Makar Sakranti 2022 – King in Office

As throughout the country, we celebrate the entry of Sun in to sign of Capricorn as Makar Sakranti 2022 but what is so special about this entry to Capricorn – As this is the day when Sun enters Capricorn to do justice for everyone and this is what it represents- The act of balance, Karmadipati Saturn gets exalted in Libra – the sign of balance.

This is the day when Lord Vishnu gained victory over demons as this sign has both good and bad qualities and it’s up to you which one you want to pick up -good or bad- You are responsible for your karma, No one else- If you are sad today this is because you chose to be miserable, what you are experiencing is the result of your choices only, No one can force you to become happy or sad but only you.

Capricorn is a sign of karma assigned to any native and when anyone does Karam without any expectation from others the native can remain peaceful and happy in this life but the only thing to remember is not to have any expectation as this is an earthy sign ruled by Saturn and the feeling here should be “How can I help others? What I can give to others ?” Look at the planet which is exalted in Capricorn -Mars and a good Mars (Policeman, Army) always use this tagline – How can I help you? Or Delhi police uses – “For you always ready” and this is the true theme of Capricorn and this is a thankless job you will do for others as it doesn’t matter how much hard work any police force does anywhere in the world in odd conditions, resolving numerous issues but the most abused ones are the police force – I mean even a 10-second delay if happens from constable- people start abusing sitting in the airconditioned car to a person who is standing 10 hours in scorching heat to make sure everyone is safe in traffic so if you have planets in Capricorn be ready for same treatment but still smile and ask “How can I help you?”

When Sun enters the head office of Karma – Imagine a boss is in action to sort out all the issues related to karma and guide you, how you can perform better, Sun in the 10th house is like Bahubali- The people’s king – King of common man, Who listens to every single person and give attention to the lowest section of society, depending on other combinations you can make remedy of planets in Capricorn.

Usually, it is a tradition to donate things like – Jaggery, Til, groundnut corn, and blankets to anyone who requires as Capricorn represents food items that can be stored over a long period of time and have very little moisture. The reason being is as Sun is the king and King gifts to everyone where he goes and Sun has now entered the home of his Son- Saturn, who is in a state of meditation so all the items sun brought was the one’s which can be stored for longer period of time. How a king can go to the kingdom of his Son who is managing karma bare hand. The weather now starts changing but blankets are distributed and the reason is Aquarius is like a deep freezer sign and to protect his son, Sun gives a portion of its heat to Saturn, That is why it is a tradition that a father gifts something to Sun which he deemed appropriate for his kids.

Look at your chart and planets in 10th house or Capricorn and donate signification of that planet to everyone who is under you, your kids or anyone who treats you like a big brother, father you need to gift the appropriate gift for that native and this is the best remedy for people who have any sour relations with juniors, kids.

Jupiter is the planet which is debilitated in Capricorn -so make sure you donate something related to the signification of Jupiter such as Yellow pumpkin or books, or any course to all your students, kids which will be helpful for them, the more you do this without any expectation from anyone, better your life gets as what you are doing is the remedy of most powerful Kendra. Its a tradition in South India to donate pumpkin on Makar Sakranti 2022but this is half the remedy as you have to look at other factors as well such as Jupiter is right now in Shatbhisha nakshatra and to make it more synchronized -you can donate 100 kg or 100 rs pumpkin such as our PM donated 100 Jute shoes to pandits of Kashi as see this is the remedy which has backfired on him as all the Dalit, obc leaders started resigning in Uttar Pradesh just after that. The reason it got backfired has he used a mirror image of remedy – Remedy had to be Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu- He had done Saturn-Rahu- Jupiter.

So Start your Makar Sakranti 2022 by donating of the signification of planet or fruit of planet which will help others – Ask yourself “How I can help others?” this is the most powerful mantra for Capricorn, Remember it only takes one man to change the narrative of society –

One of the consultations I was doing for a very young Dr. and he had Mercury in Capricorn in 8th house and he had issues going with management and his specialization was in danger due to disputes – so the remedy given was- to grow plants of akra as akra plants attract give caterpillars and caterpillars turn in butterflies (Mercury) and his paperwork started to move in a positive direction but he had Mercury in 8th house so my suggestion was to him was develop a garden where you can harvest endangered species of the butterfly so the 8th house completely gets solved.

One of the spiritual remedies which anyone can do at this point of time other than donation is to go to the temple(India) by walk and during walk chant Vishnu shashtranaam for 41 days, Keep control of food and habits, Focus on work and invest your money in yourself by learning something new as sadhna.

If you are abroad or at a place where going to the temple by walk is not possible then use public transport to travel to go to the office and talk to people who are working on ground level for you.

The idea is that you should resonate with the energy of Saturn, More you will do this better your career and Karam will become in life and less suffering will be there as this is the month where King is out in public as a disguise to see what is happening on ground level.

One prediction to every one of you based on overall yog- you will have doubt on the person who is till now you were trusting with all regards and now suddenly there will be a shift towards the person you were ignoring till now as you will realize both are equally important.


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