Vish Yog & Servant of Past Life

As I have said several times the work of an astrologer is far greater than only predicting the future of any dasa or combination in a chart- Till now every classic book praised the good effects of Gaj Kesari Yog but my question was how this yog will get manifested in real life and what will be the results of this yog.

then were questions such as –
1) Will a debilitated Moon or Jupiter will cancel this yog?
2) If the Yog bhang is happening then also what are the results as irrespective of the debilitation -a Planet has to give results.

After a lot of observation -The conclusion was no yog gets canceled -good or bad only manifestation differs in any chart- The yog is not for money until and unless the money houses are involved and this is what we need to understand- Nowadays when scale to measure happiness and status is Money, not the knowledge, patience, inner values, we as humans tend to bring money as a resultant of every yog, While this is not true – Money yogas are clearly made from 2nd and 11th house and lords and they will govern money matters only if malefic are involved – For example -Jupiter forming a yog of 2nd lord in 11th house – it can donate respect, family, education but not money- Venus/Mercury denotes money- Malefic gets money by questionable means. READ- Jupiter Moon Yogas

We need to clearly define portfolios of the different planets to understand the yog- Such as Rahu in 5th house is brilliant for education but bad for fame and position and native should do remedy accordingly without disturbing the brilliance of Rahu in 5th otherwise remedy will back fire-That is why remedy done here belongs to stones.

Some of the planets are prominently dominating in charts and holds the key to open the chart -Such as Kaal-Sarp yog charts -the key lies in hands of Rahu and Ketu and until and unless we solve the karma of these two planets – no other remedy works.

As we churn the ocean of knowledge and think deeply about our actions in silence,
Depth of Jyotish starts to appear -more we go deep-more gems will come out

We get different planets in different houses due to a particular reason – There is a story behind it and until and unless we synchronize our actions with that planet – we tend to understand ourselves more and how this universe is working in sync with our chart- How we get some people around us to make sure we taste the fruits of different yogas- Everything seems working like a magic- Like last class, we discussed why native get Sun in 4th house in and when students come up with results- The stories and how it gets manifested in any chart is brilliance at best.


The pending Karam of Surya in 4th house when native understood -the peace will automatically come as now native have understood why it was happening with him and where the corrective action has to be taken.

Let us Start with Yogas of Moon -The yogas of Moon start building with your thought process- As work of Moon is to inspire and give motivation- A thought process to progress in life and when this is afflicted the flow of our life is afflicted -As a person who can\’t think in a straight manner will not be able to shape up his life properly. As our inner castles build outer kingdoms and your inner castle depends on Moon -Combination, Conjunction, and placement.

Moon has given so much importance as due to the strength of Moon only – yogas will get manifested as only your thoughts can give you happiness and make your life beautiful and that is why all the other yogas are secondary to Yogas of Luminaries. Such as Ruchak Yog or Shasha yog have their importance for various reasons and we will talk about them in detail in upcoming articles but none other than yogas of Luminaries is more important – That is why I ask people to donate on Poornima, Amavas, and Sakranti to get happiness in their life.

As a Happy brain will achieve more than anyone else – A native who is inspired, motivated can learn new things and stay happy in their own world by paying gratitude towards the universe for this wonderful gift of life.

Let us come to our topic of Vish yog- This gets formed by the combination of Saturn and Moon in a birth chart and the dictum says as an effect native will be an ordinary person and you will find so many natives with this combination but what my interest was to find out why a person will get such a combination and reason for statement and further you analyze this -you will realize that this yog native gets only if native was selfish in a previous life and as the house changes the curse will be different – Such as this combination happening in the sign of Libra and most of the students ask that now the Saturn is exalted so Vish yog should not be there but as I said earlier- All yog only gets modifications, not a cancellation.

The curse native carries with Saturn Moon in Libra is selfishness while helping our community- for example when Jupiter in Libra will help anyone- Native will not even mention his name but Saturn in Libra make sure he gets some fame or recognition for this deed.
In one of the texts I remember the native cannot even enjoy during the sexual pleasure and is more inclined towards partner needs and moreover like a servant during the process to perform So for this native even pleasure is like doing some kind of work- During my readings with some of the close friends- They admitted that its moreover like a pressure to perform and exactly like serving rather than enjoyment – See the effect -Saturn (servant) Libra ( Union) – As this is a curse of paying for sex in a past life and treating human as a commodity and in this life also same mistakes are being repeated from this native as native feels it is better to have paid relationship where I don\’t have to work for the partner\’s need.

As we become servants of our desires – only the name of Lord Vishnu can give us peace
Chanting Gajendra Moksh- every morning helps us watch our actions.

The beauty of knowing the reason in Jyotish and manifestation is the real truth of life and the real purpose of Jyotish to improve life- As that is why it is said this is a knowledge for brave people as only brave people can bring change in themselves.

The same curse will get manifested differently in any other sign and the more we know the minor details for the manifestation -the better we can predict.

Saturn Moon yogas gets manifested with the person being a servant of the signification that house is representing and its a mental boundary a person carries with him as pressure on head as Moon is head- Saturn is Pressure -So when it comes to performing a simple task related to a signification of a particular house native takes a lot of pressure based on the combinations of Sign, planets, and house you can always make a beautiful and very effective remedy for this.

Look at the feedback after the lecture of Sun -when we discussed in all 12 houses in our new Predictive Astrology Course




53 thoughts on “Vish Yog & Servant of Past Life”

    1. Saturn moon combination in 2 nd house scorpio sign..coconut oil massage remedy of deepanshu sir .works amazingly..just wondering to get another beautiful remedy if they are present along with sun venus and mercury..thanks

    1. Shobha Rajpurohit

      Om guruve namah
      My son has Sat moon ketu conjunction in 1 house
      Leo ascendant
      Slow writer
      Sir pls suggest remedy

      1. AMIT MISHRA

        Good morning Sir,
        Another great contribution of yours… Just one question Sir can we apply the same on Navamansha chart or the same is applicable only on Lagna Chart
        Amit Mishra

  1. Seriously sir ?
    My old client who is undergoing through fight with foreign government.. lot many land issues.. problem with employees… their karma I could tell them few days back only!
    He had Mars sun ju Rahu connection in Virgo.
    As they were my old clients, may be my past life Karma or punya and many blessings of all around me must have brought them having trust in me.
    But after listening to Mars in Virgo..I could guide them properly.
    I am waiting for the link for the lectures.
    Thank you for being their as a teacher as well as a motherly fig.. Quite nurturing you are!
    Just Wishing it will be in the evening time ?

    1. Jigar Pithadiya

      Makar lagan shani chandra 1 house…. Sade sati chal rahi he please koi upay batao bahut hi pareshan hu

  2. Predictions are becoming easier with genuine clients sun in Virgo sun in Aquarius Navansh..
    Started falling in love with Astrology..
    I have been trying to get along with it also sometimes trying to run away from it.. Finally accepting .. surrendering.
    Thank you once again sir

  3. Sir I know a native with saturn and moon combination in 8th house of saggitarious navansh tauras ascendent what could be the result

  4. Jyotirmayee mishra

    Sir vish yog is happend in trikon house’s then what is the result, plz make a detailed vedio on this it’s a request ?

  5. Shivam Mishra

    Bang on sir
    I knew someone has saturn and moon in 7th

    Person prefer to have paid sex rather than go after someone for long

    Thank you sir
    I’m learning


    Sir, my son has Rahu in 5th house Aries in natal chart. but Kalsarp yog. what is the remedy. is there any video on this matter ? Please.

  7. Bharathi Ravi

    Sir, my daughter lagna, Libra she is having Rahu and Sun in lagna , sanni in kumba, Mars and Venus in second place, any remedies pls

  8. Sir Thanks for the interesting read. Your videos are always useful. I have a question, do you consider two planets in same house a conjunction even if the planets has difference of say 20 degrees?

  9. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Nice article, Deepanshu ji. In your previous articles also you suggested the importance of strong Sun and Moon in a person’s horoscope.
    One of the remedy suggested by you is donating on Purnima, Amavasya, Ravi sankramana days.

    So a student has to know how to strengthen Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury to get positive results? How to reduce negative results of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu.
    The remedies have to be commenced since childhood of a child. This should be continuous process.

    So far you suggested remedies like reciting Hanuman Chalisa, gajendra moksha, Worshipping Narasimha etc.

    Some scholars say, reciting Subramamya bhujanga stothra will ward off Naga doshas, ancestral bad karmas, hereditary doshas etc.

    So the people have to know the impact of curses on their education .. 4th house, marriage and family life .. 2nd and 7th house, business, profession, job or seva ..9, 10th and 11th houses, health and longevity .. 8th house, mangalya sthana for females ( impact relating to 2, 7, 8 houses) and remedial measures to ward off evil influences.

    Another is how to commence important works at an auspicious time is also has to be known to reduce negative influences and to get the best results. One can reduce bad karmas by commencing in an auspicious time. Then time has to be spend to root out bad karmas of past lives which are influencing present life.

    Once a sufferer is aware of these in advance and implemented them there will be a lot of peace in the society also.

    A very few Astrologers like you are capable to guide all. Role of an enlightened Astrologer is more in shaping the society, Deepanshu ji.

    Wish millions will be blessed by your knowledge, videos, articles now and in future also.

    Wish God bless us and show the way to have Atmajnana.

  10. Debalina Kundu

    Moon in rohini in 12th and sat in anuradha in 6th.I think this qualifies vish yog too as sat and moon have mutual aspects.Overthinking is my problem.Also I am afraid of my intuition,it is 99% true in case of negative hapennings.

  11. “The beauty of knowing the reason in Jyotish…” I took a screenshot of this para and saved it in my phone. This is exactly what I think about Jyotish. Thank you so much for enlightening us. ?

  12. What is the karmic reason for Sun in the 4th house? Can anyone share some of the ways it has manifested for them?

  13. Namaskar ?? Your articles are quite insightful and helps us learn those precious nuggets of gold! Grateful for your insights.

    What you’ve shown here is for Saturn moon in libra so significations related to 7th house are manifested. I have Saturn 7° 20’ moon 7° 13’ in very close conjunction in cancer in 7th house. So in 2019 i was dispelled from my father’s property- 4th house? I’ve had a difficult childhood and lot of troubles with marriage – going through a bitter and difficult litigation by wife at present (due to presence in 7th house?). Career wise despite lot of efforts the success is elusive. I feel hopeless and directionless. However, materially this has not been very useful so far, but since I’ve started watching your YouTube videos I’ve started observing the donations related to luminaries and that has given me some positivity and peace of mind. This has also given me an inclination to spiritual world and by grace of a guru I’ve embarked on that path.

    I would be grateful for your view on this. Please guide to get a key from this prison.

    Dhanyvad – Koti koti naman ??

    1. Harinder Singh

      Hi even i have it in the 7th house. I find peace in spirituality and listening to devotional music and prayers . I really think there is no remedy. Just turn towards spirituality. That I have seen helps.
      I don’t know how to remedy past karma’s. So just going with the flow.

  14. Sir Thanks for the interesting read. Your videos are always useful. I have a question, do you consider two planets in same house a conjunction even if the planets has difference of say 20 degrees?

  15. Mayur dilip sarjerao

    I have saturn and rahu in first house in makar lagn in some astrologer called this is also as vish yog
    Will it have negative effects although saturn is in its own house

  16. Sundaramshivam

    Someone with vish yog in 7th house scorpio, moon and jupiter are debilitated, sun almost debilitated. She has learnt some lessons early about partnerships, came out of weird relationships and now appreciates value of service in intimate relationships. She says she has to practise gratitude regularly to maintain her equanimity. But I can see she has attained maturity in married life despite difficult placements like Venus ketu in close conjunction. Wonder if debilitating of planets had led to this effect.

  17. Some feedback

    Both my parents have this.

    Mother has saturn retro + moon in 5th house aquarius- always took pressure about my ( her son’s) achievements and goals and pressurised even me a lot. Never satisfied here. But shes not as concerned about my younger sister

    Father has sun + saturn + moon in 12th house pisces- He always had this mental pressure to improve his spiritual progress and also took too much pressure when it came to expenses traveling to far away places even though we could afford it. His parents ( my grandparents) also always gave him so much mental pressure
    From your sun video on youtube- he also had so many expenses in general in career, on mother and even children and hobbies.

    One small younger cousin sister has saturn retro + moon + ketu in 2nd house leo- shes 12 and already takes so much pressure about studies and has a tendency to retreat into herself. Very emotionally tender

    Interesting technique!

  18. Respected Sir,

    Why a person can’t get parents/siblings love.
    Why a person dont have good Mercury
    Why a person lack the tact of mingling in the society or with collegues or with society

    What is the past life karma of that person who is suffering from all the above.

  19. I have one of my friend who is having Saturn Moon combination in 7th house……..My findings are like he is very intelligent but too much selfish…..He is somehow pressurized by his family (I guess)…….After his marriage I come to know he tried different medicines for bed pleasure and I just astonished why he is doing like this……..But one of your videos cleared the fact to me… blog is just an confirmation……… more findings he is always hides himself from the society……….He is very depressive now after marriage ………………..

    Another one example : one of my known person having Saturn moon combination in 10th house (In scorpio)…………He is dissatisfied with his job despite of hard work in office…….He always picks small things in picture in his work place so he cannot concentrate on work but he is a hard worker……………..

    Both the persons are very of same nature in one thing ….both they talk about everyone behind their back……..

  20. Harinder Singh

    This combination has no remedy. It’s one of the worst. I have it Moon + Saturn in the 7th house with Rahu nakshatra.
    There is just struggle and very little happiness. Nothing becomes fruitful. You are just here to serve.
    I have seen and read everything about this combination and tried everything. PVR Narasimha has mentioned that you will be DUKHI all through your life in one of his videos and I think that is correct.
    I only get solace by listening to Gurbani or prayers.

  21. Please clear this doubts moon,jupitor ,ketu in Scorpio10 th house Anuradah nakstra of shani ,vishyog mana jayega kya.

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