Kritika Nakshatra – The Secret Keepers


A glimpse from (Kritika) Nakshatra Course

Kritika Nakshatra- This nakshatra is ruled by Sun and as a true king it is a responsibility of a king to deliver his actions and visions to the ground that is why all three nakshatras of Surya is bridged between – Fire and earthy sign, where fire only holds one pada of this nakshatra while earth holds the 3 parts.

As it is always a vision of king which normal people on the ground follow and makes the nakshatras of Surya a natural leader which work for masses and the work assigned in all three nakshatras are different but the objective is the same – to deliver the portion of the heat for common people.

A person born in Kritika nakshatra will deliver his wisdom and actions by speaking less and showing more by actions on the ground and that is why male planets which have independent nature are more appreciated in this nakshatra while if you get Saturn in Kritika nakshatra as mentioned in Ravan Samhita that it brings the curse of cows and we will look in decoding this one line.

First, look in the tattva of Agni – Agni is the one which has work of delivering the goods to gods in heaven as whatever we offer in agni during havan – by the help of its seven tongue Agni dev stores in different compartments of his tongue and then deliver to respective devta. This also shows people who are good at distributing and can be trusted with the critical tasks of information, goods to be distributed and they will deliver the package safe and secure and nobody else will be able to access the content of the packages.

Kritika Nakshatra

Look what a sutra this is- Check the chart of Jeff Bezos who revolutionized the concept of delivering the packets to your doorstep has two major planets – Sun and Mars in the nakshatra of Sun.

The person who invented the cryptic services in the messaging system is dominated by 3 planets in the nakshatras of the Sun.

Your all-time favorite application in the phone – Facebook developed by Mark Zuckerberg has Sun in Kritika nakshatra but along with Rahu- What he is accused of is of stealing private information and selling to third parties and the responsibility given by Sun in Kritika has been stolen by Rahu and that is why all this gaga was going on but this was challenging for him in real terms to not steal information he has been trusted with as this is what the nakshatra of Kritika demands as you are like a postman whose only work is to pick and drop package without interfering into the contents of the package or judging sender or receiver and that is why male planets work much better in this nakshatra.


CIA director Richard Helms again Sun in Sun Nakshatra afflicted with Rahu and he was fired for misleading Congress about War and keeping operations secretive and not disclosing on time.

When we have female planets in this nakshatra it is difficult to handle the energy to get this job done as female planets are receptive and they react to every situation as a natural tendency female are talkative and somehow information and secrets will be leaked.

One of the biggest tasks of this nakshatra is distribution and keeping people secret safe and whichever planet will go in this nakshatra you will have lot of information about other people on this subject such as Venus in Kritika- You will have a lot of information both legal and illegal about people’s money, wife, relationship and bedroom but your work is to keep it secret as you too will also have a lot information to hide in terms of related to Venus.

Such as Jean Cocteau who was the driver in the army during world war-2 had a lot of secrets about the relationships of senior officers as he used to smuggle women in army camp but at the same time he had his own special secret about his own sexuality that he was gay and being in the army in world war 2 – he was afraid to disclose it.

Jean Cocteau Chart


You can use keywords such as CIA, Secret service, or search by Venus in Kritika as atmakarka in the astro data bank to see how this energy of Kritika has been played out as this is only one technique but if you revisit the lecture of Kritika-There are several other insights of Kritika nakshatra which makes clear why the energy of Sun is so prominent in this nakshatra.

For more relevant research-based charts go to Astro Data Bank.


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