Deepanshu sir your articles are like pebbles in still water, which force us to probe deep down inside, waves of thoughts start coming in . Thank you so much for this. Keep guiding us

  18. Thank you sir for your insights. Want to share that I am running mahadasha of Merc. Since 2006. During Merc venue dasha I happened to join a painting class and for my astonishment and that of the teacher’s too I started painting as if I already knew the skill. It has become my passion now and a way to meditate.
    My Merc is in Anuradha nakshatra with Sun in first House of Scorpio. Venus with moon in Libra in 13 the House.
    Thank you Sir this article of yours solved the mystery for me. ??

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  20. I think I often dream about my past life… I think it’s just impossible that every of my dream is built from nothing or just my creativity.

    It’s very interesting the intertwining of past lives with present ones, who knows how to discover better the truth…

    Thank you for the article, I loved it.

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