Mrityubhag or Multiverse communication

Sometimes people in different realms try to communicate with us, as they are unable to explain pain in the realm in which they are living at present, When planets transit across the sky and come across critical junctions and energies, there are days when different energies try to communicate with us and ask for help.

Our Sages were so much in sync with two parameters of the Universe – Space and Time that they knew exactly which portion of the Sky is good or bad. That is why while dividing the space of 360 degrees on open space, It was not only 12 signs of 30 degrees each but also the finer divisions of the sky and even up to the finer degrees and mentioned them as Amrit Ghati (Division of nectar), Mrityubhag (Point of death) and many more like this.

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universe and the creation

These points are very special points of the sky where there are energy holes for each planet like a gateway of the sky where people in a particular realm are able to talk to you, communicate with you and even deliver you good and bad results.

Every human being must be taught about critical points of the sky as this is the information when a human is in sync with the universe, they can change a lot of things as mentioned in the blog of Space and time, I wish I was taught about this phenomenon of space energy in the school to overcome this- i have written a book in a very simple language which describes about energy and patterns in layman terms so everyone can plan for their life – A book of Rituals to become happy- Rituals of Happy Soul- It will come out soon.

In this blog, We are going to look into a very critical point of the zodiac which is defined as mrityubhag – This is a very specific degree in the sky in each Zodiac sign-Below is the table of Mrtiyubhag.

In part 1 I will explain how mrityubhag works in transit even when you don’t have any planet in mrityubhag in your chart but still it affects you, In the second part I will cover individual charts and in 3rd one the Mundane charts.

                                                                                         From Book of Shri K.N Rao

Over a period of time, I wanted to observe what happens when a planet goes through Mrityubhag, but moreover why some people get planets in mrityubhag, Can a person who has no planet in this division also experiences trouble when a planet goes through Mrityubhag as well?

The easiest way to observe the Moon is as quickly as it transits in each sign but still gives the flavour of the events and the next ones to observe were fast-moving planets like Sun, Venus and Mercury.

I will write down the bigger picture later on of how it affects on Mundane level but when any planet goes in mrityubhag and if you are running the dasa of a similar planet or planet associated with it, you will come across people, places and things related to unnatural deaths.

People who have left this world untimely, you will somehow come across them as let us suppose you are running the dasa of Venus so it means you are constantly getting energy from the realm of Venus and the moment Venus will go through mrityubhag in the sky, you will encounter that you will come across different people trying to communicate with you in a manner to get your help or finish the pending tasks.

Let me give you two examples based on my observation.

On 15th June 2022- Venus was transiting via Mrityubhag in the sign of Aries and this is the sign where Rahu is also transiting at present,  Venus Rahu is a combination of the movie world, glamour- I came across a female who is struggling to make a mark in the singing world in the west, As She has already released some of the songs but not getting impacted but the interesting part of this story and observation is- I asked about her spouse and relationships.

She was in an unusual relationship with her music teacher who eventually committed suicide due to unknown reasons – Do you see that only on that day when Venus was transiting this critical degree,  I come across someone who has a story of unusual relationships and death, she was not comfortable talking about this topic in reading and wanted to focus me on career and my whole focus in reading was to address this issue as to how can someone make a career in singing if a planet in mrityubhag is trying to communicate so he can get liberation.

So all along with other things, I gave her remedy to do a final peace offering to his soul who is still trying to communicate with her.


Incident -2
Today on 27th June 2022 when both Sun and Moon will go into mrityubhag -Imagine two life forces of the universe going into mrityubhag – I was very observant to look out for these things, So I started my day as usual but one special meeting I had today was to meet a local friend who wanted to show me his mango orchid -Usually, I prefer to drive alone but today I ask the office to send driver saab (Jogi) to home as I didn’t felt like driving.

Jogi ji is a very different character as born in chaturdasi and Devi bhakt, the whole day in the office he keeps on reading Jyotish books but at the same time, he has an interesting background of working only with saints, There is hardly anyone in saint circle who he is not known to him.

So we picked up my friend in mid and then drove to the village and when we reach the destination, It was a beautiful Mango orchid with a lot of peacocks inside and as we finish taking round, I tried to sit under a tree and suddenly Jogi ji looked at me and tried to tell me something is wrong and not to sit under but in a very subtle manner at the same time, I felt like vomiting and my friend started having chest pain and was telling me that recently he had stunt in heart at age of 37 as he was admitted in an emergency in hospital, and told me that vomiting might be due to high cholesterol.

Anyhow the energy was drained and we were on our way back to the city on our way back, then came the real story- The tree where I was trying to sit was the tree where a boy committed suicide at a young age as his parents were not getting agreed to marry the girl he loved, for many years this orchid was haunted to a level that no one dared to cross this as people saw him standing at various places shouting girls name, for 7 years this orchid was not even on lease and forbidden by villagers to a level that they preferred to cross mountain rather than cross this land.

Sun the natural 5th lord- the house of romance going into mrityubhag is taking you to a place where a love story ended in a painful event and two friends visiting there after 20 years of incident and still experiencing the same symptom as one is telling that how in young age he got stunt in heart and another is experiencing an energy drain and vomiting.

How much sync the universe is in that we travel and reach the space where the energy of the Sun would have experienced an unnatural death to give you a glimpse of energy, as running a dasa of planet sitting with Sun at present so people from different realms are trying to get in touch.

From now onwards, keep an eye on every time a planet goes through mrityubhag and see who is trying to communicate with you but for the outer realm to communicate with you, It is necessary that you maintain silence, you are isolated and ready to listen to the universe.

If Sun is going through mrityubhag and you any of your deceased relatives in a dream or hear about him/her then it means that person is at present in the realm of Sun and suffering and you should immediately donate for them and do the pooja of Lord Sun during this time, I will speak about rituals later in a small group session as this is something which is better to be explained in class rather than writing.

If Venus goes via mrityubhag and the same thing happens then you know the person is suffering in the realm of Venus and you need to provide him relief, as this is the way energies in different realms, ask for help.

Please post feedback in the comments- what you observe in the article as well as when a planet transits mrityubhag.

65 thoughts on “Mrityubhag or Multiverse communication”

  1. Today a colleague told me how he met a person on Saturday and on Sunday got to know he’s no more. The person was very young and had no medical issues

    1. Avinash Jha

      Do these realms exist in the physical world and do these realms are there permanently means by whatever we say Grahas / planets ? Altough the realm facts are amazing as well as the incident .

  2. My neighbour told about the person who was suffering from blood cancer passed away today. He was a relative and my uncle’s friend. Also his son was my classmate.

  3. Abhimanyu Agrawal

    Pranaam Gurudev
    On 15th June 2022 my youngest paternal uncle left his mortal body.
    He was aries lagna with venus in 7th house.
    I had earlier shared his chart with you.

  4. Amazing Sir. I am not that well learned to experience this but I am so grateful to your wisdom and knowledge. This was a profound article. Thankyou ??

  5. Ashish Gupta

    Sir, Prateek ji referred a lady today who was desperately looking for your number. First time speaking to someone with no background. Not sure if I could really benefit her.

  6. Aparna kanwar

    Sir, meri moon mahasabha hai or aaj mene apne nana ji ko sapne mai dekha (un ka sapna muje bahut km aata hai)
    Sir, wo bhagwan ke bhakt the to kya wo kuch khna chahte hai……( Sun+ketu 4th AND moon+rahu 10th)

  7. I have cancer asndant and natal Sun 12°.31` Gemini and Kanya Moon 11°17` ..
    28 june 1982 ..

  8. Ankit Pandey

    Today only I got to know about the death of a person who was young though not related to me as a relative and neither did I met him ever only thing common was his name was also ankit like me. He got married only one and half year ago

  9. Annkur aggarwal

    Sir, i got a call today from my friend whose father was admitted to JP hospital noida for his heart treatment after a minor pain in the chest and my friend was asking me to check why his father’s treatment is getting delayed. And in the evening there was a discussion about pitr dosh remedies, and at the same time another discussion was about a recent case of suicide by an electrician due to heavy loss in shares.

    1. On 27 june 2022 i was in the mango orchid of my mom’s nani.. Me with my extended family members.. We had too much fun as my mom’s cousin and his new wife came to worship dai devta.. However.. In the mango orchid.. Our energies got drianed.. Esp mine.. Came home and vomitted.. Bad headache.. Surprising to see the same experience you had!!! This is insane!

  10. Seema kumar

    What happens to people who die on these days when their planets are going through mrityubhag

  11. Thank you so much Sir for the article. Just two days back my mind was constantly into Mrityu Bhaag planets and why would one get such planets and what is the real story behind that. And now, I am able to connect the dots. The article has given me lots of clues Sir. Really amazing!!.

  12. Remarkable as always. cancer lagna mritubjag in leo sign 2nd bhav but no planet in mrityubhag. Saturn mandi in leo. And dispositor sun in scorpio with mercury. How to analyse this as sun should be considered or saturn only though saturn is not in mrityubhag.
    Major impact what I see is my forefather grand grand father at 5 year was adopted to a different surname reason his parents died in pandemic.

  13. Sampada Kailash Khatti

    I don’t know anything about mrityubhag but suddenly after many years a beautician accompanied with her niece came over to buy beauty products from me and shared her story as a cancer survivor.

    1. Sir, don’t know anything about astrology but today after many years we sorted some of my mother’s old clothes to use / give out, also got some new clothes
      for my niece
      (whom we take for as my mother’s rebirth,lost my mother about 5 years back to an undetected disease)via Amazon delivery. Both these things happened almost at the same time at about 4 in the evening.

  14. I saw my deceased mother in my dream today 27 June. And was curious if it meant something.

    She was ill on the dream and was complaining about her discomfort with sari. So I told her I will get her nighty.

  15. Today I had a terrible health upset and remembered a special friend who had passed away last year around the same time, she was just 34, newly wed, had given up her job with the dream of opening her own business, incredibly talented, the sweetest, humblest person I knew at my college. Last year I casually looked her up on ig as I lost her contact, and got a jolt to see her dp, undergoing chemo. In the comments were condolences; I went into depression for a few days, even though we were not in touch, she had deeply touched me in the few instances we did interact. I just checked the time I looked her up last year, Mercury was in Mriyubhag. And today again…this heart rending memory and health upset.

  16. Rahul Dhivare

    Great insight sir. Thank u very much.
    First incident: Today one my of friend was telling about her dream that someone has met heart attack and bad thing has happened. Two policemen talking about heart attack in dream. She has sun in aries forth house (8th Lord) and now Mars transiting over there.
    Second incident:
    In evening My sister and me was talking about death of her husband siblings and was trying to find the reason why he suddenly caught in major accident and expired.
    Whether these are communication from other realm.

  17. Bingo! This is accurate.
    Today morning I got a dream in which I saw my paternal uncle who passed away a year ago.
    Also my son woke up crying and told me that he saw a dream in which he saw me and I was getting attacked by some goons and I was fighting with them and they hit me on my hand. Please advise what remedies should I do.

  18. Utkarsh Sharma

    Sir in my chart 3rd house is under mrityu bhaga and in my natal chart 4 planets ate placed in 3rd house rahu, venus, mercury, jupiter. And currently ketu is transiting through my 3rd house. What does it mean sir?

    1. Hello
      If you refer the table given above , the Planets and the degrees for Mrityu Bhaag is given. For me , I am Aries Asc and Moon is at 26 degrees so Moon is in Mrityu Bhaag.
      I dont think house is important. Planet is important.

  19. Namaste sir,
    Today I came across a similar incident where a guy I was remotely acquainted to died in an bike accident a week ago and his girlfriend is in much pain posting sad shayaris everywhere. I felt weird and sad after reading everything she posted. An example of a tragic love story. Have sun as 5th lord.

  20. Thank you for the post Sir Ji. Sir how to communicate with your ancestors? and identify if anyone is suffering? Please, can I be in your rituals group?

    Many thanks

  21. Amazing as always ?. What shall be effects when Jupiter and mercury and other planets are in mrityubhag points in chart.

  22. My father died 7 years ago and I never able to remember my dreams but on 25th June there was a clear dream of my father and I remember every word of it and he was saying to me that he wants to give me a gold chain and in the next scene he was talking to me on phone and saying that I am going and I have put your chain in that drawer and that’s all I recall. Same day one of my known priest asked to give desi khand for the jagannath rathyatra at ISKON temple..I am not able to connect the dots.But I felt so much overwhelmed to connect with my father which I never had with him.
    Gratitude Sir

  23. Viraj Dobriyal

    At last Deepanshu sir is getting so much near to another world’s and their extraordinary energies, it’s such a beautiful research that even a wise guru can’t explain in details as you do …that’s why I always say to Deepanshu sir …that’s he’s getting near a “Bhramarishi ” level … mind-blowing research sir .

  24. Hi! This article was spot on. I have venus in mrityu bhaag (Aquarius 29°). When I was going through Rahu Venus dasha, I went through depression. I was only in class 10th btw. ? But yes it was serious and I got thoughts of suicide and stuff. I started getting very vivid dreams in this dasha in which I can explore in the astral world. And since this is happening in nakstra of Purvabhadrapada, which is preparing to leave the body itself, I can now think why it all makes sense. Thanks to your posts!

  25. Riddhima Hada

    Sir this article really gave goosebumps! I was wondering how to know that a planet is in mritubhag. Also, I have not experienced major events today but I did suddenly start thinking about my Grandparents from both side who have left their body, mostly thoughts of my maternal grandfather was going on in my mind today

  26. Gopalkrishna Rao

    Wowww really wonderful blog…
    I just imagined going to space and seeing flow of energy. Its wonderful to see how all lives react in search of energy..
    Further I have doubts reg to this blog..
    1. A soul wandering in pain will remain in that state for how much time? Without anybody’s help will it not be released by the nature or this cosmos energy? Like how to understand in the case of boys suicide in mango orchid. Still wandering for more than 20 years?
    2. In case where somebody just does any ritual to help the souls in pain, how to know that the ritual has worked and the soul has got the releif?

    1. Sir I do hope Deeapanshu will answer this question. But I just want to share about the book ‘Death’ by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. It answers many important questions about the journey of the departing soul. In one place he even talks about the soul of a native American Indian tribe, on the Trail of Tears, frozen in pain and shame for more than a century and how he was so moved to dismantle it and free it from that state. I think it’s a book everyone must read once.

  27. Today.. i had a dream.. i was in a place where Deepanshu was teaching us.. and he asked us to perform some task then suddenly after 30 sec he gave me some chits in a miraculous way.. like he is blessing me.. I don’t know but.. it was all divine in that dream..
    Incidents.. i met my friends after so many months and also one of my called me after so many days..

  28. My maternal uncle often comes in my dreams and few years back he was asking me to help him. Today after reading this article, I got to know reasons behind such dreams. My nani and daadi also come in my dreams.
    Deepanshu ji, for the first time I read article on this topic. I don’t know if I can ever meet you in person, but once I get stability in my life then I will try my best to become your student officially.

  29. Viduet shukla

    Its really amazing on 27 june at night in dream i see my bua in pain and when i was reading this article in begening i decided that i would told my bhabhi that donate somthing on amavasya 28 june for the peace of buaji’s soul .

  30. Pranaam sir ?.Speechless. Got goosebumps while reading this article. So many incidents are happening with me at the same time.

  31. Preet Bhullar

    Sir….Goosebumps….your level of knowledge will always be Unmatched. You must be a descendant of some Rishi…I am sure, pretty sure…! By the way, my 3H falls in Mritubhag which has Libra with Su-Me. Thank you for the blessings!

  32. Yesterday, I was listening to a lady who teaches therapy,she mentioned how to keep away from negative people by totally cutting them off. She gave an example of how a woman used to talk behind her back regarding her character and career this woman eventually this woman killed herself because she was just accumulating negative energy.

  33. Today I read of a girl that got stabbed 16 times in her car because she wanted a divorce from her husband. The culprit was caught within 2 hours. My Ketu is at 25 degrees in libra and according to the chart above in Mrityubhagya degree, Ketu in Tula is at 23 degrees. Venus that rules my Libra is also the ruler of my 4th house (Car) So this news about the marriage issue was not a coincidence?
    I am feeling crazy right now

  34. Sir your knowledge is amazing .Everytime I read or listen to ur videos ,I get the direction.The topic u have chosen …I connect it with my dreams because usually I got dreams of my deceased family members and whatever I can understand as per dream try to fulfill.Rarher even I have seen my friend’s deceased father whom I never met in my life .

  35. Yesterday at least 2-3 relatives/ friends tried to solve their own marriage problem by talking to my husband… this was suddenly and out of blue..

    Amazing as always!

  36. If one have to observe always, which particular planet is in mrityubhag and have to perform remedy for the relief of passed one.. then what is the purpose of gaytri jap we do offer for their relief?

  37. Gourab Sengupta

    Sir, pls accept my regards, yesterday I visited to my neighbor who is my office colleague also and discussing with my neighbor about her father who died due to tantra in Varanasi (father, energy of Sun). Here it also worth to mention that she is pregnant, again 5th house, natural house of sun and told me that her nephew is now learning tantra who dropped his medical studies due to Ukraine crisis and threat her that someone is doing tantra to abort her child. For remedy give 30 thousand. Again problem related to 5th House. Really amazing Sir. Everything has some purpose, even our day to day talk has some indication. ??

  38. Sir my venus is in sagittarius at 27.59′ in 12th house conjuct with 8th lord sun . Is that mrityubhag

  39. Absolute god

    I remember on 15th June I had a big fight with my father and then I met a couple who had strange marriage and all time they were talking about their marriage and kids.

    And on 27th, I was talking to my friends about how my pet(love birds) had died.

  40. Good Morning Sir.
    What a spooky incident, hope you’re alright now? This post is like syncronicity for me, literally you heard my prayers. I’ve been hunting high and low last few days, combing through my class notes etc for answers or techniques around this subject. This post is like a sense of relief that someone understands these things. I’ve been having strange episodes past year or so. Sometimes ancestors, sometimes saints, sometimes Devis whose names I didnt even hear before, but later get to know their importance. There’s a little kid spirit who wakes me up and cries, if I miss to keep the lamp outside for 2-3 nights in a row. I dont know what to make of this or whether anyone will believe me.
    The most recent one was a dream on 23June, around 6am. I could feel the pain of this entity that showed me some pre-independence scenes in the dream. Took me a whole day to investigate, connect various dots and identify who it could be. I discovered a freedom fighter ancestor who most likely died painfully without food/medicines and without last rites. He was a famous, massy personality who did a lot of service during Salt Satyagraha (I have edited out the details of the personality here, but can provide if required.) I cant find any planet in MB for this timestamp. Dont know which transit caused this ancestor to visit me and why did they want me to know their story.
    Please please include me in that group session you’re going to hold. I do get these energy forms communicating with me and I dont know what they want, or how to help them. Thank you and Regards, Smita.

  41. Naveen Mangroliya

    Brilliant, amazing post sir. Yesterday i told my sister rahu and Mars conjunction in transit and that time period horror movies, and haunted activities hogi by i said i don’t know but last night i saw a dream. Mai apne room mai jaa raha hoo or room mai jane se phale ek bacche ne Muje bich me rok lya or dosre door ki tarf le gaya bus itna hi dekha but usne hath bhut forcefull pakda or meri need khul gai us time raat kai 2 baj rahe they. Or morning mai isi topic se milta julat apne blog post kya or example bhi same ase hi share kya i don’t know what’s is the massage given by universe. But very very interested blog

  42. Nutan Verma

    Namashkar sir
    Nice artical sir,
    Many times have experience that many family member and unknown dead people wants to connect …. Can you guide me
    how to read house wise mrityubaag?

  43. I saw my bua in dream 2 days back ,she dies bad death and she made us all suffer during her life,after dream / on day of dream I had sudden high fever vomiting,plant in front of my house almost died.I was doing narsimha homa and chanting for last many days,it seems she is suffering in some realm.

    1. Rohit Vidhate

      Check the degree in table and see the planet 2 days back in transit, do pooja of that planet

      If find this confusing just do donation for her and in her name

  44. kya mujhe aapna marityu bhag mila tha, i was too serious & admitted in ICU for few days, i dont know how could servive from that bed.
    i dont know my exact date of birth /day etc

  45. I have mars at 6.11 Pisces making it Mrityu bhag I assume.

    My rahu is 17.25 Aquarius and Mrityu bhag is 18 Aquarius. Would rahu be Mrityu bhag too? Rahu is also Pushkara navamsa. How does that manifest?

    Thanks for your insight.

  46. It’s so surprising that I m reading this article again 3 days back I was talking to my aunt and was discussing with her that how brave people are who can do nursing work for sick people how compassionate they are It needs lot of guts on personal level to do such work I was praying to God that God give me strength to work like this in my next birth
    Next day early morning I got message from Rescue group (A group formed to help ill old people )That there is a lady walking nude on road as I did not had much knowledge my first thought was to take a gown and give her .I went there and gave her gown but she did not wore gown I stayed there for sometime asked people how to help her but no one could do anything I messaged group but they could not arrange for help as it was Dussehra day Next day again I went there and inquired about her I came to know that police van took her.

  47. Shruthi ananth

    this is such an interesting topic . many thanks to you for writing this article .
    rahu and mercury crossed mtitubhag in aries .
    kindly request you to realease a video or more articles on this subject ..
    very humble request

  48. This is so true, experienced this myself. I have 6th house , bharni nakshatra in mrityubhag (no planets). An ancestor of my family who had an accidental death 100 years back communicates with me through thoughts. I have had unimaginable health problems due to this. Also lots of fights and other problems in family due to this.

    Also I was wondering people who have psychological diseases like they have visual or auditory hallucinations can be due to mrityubhag placement.

    It would be really helpful if you make a video on this topic. Also , you taught us rahu and ketu are bhoot pret of your life then what would be the difference between rahu and ketu placement and mrityubhag placement as this is also quite an intense placement.

  49. Iam reading it on 4 aug 2023 and two days back a very talented boy of 14 15 years of age died. I felt really bad I didn’t had any connection with him but I just appreciated him as he was brilliant in studies everytime I saw him. Deepanshu ji I have been listening to your videos since a month now . As soon as I heard of his death I came to know in 2020 one of his elder brother had died who was of my age – 19 years old . The moment I heard this I felt what karma what chart the mother is carrying that she has to lose her sons although both the parents are earning well.

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