Aquarius – Lights Camera & Downfall

Some People experience the downfall in life just after they decide to flaunt their brilliant genius personality in the open, in front of the camera; here are a few recent examples I have noticed, Shark Tank fame – Ashneer Grover, Gautam Adani, Lalit Modi.

Jaimini Sutram says- A person born with Atmakaraka in Aquarius navansh will build ponds and religious places in this one line, you can see that it is not necessary that in today’s time, a person will be building the ponds or religious places as these are the places which are helpful to everyone else, Aquarius is a sign which thinks how I can be beneficial to all, What I can give to common man, as this is the sign ruled by both Saturn and Rahu. (Saturn -Common man- Rahu- multiplicity)

Any planet in Aquarius will force you will build a business for others, so others can enjoy all the hard work done by you and then move on in life to create something else, something more magnificent than before, as the beauty of Aquarius is in building things 100 times bigger than other people, which no one else can imagine, and this is the theme of any planet in Aquarius ascendant to do great things, let other people enjoy it and you will be remembered in all ways to start that phenomenon.

Aquarius is a great sign to start new things, design and create new things but worst when it comes to handling the normal situation; Aquarius does not have the energy to handle normal things in life; it always has to be the situation of scarcity, challenging where everyone values every drop of water then comes the Aquarius with the pot of nectar giving out the energy of abundance to do things which are extraordinary in every situation- a game changer- Look at three names I have just mentioned above- All three have achieved and done the same things in life.

When you read Jaimini Sutram and the description of each sign as told by Maharishi Jaimini, Aquarius is signified by ” The one who builds ponds and lakes” -As we all know, Maharishi Jaimini speaks only sutras. We need to decode each and every word by going into detail, Imagine why a person will build ponds and lakes; as in earlier days, this was one of the most challenging tasks as the value of water was extremely high, but natives will have the ambition to do something extraordinary and not only for himself but for the community.

Like Ashneer Grover says- “I have made money for everyone.”

Aquarius planets will speak rudely but with truth, blunt on the face, and some people might not like it.

Trouble arises in their life when these natives get on Camera to explain the process or take credit- Recently, When Gautam Adani appeared for an interview on a news channel for the first time, that was the moment he triggered something called coming out of shadows- Aquarius is a sign of Rahu and speciality of Rahu is like a ghost, People will speak about you, talk about you but you should never ever come out in open talk about yourself as the moment you will do it, That’s the day the fear or magic of ghost disappears- It is like a hedonic adaption Like once you see someone close enough, you realise this person is normal like everyone else, In regular terms called as “Nazar me Ana”- The less you will be seen, the better it is for your Aquarius sign and its related planets.

Aquarius is ruled by a shadow planet, which means – It should operate in shadows only; for example, if you have Venus in Aquarius, then it is advisable for your married life and your wealth as well that no one should know about the real status of your wealth and journey of your relationship every in life, The less you will post on Social media about your relationship and photos of travelling and luxury, relationships will go fine, Learn to enjoy the luxury of Shukra rather than showing it to people, Nowadays people post everything on social media to be in the buzz but what they don’t realise is some areas of your life should always be hidden.

Look at the chart of Gautam Adani- We only know the birthday and not the time, so using Chandra Lagna for reference, the same is the case with Ashneer Grover.

While Gautam Adani has Jupiter and Moon in Aquarius


When you have any planet in Aquarius or if Aquarius is placed in a prominent place in your birth chart, such as in the case of Lalit Modi, it was in the 2nd house of wealth. The dispositor goes into the 6th house of debts, litigations and fights; once he started coming on camera and giving many interviews about himself, that was the time his downfall started; a shadow requires a combination of light and dark to survive; it cannot survive in complete darkness, or complete light as the magic of Aquarius is like any other magician depends on where you are looking and where magic is happening are two different places, so keep everyone is puzzle till the last minute of your magic.

By coming on camera, posting about yourself and giving out information, you are giving out your magic to other people; once you realise how much this harms your planets in Aquarius and the magic inside you, you will never agree to any other interview again.

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34 thoughts on “Aquarius – Lights Camera & Downfall”

  1. Sir, in Taurus lagna, no planets in Aq in D1.
    D10, Moon in Capri, Aq becomes 2nd H so no planets. And in D9, Aq is 12th H with no planets. How to interpret?

  2. Namaste Deepanshu ji 🙏
    My husband has this combination 1000 of persons got job very poor people like carpenter plumber electrician painter etc..very very happy with bonus amt..for more than 24 yrs and sudden downfall with blacklisting that also from 3rd persons mistake ruined our finances..your teachings are husband’s details 10/11 night 12:35 ( day is mahalaxmi ji ki ashtami) lucknow hazratganj ..his mother was superb face n palm reader

    1. Dhruv Agarwal

      Pan Singh Tomar, a savoir his downfall also started after giving an interview to a newspaper, which catch eye of governments about his gang and crime.

    2. Absolutely relatable ,having Venus in Aquarius in ascendant whenever I discuss about my relationship status with anyone it slowly turns into something bad!! So I’m learning to keep these things to myself. Also I’ve a problem with nazar thing ! Idk how to permanently protect myself from this, because it does makes me physically ill and i suffer mentally too upto some extent.

  3. Pragya Gondane

    Brilliant post sir. Thank you for throwing light on Aquarius. It’s really a mysterious zodiac. Very less understood

  4. I’ve Aquarius in my 7th house,

    When I disclosed about my relationship with my friends and then after sometime we broke up due to unexpected reasons.

    Also, i used to invest money through my friend, during my sister’s marriage time my cousin got to know about it also other relatives too , and then the all the money got stuck there, and 2-3 lakhs still stuck.

    Everytime whenever i disclose something what I’m about to do,
    Somehow it gets stuck in between. This time everything that I’m pursuing I’m keeping to myself only.

  5. I have Saturn and Rahu but I am not able to find any thing important in my life yet but I always wanted to help masses this is my only desire …. Rahu is my atmakarka placed in 12 th of navamsa

  6. I feel there should be transparency in Judiciary, politics and business always. For that these three need to be in limelight among masses so the faith in democracy continues. As they say nothing wrong can be hidden for long time. When it’s time Prabhu will deliver its judgement in his time.

  7. Very nice post Sir as always..! Your posts are like nectar to us. But I have query… great actor Amitabh Bachchan ji also has Aquarius ascendant and ketu placed in 1st house. He is always in front of camera and limelight. Then how come he is doing so well ? Why his Aquarius not affected him ?

  8. Hello Sir I’ve a doubt here. Is it is better to stop posting pics of luxury on social media if venus is simply in Aquarius or if venus is in Aquarius as atmakaraka ? I’ve venus in 6th as Virgo asc but sun is my atmakaraka. I am confused if I should stop posting celebration pics on social media or not. Please do reply as your guidance is very valuable.

  9. My Grandfather has Sun in Aquarius in sixth house he by his determination has built an Old age home and Bal Ashram with the help of donations. He gave his selfless duties there. But when he passed away it was used for personal interests by the other members.

  10. Dhruv Agarwal

    Pan Singh Tomar, a dacoit his downfall also started after giving an interview to a newspaper, which catch eye of governments about his gang and crime.

  11. Namaste Deepanshu ji
    Such an insightful post and really helpful for a person with Aquarius placements.
    This article makes me remember the Vikram Betal sequence in which when Vikramaditya answers the question of Betal, the Betal says “tu bola mai chala” to Vikram and then leaves, only for Vikram to start it all over again.

  12. Namaste Sir. Your posts are so heart warming that they can melt the heart of even the most troubled Grinch in town!
    Being an Aqua myself, i always felt that the blank chart itself is a raw deal for us [1 Lagna lord compulsory retro, 2nd lagna lord Saturn and Sun both naturally debilitated, Moon is a trik lord, ketu natural exalt, Jeevkarak is handling money while Yogkarak is also badhak, Mercury mool trikon is in 8th house of all the places and major karma is associated with either scary scorpio or spirit 12th house]. How does one fix these blank chart odds? On top of it difficult combinations and placements. Frustrating is an understatement.
    Great tip in this post (Devguru in D9 lagna by rashi tulya). Point about normalcy and scarcity is so true – Everytime I give unasked preventive advice in normal conditions, I get slippered. But in times of difficulty, it’s a different story.
    Obsession to help masses, man-made ponds (made 1 failed attempt already), ground water recharge wells, permaculture, sustainability, etc.
    Thank you for this advice, much needed.

  13. Bang on! I’m Aquarius rising with Mars in lagna being my 10L and I’m an introvert by nature but my mother lovesss dragging me into the limelight. for example like any desi mother she will tell my relatives ‘My daughter is earning quite well her job is amazing!’ and trust me the moment she tells everyone, koi na koi kharabi hojati xD I asked her not to tell anyone the nature of my job or what am I upto. Nazar bhi lagti hai ( got Saturn in 5th ) and Moon AK in Aquarius Navansh.

  14. Poonam Sharma

    Pranam sir
    Aapka matlab ye hai ki Aquarius raashi jaha hogi waha hame limelight me nahi ana . Like I am Gemini ascendant and I am practicing astrology. So I should not make videos or do not come in limelight as it can put bad effect on my luck?

  15. Rushitkumar Devmurari

    Owner of Kisna Diamond Jewellery, Savji dholakia created ponds in his home town recently, He is on top in diamond industry.. Also Adani recidency project in Ahmedabad was popular for ponds in that project.

  16. You’re ѕo intereѕting! I don’t think I’ve read something like that befoгe.
    So good to discover another person with a few originaⅼ thoughts on thiѕ issue.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting tһis uр.
    This web site is one thing that’ѕ needeԁ on tһe internet, someone with a bit
    of originality!

  17. Mahesh Jayanth

    Brillant Article! I am a Aquarius Ascendent with three planets in it and can correlate this to my experience in life. Movement I post my kids picture on FB or any social media or my running pictures. I see a immediate injury or sickness to my kids.

  18. नमस्कार सर D 1 में कुंभ में केतु D 9 me सूर्य गुरु केतु आज तक मैंने अपनी फोटो सोशल मीडिया पर नहीं डाली दर लगता है हमेशा दूसरों की सहायता करने का मन रहता है आपसे जो भी सीखने को मिलता है तुरंत उसको बांटने की बेचैनी रहती है

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    since this this weƅ page conations really nice funny
    material too.

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