The Hasta Nakshatra & Salute of Soldier – Indian Republic Day special

As India is getting ready to celebrate its 73rd republic day and as a Commander of armed forces – the President of India takes the salute from armed forces but what does salute signify. Most likely you will find -Salute is a signal that soldier does as a form of acknowledgment due to superior rank but moreover, it also shows by saluting from the right hand (the fighting hand) is not concealing a weapon. Hast nakshatra which represents hand and is a star of awareness and draws attention and this is what happens when soldier salutes the senior, He not only get in to attention position but also get attentive to any next command he might get from senior. Hast nakshatra with prominent planets which are Kshatriya in nature – native gets lot of salute while other planets which are of Vaishya or shudra native salute others and this is just starting to give you glimpse of what else the hast nakshatra holds. In our country the most saluted and tributed men even after several years of death is Mahatma Gandhi and he is given condolences not only in this country but abroad as well. He has Sun placed in hasta nakshatra. Adolf Hitler gave a very different type of Nazi Salute and he had no planet in Hast but this nakshatra is aspected by his natal moon in SBC. Indian Prime Minister Ch. Charan singh had Moon in hasta in 10th house as well as Smt. Indira Gandhi had 2 planets Venus and Ketu aspecting this nakshatra. A legendary Bollywood actor whose dance actions cannot be performed without a hand -Shammi Kapoor had Ketu in hasta and see how he performed like a Ketu, careless with extra motions, He had this nakshatra in 4th house and as a result, he suffered from a peripheral vascular disease which creates an obstruction to blood flow to other body parts from heart, this is the nakshatra which creates poison as well and you have to eat medicines for that.

Shammi Kapoor

As our hands are the ultimate drivers which does the karam and when there is a planetary energy in these nakshatras awareness increases and now look at all the people suffering from some of motion deficiency or coma related issues, Cerebral palsy or hemorrhage  you will find hast nakshatra is not well placed in these charts. Such as Abraham Lincoln had hast nakshatra in 8th house and he had last 8 years of his life in coma, Let us look at chart below who suffered from CB and you can see there is an affliction to hast nakshatra as ascendant does not get any saving grace of any benefic planet with Ketu placed in hasta nakshatra also for students of Yogini -Do see the navansh also rising with 6th navansh showing life will be full of challenges and when happening in Jeev rasi-Mool navansh making it a very critical chart for the native.

FE Berry

UK Prime minister- David Cameron had Sun in hasta and his first child suffered from CB.

David Cameron

this shows the brain power and ability to handle the stress is provided by part of brain which is controlled by hast nakshatra only and that is why the deity of this nakshatra is Savita – which gives us senses every morning with rising sun telling us to rise and shine. This is why due to jaap of gayatri, we get awareness as the sound of gayatri hymn has the effect on particular part of the brain to give us more power to remain calm under stressful conditions and avoid conditions like brain hemorrhage. Do not take this as a bad nakshatra as this is a nakshatra with some outstanding qualities as leaders like Dr. APJ Abdul kalam, Sardar Patel, Netaji Bose had planets in hasta and their success was somehow in this nakshatra only. My interest is not in if we have got the combination but why we have got the combination – The reason why anyone gets this nakshatra- When you give mental tension to other people, When you give poison to other people, this is not the poison which is physically given but also through your thoughts actions and various judgements you give poison to others and in this life you suffer with same, you payback by getting issues which are unresolvable. Look at this nakshatra is most incompatible with Ashwini nakshatra – the star of healing and this is nakshatra of waking up people by various means and that is why Ashwini and Hasta are not compatible similarly another star which is of healers is Shatbhisha is not at all compatible with hasta. If you have any planet in hasta nakshatra which is not giving out good results, you need to rethink about the poison effect over there, Like Sardar Patel was coughing blood in his final years (Ketu in 3rd hasta.)  Prime Minister VP Singh -Ketu -3rd house in hasta- suffered from bone marrow cancer (Starts in thyroid 3rd house). Reciting Savita Sukta from Mandal -35 of Rigved, Chanting of Gayatri mantra and waking up early to do self-reflections in front of Surya is very helpful for this nakshatra.

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    Awesome article. Love reading each and everyone of them. God bless this great soul and hats off for his phenomenal contribution to predictive astrology at such a young age.

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