How Dasa’s Shape our life ?

Life is a continuous learning process where the role of every planet is to teach us a new lesson in our life that is why I always tell people to be observant and keep looking around as you don’t even know how planets will appear in front of you to teach you a lesson of life.

When you are running a certain dasa/antardasa sequence you are bound to come in contact with people who are going to shape your thoughts, and habits and teach you how to evolve yourself in this life, As these learnings are already inside you it is only the conditions given by planet which evoke these feelings so you can carry your journey ahead.

Let me give you an example – If you are running the dasa sequence of Saturn in Jupiter sign so you can imagine someone with a lot of experience and wisdom will come and will discipline you in your life as the work of this Saturn is to give you a lot of knowledge and it will give in a Saturine manner, You might not like the harshness of Saturn but this is to polish you to become gold (Jupiter). A goldsmith picks up a heavy iron hammer to remove impurities of gold on the surface.

You are always at the right place and right time, all you need to do is look closely as humans we are so busy with useless tasks that we forgot the bigger picture of life, Look around you, Where are you at present? People around you, the house you are living in and you will realise this was clearly written in your chart, even the names of the people who are there in your life.

Let us look at one of the troubled souls who emailed me and see how her destiny is going to unfold.

She is Running Rahu Mahadasa- Agenda of Rahu in the chart is to give challenges and make her face every possible condition in future and the brilliance of Rahu is that problems always come as a surprise, things which you have not even expected and being the Mahadasa lord, Rahu expects and forces all the antardasa lords to work in such manner only. Surprise is the element of Rahu in the chart.

Rahu- Jupiter- This dasa is troublesome for most people as Jupiter being the slow planet believes in you reap what you sow, least amount of surprises in the dasa of Jupiter but being the antardasa lord now Jupiter has to come in accordance with Rahu, So Jupiter will bring surprise elements in her life in the areas govern by Jupiter for this use Mahadasa lord Rahu as lagna.

Making Rahu as Lagna you will find Jupiter governs the 5th and 8th house and is placed in the 6th house to Rahu and that too in depression showing this antar will make her fall from the position due to issues of 5th and 8th house -resulting into dieases.

What she wrote- After that i joined for masters in marine microbiology,but dropped after first semester,even though i was topper in first semester. I struggle with hearing loss, serious mental health issues and chronic constipation ,that is why i dropped off suddenly. After that i was hopeless, feeling lost. Got interest into tarot, psychic, astrology”

5th house of the stomach, Depression, 8th house of chronic troubles, Jupiter being the significator of the ear all these troubles cropped up suddenly.

The next dasa that came up was of Saturn which is placed in 8th to Rahu and owns the 6th and 7th house from Rahu- A planet placed in 8th to another planet showing again a major transformation happening and when the planet involved is Saturn retrograde which means something is related to the sudden death of someone.- This is the dasa when her father committed suicide.

These two dasas were enough to break any human being in life and this is what has happened with this soul now she is in antar of Mercury and her question was if I can go to a foreign land but what made me analyse her chart was I can sense the emotion and with which she was asking the question as she wrote ” I want to pursue PhD in psychology from the US. Preparing for it. Don’t know if I will succeed.”

See She doesn’t have confidence in her as after going through two dreadful antars she doesn’t know if she can clear something – Mercury is placed 2nd to Rahu with the Dispositor of Rahu and exalted- Secondly, Dasa of Mercury has to be an important one as whenever dasa of a planet runs which has a connection to the ascendant in chart something very important related to the house where lagan lord is sitting happens in a life of a native.

Mercury is an ascendant lord and placed in the 4th house she is definitely going to a foreign land and you can clearly see in the navansh chart why I am so confident.

Another question she asked was if she has chosen the right subject.

Let us analyse D-1 for a career- 10th lord in 8th house showing profession will be related to research and it cannot be normal 9-5 Job, 8th and 10th exchange remember what we learned about exchange -when 8th and 10th exchange this means while you are making your career someone within the family will die as in her case 9th lord Saturn was a father who committed suicide.

There is also involvement of Moon in 8th with 10th lord- showing studies related to underwater (8th) Jeev(Jupiter) and their survival (Saturn)

Yes, she is bound to choose this career also one snapshot is Saturn on 23rd Degree gives a profession related to biotechnology, auditing or lawyers.

I hope this article has taught you many rules of astrology, we try to cover such articles in our quarterly magazine if you haven’t subscribed yet-here is the link- Lunar Astro Magazine 2023 โ€“ All 4 Volumes – April 16, 2023

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106 thoughts on “How Dasa’s Shape our life ?”

    1. Karma shapes our life and karma can change destiny .
      Dasa shows path ahead waiting for us to cross in time limit .
      Karma chosen to cross that path will shape our life .
      Thanx ๐Ÿ‘

        1. Thank u Sir ..Saturn in 10 house is a Yoga also as 9 Lord in 10 house though it is 8 Lord too.Saturn in natural 12 house Pisces. It will sens her to forgien land to complete her karma

        2. Damodar Rajaram Chaudhari

          Deepanshu sir, I hv heard all videos many times. I learnt a lot all about astrology only by videos. Now antar of Mercury is karak of sub concious mind, which relates study of psychology. I am not talented person but my personal opinion.

          1. Raghvendra Singh

            So scientific, transparent and deep concepts with appropriate example.

    2. Deepanshi giri ji apne kaha Ascendant lord Mercury 4th me he to vo definitely foreign jayegi…. But navmansh me konsa combination he please explain kardijiye๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™… Capricorn ka navmansh aa raha he…

      1. D1 chart- If you make Rahu as ascendant, lagan is leo; 12th house rashi is Cancer.
        D9 chart- Mercury is in Cancer navamsha in D9 chart hence she will go to foreign land (12th house)

        Hope this makes sense as this is what i could decode being a beginner ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Interesting precise analysis.

    Kind request to look into my case too – I am confused and need serious urgent help please

    Dob 19-5-1967, 20.55pm, Delhi

  2. It is so unfortunate that our education system is corrupted ,we don’t include joythis for kids ,certain jap and consistent rituals will always help to over come or give strength to bare outcome of an event which already agree before birth.
    All we are in era of materialistic things and forgetting who we are .Once you realise higher plane that one thing is enough to have inner peace.thank you for guided article with example.

  3. I have seen many of your videos and have understood about astrology and spirituality. I have done your prayog of Hanuman Chalisa . Your explanation is brilliant. It is a privilege to listen to your videos and see your smiling face. U are a positive energy to all of us. Gratitude๐Ÿ™

  4. she has malefic in 8th postion from 8th house of her birth chart so her marriage is not going to be good either.

    1. Namaskar sir๐Ÿ™
      Sir aap ne jo kundali ko read kiya hai wo aisa ki mano aap ladki ke family member ho jo ek ek baat ko janta ho
      Sir mujhe ek cheez nai sikhney ko mili ki hum dasha ko bhi lagna maan kar bhi kundali ke perfect reading kar sakte hai
      Sir aap ko shat shat prnaam๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
      Mai aapki saari video ko sunati hu
      Sir u r too good teacher
      No one can like u ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    2. Namaskar sir๐Ÿ™
      Sir aap ne jo kundali ko analyis kiya hai wo zabardast hai .
      Native ka rahu 3house mai hai dasha bhi rahu ki hai toh yeh apney skill ko nahi samajh sakti hai bahut baar iss ke skill hidden ho jaate hai jinka isko bhi pata nahi chalta
      Mercury 4house mai family mai n khud ko depression de deta hai .like pagalkhana .veerankhana..jaikhana..
      Rahu n moon mai 6/8 ka yog hai jo ki mental peace ke liye bekar hota hai isske saath ketu aur mercury surya ka 6/8ka yog hai jo ki apni higher education mai problem deta hai bcoz ketu flag ka kaam karta hai aur usne wahi per ketu ne sun (government se related) education part per problem create ki otherwise native apni field mai top per hoti isska apna name jhande ki trah se hota but rahu ne apna kaam kiya n saturn n 10th house mai 8th house ka lord ho kar native ka kaam kharab kiya ….

      1. Kya rahu ki mahadasha mein jupiter ki antardasha hameha pareshani deti hai? Meri daughter k rahu mein Jupiter ki dasha hai use saare competitive exams dene hai.please koi remedy bataye. ๐Ÿ™

    3. Actually i was told i will be having very bad married life. May be death of spouse or divorce might happen. This is my chart. Not married yet.

  5. I am running jupiter mahadasha since 2014 and saturn in my lagan, I can totally relate to sir . I have been experiencing different odd circumstances which actually don’t make any sense with my personality and my present… whatever predictions I make for others seems to happen as it is.. I am not certified astrologer but people cone to me with problems and get instantaneous solutions.. but when it comes to me.. I can’t make any sense with any remedy… bang on sir… regards

  6. Vishal walia

    Dear giri sir
    I was trying to contact you so many times by phonene.but ur staff is unable to connect.sir I m frm doon.
    Sir my dob is 29/08/1976at delhi
    8,:20pm sir I m in deep trouble ,pls.

  7. Hello Sir
    I m going through Rahu mahadasha and from 2020 November 2020 till 28 may 2023 going through mercury antardasha the worst time of my life. As you mentioned then according to that my mercury is fourth from rahu fourth house is a house of peace but still I have faced so many problems accident, financial problems and many more.

    1. Sharmila Singh

      Namaskar sir ji,
      Mai bhagyashali hun jo aap jaise gyani guru ka mujhe mail prapt hua.sir ji agar aap mera margdarshan karein to Mera ye jiwan safal ho sakta hai.
      DOB 29.10.1970 AT 14.04 PM KOLKATA.

  8. Yes I can relate as my daughter also is of Gemini Ascendant and some planets are also in the same house. She also left her post graduation in 3rd semester due to her teacher and now in depression not knowing what to do where to go wants to do PHD from a foreign university but it seems universe is not supporting her. She is not welcome at home as she keeps fighting with everyone . She is on homeopthy treatment for depression. She wastes lots of hard earned money of her mother. Very much irresponsible. Wanted to learn astrology and whatever she is interested, she is a constant headache for her family


    Sir can you please explain what exchange will result in my chart as 4 planets are involved in my chart and dasha is also dwadashottari dasha with ketu mahadasha about to end and I am going through same type of situations…04/03/1998 …02:20 AM delhi (SAGITTARIUS RISING WITH SUN IN 3RD MAKING EXCHANGE WITH RAHU IN 9TH AND JUPITER MAKING EXCHANGE WITH SATURN IN 4TH) SUN IS WITH MERCURY JUPITER KETU AND SATURN IS IN 4TH …VENUS IN 2ND AND MOON IN 6TH ….iTS A BIT CONFUSING WHERE AND WHAT RESULTS THESE ARE PRODUCING AS THERE ARE ALOT OF PLANETS BACK TO BACK IN 3RD AND 4TH MAKING EXCHANGES WITH EACH OTHER…my query is also related to what is the purpose of these exchanges and what is direction which needs to be taken here

    1. Dear Sir,
      Given that she is born in uttarashadha and her ketu is in 9th, she should always perform atahrvashisha path ( Ganpati stuti) for lifetime to get bhagya support. Also that will help her in absence of Guru (given that jupiter is in 8th house in capri) since ganpati is also Vinayak (without Nayak or guru).

      Fantastic analysis and article as always.


  10. I have been struggling to find a job for quite some time now, after reading this and the previous blog. I kept Mercury as my ascendant lord in my 7th house, Rahu, and it may be because of this that I am very aggressive, even as Rahu is aspecting Mars in my 10th house, which is making it all the more aggravating. The moon in the 12th house creates fluctuations in the mind, etc. I remember Deepanshu Sir Mentioning saying recently (if I try to write it in my understanding) that the best way to get results from Mars is to have Perseverance in our character, and the Character will then create room for Hope.

    looking for a job however not able to get one.ย  ย I’m not sure if my astrology understanding is correct or wrong, but I feel that with Mercury in 1 house, I must invest in myself to learn new skills, ignore things that are not required, and even as I desire to continue in my suffering with perseverance, which will create the right character and the tempo that nature wants me to be, I will be able to get the crow of hope.ย 

    1. Sir i would like to be your student .Sir when I go through your video iam attracted towards your knowledge. Sir iam pieces assendent.Any antar dasha going on me . I will very soon be your student.

  11. Thank you for sharing this article.
    Regarding 23ยฐ Saturn prediction, I know someone whose Asc Lord Saturn(R) is at 23ยฐ in 4H with Jupiter(R), aspected by Mercury from 10th house.
    5HL and 10HL in 8H at 13ยฐ.
    If I remember correctly, once upon a time you said that Saturn/10HL at 13ยฐ gives extra-ordinary career. This native is trying to make career in Data Science – a research oriented field dealing with data.
    Currently, running Ra Ra Ju Dasha. Rahu in 7th house.

  12. Ch Chandan Kumar Swain

    I am thankful for getting you like guru .. and also the whole world will be .. May god bless us ..

  13. Thank you sir for providing example charts to help us learn more . I faced rahu antardasha in moon mahadasha in 6 th having Saturn antardasha In same..i can understand and empathize totally.

  14. This case study had helped to understand the results we can expect while running through a dasha of a planet.its not only the dasha Lord but antar dasha Lord,it’s placement, it’s relation with the dasha lord are also take in consider to derive at a conclusion about the results. Thank you Deepu sir ๐Ÿ™for sharing your knowledge and making us learn more.

  15. Ruchika Sharma

    That was an enlightening article which made me ponder on a lot of aspects of life. I feel if she starts meditating her she’ll be able to deal with her emotional turmoil better.
    Beautiful souls like you Deepanshu ji are God sent for her and us too๐Ÿ™

  16. sailesh singh

    currently i am going through rahu MD + jupiter sub dasha my rahu in leo lagan and jupiter in 6th house, at the start of my rahu md, i was very good academically but after rahu dasha i started getting mental issues, depression, memory issues, and last yr in oct i entered rahu-jup dasha, it seems a better to me now but i still struggle sometime, i also have a habit of mantra jaap when i get suddne troubles in life maybe it is helping me in my dasha, and before the start of the dasha i was planning to persue but somehow i changed plans and preparing for gov job although this was not my first preferance, and i also am affected by stomach and digestion problem but not always, hope this dasha goes well for me.

  17. Thank you sir, why her father killed himself, how we can check it. Second anylising the chart u did not predict through nakshtra, however in many videos your prediction with nakshtra were great .
    In planet dasa how nakshtra lord give result.

  18. Thank you ๐Ÿ™
    It is amazing to see everything so clearly from your perspective. You are truly blessed sir and we are very grateful ๐Ÿ™

  19. Dhiraj Sharma

    Beautiful explanation sir..๐Ÿ˜ƒ From which I can understand that Atmakaraka Sun( Also natural soul significator) which is sitting in the fourth house of Bhatrakaraka’s sign, then it is capable of dealing with any problem, it has courage.
    But since Rahu is Darakaraka and sitting in the third house, it is giving lack of confidence. What is the status of his life partner? Maybe not married yet.
    The period of Jupiter in Rahu, since Jupiter is the matrakaraka, which shows the comfort zone, sitting sixth from the dasha Lord, in this period it is showing problems.
    When Shani came in Rahu, since Shani is Amatya Karak here and is tenth from Lagna, 8th and 9th lord is also retrograde and sitting in matrakaraka’s sign, again activating 8th house Jupiter sudden event …..then father’s incident happened.
    sorry i guessed from vishantori dasha here๐Ÿ˜
    Now if there is dasha of Mercury in Rahu, then Rahu is there only to reduce their courage.
    But Mercury sitting with atmakaraka Sun will surely make her trouble free.
    Actually now Darakaraka Rahu is operating entire chart so should get marry or get into relationship ๐Ÿค•..
    Thank you sir … I’ve tried๐Ÿค•๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  20. Sir, you once said that in Rahu Mahadasha, problems occur in home life, and the native gets dependent according to the placement of Rahu. So, Is she dependent on her 3rd house people (neighbours, siblings) for Leo matters(education, etc) ?

      1. Thanks for your answer.
        But, this makes me wonder, is it because Rahu being retrograde, is looking back at Cancer sign OR is it because the dispositor of Rahu is in 4H?
        In a video, Sir mentioned a case of Libra Rahu in 3H and the native was dependent on his sibling for managing his business. His sibling used to send in servants/working staff who used to managed some stuff for the native.

  21. It was very nice article that how particular dasha and antardasha comes with certain events (good or bad) in life. Those who accept the challenges and fight with the circumstances that event becomes fruitful for them in the long run which at a time was bad for them.
    Like one of my friend is running through Rahu mahadasha sitting in sagitarius in 12th house and dispositer jupiter is with 10th lord venus in eight house(leo)
    So this dasha have to give him changes.
    Native got government job in rahu rahu dasha in april 10th lord sitting in 8th with jupiter and dasha lord in sagi in 12th house, Natives father expied after the start of his career.
    Native is currently going through rahu jupiter dasha..nd jupiter sitting in 8th house with 10th lord so native is continuously miseries and controversies in his career.
    But now native has accepted the challenges and worked on the same so this dasha had made unimaginable transformation in him. Since antardasha lord is sitting in leo 8th house with 10th lord so it made him highly discliplined.
    This particular antardasha although had cutted off his friend circle but he is now happy and able to handle situations like king.

    Thanks for deluvery of your each and every content as it gives an art of thinking that how you have to think and use principles of astrology. Astrology was not so easy before..atleast for me it was not.
    Thank you once again. May god bless this world.

    Mohit singh

    1. Mehak Mahajan

      No words…I am looking for some answers…and universe is helping me to find those…thanks for sending me this article.


    Was stunned reading this article and was trying to understand different aspect in reading a chart. Was very educative and thank you Sir for sharing this knowledge

  23. Sir
    Life is very complex the thing which i found true at 20 in 50 they have lost meaning.mars dasha going on bracing myself to face Rahu Bhai
    Sir really want you to guide us what we should do daily help us grow spiritually even what and how we should do daily pooja
    Already getting up at 4 /4:30
    Offering water to Lord Sun in my 9house
    Going to temple every day from last 2yrs
    Always was pure veg
    Offering Kheer on those three days
    Doing Gayatri jap
    Even took your mantra Hreem and doing its mala

    What else i can do to get rid from my previous life bad karma.Life is still not improved much


  24. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thanks for sharing the above post.

    Aapka Anurag

  25. Sir, ย Rahu mahadasha is all about major highs and lows in life . It will keep creating shocking/ surprises events for you. At a point where you think that everything is falling apart, you may be happily amazed when things get sorted all of a sudden. And when you feel you are in a happy and peaceful state, suddenly Rahu will shock you with n number of problems.Its not wrong to say that Rahu is a smoke which makes our vision blurred and does not allow us to see what’s next in store for us.
    She said she got interested into astrology at the time of troubles only as to know the reasons for her downfall and to get the necessary solutions to overcome it beacuse Ju is sitting in the (6th) trik House (House of daily struggles, Shad ripu) from Rahu and being the lord of 5thH( Intelligence, Solution provider) and 8th H ( Occult, Mystery, To know what’s hidden).

  26. Good evening sir
    At a glance chart seems to be quite powerful. Lagna lord exalted in 4th house. 6th lord in own house. Mars is good for efforts and hard work. Karma karka sat in 10th.Rahu a malefic in 3rd is Lso good for effort. But as you rightly said because of dasha she underwent such a turmoil. Sir What led to her father’s suicide. Pl enlighten.
    Thank you so much.

  27. Nupendra Joshi

    Thank you sir for your detail knowledge, also sir with my limited knowledge the native will take debt in the antra of Mercury from her boss or supervisor in the foreign land!

    1. Can you please explain how it is? Meaning i will need to pay debts ? Take loan for PhD in foreign land ?
      It is my chart.

  28. Kusum Kukrety

    Thanks a lot Sir for the example and it’s analysis. It indeed is of great help for better understanding.

  29. Namaskaram Sir,
    So true, I found Sir in my sa-mo dasa where both sa and mo (atmakaraka) are in jupiter sign and jupiter house respectively. And finding Sir gave me a sense of ease and a bigger picture of life. I hope she too can see all the greater good from all the huddles. May be a physical, mental or a soul level of cleansing is happening for good.

    Thank you so much for sharing the insights sir. Always grateful.

  30. According to D1, Rahu being the co ruler of the 9th H ( of Guru) sitting in 3rd H (of Guru upadesh) , she wants to communicate the teaching of her Guru like medical astrology in a modern way like online such that it reaches to as many as possible ( Rahu being expansive ) and its dispositor being Sun which is sitting in 4th H of public speaking in sign of Virgo with exalted Mercury, which will give her peace and happiness on personal level.

  31. Rita Adhikari

    Thank you sir for giving us this great insight on how dasa play a major role. For her rahu also being the ruler of 9th house, surprise and shocking event happened through the father. So In Rahu-Saturn 9th house Aquarius which show her father became very active to give that painful event.

  32. Thanks sir for sharing this story and remedies, actually I am also going through rahu MD and my questiona would be same if I book an appointment,but I don’t have bith time’.
    Thanks for your guidance ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿซโœจ

  33. Rishikesh Dubey

    All the best to the native.
    Heart full thanks to Sh. Giri Sir for sharing this hidden secret.
    Obliged as always.
    Keep sharing เฅคเฅเฅค

  34. Namaskar sir๐Ÿ™
    Sir aap ne jo kundali ko read kiya hai wo aisa ki mano aap ladki ke family member ho jo ek ek baat ko janta ho
    Sir mujhe ek cheez nai sikhney ko mili ki hum dasha ko bhi lagna maan kar bhi kundali ke perfect reading kar sakte hai
    Sir aap ko shat shat prnaam๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
    Mai aapki saari video ko sunati hu
    Sir u r too good teacher
    No one can like u ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  35. Gayatri Kakarla

    Namaste Deepanshu ji,
    I am going through my Rahu Mahadasha as well and it has been mentally exhausting. Currently in Rahu- Mercury period. I was expecting this period to go better but wasn’t as bad as the previous ones. My Rahu-Ketu dasha period is upcoming. What I thought would happen then is happening now and I really do not know what to expect!
    The chart analysis in this article is very intriguing!
    Thank you
    – Gayatri

  36. Myneni Kalyan

    Your insight into a chart when you review is awesome, a blessed in-sight, saturn being 8th lord and in retrogration being 8th to rahu will also aspect 9th house from lagna due to retrogration where ketu is already sitting and hence a sudden horrifying event of father suicide very likely as 9th house is spoiled.

    Rahu-Jupitter dasa your prediction taking rahu as lagna is bang on, if we don’t consider that it was a difficult one to predict dasa result accurately.


    I have Atmakaraka Mercury conjunct Gnatikaraka Moon in Scorpio, 7th house. I am running Mahadasha of Mercury, antardasha Jupiter. This Dasha has been filled with challenges, and difficulties. I saw my father’s health decline, I lost my father, I am facing challenges in career since Rahu Antardasha. My Atmakaraka Mercury is in 1st house Pisces Navamsha. The only good thing that I experienced in this Mahadasha is I learnt a lot of skills, one of which is painting. One fine day, during Rahu Antardasha, I thought about trying painting, something I dreaded since childhood. I was not inclined towards art . I could not draw.I failed in art classes in school. But a couple of years, I discovered that I can paint and it happened suddenly. I now paint in my free time. It is a sort of relaxation. I also discovered I can cook. Overall, Mercury Mahadasha has taught me a lot of hand skills, fine art skills. I am a dentist by profession and good hand skills are a must for us. But my personal life, my family life and my career is fraught with challenges in this dasa, something I did not experience back in previous Saturn Mahadasha. Specifically my last 9 years of Mercury Mahadasha has been challenging.

  38. Jishun Chapagain

    Dear Deepanshu Gurudev,
    A very Good Evening

    I believe Gurudeva you possess a very higher and deeper understanding of astrology and remedies. In this case with my little knowledge what I’m able to understand is:

    1. Everyone human has to face and go through challenges in order to get a major transformation in their life. (which you have explained in one of the youtube videos showing the example of the marine officer).

    2. The karma through the parivartan yoga of Jupiter and Saturn (8th and 10th house) was inevitable here. I completely understand that we should not go against the rule and destiny of nature but the question is, cannot misery and misfortune be saved? Which in her case was saving her dad’s life. (Death is inevitable but it was misfortune).

    In the book Predict using Nakshatra padas you have clearly explained that lord shiva told you the remedies for the karmas and papas. (By donating cows, feeding brahmins, providing social service, etc).
    And also to add up one thing Gurudeva:
    If Markandey Rishi can do the tapa of lord shiva and get victory over his own death, is it not possible for you Gurudeva to provide knowledge, energy, and feedback to control the Mis fortunes and miseries of general people?

    Thank you,
    Jishun Chapagain

  39. Rushitkumar Devmurari

    I have similar d60 chart, Gemini ascendant ,Moon Jupiter in 8th and Saturn Venus in 10th. In 2019 Sa-Ju dasa I got so much interest in astrology. But no death happened in family as this is d60 chart I guess and d1 is not promising death of family memeber.

  40. Will anyone be able to tell me if i will get a scholarship for PhD funding/ should i need to sell property/ take student loan?
    Is it possible to find it through my chart. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

    1. Dasha changes life. We all know that dasha are due to our own karmas. Our karma comes in forms of planets.
      While reading the above article came to know that Jupiter is significator for ear. And few days ago when Jupiter got combusted I got sudden ache in ear. As the transit of Jupiter is in 8th house in my chart.
      Apart from this as in current mahadasha of Ketu, I have sudden interest in astrology. In ketu moon dasha had the most poisonous affects(moon 8th).
      Through your YouTube video got to know that Jupiter fixes the house in which it transits. So last year it was ketu moon dasha and also the Jupiter Transit on 8th house so now at the end of this transit I came to know now why certain patterns were changed in last year or can say in terms of religious belief system ( either they were by choice or by the need of time).

  41. Kishore Suryawanshi

    Your words are flowing in more scientific ways sir. More details, more knowledge which is easily convincing the soul. Wonderful ๐Ÿ‘

  42. Thank you so much sir for sharing. If we pay attention closely to our life changes taking place in a blink of eye. I am Virgo ascendant/Aquarius moon been struggling with my health since early this year. Few days ago Fatherโ€™s health has become my priority now. On leave visiting parents but out of sudden this thought came to me this evening to extend my leave till end of month to sort out things and spend more time with father. So many things in my head now donโ€™t know what to do.

  43. Sir pranam,
    Aap ka mail milna jaise meri mata rani ki kripa (aage ke marg darshan ke liye)
    Mai aap ke liye kuch kahu jaise surya ko deep dikhau.

    Sir meri DOB- 26 August 1979
    TOB- 11:30 pm (approx)
    POB- Kanpur, U. P

  44. Hello Deepanshu sir, when read “A goldsmith picks up a heavy iron hammer to remove impurities of gold on the surface” could see a mental picture of it. It’s a brilliant way of explaining the way you write.
    Being a new student of yours and this course, I connected points from 3-4 classes, and the explanation was clear to me. The way you Simplify makes it easy to read a chart. To analyse my chart when I made mahadasha lord Mercury as Ascendant, was falling in scorpio, understood the whole story 16 years.


  45. Meghna Khanchandani

    Superb analysis sir, extremely true, Mercury dasha will be good for her. And even the dasa of ketu after that will give her career a new start as it is in 9th house , Aquarius, which is for gains after a lot of hard work and transformation. Ketu is advancing towards the 8th house, for research. It will cut her off from her native place and take her to foreign lands, where her luck would be triggered.
    Learn a lot from you sir. She will definitely get hope after such a traumatic situation.

  46. Dandvat pranaam sir ๐Ÿ™

    Aapki wajh se jyotish ek alag tarikey se sikhney
    Ko mili .aapney sahi kaha mahadasa ka bahut hi impact hota hai

  47. praveen bajaj

    Bowing to the master himself! Post reading the details and reasoning, mind became filled with agony and wanted to know why a person has to go through to feel this much pain? What could have happened in past births that led to this suffering? I believe cosmos has a much bigger plan for all of us and has its own ways to improve and reach final destination.
    Om Tatsat!

  48. Thanks a lot Sir, the way you predict effortlessly is amazing. You don’t even take a pause to think about the combination and your way of explaining things is super easy . You are the best teacher I have ever seen. I just love watching you predicting by looking at the face and telling people the problems they are facing and then you smile.

    Thank you so much Sir, your posts are very helpful in leaning and understanding our life better. I have come to know a lot of things about me that I am capable of but was not using it. Thanks for waking me up Sir.

  49. mishradprakash

    What I get in Saturn antar dash is not useful for me after antar dash. Never get advantage of that thing are antar dash. That degree is not useful, that work experience is not useful, what earn is also finished as antar dash finished

  50. Radhika krsnacandra

    Thank you sir for this article. I am going to start Rahu mahadasa on this June 2023 . I am really nervous.

  51. Explicit writing . Has seen it work through dashas and transit of dasha lords . This technique makes it easier to realise and analyse certain situations of life.

  52. Namaskar prastut lekh se bahut kuchh seekhne ko Mila bahut hi uttam jaisa ki aapne kaha rahu guru me avsad hua native ko Maine uska Karan Janna chaha to mujhe Mila native ka apne teacher se kuchh relationship me cheating hua hoga jiske kaaran usko avsaad hua
    Ketu 9 house me baith kar mirhun rashi aur 3 bhav tino ko prabhavit kar Raha hai jiske Karan shravan Hani hui

  53. Thanks a lot Sir, the way you predict effortlessly is amazing. You don’t even take a pause to think about the combination and your way of explaining things is super easy (When you are doing, it looks easy but when I try, its not that easy) . You are the best teacher I have ever seen. I just love watching you predicting by looking at the face and telling people the problems they are facing and then you smile.

    Thank you so much Sir, your posts are very helpful in leaning and understanding our life better. I have come to know a lot of things about me that I am capable of but was not using it. Thanks for waking me up Sir.

  54. Namasthe Deepanshu sir

    Thanks for sharing the above article with us.
    At the time of Mercury Mahadasha, I was trying to learn astrology from here and there. But now I relate everything that you are teaching, and I could connect the dots. I’m a cancer Ascendant, Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the Aries sign(10th house) Mercury Dasha changed my direction of life. I had to give up my IT career for the sake of marriage and had to leave India and land in Abuja, Nigeria, with My Husband.

    When I didn’t get a job after several attempts, I was consumed by regrets as my Engineering journey was a roller coaster ride. What came to my rescue was my childhood hobby, writing. I started writing essays, and the number went up, decided to make a book out of it, and then published it too. So Mercury Dasha made me an author of 4 to 5 books, a writer, poet and a Public Speaker.
    At the end of Mercury Dasha, I was fortunate enough to come across your channel, that’s the time I was looking for a Guru.

    I hooked to your channel, as Ketu Dasha stated(Nov 2021) and following your ideas, tips, and remedies as my lifestyle. And now my Ketu is consuming all my available free time to read holy scriptures, books, meditation and yoga. Above all, Keu Energy is directing me to heal and help. That’s why I joined your free Astrology course.
    Does it look like Mars made an Engineer, Mercury – Author, and Ketu – Astrologer/healer?
    You are the right person to show the light.
    Now I agree, Dasha shapes our life for sure.

    Thank you so much for guiding us!
    Gratitude for providing a free astrology course!

  55. It was very nice article that how particular dasha and antardasha comes with certain events in life. I am going through my Rahu Mahadasha Currently in Rahu- Rahu period. I am fasing problem in legs (mild varicose) Rahu with uchch mercury in bhav chalit chart in 9th H, sun, mars and Rahu in 10th H, I am not able to relate varicose problem but this article will help me to understand coming antrdashas. Thank you very much sir.

  56. Hello Deepanshu Sir,

    This is one of the valuable post which has cleared so many doubts in my mind. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge; we are very grateful to have you as our guru.

    I am currently running a Saturn Jupiter dasha and the article starts with it–very relatable. Blessed to have you! You make learning astrology simple and blissful.

  57. Dr Ruchi Kulshrestha

    Hello Sir

    Thank you so much Sir for sharing this case study. Your prediction are superb as always. I learned a lot from this the way you explained everything in details.
    I just try to say something which I feel with this chart.
    She have marriage and child birth related issues.
    After marriage in-laws financial status would be rise.
    She can try to qualify a competition go to abroad for higher education or job with the help of government.
    She can face some kind of skin issues depression, breathing and cough problems. Hormonal problem, diabetes.
    She would work hard and less earning.
    Pitri issues also there in 12th house.
    Now she is in your guidance surly she will find her way to get rid of all the problems. God bless her.

    Sir this is my personal experience before 2-3 months when a dasha going to start grah always gives you some hints.
    Thank you Sir ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  58. Thank You for the blog. The core of this blog is that human being changes according to the dasha and antardasha running and the results, which are experiences that the native needs to go through. Well this is true as based on experiences people develop emotions and emotions drive them in their next actions. You also gave another key to interpret chart that we must make the dasha lord as lagna and see which house the antardasha planet is falling and will that mean it will give us good or bad based on its house lordship. There is also another key to take into consideration is the friendship/enmity/natural behaviors of both dasha and antardasha lords to show quality of impact whether supportive or adverse to each other. Another point noted is that the dasha and antardasha will decide our immideate surroundings and people and with keen observation we can see how our chart is playing out. Example is good to ddepict it. So based on the above guidelines, if I have to take my example and check, I am running Jupiter MD with currently Sun AD till May 1st next month. Sticking to the current MD_AD combo only, Sun is situated 10th from MTK Jupiter for my Gemini Asc. I did karma of visiting many holy places and temples by travelling overseas to India and did some pitri karma rituals in Gaya. So, something related to my father, mother and forefathers as they are no more. I also visited my ancestors towns and payed respects to their graves. Temple visits and some rituals ongoing even now after coming back to my base. According to the rule, since they both have good relationship I must get career or image increase /fame success. My contract ended in Jan and I do not have a job now and searching for new job. I Don’t know what maleficence to look here. I am not surrounded by C-level people or royalty or living like a king.
    So, if I see the ADs from the beginning of this Jupiter MD, or end of Rahu MD- Mars AD, then it was worst, harassment due to boss. Mars in D910th and Rahu’s enemy. My then boss was an angry and manipulative man and caused me a lot of agony.
    Ju_Ju dsha was Ok Ok . I resigned an got another job in 2 months, but I lost my mother and that job also in this period. So Jupiter is not good for me? I have Taurus D9L so Ju is 8th lord for D9. I dont see the rule working here. JuMD-SaAD- OK OK.. got contract job and ended in again with a long gap. JuMD-MerAD was worst for career as took break to setup biz and no income for almost 1.5 yrs. I did a lot of group dance performances in social events and fun stuff then with my Indian community friends, entertaining but minimal earning. On the contrary JuMD-Kt AD was good. JuMD-VeAD- focus on self image, diet and food videos.. (Ve in 2H) and did higher learning from top school, earning was also OK. so looks like education was key in this period as I have Saraswati yoga also. Rule worked here.
    Over all Jupiter in 7th in its own sign for Gemini is good or not I dont know, but till now the dasha has not been very fulfilling and tumultuous.. Rahu MD atleast got me to a foreign land and fulfilled some of my desires.. One thing Ju MD I am seeing is I am surrounded with temple friends and visit it often than I ever did in my life earlier. its made me more religious and ritualistic. But did not give me marriage yet or children or true dependable friends.
    Can Rahu be bad for all charts? what if its placed in Pushkar Navamsa or vargottma? Will that change its flavor to good?
    The chart is missing the Nk level placement flavors.
    But overall a good case to give away some keys on how to read a chart based on Maha dasha and Antar Dasha.

  59. Namaskar Sir,
    I am humbled to comment on this post.It is not easy to write .I can write based on my experience of Strict teacher turning into gold JAI SHRI RAM
    During time of Saturn antardasha I was forced to be disciplined, responsible. Due to that time I have improved

  60. Shristi Konda

    When I was going through the blog, the line- you are exactly where you are meant to be just touched my soul. I was wondering and questioning my life from different aspect as I thought I wasnโ€™t doing much these days. It made me at ease and helped me to be mindful. Thankyouu Deepnashu Sir your blogs and videos have helped me a lot in many ways:) we are grateful for a teacher like you:)))) Thankyouu

  61. Rakesh Kulkarni

    Namaskar sir, very nice case study beautifullly explained. One question sir, mercury is 4 th lord and strongly placed in 4 th house so should give result of 4th house home land na? Or is it bacause its been aspected by 7 th lord jupiter and 9 th lord saturn so will take her to foreign? Mercury placed in cancer sign 7 th house in navansh and 12 th from rashi lagna so this could also be reason? But I am unable to find connection of 12th house in D1 chart, so shall we take antara of venus?

  62. Siddharth Upadhyay

    Sir can we analyse this chart in this way that as Pisces is in the 10th place and so the person will work in the foreign company or in a foreign place or far from his hometown. Now Saturn is the lord of 8th house sitting 10th house so person can work in the field of research. Now Sun and Mercury are aspecting 10th house as Mercury is exalted so the person will do the work in the field of communication, thinking, analysing the information work of mercury high chance. And Sun is also aspecting the 10th house so the person will show case her talent using her creative writing skills by publishing papers.

    Saturn + Sun + Mercury = Research + Creative Expression + Rational Mind (Job Profile)

  63. Sushma Mehra

    Greetings of the day Deepanshu ji..this is 4th time I am writing to this email..last 3 times some problem in mbl ,laptop,light,some guest,sab likha hua omit ho gya..during my my mangal dasha of 7 yrs I studied astrology up to M.A,pragya ,vishard,shashtri,from nagpur kksu University ,and before marriage iam done with I studied every hour during that dasha..Thankyou lunar astro

  64. Dasha changes life. We all know that dasha are due to our own karmas. Our karma comes in forms of planets.
    While reading the above article came to know that Jupiter is significator for ear. And few days ago when Jupiter got combusted I got sudden ache in ear. As the transit of Jupiter is in 8th house in my chart.
    Apart from this as in current mahadasha of Ketu, I have sudden interest in astrology. In ketu moon dasha had the most poisonous affects(moon 8th).
    Through your YouTube video got to know that Jupiter fixes the house in which it transits. So last year it was ketu moon dasha and also the Jupiter Transit on 8th house so now at the end of this transit I came to know now why certain patterns were changed in last year or can say in terms of religious belief system ( either they were by choice or by the need of time).

  65. Dear Sir,

    Above example is exactly correct.
    I am trying to understand my best.
    I am running Ve-Sa dasha, making Ve placement as 1st house. I am getting results of Ve-Sa houses/placements accordingly. heavy learning, gain, dharma coming through painful transformation as Sa placed 8th to Ve.
    thank you for your encouragement to peruse this Bhrmha Vidya.

    keep your blessings on me!

  66. Parvin Chowdhri

    Thanks for sharing great knowledge. The reason behind to share the knowledge. I am trying understand your each and every word.
    Thankyou and Godbless Deepanshu and his team

  67. Pranam Guruji,
    I tried to work it on my chart as I couldn’t know anyone else’s life details.
    My ketu mahadasha, (ketu in 8th houseof moon which is debilitated in 12th house) showed me a 7 year period full of transfers and trips, very tumultuous period. But I did lots of gynae and obs work in this period. Never before and never after. I also had a brief period of loss of job but I ventured into a small nursing home and was ok but my job restored. I had to leave my 5 yr son at my parents’home, as I couldn’t tackle so much work almost nil domestic help, and his sharp brain. Though I still regret, but it was good for his education and my parents too got something to long for. All their daughters were married and went away.
    I suffered mental anguish as my husband was forged into a trap and he suffered a lot of pain and defamation. But I gained authority, respect, name in my career. But there was always a pressure on us. My daughter suffered a lot due to our being very very busy. My husband had continued his service on stay. We also made some money but not much. However I still feel bad about this period as my husband delved into extramarital affairs ..many times…and even after this period. My father also suffered a heart attack but thankfully did well afterwards. My mother also developed severe knee pain..only other thing was that I worked very hard , and was always in some or the other controversy but never on money matters. We had houses closest to working place in this period. I also received some benefits from my father.

    But Sir, sorry I cannot link my antardasha and concerned signs and planets into this story. I will be obliged if you could kindly help me do that.

  68. Dandvat pranaam sir
    MAHADASA plays very important role in predicting event .I have seen this through so many charts

  69. Mayank Arora

    Sir need help in career related issue a lot of stress and indecision while choosing business and mind is not at peace. a lot of anxiety.
    date : 21/06/2001 time: 8:37 PM
    place bhiwani haryana

  70. Namita Singh

    Namashkar Guru ji
    Whatever you are saying is correct ๐Ÿ’ฏ.
    Meri Krtu ki mahadasha chal Rahi hai .ye time period mere liye life ka turning point sabit hua hai ..mujhe mere charo taraf logon ke roop main grah chalte hue najar aate hain . Maine astrology bhi issi time period main sikhana start Kiya because of my increasing interest and situations…
    Mujhe har rishte main har person main planet najar aata hai ….Example bahut hai …
    I am sharing one
    Mujhe mere bete ke roop main ketu planet saaf najar aata hai…mere mann main kaafi dino se tha ki mujhe daily mandir Jana hai early morning…but start nahi ho pa Raha tha….. Kuch month pahle Mera beta mujhse kahta hai ki mummy apko mujhe morning main 4baje uthana hai study ke liye and also he decided to go for temple Daily early in morning with me ..usne kaha aap chalogi to main bhi chalunga aur uski vajah se mera early morning main daily mandir Jana start hua.. i feel …he is driven force for me…
    Main jis ghar main rahti hoon vah Saturn ka no. Hai 224
    Jiska asar mujhe saaf dikhaii deta hai apni life main

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