Sikhs- A Clan by Gurus

This thought came to be on the night of Nirjala Ekadasi around 3 am in dreams, I noted down whatever I could remember but it make sense when I looked at the bigger picture, It was like connecting various dots to make a story.

Sikhism — the religion which follows the teachings of Guru, started after Guru Nanak dev ji originated in Punjab -The land of five rivers if we see from the point of Jyotish, the land of Punjab was the only place where this religion could have taken birth in full form and celebrated and practised in true form.

Punj-aab — the name comes from the five rivers of Punjab and Jupiter (Guru) is the planet which is exalted in Cancer- a watery sign- An emotional sign which can easily trust the words of Guru and be moulded by thoughts of Guru.

The emotion and innocence of Punjab which has a history of following the words of a guru to the extent that even the fight was in a ratio of 1/10 in Saragarhi or Chamkaur, warriors fought as it was the word of Guru.

                                                                                                   Shaeed Bachittar Singh

The bread basket of India is a perfect trait of the Moon, feeding the whole country with love and pride, the concept of वंड छको — distribute and then consume is one of the important concepts of Sikhism, the entire religion is based on service for humanity to uplift others and this what Jyotish teaches us in terms of Guru, to help the community in whole.

The confidence in the word of the Guru has blessed this clan to be clean at heart, serve others and focus on God and never compromise on what you think is right as that is why fighting is an inseparable aspect of Sikhi, All the Gurus of this religion has made some great sacrifices such as Guru Arjan Singh refused to pay Jhajiya to Jahagir and accepted to die, while Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his four sahibzaade.

                                                                        “हट कर चले वो हमसे जिसे सर अज़ीज़ हो । 
                                                                           हम सरफिरो के साथ कोई सरफिरा चले । “


The interesting thing is Guru & Air both go to head – An old saying “गुरु और हवा सिर पकड़ते है।” – As both of them have one work it to change your thoughts and thinking pattern. All the knowledge is in the book but what a mentor, teacher or Guru does is a change of thoughts and changing of thoughts happens when Guru has control over your breath- Which means till the time you are alive, every breath which goes through you must remind you of teachings of your Guru.

There cannot be a better example of this if we look at the religion of Sikhism, where gurus have led the charge to protect the community and their disciples followed it to the last breath.

If we take Jupiter in Cancer for Sikhism the 5th house becomes Scorpio, which is a house of Ketu and this planet can get the head chop but will not bow down as the 5th is also our pride and honour and for Cancer ascendants this becomes a matter of life and death but these natives never compromise.

It was the chart of Cancer ascendants that took down Lanka barefoot, It is the clan of Cancer ascendants -Sikhism, which has fought great battles in the past for the country protecting honour and pride.

This clan has special rules for hair and tieing a turban which shows their control over Saturn which brings resilience in bad times, and the ability to carry forward traditions, as your hair represents tradition when you shave your head it shows you have given and forgotten all the past experiences and relations which all other religion such as Buddism will shave head so you can start your new journey, Sikhism says to carry forward the tradition of guru, never to cut your hair.

                                                                                                      Baba Deep Singh Ji

As Saturn is a challenge for this community whenever Ketu Transits Scorpio and Saturn get powerful, then the area of  Punjab suffers whether it’s 1947,1965,1984 or 2021

There are countries which are associated with Saturn — Scorpio which is a comfortable house for Saturn belongs to England, While Capricorn is the US and Aquarius is Canada no wonder we found a considerable amount of Sikhs in these countries and have progressed in these regions.

If you are suffering from malefic effects of Guru in your chart which is happiness is missing from your life, You are not socially acceptable or getting due credit for your work, and Kids suffering in various areas of life- I would advise following the principles of Sikhism by having trust in your Guru, Serve in the temple or at your Guru’s place without any expectation, Have compassion for serving others with a big heart.

Donate 10% of your income at your Guru’s place and let them decide what to do with that money and slowly your way of life and thinking will change along with problems vanishing from your life.

Once Alexandar was passing through a village and he saw a beautiful orchid of oranges after picking a few from the tree, he asked the farmer- how much for oranges?  The vendor in local currency said 500Rs to which Alexander paid the money and asked his chief- are Oranges a rare commodity in this part of the world as this was a very expensive price?

To which the chief replied- “No sir, Oranges are not rare but Kings are”– He charged you according to your status -This one-line answer from the farmer made the king so happy that he gave extra money to the farmer.

Read the blog on why the distribution of food is only given to Kings- ” A Remedy only for the King. This is one remedy which can only be… | by Deepanshu Giri | Medium “

This is the best advice I can give to you for you Jupiter- Be a real Sardar of your life by following the teaching of Guru and you will realise most of your life problems will go away.

The rest of the article with some more stories and specific remedies to Jupiter in various houses and signs- I have discussed in an upcoming magazine of Lunar Astro- If you haven’t subscribed yet- Click here 

14 thoughts on “Sikhs- A Clan by Gurus”

  1. Praveen kumar

    Dear Deepansuji,
    I was always amazed how you get such a incredible thoughts, one thing I can share my experience as a student you will always write the blog at right time when you students searching for answer on particular areas and those students will automatically read this blog at right time.
    The power of Guru.
    Once you become lunar astro student and accept you as Guru …you always deliverd directly or indirectly to students.
    Once again thank you so much for lovely article 🙏🙏🙏🙏


    Gratitude Deepanshu sir ,your words can change so many as you show us the real path how life should be lived .This system create a balance and harmony on this earth .Even a small contribution transforms our own soul .I follow you in whatever I can do for needful ,it gives immense pleasure Thank you for such beautiful articles ❤️

  3. Annkur Aggarwal

    Thank you so much sir for guidance specially when my jupiter anterdasha is about to start. May God bless you and your family.

  4. Namaste Sir, Lovely article, you get so many wonderful puzzle pieces through dreams. The Pic of Babaji in blue is awe-inspiring.
    Many moons ago, you had mentioned that Kritika nakshatra fellows should absorb energy of Gurudwara. I have two planets in this nakshatra (Gajkesari) and woking malefic for me. I had no idea about Sikh culture dos and donts, so was a bit scared. When Mars touched Kritika in transit, He gave me the courage to find a Gurudwara. I learnt to cover my head and also figured out that their magic word is “Seva”. The minute I said this word, I got access to Kitchen area and started making 100s of rotis. Not being a very chatty person, I decided to do japa while making rotis, it’s a healing sort of work. After that, I visit there for seva as much as I can.
    Been following almost all the above guidelines of charity, temple service etc. But possibly I have collected too much prarabd and it needs to go out in a painful way only.
    On another note, I was listening to Osho’s lec on Ashtavakra Gita (recommended by you in class). There was a line in pravachan – why do you go seeking safalta? Is it because you have accepted your vifalta? The only people who get success in life are those who didn’t go looking for it. I literally jumped out of my chair because it answered a quest which was raging in the mind for years now. Thank you.

    1. Krishna Malladi

      Of course, Krishna said earlier in the Bhagavadgita’s famous stanza of Karmanyevadhikaraste that do your duty without an eye on the fruits from it.

  5. Ssrikal 🙏💐 sir ji my self Navpreet sethi belongs to sikh family students of yous thanks for sharing wonderful article of sikhisum “” sura jo pechaniye jo lare din ke lhet purja purja kat mare kabho na chade khet “” babaji bless you a lot 💐

  6. Thank u very much for the beautiful and touching article👌🏻. May Baba always bless u and your family.

  7. Thanks Ji for an insightful sump up form a Jyotish perspective since Sikh history is so eventful & inspiring. Sarbat da bhala! 🙂

  8. Also explains the association of the Granth – from punjab: pancha +apa -5 waters, 5th house being the house of writing, education, manuscripts. If 4th house with Jupiter is taken as lagna, 2nd from 4th is 5th, the Guru’s Vani, Jupiter also being Karaka for this house. But exalted Jupiter also brings fundamentalism according to dashas. Shri gurubhyo nama:, thank you for the jnspired words 🙏

  9. Every line in this blog was like blessing for me to read .As I belong to Punjab and Every line you wrote in this blog is perfectly written along with the Examples of the Guru Teachings .Dasvand and “kirat kro naam japo aur wand ke chkho” these teachings we always remember and follow .

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