Temples and Purification of Soul- Kashi Vishwanath- Part-1

\”I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God\”

Yes, that\’s so true and our ancestors were very well aware of the fact that Ishwar lies everywhere but still, they built several beautiful temples across the country and their Vastu and construction is a miracle and example of the sheer brilliance of knowledge of human endeavors. One of the main purposes of building temples was that when people visit these temples their dosh related to certain planets will get removed. Our sages not only kept the deity in mind but also the geographical importance to balance the body doshas of natives.

A lot of remedial measures suggest visiting various temples to balance the various ailments in the chart due to the vibration of higher energy sources in the temple -As the Garbh grah of the temple is completely dark without lights and there is no ventilation as well so by continuous rhyming and chants the energy which has been built over several thousand years helps natives overcome the doshas which exist in the chart.

Visiting Temples in the right manner can open gates of heaven for you
Forget about chart only- The condition is you do it with faith
A karmic outburst happens in Jyotirlinga

There are certain temples when we visit them, certain incidents start happening with us and these are not normal but are very karmic. Let me take the example of Kashi Vishwanath. This is a temple which marks the beginning of human civilization and is represented by the sign of Sagittarius- Jeev -So at any point of time you have problems to your origin, kids, health and for higher knowledge native should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple but let us suppose some has afflicted sign of Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in it -As Sagittarius is also a sign of war where you have to fight for principles and defend the religion by sacrificing yourself as look at the people who are represented by Sagittarius- Guru and father and both of them sacrifice lot of things for their coming generation. Affliction to this sign with malefic like Mars and Rahu shows native had died defending something in a past life and had physical injuries and that is why in this life as well you will see the physical damage will also come.

In this life also you will see wherever the Sagittarius sign is in the native’s chart he has to sacrifice a lot in that house and the same patterns start repeating.

So whenever this native will start his journey towards the Kashi, obstacles will start coming in as he is moving towards the power source of Sagittarius- like physical fights or accidents will be visible or health going down but native should not back down by these obstacles. Secondly whenever you plan a trip for visiting any religious place, Please make sure you maintain your food discipline and during the journey keep your mind in prayers as every step you will move towards the temple, takes away negative karma.

A saint use to say every step you take to go to the ashram of Guru takes away a lot of bad karma from your life so make sure you behave like you are on a spiritual journey rather than placing ear pods and listening to some random music.

This is where everything started- this is where everything will end.
It is only the Shiv who can accept Veerbhadra and make him guilt and sin-free
How can he deny anyone of us-Have faith and bow down in front of Mahakaal?
He is the one who accepts everyone who is not fitted in the normal world of human
The Greatness of Shiv cannot be explained, cannot be written, cannot be described.

Only notice the event which happens to you during the visit and see how it correlates with your chart. Once you reach the temple always sit for some time in and around the temple area, do not eat any tamasic or rajasic food. If possible keep fast on that day you will realize after darshan certain things will happen in life which no one can explain and how different karmic knots start getting opened up with the blessings of Mahakaal. Bhagwan Shiv allows you to clear your debts of past life. As Sagittarius is also a sign of Jeev and malefic shows killing of Jeev in the past life and it is only the land of Kashi where Veerbhadra got free from the curse of killing and got Moksh. The affliction of Sagittarius is not a good indication in the chart. For Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus this sign is naturally in 6/8/12 from Lagna. For all of these ascendants visiting Kashi and stories will be a more prominent one.

The location of the temple is in the center of India. The temperature never goes extremely cold or extremely hot in this region as Jeev has to survive. This also shows this is the place that balances the Vat/Pit/Kaph in the body and any ailment your body is suffering. Even when people are not getting enough support from seniors and fathers they should visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

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  1. Sir Sagitarius lagn .lagn me ketudev virajman shanidev ki tesri drishi.guru dwadash bhaw me pap kartari me fanse hue hai.kya Mai v kashivishwanath jakar curse se mukti milegi please suggest.

    1. Sir my son d.o.b 02/09/2019 Sagittarius lagan shani ketu in lagan kya hame family ke sath kon se lord Shiva ke temple me Jana better rahega bete ke liye pl.give me guidelines.


      R/Sir I am Virgo Ascendant and Ketu in 4th House with Moon in Saggitarous Sign , Saturn (R) in 5th House, Jupiter (R) in Pisces , should I go to Kashi Vishavanatha Temple for Purification of soul as my Saggitarous is afflicted

    3. Rajesh Wadhwa

      sir I am cancer ascendant i have Rahu in 9th house in Pisces sign( Jupiter another sign) , i this applicable on me, no job from last 5 years for me , children are struggling in their life. 19 Aug 1968,- 4.45 Morning, Delhi

    1. hitesh israni

      thank you so much sir for writing such wonderful post. being your followers or students most us got the typo capricon instead of scorpio

    2. Forgive me if I am wrong Parth ji but I think Deepanshu Sir is saying that from Sagittarius lagna, Taurus is 6th, Cancer is 8th and Scorpio is 12th.
      Where would Capricorn come?

      1. Read, Cancer Asc, Sagittarius is 6th House, like wise other signs. Taurus Asc, Sagg falls in 8th house.

    3. For Sagittarius lagana
      Taurus is in 6th house
      Cancer sign is in 8th and scorpio is in 12 th house.

      1. @Niharika Ji
        I agree with Parth Ji because here the main sign that is being talked about is Sagittarius not cancer/taurus/scorpio. Therefore, having Sagittarius in 6/8/12, affliction, for Cancer/Taurus and Capricorn ascendant respectively would result in killing jeev which is represented by sign of Sagittarius .

    1. Whenever i read your article it always comes with special feeling like I’m in conversation with you and guiding me. Also i love to read articles cause those are very lively, filled of emotions and alot more dedication.
      I just have word for you ,

      1. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

        We went to kashi in 2019
        Before going to kashi my husband got news that his brother passed away.

  2. Tathagat Behera

    Jai Baba mahakaal ?. Prabhu Shiv sambho sabke bhala kare.A very good lesson on mahadev Deepanshu sir.Thank a lot.please say about visiting mahakaleswar jyotirling ujjain.Because i consulted in lunar astro and they advice me about that.Please say stories related to Baba mahakaal.

    1. I visited Kashi Vishwanath temple for the first time and I was 2 months pregnant. My first baby-daughter.

  3. Rini Lalpotu

    I’m a Virgo Ascendant with Rahu in Sagittarius (4th house). What a coincidence or sign this blog post is as I was speaking to my mother today morning about my connection/attachment to animals and drive to work for animal welfare and I intuitively said I might have harmed them in past life so god is making me work for and in their service and now I come across this post! My mind is completely blown!

  4. But sir scorpio me toh ye singh 2nd house ko dinote karta hai . And mangal shani or venus place here and Jupiter in 8th house see all these planets . Toh kiya miuje bhi kashi jana chahiye for prathna . I like this article little bit confusing so I asked this question

  5. B Hari krishna

    Sir!! I have Mars, Rahu, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in sagittarius, 2nd house. I am very much scared after reading the article, should I also visit Kashi!! As 2nd house represents family, my family life is worst that I always work at foreign lands and also not a permanent one.

  6. Akash Singh

    ?, if any one suffering from any illness must perform Rudra Abhishek in Kashi Vishwanath temple in or in premises, will give tremendous improvement.

  7. Gratitude, you get my eyes open,in my birth chart Mars is in saggiterious,I decided that I will go lord shiva’s temple but suddenly I became sick,now I can relate with this, thank you sir.

  8. Amlendu Prakash

    Pranam guru Dev as you suggested me
    Almost every month I visit Sri kashi Vishwanath temple
    I am blessed you are my guru

  9. Deepak Thakkar

    sir ur genius. how can I contact you.
    I am writing this many time.
    please do the needful

  10. Farlan Khadafie

    Sir, maybe you mean cancer, taurus and capricorn lagna for sagitarius lies in 6/8/12 ? thankyou for this post btw

  11. Sir, my life has changed after I visited Jyotirlinga in Deoghar (Jharkhand). So far am blessed to visit 11 Jyotirlingas. I still remember my Kaaahi visit and the arguments I had which made me to cry but I didn’t stop and moved on with my plans. Awesome article! Thank you!

  12. reetak02@yahoo.com

    Sir, my life has changed after I visited Jyotirlinga in Deoghar (Jharkhand). So far am blessed to visit 11 Jyotirlingas. I still remember my Kashi visit and the arguments I had which made me to cry but I didn’t stop and moved on with my plans. Awesome article! Thank you!

  13. Namaskar Sir. We visited Kashi Vishwanath on Sunday after a sudden urge in my mind to visit there while doing morning meditation. My Sagittarius in 6 th house , three other visitors hav one in lagna, one in 7 th house n one in second house. During visit we discussed relationship issues.Humble regards

  14. Debalina Kundu

    Mars in mula in 7th…patterns of separation repeating..first for parents, then for me…how do I get solace?

  15. Venus and sun in sagittarious 7th house for gemini ascendant. Sun in moola nakshatra and venus in purvashada. Is there any affliction sir?

  16. Thank you soo much sir ??.. pls never stop spreading gyan , these few lines can change some one’s life ? . Jai Shri ram!


    Sir Wonderful and Divine article
    Very nice to know all about curse in Saggitarous Sign. Thanks

  18. I have libra ascendant. Saturn is in the 3rd house in Sagittarius, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra- Pada 2. What is Jeef?

  19. Thank u very much … I just wonder that we are just like a tiny dust on this earth, yet so strongly influenced by our past karma and so precise planetary vibrations.

  20. Reema Mehrotra

    Yesterday only was seeing a chart native not having child Mars and Saturn in sag leo lagna and today u bestowed this knowledge ??

  21. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Nice Deepanshu ji for touching such a subtlest topic. Even to have darshan of our own Atman, we must take steps to root out all of our bad karmas surrounding it.

    I personally visited Kashi in 2012 to immerse ashes of my eldest sister during Sankranthi and in 2017 to immerse the ashes of my eldest brother. Both times after taking bath at Triveni sangam at Prayag and came back some unknown Agoras blessed me on the banks of Ganga.

    Hundreds of people from Telugu States are visiting every year and some times, some people are spending 9 days there. I too experienced some subtle changes in my life after 2017 ie in 2018. On 18-11-2019 I had physical darshan of Lord Siva at Kapilatheerdam, Tirupati around 8-30am.

    While visiting such spiritual places what one has to do there? to get rid of their curses, doshas, negative results of afflictions, debilitations, planets in dustanas or inauspicious places etc. has to be known to the people clearly.

    You may ask the people to share the info about such spiritually important places across the country. In South India some temples are reputed to perform Narayanabali.

    In Andhra also many spiritually powerful temples are situated in remote villages. Proper data is not available.

    People have to know the link between visiting temples and cleaning of karmas or curses or doshas in their horoscopes.

    You are requested to focus attention on remedies also. Remedies are important after prediction. In two months Mahalaya paksha ( bhadrapada Amavasya ) will be commenced. So, what people have to do? What remedies to please their ancestors? Please enlighten us.

    Wish God bless us all.

    1. Namrata Sampat

      Thank you so much sir my husband segettrious lagna we r in big trouble right now thank you for showing a path following your vedios n all I wish to learn from you. Thank you sir????

    2. Hi, you can check this amazing website: https://varanasitemples.in/
      On the right hand side you will get to know the temples information. In this site they have provided info on which temple to visit for which purpose and doshas.

      I think Deepanshu Sir is already giving us already giving us lot of remedies. Before expecting everything from one person, we also need to do our homework. I hope the above information will help you and your family.

  22. Sir I had visited some prominent ancient temples in South india. Upon return had fallen horribly sick. Can you shed light on the reason of this. Or should it be taken as coincidence

  23. Thank you so much Deepanshu Ji ? for explaining about Sagittarius and the importance of Kaashi Vishvanath temple ?

    Saturn is placed in my 7th house in the Sagittarius sign.

  24. Thank you for the knowledge sir.
    Pashupatinath temple in Nepal is very similar to Kashi in many ways. The structure of building near the bank , environment and vibes are similar to it. Although it is a ghat but the energy is very balanced there. Like Kashi , pashupatinath temple is also regarded as the starting of Bagmati civilization.

  25. Sir daughter has cancer laguna her Dob is 10/10/2010 Rahu in saggittrius
    I want do the remedies to her chart
    Can get consultancy with u

  26. IHi
    I am listening all ur videos nd other astrolagy
    article s they r very very accurate nd truth ful
    I am glad to comment


  27. sir i like you articles and videoes I have a question You always say donate on these days its good and you have these things in your chart than donate sweet or this on your chart then donate these things I feel that God has given so much to me so i should help people whatever way i can now at this point some times doubt comes in mind that i should have distributed samosa instead of sweet or due to pandemic i gave ration to few families Now i feel whether should i wait for proper day to donate or should i give only these things only
    IT will be great help if you guide me how should i help people .
    my birthdate is 16 october 72 time is 14:53 place of birth bikaner Rajasthan

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  29. Meenakshi Surendar

    Your article has brought forth a beautiful experience I had in 2019 when I visited Kedarnath, one which creates a tingling sensation all over me just by recollecting it. My parents, my husband and myself planned a trip to Kedarnath, Badrinath and Gangotri along with Haridwar and Rishikesh in June 2019. We started planning in April itself and made all reservations but to my utmost disappointment my husband was not given leave by his office due to some unavoidable circumstances. I was dejected and my father was crestfallen as he tried earlier twice but had to cancel his trip in 2011 and 2013. My husband said “if you can manage (we r from south India) then I insist you take your parents.” Though I felt bad I decided to take them.

    I still remember the day we visited the temple. There wasn’t much of crowd by the time we entered Garba Griha. The priest asked us to pour honey, ghee etc., on Shiv Linda. I wanted to kneel and bow but the area around was very slippery so I thought its better to avoid. But some how the priest insisted I bow and make a Pranaam. Then I thought ok let me try (I have knee problems) . I just tried to bend carefully but still I slipped with knee hitting the ground and my hand and forehead falling on the Linga..and that’s when I heard something in ear .. “Your curse has been removed.” I was stunned but I quickly got up and came out. And though I fell hard on my knee the pain was very negligible.

    I just want to thank you for the article you have written as I need this to remind me that I have not been imagining things all these years.

    Love & Regards

  30. My visit to kashi is full of miracles. I wonder why.. A year Later i find myself travelling to kailash which was even more miraculous

  31. Thanks Guruji for solution of 6/8/12 , more solution & prediction awaited.
    I am having mithun lagna, moon in 6th house 7th rahu, 8th Jupiter.
    Married life full spoiled, earning stopped,
    My mind is saying continuously to drop grahstashram, take shelter at any moksh pilgrimage.

  32. Its the effect of lord’s blessing only that a seeker meet enlighted soul like you. Grattitude! ?

  33. Today visited the kashi vishwnath mandir and have divine blessings of baba vishwanath ,have Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in 7 th house so before coming here ,2 time cancelled the tickets,got sick in train itself,fight with copassenger in train,still ate only satvik food,felt lots of vibration and read this article only 2 days before.
    Thank you Deepanshu Giri for guidance and imparting knowledge🕉🙏🏻

  34. Today visited the kashi vishwnath mandir and have divine blessings of baba vishwanath ,have Sagittarius with Mars and Rahu in 7 th house so before coming here ,2 time cancelled the tickets,got sick in train itself,fight with copassenger in train,still ate only satvik food,felt lots of vibration and read this article only 2 days before.
    Thank you Deepanshu Giri for guidance and imparting knowledge🕉🙏🏻

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